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  1. Are you sure about the Hawks? I thought the Hawkman released was Carter Hall and the Hawkgirl released was Shiera Sanders Hall (both Golden Age versions.) But you have them listed in red (as upcoming figures.)
  2. The best "twist" yet in all the Blackest Night books, in my opinion. Of course it also means you need to pick up issue #5 to see how it pans out, but a very cool concept for sure.
  3. The Metal Men are an exciting addition but I fear they won't complete the team (the line has no females to date and Platinum would be a must!)
  4. Thanks for the link to the pics Goldbug! I am really looking forward to Mary Marvel, Blue Beetle and Marian Manhunter!
  5. I need Robin from that set - wanna sell/trade him?Robin is now officially spoken for. Does anybody need Arsenal, Cyborg, Raven, or Mallah?Also, please get back to me about what IH toys are hard to find, as I keep seeing new guys and wondering if anybody needs them. I think rarity of single packs is subjective to area - I know people who find certain ones all the time in the midwestern states, and myself (in California) have missed out on quite a few at retail. Personally, Batwoman was one I never saw at retail, so I would call that one "rare." I think the Toys R Us Gotham Patrol set is pretty rare in the majority of areas (the set that includes Killer Croc, Catwoman, Jason Todd HUSH, etc.)
  6. Yup, I got the single carded one I guess the normal fig. In the top pic, where is that mosly blue supergirl from? That Supergirl was from the three pack which came with Wonder Girl and Superman or Bizarro.
  7. I need Robin from that set - wanna sell/trade him?
  8. So mirroring his behavior is okay then? Lotsa crybabys in here. I don't care who did what - all the "whaa! whaa!" is getting old. Sheesh, just because people play with toys doesn't mean they have to act like they're six years old.
  9. My photos look good, as does the Kabuki figure I reviewed. My opinion regarding Kabuki is honest. I see no contradiction in what I have presented and my opinion and review. You may have a different opinion, but that doesn't mean I'm trying to snow anyone. I do agree with your statement that people should decide for themselves.
  10. For anyone interested in Shocker Toys and their Kabuki figure specifically, check out my blog for a detailed review (and lotsa pics!) http://toyriffic.blogspot.com/2009/04/kabuki-fever.html
  11. Pun intended? But seriously, I fully agree with your excellent points, Supremequeen.
  12. I need the Grundy parts that came with Sinestro and Nightwing. I also need all the Metallo pieces except the ones that came with Eradicator and Riddler. I have the Despero leg that came with Wonder Woman that I'm willing to trade, and I'm also willing to pay/trade/do art commissions for any of the pieces I need.
  13. Nice find Wheeljack35 - I just found Wildcat today at Target! Target's price is perfect for these @ $4.99 - I passed on Spectre, Black Lightning and Fate at Walmart the other day because of their overpriced $6.99! I'll wait if it means saving two bucks each!
  14. You win Pooda. Children do not have anything to do with, or want anything to do with these or any toy for that matter. You say you saw a kid with a DCSH or DCUC in their hand? I call BS! You might as well have a picture of a UFO or try to tell me you had lunch with Bigfoot. Silly TNI, toy's aren't for kids! On a side note, I hear Mattel is changing it's name to Matture.
  15. The packaging says "4+" It does NOT say "For the adult collector." They are displayed and sold on the toy aisle next to all the other gobbledygook aimed at children. Kids are getting these, (or would be if the distribution were better - more on that later) I'm with SQ - if/when kids get these, they do not know the freezer trick, boil and pop, "handle with care" methods. They're simply going to have a broken toy within a week. Period. I am seriously, SERIOUSLY surprised that the potential choking hazard that this poor QC causes has not brought about a greater commotion. Whether or not a kid does choke on a DCUC piece, the mere potential for such a scenario, especially in the wake of the recent lead paint debacle (which is also, arguably, more of a "potential" concern than a "real" one...I mean, who licks their toys? Not me ) is so great that Mattel should have instituted a recall months ago, and not sat on their hands and asked for "pictures" and stated that a better batch of toys can take 9 months to a year to hit the shelves (like they are doing/saying on other forums.) All that said, I personally would be happier without DCUC in it's current state of being. I would much rather talk on a forum about finding a fun toy, said toy operating in the manner it was designed, and the potential for more well made toys in the future than a) not find the product to begin with b.) when I do, find shoddy product c) fear the potential that the line could die an early death due to poor business practices d) read about and complain myself daily about low quality product and poor business practices of manufacturer Finally, I think the poor distribution is the sole reason this line is still alive, (and may very well be intentional,) because if these were hitting kid's toyboxes en masse there WOULD be an outcry from parent/safety/watchdog groups. As it stands DCUC are being bought primarily (but not solely) by collectors and we merely complain about bad paint apps and the inability to pose them properly due to stuck joints, not that our kid choked to death on a leg that popped right off. There are government and industry standards that allow a toy to mark "4+" on it's packaging, and I do not think DCUC lives up to that standard. If it does, those standards need to be changed. There should be more of a concern on that end of things. This really is, or has the potential to be, a bigger issue than our meager concerns. The rest of us adults will deal with it like we always do...by complaining on toy forums.
  16. My local K-Mart sucks. They'll probably start carrying DCIH in about 2011. I'd buy them all for $1.50 each!
  17. There were a couple versions of Freeze released, do you have the very first release (From the Batman line?) Because they may have removed that water blast feature in subsequent releases (ie the DCSH version.)
  18. What is funny is that in a single issue that features Barry, Hal, Ollie, and Clark, (all have been dead) Bruce dies, and people really wonder if Bruce will be back! Remember when he told the Lump that Lump would live on in him(Bruce,) well I'm sure Bruce's mind is living on elsewhere too. - oh yeah that happened in Batman 683 - but anyways you get my point. Anyways, everything will be back to "normal" soon enough, so like ARROW said "C'mon folks....its JUST A STORY. Keep that in mind and just enjoy the ride. "
  19. Holy double double-entendres, Batman! Anyways, I always just assumed you would hold it underwater and squeeze the button - forcing air out and water in...but I never tried it.
  20. I had a crazy thought. Lana said she'd been gone "seven months." Saturn Girl said "your secret is safe with me." What if Lana had been pregnant, and when she started to show (about 3 months along) she skipped town. Six months later she gave birth, and one month after that she's back. Lex's child? Clark's child? I dunno. Crazy, I know...but then not as crazy as Superman Returns
  21. apparently the black suit Joker and the trenchcoat wearing Question are variants. I don't know if there are any other variants.
  22. I've stepped in things my dog has left behind that blow DC figs away in quality. @loll@
  23. Cloth capes. Those massive immobile slabs of plastic really hinder poseability. Oh yeah, and better quality control/distribution too. If I find many more of the DCIH I'm jonesing for I may just shift lines over anyways. It's way more fun finding stuff you want then wanting stuff you can't find (or that breaks, or that is painted by the blind etc)
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