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  1. Wow, this question hits close to home because I just lost my entire collection in a house robbery. Luckily, nobody was injured and the owners have insurance so they will probably get a good compensation. I'm out of luck though, because I only rent one room I don't really understand who breaks into a home and steals toys!! Probably scalpers Thankfully I didn't lose many possessions, since most of my things are in a personal storage unit. Unfortunately, I did keep my DCUC and SW Clone Wars with me and those are gone. The first figure I've purchase to restart my collection is the PE: Black Lightning. To answer your question though, the one figure which I would get (and will get this week) is Series 2 Aquaman (Short Hair). I think this figure is just fantastic and captures the character very well.
  2. Hey guys, Head on over to figures.com to check out the new DCUC Lightray figure. There is also a pic of the Amazo figure shown earlier. http://www.figures.com/databases/action.cg...le=230&nl=1
  3. This mornign I found all of wave 4 & 5 at the Wal-Mart supercenter in Chino / Chino Hills. After buying one of each and 2 CG, they still had left about 4 Snowjobs, 2 IG Destros, 5 Flashs, 5 or 6 CG, and 1 Air Trooper Cobra left. They should also be putting up the Wave 2 comic book packs this afternoon or tomorrow.
  4. All the figures look amazing...except Duke! The Viper and HISS Driver are my favorites of the bunch. One thing about the original Viper mold: What use would he have for goggles? How would he use these over the face plate? Although I can see Hasbro adding removable ones to the figure, I prefer the new mold without them.
  5. Brian, I just found your topic today, and although we don´t know each other I am sorry to hear about what happened to your mom. While continuing to read your updates, I´m glad that she is stabe and seems to be in the road to full recovery. You, your family and especially your mom will be in my prayers, and I will also pray for your mom´s continued recovery. Best wishes for all of you! Nash BTW, just to lighten the tone of the message a little...this is my first post in TNI in over a year!!! Good to be back!
  6. I imagine it`s the Crime Syndicate of America, given the name Owl Man
  7. those look great, thanks for the pics Bespin refugee I can´t wait to get my hands on those figs
  8. Definitely need a Deathstroke figure The 80s Brainiac would make a great figure also. I'm just glad Adam Strange will be made into a figure this year
  9. That ewok looks really nice...I wonder what his name will be! His accesories are nicely painted as well Thanks for the news Bespin refugee!!!
  10. You've just found out that you're adopted and your real parents are the Bearded lady and the claw-handed midget of a carnie festival! you finally get the promotion you've been waiting for...
  11. Of course 50 cent would win MOFO!!!! Soundwave vs. Shockwave
  12. My family didn't come to the U.S. until 1987, so I was never able to get a V2 Snake Eyes or V1 Storm Shadow. The other item I really wanted that escaped my grasp for oh so many years, is the Cobra Rattler w/ Wild Weasel!!!
  13. Nash


    Hey Daredevil, At the moment I'm only interested in expanding my RAH collection, as I have no interest in the reissued figures and the JvC (or VvV) figures. I find that the reissues look cheap and chinsy, so they don't interest me. With the new line, it's the sculpts that ruin it for me. I don't like the new figures. Sure, every now and then there is a good one that gets my attention (like the wave 10 Baroness), but I can't collect a toy line if I like 1 out of every 10 figures!!! I do hope that with time I will grow to like the new line. However, right now and only IMO there are some custom figures on these forums that look 1000 times better than most of what Hasbro puts out.
  14. your radio only plays one station and it just happens to be The "Dr. Ruth talks about Oral Sex" 24-7 Marathon station #yuk@# you cut yourself shaving...
  15. A tree crashes into your house and destroys your room and your garage, completely destroying your toy collection and your brand new car. You finally get into your girl's pants...
  16. I don't know about the plane (the wings seem too small), but the pilot figure looks really cool! I think this is the first figure of the new line that has accurate body proportions and doesn't look like it belongs in a freak show. Hopefully, the paint apps will be nice and not too gawdy. Thanks for the link SKARAPZ
  17. I remember seeing Fist Of The North Star over ten years ago, but if I recall correctly it was a movie and not a series...unless I only watched one of the episodes (or a compilation of a few, since it seemed long). I would be very interested in seeing it again and the episodes of they are different from what I'm thinking! But to answer your question, I didn't know! Thanks for the heads up BigBot84!
  18. your buddy starts dating your ex and your mom at the same time you buy a new computer...
  19. Hey Joe Fixit, I believe Deathstroke came first!! I have the Crisis on Infinite Earths TPB and I've spotted him in there a couple of times. I believe Crisis predates Deadpool's creation. Hey HardRockBatman00, I really like Deadpool as well! I think he is one of the cooler looking Marvel characters and it was one of the few Marvel books I used to read back in the day!! Like I said before, I can't wait until they make him a Marvel Legends figure
  20. Hi TF fans, I'm new to the revamped TF Universe, I love the original series and enjoyed the American Beast Wars/Beast Machines story lines, but didn't follow any of the other series and have no idea about any of the Japanese ones. Don't worry, I'll stay on topic I really liked the new Skorponok figure and it, along with the Alternator Smokescreen, have regenerated my interest in TF again!!! My question is: are these two figures released by Hasbro as well, or only by Takara. That is, if I'm only interested in casually collecting some TF figures, will I be able to find reasonably priced Hasbro versions to buy? Or do I have to pay the more expensive Japanese imports? If there are Hasbro versions can somebody tell me (or even better, show me) the difference between the American and Japanese figures? Thanks to all!!!
  21. Hey guys, I have a small question about a character that seems to be appearing in the recent X-men history and his name is Abyss. Is this character the regular Marvel Universe's version of the Abyss character that appeared in the Age of Apocalypse saga? If so, then he must be the son of Apocalypse, because I believe in the altered timeline Abyss and Holocaust were children (and Horsemen) of ol' En Sabah Nur!! Does anyone know what's the deal with Abyss? Does he have the same powers as the AoA version?
  22. Before I begin let me clarify to any diehard fans of Marvel and Deadpool who might stumble into this topic that I think he's a great character and that I hope we get a new figure of him soon!! Ok, as the topic title says, could Deadpool be based on Deathstroke the Terminator? They are both assassins, Deadpool's costume design bears a striking resemblance to Deathstroke's, of course the two costumes have design differences as well but not many (and I'm referring to the outfits themselves, no their colors). Deadpool's name is WADE WILSON, which seems to me that it was an intentional and a direct reference to Deathstroke's name (SLADE WILSON). Finally, Deadpool was designed by rip-off artist extraordinaire ROB LIEFELD. We all know that he's had a penchant for copying other companies' concepts / designs and reworked them a liitle to make a buck out of them. The best examples of this that I can think of are Supreme (= Superman) and that Captain America rip-off that was the exact same character but with a differently-colored costume and a grey shield!!!!! What do you think?
  23. Thanks for the new pics JayC Now I'll definitely be getting all of these minifigs! Legolas and Gandalf are really cool, but Aragorn is also looking good. All of these figures will be mine, my own, MY PRECIOUS!!! Sorry, couldn't help it
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