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  1. Off the top of my head, I wanna say Wave 4... it was right before Spy Troops started... I knew I'd remember... 3. What about the candy packs shown at SDCC? One had a Storm Shadow repaint, although it was likely a placeholder... Has anyone seen these? Who sells them? I've been poking around, and can't seem to find any info on them. I'm figuring it's likely they'll cost around the same price as a Mission Disc, but I'm hoping they may include figures I'm either missiing, or would like to use in customs, but can't find anymore.
  2. Pardon my asking... but who the heck is 'Aleph'?
  3. Yeah... saw that a bit back... very cool. Can't beleive Hasbro hasn't seen that this is the perfect concept to capitalize on... I have no doubts that a line of Transformers done up as Joe/Cobra vehicles would sell. Most of the stuff shown in the comics (Ironhide/HISS, Jazz/STUN, Starscream/Night Raven, Thundercracker/Rattler especially) would actually be doable in the toys. Heck, even disregarding the comcis, stealing the concept, and going their own direction, making original characters and designs that turned into classic Joe and Cobra vehicles, would likely be a huge hit. But no... instead of cool stuff like that... we get Lego-Joe.
  4. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out with these... 1. The Cobra Trooper six-pack includes Scar-Face... and Hasbro has gone on record as saying that characters who died in the original comic will not get new figures... Are we to assume that Scar-Face is still alive, then? Any word on if/when he may pop up in the comics? 2. Any chance we'll see the Blowtorch/Snow Serpent pack pop up again? Somehow, it's the only pack I've missed out on, and it seems NO ONE has the blasted thing anymore! I kept hoping for a bonus pack, but it seems extremely unlikely at this point. I had a few other questions... right up until I went to type them up... :/ figures, doesn't it? I'll add them later if I remember them.
  5. Sigh... I was afraid of that... Well, here's hoping it's something like NF Slice or Storm Shadow's, which didn't interfere too much with articulation, rather than another 'I have no O-ring' Snake Eyes kicking feature.
  6. Hey, god knows I wanted to do that... I bought a few bonus packs to get the deluxe figures I missed out on, planning to return the extra two-packs, then realized after I got them home that the packs all have stickers inside the bubbles, and I have no talent at resealing figures... Ah well. I'm sure I can find plenty of uses for another Beach Head, Sand-Viper, Kamakura, and Night Creeper... Like a new Night Creeper Leader... oooh... Excuse me while I tear into these...
  7. From Quick Kick Theatres' news page: Stores: Thanks to Louis Colli of G.I.Joe: The Internet Comic for the following report about the Value Packs: "I saw you posted a news item with a picture of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow in Spy Troops packaging, and I wanted to tell you I also saw these bizarre packs this weekend, but at a local Target. They are packages from the recent wave (I saw Lady Jaye/Iron Grenadier, Destro/Grunt, and Wide Scope/BAT packages), but with figures from the Real American Hero repaints in them instead. For instance, one package had Low Light and Surefire, another had Double Blast in it (with the new sculpt Beach Head repaint, even stranger). These were unopened packages, and none of the figures had weapons with them." The 'no weapons' thing is a little boggling, since we can clearly see some in the SE/SS pack... Using the packaging from other figures is also very odd... but apparently they are real. EDIT: Okay, I guess I post to slowly... I think I'll head to Wal-Mart later and give the bonus packs another once-over...
  8. This is easy for me... the hard part is pairing them up... Ace vs. Wild Weasel Chuckles vs. Tyler Wingfield Billy (dear lord give him a code name already) vs. Cobra Commander (hooded head on battle helmet body for a 'ceremonial' look) Jinx vs. Alexander McCullen Spirit vs. Firefly (camo paint job) Rock N Roll vs. Zanya
  9. Sounds like a plan... I for one got a real kick out of the Mega-Marines subset, and would love to see similar stuff... minus the silly play-doh armor, of course. As for no action features... does anyone know why Kamakura has (A/A) next to his name? I'm fearing it may be 'Action Attack'... possibly a Ninja Force-style action feature. Any actual word here? I'd like to think I'm wrong, as I never liked the NF action features....
  10. I would like to know the exact specifications of a 'metric buttload', if you don't mind. :lol: Seriously though, I've yet to see one around here, I'll have to look around after I move, I suppose. I've been waiting ever-so-patiently to get my business-suit Lex for my S:TAS lineup, becuase I've had a custom idea for that S:TAS Lex from the moment I got him, but refused to tear into him until I had another. Good to know he's out, though- I was about to stop looking.
  11. Okay... up until this moment, I couldn't see the word 'pestilence' and have a mental picture of a topless woman... Who comes up with that sort of thing? Honestly now, since when is Pestilence of the four horsemen a Playboy model? Interpretation be damned, is just doesn't make sense to me.
  12. Well, they could have 'fighting sounds' and have one of them be some huge snapping noise. As long as it isn't followed by a Bat-scream, I think it could be done. Heck yeah! Azrael has an awesome outfit. Gotta love a guy with a flaming sword strapped to his wrist. Personally, I'm looking at this line to fill gaps in LOTDK, still my favorite Batman line of all time, so the more awesome villains they churn out, the longer I'll be hitting the Batman shelves. I'm really digging the Killer Croc; he'll nicely replace that Knight Force Ninjas one. I'll be getting a Joker for sure, even though I'm perfectly happy with the LOTDK one- you can never have too many cool Joker figures. I'm really jazzed about the Mr. Freeze... even though I just finished a custom LOTDK Freeze not even two weeks ago. :-? From my vantage of looking at this line as 'LOTDK 2', I'm really looking forawrd to villains that were never in that line. Two Face, Ras Al Ghul, Talia, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Mad Hatter... The list could go on forever, I'm sure, but those are the ones that come to mind most easily. Riddler would be on there, but I'm very picky about him, and I wouldn't be able to stand it if 4H made him in a costume I didn't like. And as far as 'allies' go, how about a Nightwinng and Creeper... Hey, a 4H-sculpted Creeper? The mind boggles!
