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  1. ...and yet there are indeed people who will buy simply EVERYTHING, sometimes while they simultaneously complain their heads off about not liking it. It really doesn't take much effort to find a few of them at this very board. That's in addition to the people who cry as though they're expected to buy everything. I've been known to do that one from time to time.
  2. Yes. That's exactly right. Everything you can't find is not there because the evil scalpers have bought it all up. The fact that it's the middle of December and GI Joe is one of the hot lines again has absolutely nothing to do with anything. On a related note, I can't find the Hannah Montana doll that my niece wants. Even the Toys R Us website is sold out. OMG SCALPERS MUST HAVE GOTTEN THEM ALL THAT'S THE ONLY REASON A POPULAR TOY COULD EVER BE HARD TO FIND I'M NEVER EVER GONNA FIND ONE EVER THE SCALPERS SHOULD ALL DIE. @hmmm@
  3. At the very least, I think they may be wondering how some of the 'also-rans' would go over. Many of the GI Joe fans grew up with MASK, Centurions, COPS, Inhumanoids, etc... all things that would actually work pretty well for random 'guest appearances' or even as a 'special edition' wave. Heck, I could see doing DVD sets similar to the Joe ones, using mostly recycled parts and allowing for a build-a-figure/device/vehicle to really hype things up. It would allow Hasbro to 'test the water' for a new line, or just do away with the need for a separate line and make GI Joe an 'umbrella' brand (kinda like the Street Fighter II stuff... but good). Some things could become part of the Joe line wholesale- I know I wouldn't mind an Inhumanoids/Mega-Marines subline. It also allows them to renew/re-establish copyrights, and could bring in some people who don't normally buy Joes, or maybe KEEP some fans who are getting frustrated.
  4. Roughly half of what Figg said is EXACTLY my thoughts, so I just cut-and pasted the parts that I liked. I really don't have any use for a single-carded RB unless he's something I like better than the three I already have. I picked up the V2 one on a whim; he's nice, but destined for custom use. The DVD one I've never liked. Again, destined to be a custom. There's just no way I can justify yet another RB that I don't want/need, so the new one's gonna have to be good in order to hook me. Tiger Force... not my thing, so I'll pass on that, but plenty of people out there do like and want Tiger Force, so that just leaves one more for them.
  5. The red seems overdone at first, but after looking at him for a moment, I'm realizing that leaving it out would just be kinda boring. The blue 'glass' on his chest breaks up the red and white... he's really very well-balanced. I think this one will do just fine for me. I love the license plate. LOVE.
  6. They finally make a Duke that resembles a Colonial Marine, and of course THAT is the Duke who doesn't get a helmet. Go figure.
  7. Sweet! I like them all. I'm hoping for an orange repaint of the forklift, possibly named Spoons. He can pal around with Fracture. Go-Bots FTW!
  8. Yeah, that's probably the best reason not to try! I can just see that episode. Headmaster is tooling around in one of the most powerful TFs, Megatron's head sits there going 'Not again!' @loll@ Don't think Headmaster would live too long once Megs got his body back, though...
  9. Maybe a Dreadnok hater was trying to write 'TORCH BLOWS!' and got confused. Actually, that sounds like the sort of prank that a Dreadnok would pull and fail at.
  10. I actually find myself liking the Resolute designs quite a bit. That must be one hell of a snack.
  11. It just occurred to me... does he hold the barrels by the caps? By taking the cap off one end and putting that in his hand, you could get a ball-and-chain weapon. Maybe that's what they were going for, and they forgot about it somewhere along the way? Or maybe he doesn't hold them by the caps at all, and it's just nonsenseical. I don't have this figure, so I'm just tossing out ideas here.
  12. No pic of Megatron wearing Headmaster? Have you given it a try? Did you find it neat or just 'meh'? I figure that gimmick is based largely in electronics, so you probably weren't overjoyed, but I figured I'd ask.
  13. I'm not keen on the arms. Very gorilla-like. The 'pants' also throw me off a bit. Combined with the 'race car driver' elements he already has, he reminds me of a guy in a suit, like the Cyclone from Robotech, more than a robot who becomes a vehicle. I'll wait to see how it works on the screen though. Wouldn't be the first tiem I saw one of the designs and thought 'bleh!', only to end up loving it later on.
  14. Well... to be fair, a good portion of articulation on ANY G1 figure just the 'necessities of transformation'. G1 'beak needed most of those POA just to be able to transform. The fact that they were actually useful is often those necessities being put in the most beneficial area. Also, we still have to consider that in G1, the 'Condor' mold that became Laserbeak/Buzzsaw was a different character, sold separately, and HAD to be something worth buying separately. Animated Laserbeak is an accessory, an add-on to the Soundwave figure that was probably included in his mold cost, and they aren't likely to ever sell him separately. He doesn't have lots of POA for the same reason Bumblebee doesn't have snap-on flames for his rockets- it would have taken away from what they could do with the figure. He's really more on the same level as a Tragetmaster partner than anything else in G1. I'm not saying he couldn't have been better. I agree with that part. I'm just pointing out why he is what he is, and why I can't judge it that harshly.
