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  1. Shipwreck/Cover Girl remember the episode the germ!!! While I love the ep "The Germ" for it's Airtight focus (yay Airtight!) and the Cover Girl/Shipwreck interaction, the eps "Memories of Mara" and "There's No Place Like Springfield" are, IMO, much better. Those are the primary eps in which Shipwreck is something more than a buffoon, and Mara's defection and emotional drama just feel very 'real' to me. Ack! How could I forget Zarana! Hmm... Zarana/Mainframe set would be neat too!
  2. I'm all for getting new characters, and especially new females... but honestly, there's several 'core' females that I'd like to see first, before a one-episode character who never even joined the Joes. Once we have Jinx, Cover Girl, and possibly Pythona, then I'd be much more open to it. Of course, you'd also have to fill out the wave with the Shipwreck/Mara pack and the Baroness/Everyone packs.
  3. Magic 8 Ball


    Let's find out... EDIT: Yup, it works for me!
  4. Scale has been a lost cause with Transformers since 1984. Animated is no exception. You can mix and match different-size figures to get approximate robot-mode scale, but this often depends on the episode in question. Bumblebee in particular tends to change size to best fit the episode, or sometimes from scene to scene. Prowl is a issue in and of himself, as there's really just no way that he should transform from a motorcycle alt mode to a robot as tall as he is conventionally shown in the cartoon, not to mention that trying to go for 'correct' robot scale in the toys puts his figure in scale with NOTHING where vehicle modes are concerned. Don't get me wrong, I have my own ideas of scale and try to work within them... but the keyword is 'try', and my idea of what is in scale is not necessarily yours. The new BB may very well be 'in scale with the rest of the crew', but that depends a LOT on what 'in scale' (and even what 'the crew' is) to you. The new BB may very well be a Voyager-sized BB, and someone out there is doubtlessly going to go "Finally! A BB in scale with Roll-Out Command Optimus Prime!"
  5. Hmm. I like the custom overall, especially the details, but I question the base you used. The head isn't really doing it for me. It looks like the sort of caricature I'd expect to see on a Dreadnok. Additionally, Wet-Suit appears to be the new spokesperson for ThighMaster. Those things are HUGE! Overall, the body just looks too big and bulky to me. I just don't see a diver/swimmer with a martial arts background there. I see a body builder/rough-houser who gets his kicks starting bar brawls. I don't want to poo all over your hard work, because really, I do think it's excellent craftsmanship. I just think a better base could have made a world of difference.
  6. Rocky as an indestructable GI Joe? I can't imagine him hanging off of Serpentor's ship. Maybe taking out a few Cobras at the same time, but Rocky didn't have the hardcore nature of Slaughter. Plus, he would suck as a drill instructor. Slaughter was a good choice, but seeing Rambo/Rocky/Tango as Joes would have been quite interesting. I doubt that Rocky would have been a DI. Maybe a hand-to-hand instructor, but not more than that. Unlike Slaughter and even Fridge, he had a nemesis in Big Boa. That doesn't sound like a guy they were going to put in the leader spot. http://www.yojoe.com/archive/unproduced/rockybalboa.shtml http://www.yojoe.com/archive/unproduced/rocky.shtml
  7. Well, there's 20+ years of difference between many of the guys we're seeing. Even the BW guys have a dozen years between the original and now. That's a lot of room to show improvement and change. Not that they always do, I'm just saying that when it's there, it's usually obvious, if for no other reason than the time lapse alone. Hot Shot doesn't have that privilege. He has six years to work with. Really, the only thing that CAN be done with him right now is to leave out the gimmick to improve the mechanics and articulation, and bring the detailing up to the level we've come to expect from Universe/Classics. So far, I'm liking what I see, because it looks like they did all that. Even Jolt shows huge evidence of it (hey look, elbows!). I can understand some of the griping and disinterest. Hasbro could almost be justified in just reissuing the original figure with little to no change... but the Universe line is meant to cover all of the eras of Transformers, and I'm okay with a little love being shown to the recent stuff like the Unicron Trilogy. IMO, putting all that work into a new mold shows a lot of effort is being put into everything. On top of that, I don't have my Armada stuff anymore, and I actually liked the design of Hot Shot's toy quite a bit, save for his lack of shoulders and the lame gimmick. Now I can get the great design with good shoulders and no silly gimmick. For me, it's $10 I'm looking forward to spending.
  8. Add a fedora, and that Hypnotist becomes a Drug Kingpin. Loving the Navy Seal so far.
  9. Yeah, that's my fear. But we have Hawk. If we can just get Iceberg, I can do the rest myself... C'mon Hasbro, he's one of the more popular arctic troops anyway... Nope. Its Mattel. Wonder what that means for the Build N' Brawl figures that were rattled off earlier. Are those supposed to be out before the switch, or is Mattel just going to go through with what's on the table, or what? I can easily customize Sarge to the new Joe scale if I need to... but he's gotta make it out first!
  10. I'm curious what you think a "Search & Rescue" guy should look like. No sarcasm at all, I'm wondering what pops into your head. Me, I'm of the thought that he SHOULD look bulky- this is the guy his heavily-armed comrades are counting on to go where they've managed to get themselves stuck and bring them back out alive. To a certain extent, he's a walking 'hazmat' suit, built to wade into extreme environments, not to mention the battlefield. I do see some of what you're getting at. His design and transformation are practically the exact same as it was in G1. Then I look at things like the independently poseable legs, and I can't help but think that's okay. It's makes him a great example of what 25 years of improved engineering can do.