  13. Hey, I'll admit to being jazzed about seeing new figures... but damned if I'm going to scream at lack of pics. I can wait a few hours, and since I'll have to wait months to actually get anything but that, I've got plenty of time to look. Geez, patience. Go take your happy pills and calm down.
  14. You're thinking of Overkill. The new BAT doesn't have an interchangable hand, unless you chop it off and glue a new one in place.
  15. It's already been stated that Toy Biz wants to start including at least one 'companion figure' in each ML wave. Howard the Duck being the first, and Doop the second. Since these are meant to essentially be accessories themselves, it's not likely they will come with accessories- although obvious ones like Doop's camera would be a mistake to leave out. Personally, I'm holding out for a mini Scott Lang Ant-Man, Leech, and Pip the Troll. I can't think of too many more companions that would fit that sort of scale anyway.
  16. I'm greatly amused watching all these fanboys beg, moan, and scream about having to wait a few hours to see toys that won't be on shelves for another 6 months or so anyway... Really now, there is a point where you're just driving yourself crazy to see how insane you can get.
  17. Tell me... Please, tell me... For the love of all that's even remotely good, tell me you didn't hack up a Faker figure when there are some out there, such as yours truly, who are still looking for it for less than a king's ransom, and until this moment remained blissfully unaware that there are people out there who have them and see them in such low regard that they would rip them apart rather than share them with the other fans that they know are out there looking for said figure without having to take out a mortgage on a house they don't even own. Sigh... far be it for me to tell you what to do with your action figures... but please, warn me when you're about to put up clear pics so I can avert my eyes... and if you happen to have yet another Faker that you would be willing to part with, drop me a line before you part the figure?
  18. That's where Infinity War comes into play. Warlock expelled all the good and evil from himself when he got the Gauntlet, creating Goddess and Magus, respectively. He was unworthy to be a supreme being because without good and evil, there was no conscience to guide him. War dealt with Magus trying to get his hands on the Gauntlet and be supreme being. The Gauntlet was thought to be the one thing that could beat him, but only Eternity could reverse the Tribunal's decree. Magus co-bonded Infinity to Eternity, more or less rendering them one being, but since they represent different aspects of the universe, it make the combo a gibbering vegetable. Gamorra and Galactus managed to get through to Eternity, who decreed that the Infinity Gems could again work as one, while Magus captured all of the gems and held absolute power... or so he thought. Warlock and Thanos had hatched a scheme to make a fake Reality Gem, so Magus was simply fooled into thinking he was supreme being. Warlock then got the Guantlet from Magus and sucked him into the Soul Gem, trapping him forever (he hadn't done this before because Magus had blocked his connection to the Gem). He then gave all of the Gems back to their keepers... but the bearer of the Reality Gem remained a mystery to everyone but Warlock. Eternity split from Infinity and decreed that the Gems could never, ever work as one again, and no one, not even he, could reverse it. Infinity Crusade was lame... I mean, interesting. Goddess got her hands on the eight Cosmic Cubes that Magus had used to power all of his devices. Her plan was to purge the universe of evil... problem being that everyone, up to and including Eternity, has the capacity to do evil. She brainwashed a bunch of heroes into following her, there were a lot of crossovers and stupid fights, and it ended with a psychic battle between Warlock and Goddess. Warlock destroyed Goddess, but his mind was seemingly destroyed in the process, leaving him and empty shell. To my knowledge, that completes Warlock's history up to Infinity Abyss. I'm pretty sure everyone still has their respective Gems, but I'm not sure what happened to the Gauntlet itself... Anyone got the answer to that question? EDIT: I found this site that sums up the two minis better... I got a few things wrong (oops!). http://members.tripod.com/~MitchellBrown/x...over/index.html EDIT: THE SEQUEL: This one's not bad too, and it confirms that Thanos had the Reality Gem, which I had guessed but never actually confirmed... Not that I doubted you for a moment, E- it's just one of those things you gotta see to believe. Anywhoo, the link: http://marvelite.prohosting.com/surfer/pro...es/warlock.html
  19. Thanks! I just picked up a ML DD yesterday with that custom in mind, and this thread reminded me to ask.
  20. Hey, I just recently found your site. Sweet customs. I've been meaning to email and ask for the recipe to that Deadpool. Is it just ML Daredevil with a Spidey head?
  21. DeFalco pretty much cleaned house on the whole clones issue. Scarlet Spider is dead, Kaine is definitely a clone, so by default, her dad must be the real deal. Regardless of that, he's married to Mary Jane, and we all know that only the true Spider-Man is lucky enough to have a woman like her. As far as continuity, I gave up caring about that when the clones business happened. I read it because it's a good book, pure and simple, and those are surprisingly hard to come by these days. I get more out of this one comic than I have everything else Spider-Man related combined.
  22. I think DC needs the Exiles more than Marvel does...
  23. I've been loving the Spider-Girl title ever since my friend Jason forced me to sit down and read it a couple years back. I'm really curious to know what other fans think of the current 'Marked For Death' storyline. Where is it going? What's happened to Darkdevil? Is Normie really dead? And just who is the mystery villain? Personally, I don't think I've got it all figured out, but I have a strong hunch on who the villain is, at least... I'll say who some other time. And what about all those other subplots? Where do you think those are going? The book has about a dozen or so going right now, but I think DeFalco's writing is just as sharp as ever, and the book doesn't seem cluttered at all. Anywhoo, I'll stop rambling now... comics have that effect on me...
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