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  1. Alright... just keep in mind that I have no clue if these are even real guns... some of them may be head-slappers to you. Bullhorn's rifle (not the collapsible one) Lowlight v2's rifle Rock-Viper's rifle Red Spot's guns Depth Charge's gun (it's not a speargun, right?) Beachhead's oversized pistol (the one with the stock from the Sand-Viper pack... I had someone tell me it's a flare gun, but he knows about as much about guns as I do...) JvC Torpedo's pistol Blackout's pistol (somone said that's a Desert Eagle... is tht right?) Lastly, is the Eels (v1) speargun modeled after an actual type of speargun? These are the ones that are bugging me most... thanks!
  2. They say that clothes make the man... I think it's also true that guns make the soldier. I've been thinking about this while making some custom figures this week... I poked around my bag-O-guns, looking for pieces what said what I wanted to say about the guys I was making. So many figures in the original line had guns that spoke volumes about them... more than a few of them had their personalities summed up between their guns and thier code names. Think of the original Snake-Eyes... Gung-Ho... Baroness... Rock N Roll... Roadblock... Scrap-Iron... and of course, Bazooka. However, it also occured to me that I'm not a 'gun person', so matching up a figure with a gun isn't really that simple. I mean, what if I give a sniper a sub-machine gun? He's either extremely good... or fantastically bad. I can't always tell what the heck type of gun I'm looking at on sight... at a certain scale, I see little differences, and know that they represent different models, but they all just look like pistols to me. So is there a site that identifies Joe guns that are modeled after real guns? I mean, obviously, a laser gun is a laser gun, but is there a resource for people like me, who have no clue what kind of rifle they're putting in a figure's hand- but who would certainly like to have that info? I'm not looking for full specs here, but I figure with all the Joe fan sites out there, maybe there's a simple site that says "*figure name* has a *gun model*, which is a *gun type*," or something to that effect. Pictures would be helpful as well, of course, but I'm not pushing my luck. Can anyone offer me some help here? I can't be the only fan who's been in this situation over the years...
  3. Wasn't one named 'Sneak-Peek', and the other 'Sneak-Peak'? I thought there was a difference in spelling somewhere, not exactly the same name. I mean, did we ever get an explanation for two Airbornes? And I believe Rampage is the only figure with a built-in excuse to have the exact same costume as another Joe, but in different colors. What do you think the other Joes have to say about Thunderwing wearing Thunder's old outfit, or Nunchuk copping Quick Kick's look? Beleivable answer: Over the years, the Joes have taken a few cues from Cobra. It stands to reason that one of them would be hiding thier true numbers. The best way to do that is to reuse code names and costumes from those who came before. In a sort of grim way, it also encourages that 'bearer' to live up to what has been passed to them, hopefully making them better soldiers. I mean, who's to say that Cobra really, honestly knows that Quick Kick is dead? You don't think if Nunchuk threatened the Crimson Twins, they'd piss their matching pants?
  4. Personally, I love the extra articulation on Snake-Eyes... can't get enough of him actually being able to crouch down, reaching back with his sword half-drawn... Night Creeper can do an awesome and completely convincing side-kick, while still maintaining his balance... I'll admit it helps if he's on a stand, but even so, most Joes simply can't acheive it- even SE has pouches that get in the way. Depth Charge... Love him too. With the wrists, he can actually hold his gun convincingly like a rifle, and the ankles add realism to stances like that- especially when the guy is wearing flippers, his toes simply will not be pointing at 12 o'clock. Firefly can do all sorts of 'crazy martial arts gunfight' poses. It seems fitting to him. Most of the others I can take or leave, but those four really stand out to me. I thought Crosshair, being a sniper, should have had the mid-shin joints that Recondo has, so he could lay convincingly in wait for his target... the wrist joints would have benefited him better as well. No need for Recondo to have them, really. MX: You forgot Zartan's wrists, as well as Nunchuk's mid-shin and wrist joints.
  5. Hey, I'll grant you all that. I'm not defending all of Hasbro's decisions. However, to look at it in thier eyes: This line was off the market for almost a decade. This is not the same line, as far athey are concerned. They need to test the waters, build up the market, and make sure that they won't be making a massive mistake trusting the fans and collectors who tell them they want bigger, better, and more of it. I can completely understand the issuing of a base like this vs a completely new one, or something as massive as a Terrordrome. That having been said, I note one of the complaints made was that CM isn't an 'enclosed' base... I'm not sure most of the Joe bases qualify for that either... they all have that 'Hollywood back wall' to them. If you just mean it's lacking a garage... hey, I feel your pain. I hate having to spray paint a shoebox too.