  11. I think everyone is missing something very, very important here. Does this mean we won't get a Super Cop?! I'm being completely serious here. I loved that figure, had him and his 'Rescue Squad' of repaint vehicles, and I regret getting rid of them. They will be mine again! We need a 25th Iceberg anyway. At that point, I'll give them a pass on Slaughter if they just make a generic 'smokey' head and put him out as a classic international figure. Heck, if they just make Iceberg, I'll do the rest myself.
  12. Wish I had your TRU. My local one has zilch, along with every other store that carries toys here, so I thought the strip was right on the mark this time. Well, that would imply that different stores in different areas could have different things. As we all know, distribution to all locales is constant and equal. Obviously you're just not looking hard enough. I mean, if Rollo's personal experience is the deciding factor in whether the strip is funny, then obviously his experience must be true for everyone. Go look harder so the strip can be not funny to you too!
  13. Literal much? Yeah, the character works in a toy store (not TRU, though). The strip also features a talking car and a resurrected Ronald Reagan among the cast. I think it's safe to say that real life isn't really an applicable consideration where the punchline is concerned. It's like trying to apply biology to a Bugs Bunny cartoon. You can find it funny or not, but reality isn't meant to be a deciding factor.
  14. I like all the improved articulation on Hot Shot. However, I hate the all that car junk over his head and the spoiler gap. I think I'll have to see what I can do about that when I get him.
  15. I could be wrong here... but didn't it say something about that on the box? It's not really a surprise if you're just being unobservant, now is it? Or were you just shocked that something in the box sets was actually as advertised? *grumbles about weapons in the photos being different from those in the set... "colors and contents may vary" indeed!*
  16. Some of the names were recycled into GI Joe (Bulletproof, Longarm, Mace), and were going to be the only new characters in the DEF. I have my suspicions that DEF could have turned into a full-fledged COPS sub-line had it proved more popular... but it didn't. I've seen people make claims and excuses that the Bulletproof in COPS and the one on the DEF are the same guy. To my knowledge, there is nothing official to back it up, but we all have our 'personal canon'.
  17. Neither. He used a remote control! In issue #7 of the Marvel run (the second part of the first October Guard appearance), Clutch, the Joes, and the Guard are captured and about to be shot by a couple of troopers. Suddenly, the VAMP gun rotates and fires, taking out the troopers. Stalker: Not that I wanna sound dumb or anything, but how the heck did you do that? Clutch: Easy. I had my arms crossed, right? Well, I had this hand tucked inside my shirt makin' like "Space Invaders with this gun-mount remote control unit! Didn't you guys ever wonder how I fired those things without ever touching 'em? Of course, this means that somehow, he's able to steer, shift, and shoot at the same time... and that's not even getting into AIMING the darn things!
  18. Not as much as I @luv@ Tom-1. Didn't you just say in another thread that Clam was your boyfriend? You're a hussy dude! Or did Tom-1 just replace him? No one will ever replace Clam's man-muscles. @loll@ Tom does come in a close second though. And here he thought that was going to stay in Vegas...
  19. I'm still trying to figure out why they can't take some of those designs and cast them completely in plastic for the Universe line. Sure, they're probably a little simplistic, but they're deluxe-sized versions of popular characters that were already made into functional prototypes... it seems like a no-brainer.
  20. The skinny helicopter-looking one, as you already found out, is from Convertors, and is based on the Armored Trooper Dorvack line. As you can probably tell, it's basically a smaller version of G1 Whirl. The one you mentioned called 'Wheels' is based on the same design that produced Roadbuster. The stocky-looking one is Orguss. That one might have been in the Converters line too. (edit: Yup, just found it, mixed in with a bunch of 'not-Robotech' mecha. Man, Convertors was a real hoot of a toyline!) I have both the 'Whirl' and the 'Roadbuster' Converters. Pretty decent toys for what are effectively knockoffs, and it's kind of a kick having Legends/Basic-sized versions of the 'Deluxe' Autobots! Orguss I have too, but I've found the years were not kind to the joints of that thing, and they flop all over. It'd probably be decent if it held together better. Unfortunately, it has like three vehicle modes, and they all look like a robot trying to do yoga.
  21. As a random guess, I would say they wanted to make the mold more versatile for re-use. It's the same reasoning behind making some of the holsters, sheaths, etc separate pieces, all the removable web gear, and so on.
  22. That was an awesome story, man. It's really cool to hear how you and your dad were able to share GI Joe, and I'm glad you shared your memory with us. I don't think there IS such a thing as playing with them too long when they're that special to you.
  23. Nope. "H3LPU5" = "Help us" It's a reference to #70 of the Marvel run, easily one of the most riveting issues of the series. It's the G1 equivalent of "Transmutate". The embedded link doesn't work because the board doesn't like the exclamation point, and the board won't let me turn off the embedded link, but you can copy/past the full URL (including the exclamation point) to get there: http://tfwiki.net/wiki/The_Price_of_Life! Despite claims of being a 'humble medic', Ratchet was heavily focused-on and quite the butt-kicker in the Marvel comic. He and Optimus all but competed with each other to be Megatron's biggest nemesis, and that issue was a hugely defining moment for all three.
  24. Evidentally it was passed or missed that it was mentioned "for 2009". but I see that you handled it above. Well, not really. The intonation is that we see few female bots because somehow it's more difficult to get them 'right'. WJ's post is, to my understanding, meant to point out that the females are rarely 'wrong', and that after doing a certain amount of them, it really shouldn't be an issue. While that assumes to a certain degree that most/all of the same people are involved on the fem-bots, it's still a pretty valid point.
  25. There will be no female bots in the Universe line. They were not saying that there are no fem bots at all. And I (along with many others) would love an accurate G1 Arcee. Fixed an element of clarity there, as the next sentence makes it pretty clear that the 'no' only refers to that. Not that you actually were mistaken, but someone who's skimming might not realize what's going on.
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