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  1. Awww.... he looks so sad... Keep us posetd, Jin. It looks like you've got a bunch of people who want to throw money at you for this one. You... like money, don't you, Jin? @hmmm@
  2. Either is fine. If you make it a ready to wear buckle and I don't have the right kind of belt, I'd go out and get the right kind. Whatever gets that bad boy on my waist. *waits impatiently for the results of Jin's casting*
  3. I love you, man. I want one of those so bad... I also give it a week before you figure out how to make the damn thing teleport you. @loll@
  4. While I'd love to see Rom as a ML, it's not gonna happen. He was a licensed character from Mattel. It'd be like getting Cobra Commander or Optimus Prime in ML form. All of them are technically part of the Marvel Universe (TF and GI Joe started out that way, at least), but barring some dream-come-true business deals, Toy Biz won't be making any of them.
  5. Looks really cool. I personally like the look of a Logan without claws.
  6. In no particular order... Airtight- I don't know why, but Joe I never cared about until a few years ago is now one of my favorites. Sgt Slaughter- I know we're not likely to get the real deal, but I'll settle for a look-alike... internationally, the guy's called 'Sgt Smasher', and no reference is made to being a professional wrestler. I can live with that. Jinx- I can't love the Devil's Due look any more than I already do. It's time to see it in plastic. Spirit- See Jinx. Mutt & Junkyard- Mutt was a fun character, plain and simple. Who couldn't identify with the guy's love of his dog? Rock N Roll- But if they package him with any gun that Roadblock has ever come with, I swear I'll find the person responsible, and something unpleasent will happen. vs... Interrogator- He's always fascinated me. One of my favorite Cobras. Serpentor- He's back. Where the heck's his toy? Scrap-Iron- Package him with a Cobra repaint of Big Brawler's missile launcher and I'll be happy. Range-Viper- Skull Buster is the Range-Viper Commander... and yet JvC has no Range-Vipers... While we're at it, a Skull Buster repaint from the new Range-Viper would be nice. Night Creeper Leader- This one's a given. Whether it's a repaint, a new head, or an entirely new mold, the new Night Creepers need a leader. Tyler Wingfield- I always liked 'Operation: Wingfield!', and was more than pleased to see a follow-up... and we all know he's not really dead. Give us the blasted figure already. Night-Viper- These guys were just plain cool. I'd like to keep the gun mount on the thigh, though.
  7. Don't let the surname fool you. T'Jbang is a second cousin to Storm Shadow- even in part, he is asian. Nunchuk and Dojo are also Asian... I'm trying to remember where it was established, but I'm thinking it was in the comics. Bushido's filecard says the the samurai mask he wears is a family tradition, which would certainly hint at an asian lineage. The Australian comment was directed at the line as a whole... a fair portion fo the Dreadnoks, as well as Major Bludd, are also from down under. (the line was basically a joke, although it is sadly a closer call than I would care to see) How do we know that Kamakura is asian? His name and birthplace are classified, and we've never seen his face (although I wouldn't be likely to trust features on that anyway...) Once again, don't let the surname fool you... There are asians and native americans with last names like 'Smith' and 'Jones' too.
  8. uh... Storm Shadow? Actually, most of Ninja Force is asian, now that I think of it. Although it is intersting to note that the RAH line does contain more Australians than latinos and asians combined... @hmmm@ Of course, there are plenty of Joes, and especially Cobras, that we never saw without masks and could conceivably be Smurfs.
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Serpy concocted from the TEN greatest warriors/leaders of all time, plus Storm Shadow and some mental engrams from Dr Mindbender? Why does everyone keep throwing the number eight around? Actually though, if you're one of those who believes that homosexuality is in the genetics, Serpentor is at least 1/11th gay- Alexander the Great is a part of his makeup, at least in the cartoon... not sure about the comic, though.
  10. Daina's a sniper? Learn something new every day... But I agree with you- I've been waiting impatiently for a follow-up on Daina... also hoping she gets something approaching a cool code name... Personally, I'd appreciate more on either of them, as I see a lot of potential in a female sniper character, as it is my understanding that female snipers are fairly uncommon in the armed forces.
  11. If a Joe were to come out... first, that would violate 'don't ask, don't tell'... not exactly sure of the ramifications of that... Second, I don't necessarily like to think of my childhood heroes this way, but I'm willing to bet at least a few of them are homophobic... this aspect would make the story seem unrealistic if it wasn't explored to at least a small degree... Third, in a team that large, with dozens of characters we know almost nothing about except the filecards, the only reason to 'out' a Joe would be for the controversy. There are other ways to do handle homosexuality in GI Joe (a brief panel of a Joe kissing his boyfriend goodbye as he heads out the door, a Joe makes a homophobic comment and another Joe tells him off because he has a gay sibling, several others that run through my head when topics like this are brought up...), but when it really comes down to it, even as a brief aside, it would serve no purpose and have no place. GI Joe, for the most part, is a fictional story about soldiers, not sexuality, and as such deals with the first much more than the latter. If, and this is a big IF, a writer were able to handle it in a way that actually added to the story, and didn't examine it to death, I would probably be in full support... but I just don't think it's likely that it can be done. Of course, most of this is moot- Hasbro is unlikely to let DD make a gay Joe anyway, even as an original character.