  6. Heck, I still don't know what to do with most of those T-crotches I'm replacing... other than repainting Destro into Alexander, of course. I know a few parts of the CC from the army builder are going into an Interrogator custom (I love that guy, he needs a JvC update)... of course, if it's the battle helmet again, I'm going to see if the hooded head fits it first... I hate that the battle helmet CC is wearing ceremonial dress, and the hooded CC is wearing a combat uniform... should be reversed, IMO.
  7. Honestly, Sound Attack didn't bother me on some RAH vehicles, like the Snow Cat. If kept easily remavable like that, and not completely integrated into the design (Rattler), then it's not a big deal to continue it to me. On another note, I'm hoping that Hasbro will have the same thought I did: they can just reissue more of the vehicles that originally came with missile launchers, or can have them easily adapted to fit a missile launcher. Designate a new name ("With Missile Attack!"), and you give the retailer the acton feature they want, while doing the same for the collector. Heck, on most of those vehicles, they can eaily include a missile launcher that plugs in where a gun would be... and even better, if they really wanted, they could include the original gun and let the owner decide what they like. I think it would be the most convenient way for everyone to get what they want... Is the BAT APC, for instance, going to have Sound Attack, Action Attack, or Spy Troops? I'm thinking they'll pass off that massive cannon and the number of figures it holds as it's main selling points, and I hope that bodes well for the future. I'd like to see vehicles like the Mudbuster and Badger again, this time in better colors, and I'd love any sort of Thunder Machine, even if they just put the missile-launching Beast Blaster back in the original colors. (I already have a TM, but the thought of a 'heavy ordnance' version makes my mouth water...) Anywhoo, I'm rambling enough... the question is, did it make sense?
  8. Well, here's a helpful thought... We didn't get the Terrordrome until '86, the fifth year of the line. At that point in the line, we had a massively popular cartoon, a hit comic, and licensees like mad scrambling to pump the property for all it was worth, not to mention there was about 5x the actual product on the shelves each year. I think at this point in the new line, especially given the lack of the above, we should probably be happy to get this. Don't get me wrong, I expect better too, but it shows that Hasbro has faith in the line, and we can likely expect more (and better) things to come from the line. When the new line is in it's fifth year and we still don't have a good cartoon and an insanly cool playset, I'll join the naysayers. Until then, I'm going to be happy that Hasbro is issuing something this big and expensive this early in the line.
  9. Oy, favorite Cobra... this is almost harder than favorite Joe. Assuming we're going by unique characters here... I'm gonna say Destro. Still a close call, though. Up against Serpentor, Cobra Commander himself, Cesspool, Firefly, Scrap-Iron, Zartan... I could go on...
  10. That's a toughie... one of the things I always liekd abotu GI Joe was that there were so many characters that I could like, for all kinds of different reasons... If I absolutely HAD to pick a favorite, it would probably be Gung-Ho. I don't really know why, though... I think in some ways he reminds me of my dad. However, Gung-Ho is closely follwed by (no particular order): Snake-Eyes, Flint, Airtight, Low-Light, Clutch, Spirit, Iceberg, Shockwave, Salvo, and Bullhorn, among many others.
  11. *slaps forehead* You... you purposely missed the point of that... please, tell me you did. To him, it WASN'T Snake-Eyes. I'm sure you've seen a few toys and went "What the... that isn't (insert character here)." Being a child, my friend's reaction was a more violent than an adult's generally is. The moral of the story is that when characters that chidren like suddenly change drastically, especially thier toy forms, most kids don't like it. I for one absoutely HATED the Cobra Commander in battle armor... I still don't like him much, but he's now an 'Armor-Viper' in my ranks. Storm Shadow continuing to have no O-ring is, in my opinion, a similar case. Most fans, collectors, and even kids, will probably be running over it, at least in thier minds.
  12. Um... how exactly does JvC Nunchuk look a damn thing like NF Nunchuk? The figures have exactly three similarities: 1: They both have black and green for costume colors. 2: They're both ninja figures, and come with ninja weapons. 3: They have the same name. By this logic, JvC Destro could have come done up in blue with a cobra staff and been called "Cobra Commander", and I could claim it looks exactly like the battle helmet RAH version of Cobra Commander. Here's a link to Ninja Force Nunchuk at yojoe.com. Please compare it with your JvC Nunchuk and try again.
  13. LOL! Somedays, I only wish things like that were possible... I'll probably try to cobble something together myself... or wait another few years for another SS and hope he gets his O-ring back... I'm just ticked that I'll open the package and find that I'm still limited in how I can pose SS for battle with the uber-articulated Snake-Eyes...
  14. I think bringing in Sgt Savage or Lt Stone (from Extreme) could work... promoting a classic character who has yet to get a makeover (Leatherneck springs to mind), to the position could also be pretty sweet. Personally, I liked Sgt Slaughter, but he's outdated, and odds are well against us ever seeing him again... although Hasbro could use the Funskool trick of reissuing him under the name 'Sgt Smasher', avoiding the legal snafus entirely. Edit: I was wondering about this the other day... where is the wrestler now? I haven't heard anything about him in ages.