  15. Hmm. I'll say upfront that I really enjoy this toy, so maybe that taints feelings on this review... But I really don't see all those issues with it that you do. Your major complaint seems to be that Laserbeak was treated like an accessory... and that's exactly what this version is. To the best of my knowledge, he's as much a 'character' as Prime's axe.... less, since he currently has no screen time. A name doesn't make him a character. I think it's inevitable to compare the Animated version to the G1. I know that's why I found a great deal of fault with Grimlock. However, you're making the comparison without taking the presentation into account. Laserbeak isn't presented as a separate and distinct robot like the G1 Buzzsaw because he's just a glorified weapon. Personally, I find that the guitar strumming thing (which is, by the way, not advertised as his 'gimmick', but rather the fact that his guitar turns into Laserbeak, which it does) is pretty neat. I mean, in tape mode, what the heck was G1 Laserbeak good for? You put it in Soundwave's chest... and that's it. In his altmode, the only thing he could really do was get stored. It's not like that was so much more impressive. Again, I really like him, so maybe I'm just being defensive. It happens.
  16. Well, the original question is asking about Universe, which is what, 90% G1 themed? I don't think that the questioner intended to say there weren't any other female 'bots, but rather to inquire specifically about the G1 fembots.
  17. I don't think anyone is claiming that Beckett said he came up with super-articulated figures. In fact, here's what Beckett says: I seems pretty obvious that he went into it fully intending to copy the ML formula, but the guys who made ML beat him to it. The claim that's being attributed to him is that applying the ML concept to indy characters is so completely original that no one else ever could have thought of it. Somehow the discussion derailed into whether or not Toy Biz/Marvel Toys originated all the parts of the ML formula. The point I was making is that they didn't invent the elements, but they did invent the overall whole, the 'formula'. Beckett is upset about being beat to the punch on using that formula on indy characters, which was the logical next step in the evolution of the concept, not the completely new and unique idea that he thinks it is. I mean, once the idea is successfully applied to Marvel and DC, you go to the 'other guys'. It's a no-brainer that he thinks was sheer genius.
  18. I was browsing the Hasbro Q&A and I saw this: They do? Since when? I know nothing of this, and would like to correct that! I've heard about Red Alert, but I've heard nothing of Arcee since her cameo in S1. It's possible that there's a typo at work here "Alert/Arcee", but I'm hoping for an Animated Arcee. Given the rounded Animated style and the darn-near G1 exact duplicate design, she'd probably fit right into my Universe collection with little to no modification, leaving me excited on two separate and distinct levels. I was hoping that they'd just cast the canceled Titanium figure in all-plastic and call it a day, but hey, this will work nicely too! It doesn't seem that this has been noticed/discussed yet, which either has to do with it being new news, or old news... I figured I'd bring it up and find out which one. TFWiki notes that "At BotCon 2008's Hasbro slideshow presentation, an altmode was shown for Arcee, and hints were given that a toy is being developed." Sounds like maybe this is tentative confirmation! Any pics out there of the altmode? EDIT: Hmm... seems there are no pics, and it's been a rumor for a while. I think this IS in fact confirmation. Awesome!
  19. Yeah, there's about three different questions in this round alone where people are getting on them about wanting the rest of the Seekers. There is absolutely no doubt that they know the fans want them, and that the fans will buy them.
  20. Well, considering that IDW rebooted the continuity, if they lived through Devil's Due, then they are officially immortal. That... um... that IS how it works, right?
  21. No, this is not quite accurate. Toys have come with integral comics before ( GIJOE Adventure Team back in the 1970's), and the super-articulation was done years before Marvel Legends ( Kankichi Ryotsu by Bandai in the mid 1990's, and likely done of earlier figures as well, The ball hips were part of the articulation scheme for the classic 12" GIJOEs) But how many combined it into one package? Super-articulation, comic book, BAF, 6" scale... When we're talking the whole shebang, Toy Biz may have been inspired by others, but they can still take credit as the people who pulled it all together. But really now. I think we're missing the real issue here. Obviously TB/MT stole an idea they'd been using for years from a company that had never made anything even remotely like a single element of it.
  22. While I think the concept of army building is neat, I'm strictly 'one of each' in both figures and vehicles. There's just too much out there I like, and I have limited space and money for it. Even when I have more than one version of a character, I generally just pick my favorite to display, and the rest go man vehicles. On the other hand, if I don't get too picky about the details (which I don't), the current scheme Hasbro's using makes me army build a little bit by default. For example, without even going out of my way, just collecting 'unique' things that I want, I have five or six troopers. Many 'generics' I also have 2-3 of, thanks to vehicle pilots and multi-packs. Again, they don't all match, but I can live with that. In my case, the little differences actually give me MORE reason to display each one, as even my generic figures are unique! @loll@ Just the cost of a vehicle alone helps keep the rest in check for me. I can't afford to nab the latest reissue of a vehicle unless it's something very different. Crimson and Arctic HISS? Sure, those are great! The Target Blue HISS? Pass. On a similar note, I'm getting the 'Night Specter' for Grand Slam, and the Deep Six/RnR 2-pack. That removes any need for me to get the SHARC. Shhh, don't tell anyone, but I'm just going to call the 'Night Specter' the SHARC.
  23. The ones on the contest are gonna go away on their own when it's over. I really didn't see the problem with the pinned threads or need to fix it. I didn't check any of them with any regularity, but I could see the point behind every last one of them being easily accessible. As soon as Tom said 3-4 of them could go, I looked at the pinned list and wondered which three you could remove without hearing grief about it. Couldn't find two.
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