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  1. "Hey cool, a custom contest. And it's break. Perfect! I'll check it out tomorrow." Famous last words! @loll@ Good luck to everyone.
  2. I might have had some before him, but the first one I remember was Countdown. Something about his not-quite-science-fiction motif and accessories fascinated me. I recall him 'flying' all over the house. It wasn't until years later that I read his file card and realized that he's got a really lousy personality. @loll@
  3. Actually, the majority of authentic prototypes that get sold were stolen from the factories. Most companies don't sell their protos, regardless of whether they have a reason to keep them, so they wouldn't really be interested in making any documents that proved they were real and enhanced collectibility. Hasbro in particular is pretty vocal about not liking their prototypes getting out. And the prototypes DO get stolen and sold all the time... but as you note, there are also a lot of 'forged' protos. If there's a market for a product, there's always someone trying to scam it.
  4. YES. Awesome idea. No love for Chopshop though? He was always my fave of the Deluxe Insecticons. Waspy himself can easily stand in for Venom, as I doubt Hasbro would even bother getting that name back. It would probably step a little too much on Marvel's toes, and since they have the Marvel license right now, it would be like hurting themselves. I suspect if they did make a new Insecticon sup-group, Blackarchnia would end up on it, despite not being an insect... but the running joke writes itself. I loved the interaction between Waspy and BA in Beast Wars, so if the could recapture some of that for Animated, I'd be all for it. Whoa. I'd never really thought of that! But it's a staggeringly cool idea, so it is a bit frustrating that it never happened. Guess that's why we have the toys, eh?
  5. I'm not an expert on this stuff, but they look obviously hand-painted to me... and not even with the usual skill that goes into a hand-painted proto. The paint looks horribly clumpy and... shiny. Very, very shiny skin on Breaker there. There's a part of me that seriously thinks these are just amateur customs, because the quality looks so much lower than the usual work.
  6. Bullhorn Salvo Metal-Head Night Creeper Capt. Grid-Iron Rock-Viper SAW-Viper Undertow Those, uh... those might actually be my favorite figures from 1990. But they would have made RoC better, so it is, technically, the right answer. @littleangel@
  7. Did you have a badge to flash? Betcha that would have shut them up real quick, and been a lot more ethical than the gun-waving you were contemplating. @loll@
  8. forgive me for not knowing where but it really seems like the answered in one of the Q and A's that we wouldn't see a ninja force stormy or se at least before the movie. learn to customize my friend it makes the hobby so much better. Oh, I know how to customize. I'm also sure they'll get around to it. I have no need to customize Storm Shadow into another version of Storm Shadow; I'd much rather make a different character that Hasbro is less likely to do. I just like tossing the idea out there every now and then.
  9. SO... PRETTY... I love the way the blue disappears on Countdown when he transforms. It really gives him two very distinct looks. Darkwing is just epic. He's very colorful but he's a 1988 homage, so it works. It's cheesy and very cool at the same time.
  10. I don't think the shape is really in question, just how the new colors and paint will look.
  11. Ages ago, there was a guy who repaired broken thumbs and crotches by applying, shaping, and painting hot glue. Had a neat dio tutorial and everything. I've never tried it myself, but I see no reason it can't be a viable solution. As for spare screws and O-rings... that's what The Corps! used to be for. A lot of TF customizers swear by Pledge Future Finish to tighten joints, seal paint, and so on. Here is a great endorsement for it. I'm impressed enough to have picked it up at Wal-Mart the other day, but I haven't had a chance to dry it out.
  12. I thought the Copperhead that comes with the Water Moccasin/Sting Raider was supposed to be the PP throwback. Granted, he's not much of one, but I thought that's what they were going for. EDIT: Yup, he is. That leaves two!
  13. 'Fraid not. This is really very accurate to his look in Animated. In fact, orange, brown, and red are his traditional colors. Are you thinking of Scourge? He's the only TF I can come up with offhand that's blue and has facial hair.
  14. I hear that complaint, man. Not a whole lot of toy collecting going on in my area. I go online because that's where all my toy geek friends are. It's the primary reason I have three messengers going whenever I'm online. It makes me more grateful for places like this, too. Even the guys I don't get along with too well, I know we have things in common, and it all comes from the same love. Incidentally, if anyone wants another person to chat with about toys, my info's in the profile. Break's coming up, and I need to unwind. All work and no play...