  15. I've seen on yojoe.com that there is an offer for a Crimson Gaurd version of Agent Faces. According to them, it's on packs of GI Joe figures. I've yet to see a single one. Is it something that WILL be coming out soon? Is it only in vehicles, not in figures? Their wording is a little unclear. I haven't seen anyother site mention it, so I'm unclear as to where to find the order form, and I'd really like to get my hands on one.
  16. You're kidding me! They go and release one of the most perfect Snake-Eyes figures ever... then refuse to give us a similar Storm Shadow to go along with him! Argh! They know what the fans and collectors want... yet rather than making it and having it sell like mad, they insist they know better, and make things they know we don't like. Even the kids didn't like most of Ninja Force when I was growing up. I had a friend who got a NF Snake-Eyes... then promptly ran it over with his bike until it broke into a million peices. His reasoning? "I wanted Snake-Eyes. That wasn't him."
  17. The pistol Faces comes with fits CC's holster perfectly... not sure if it's the same mold as Blackout's... Like most collectors, having extra guns isn't a problem with me... it's the fact that I shouldn't need to dig around for a gun that the figure was obviously meant to come with.
  18. I'll buy the concept of "it's not Scar-Face, it just looks like him", especially seeing as it's a RAH mold, not JvC. But I don't believe for a moment that 'Nunchuk' was actually designed with Nunchuk in mind. He's the spitting image of Quick Kick, with only token green highlights to even hint that he's the same Nunchuk from the Ninja Force. I also despise the name 'Nunchuk', but that's another matter. I think with the return of Serpentor, we'll see a little relaxing of the 'no dead guys' rule. Plain and simple, if they don't stay dead, you can't apply the rule to them. I can also see where some of the dead Joe names could be re-used on new characters (a la the short-lived Sneak Peak). A friend of mine suggested that Hasbro could even try frankensteining some of the JvC molds into updated versions of dead characters, then release them through the fan club as a sort of 'memorial line'. I like that concept, personally. They get to uphold thier weird little rule, we get new figures. Edit: Yeah, Sneak-Peek's name was reused to a degree... a Joe code-named 'Sneak-Peak' infiltrated the Dreadnoks during the 'Malfunction' storyline... and was promptly killed in the second issue of it. I think if handled appropriately, we could have new characters with names of dead Joes... how often in comics do we see new superhroes/villains inherit a name, or take it as a form of tribute, or something like that? The same sort of thing could work in GI Joe.
  19. I loved seeing the molded holsters on the first wave of JvC figures... it was a neat concept whose time had come, I thought. Then I got Shipwreck... who had a holster, but didn't come with a gun that fit it. I figured this was just someone not paying attention, but it was likely a one-time occurrance. Then I piucked up wave 8... Love that new Cobra Commander figure... but tell me, which gun is supposed to fit his holster? Fool me once, shame on you... Really now, I still like the holsters. I think it's definitely a trend that needs to continue... but Hasbro needs to pay more attention to the sculpts when packing weapons. Like Shipwreck would ever use a gun with a silencer anyway... Anyone else have similar thoughts?
  20. Ah... okay. I never heard there was a difference, personally... but then again, I never heard the name 'Aleph', either... I would say that given the fact that Night Creeper Leader's figure matched his appearance in the comics, it's the same guy... as for the DIC series... who cares? It was the stupid DIC series- none of it made sense!
  21. Yup... Mindbender used an offshoot of Serpentor's creation process to clone himself and download his brain. The current Mindbender in the comics is a clone. This policy is why JvC Nunchuk is Nunchuk, despite looking like Quick Kick. It's also why Thunder was renamed Thunderwing when he came with the MOBAT, and why Gung-Ho came with the Slugger.
  22. I hated the fact that Lady Jaye was so tiny overall... and why did they insist on keeping the hat? There is a reason she rarely wore it in the comics, and never, to my knowledge, in the cartoon. She looks a bit silly in it... and it certainly doesn't help that cruddy Baroness halloween costume (I refuse to think of it as a disguise).
  23. I hated the fact that Lady Jaye was so tiny overall... and why did they insist on keeping the hat? There is a reason she rarely wore it in the comics, and never, to my knowledge, in the cartoon. She looks a bit silly in it... and it certainly doesn't help that cruddy Baroness halloween costume (I refuse to think of it as a disguise).
  24. I have no real issue with BTR... love that Wild Weasel and Blowtorch repaint. I just think we could see better stuff from Hasbro. I'm hoping BTR marks a willingness to try new things, and that eventually, I can count it as a sort of turning point towards things like Joe-Formers.
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