  15. Hmm. I really only like the Python Viper. Strange, isn't it, how we're THIS close to completing Python Patrol, and yet we don't have the O13 yet? Poor Zap!
  16. I need a cartoon Flint. It's the figure of him I've been looking for since about 1986. I also need a Ninja Force Storm Shadow. Despite having all the parts for it and making a dozen Stormies, that doesn't seem to be high on Hasbro's to-do list. *sigh*
  17. I can't wait to give him all kinds of customized junk weapons.
  18. I'm a bit conflicted. I really like inventive transformations, but Waspinator's really isn't. The standard animal scheme of 'stand on two legs, drop animal head to chest, behold the robot' has been in use since G1. It's right up there with 'car robots with hoods for chests'. On the other hand, this IS how Waspinator transformed a dozen years ago in BW, so sticking to that could be seen as a nice tribute. And to be honest, I really do love the figure. I just wish there was 'more' to him. Prowl looks great. I love the little changes they made to him, like the circuitry on the windscreen and some of the different paint apps. I think that the tan thighs stand out and look kinda shrimpy, but it is, I believe, show-accurate. Also, that's really a tiny (and easily customizable) detail. He's easily justified a second purchase to me.
  19. I think the key here is identification. 'News' is a word that covers a lot of ground. With clear delineation between 'rumors' and 'official word', I don't see the problem. The issue is really that correct, clear labeling doesn't always occur, and/or some people take rumors as fact. As was previously mentioned, even the official word can be incorrect... and often, we aren't even told that, just left hanging... So the official word isn't infallible anyway, just less likely to be wrong. I think as long as everything is clearly labeled so that everyone knows what's going on, it's not a big deal.
  20. It's Countdown. If you compare it to the G1 toy, the rocket coloring alone gives it away. The word is that this will be a TRU-exclusive, alongside Darkwing/Darkwind.
  21. Actually, the Powermaster Darkwing beats the duck by three years. Disney just does better promotion. The rumor goes that Hasbro will be calling this guy 'Darkwind'... which kinda throws off the "Dreadwind+Darkwing=Dreadwing" concept... but it's not like Hasbro is promoting combining these days anyway. I seem to be the only one who really likes this so far. Guess maybe there won't be such a huge disparity between the people with one and the people with both after all.
  22. See the pretty. Ever since they made Dreadwind at Botcon, people have been asking for this. Of course, there's only 1500 Dreadwinds out there, so demand (and the upcoming supply of Darkwings) seems disproportionate to the people who can actually GET 'Team Dreadwing'... but whatever. Word from the Allspark is that it will be a TRU exclusive, along with 'Countdown'. Speculation is that Countdown will be made from Cybertron Defense Red Alert, as that is... well, pretty much the only figure currently out there that looks even a little bit like his G1 counterpart. Some think it will be Universe Onslaught instead. Personally, I'm hoping for Red Alert, as I think he makes much more sense.
  23. Y'know... I never caught that before. Wow. Is there a word to describe how terribly lame that pun is? I mean... wow.
  24. My WM has them on the side of an endcap at the back end of the bike aisle. It's this absurdly out-of-the-way little area that's like three aisles removed from the action figures. I only know they're there because I was looking for a board game for my nephew, turned the corner too fast, and literally bumped into them. Had it not been for my clumsiness, I would have walked right by and never seen them at all. Needless to say, I don't think they're doing too well around my area.
  25. Well, let's be honest here: Hasbro wanted to put out another Scarlett. They did the Glenda homage to interest the fans, but left the hair red to interest the casual buyer who (somehow) missed out on Scarlett. The code name 'Scarlett' is, to my understanding, a double-whammy, relating to her last name (O'Hara) and her red hair. Try not to think about how having a code name related to your real name defeats the purpose of a code name... @hmmm@ Anyway, without red hair, the name loses half it's meaning. They may as well put 'Glenda' on the card, which defeats the idea of having another Scarlett out. Additionally, if the card said 'Scarlett' and she didn't have red hair, then people would complain about THAT.
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