  12. The original line only gave us 7 female figures- Zarana, Baroness, Lady Jaye, Jinx, Cover Girl, and 2 Scarletts. we were supposed to get another Baroness, but the line folded before that. In the 1997 reissues, we got two new ones- Volga and Vypra. RAHC gave us Chameleon... Who has been conveniently forgotten, as she should be. So far in JvC, we have Baroness, Scarlett, Lady Jaye, Zarana, and upcoming new Scarlett and Baroness... A lot of female figures, compared to the last 20 years, but I have to agree with those who say we should get other characters rather than second versions... Although I already have plans for my JvC v1 Scarlett and Baroness once I get my hands on the new versions... If Hasbro won't give me more female Joes, I'll make them myself. Oh, and on a final note: Paige would be a rockin' figure. A female sniper would be great... but I'm firmly of the mind that she should get a code name before a figure.
  13. That's not fair. My post was serious. Mostly. It's kinda hard to be serious anytime you mention Barbecue's cartoon voice.
  14. I got the hookup: Yojoe Magazine Scroll down a bit to find it. Other than a few name changes, the wave 9 lineup is accurate, so I'm guessing there aren't too many surprise figures in wave 10... well, there wouldn't be if we knew who half those characters were...
  15. IIRC, 'three years' is said several times, but always by the Coil techs... It struck me as very odd, because these guys simply can't honestly believe that's how long it's been, yet they say it to each other, and to serpentor when he's revived... Of course, another option is that this is a clue to something else entirely... maybe this really isn't the same Serpentor? The younger clones would point to more recent cloning experiments... Serpentor and Dr Mindbender had their memories and DNA imprinted on a simulacrum clone body, so there is no need to 'home-grow' a clone to adulthood, or for child-clones in the first place.
  16. After seeing all the pics, I really think Hasbro is using this wave as a 'test run' to see what people like, as well as what works. As it's been made abundantly clear, before the figures are even released, that T-crotches are universally despised, I think we can be assured we will see less of them down the road... that's not to say we'll see less Action Attack, but I think less of it will involve reduced articulation and T-crotches. Proof that this is a test run: Duke vs. Cobra Commander: T-Crotch Snake Eyes vs. Storm Shadow: T-Crotch Gadget/Hi-Tech vs. Dr. Mindbender: Missile Launcher Scarlett vs. Desert Scorpion: Two guesses here- likliest is that the scorpion accessory fufills the AA feature, but the often-questioned 'black box' may be it as well. Heavy Duty vs. Razorclaw: The 'black box' or the arm blades, most likely. Alley Viper II & Cobra Viper: Viper comes with a huge... thing. I would assume it does something or another. Has anyone figured out exactly what the heck it is? Looks like a kayak/coffin hybrid to me. Like I said, I think this is a proving ground... the amount of Duke/CC packs that rot on the shelves will probably tell them all they need to know about internal action features... or maybe just who to package them with, since most have said they will still buy SE/SS... #GvE# ...and on a final note, I'm not getting a 'headgear' look from Hi-Tech, but rather a 'removable face' look. I'm wondering if he may not be the new Robo-Joe, and a counterpart to Overkill. And someone mentioned him like he's an old character... Eh?
  17. Mattel is the reason I almost stopped believing in miracles. They think that Masters of the Universe is actually the 'He-Man and Skeletor Show'. The also believe Justice League would be better if it were called 'Batman, Superman, and Co.' Two distinct Batman lines, and the idiots think they have to flood JL with a bunch of Bat-varients. They are morons without a single brain cell between them. The only thing they've done right is figure out that they should launch the lines in the first place. Beyond that, they've totally botched it. Hasbro has really been trying my patience too. I love collecting toys, and hope to never give up the hobby/obsession... but there are days I paw through the racks and wonder why I bother. The news of an o-ring SS does give me a little more hope.
  18. I've seen all the reapint vehicles in my area now... I like the Crimson Venom Cycle best, I'll definitely be picking it up at some point. The Battle Blitz was a silly one to repaint... don't see it selling all that well. I have mixed feelings about the Crimson Treadfire... not to crazy about that brass color...
  19. On a more serious note... It is completely plausible that at least one or two of the Joes are gay. Statistically speaking, it's almost a given with a group that large. I always found Barbeque to be a little on the 'funny' side, but for the most part it's that silly voice he has. As a gay man, I've actually thouhgt once or twice about whether or not I'd like to see a Joe 'come out' in the comics... but I think it would actually end up up more on the stupid side than the entertaining side. Just storyline that would have too many subplots and ramifications to deal with easily, and would really have little to no place in the comics overall. Plenty of the Joes have never had their private lives examined, either in comics and animation, and it's a good bet most of them will stay that way, so anyone who really needs a gay joe can easily take their pick... and conceivably be right.
  20. This oesn't prove there's a God... it proves there's a Hasbro exec with a functioning brain... and the existence of that is often harder to prove than a divine being.
  21. he'll be o ring, and is a decent figure, How can you be so sure? thats how i know lol No wrist or ankle articulation... he's inferior in my eye already. This brings up another point... why was Hasbro going through all the trouble of testing out swanky new articulation just so they could take away the basics?
  22. Have you forgotten that we got wave 1.5 because they were remolding the wave two figures to put o-rings back in?
  23. Dr Mindbender: Very nice. I like this much better than his 'upper class pimp' and 'resistance is futile' looks. I hope he gets a repaint with a purple coat. Sand Scorpion: Honestly, I'm not sure what the big deal is. The figure doesn't look special, and I think that scorpion looks like a rejected War Planets accessory. Personally, between Desert CLAWS, Sand-Vipers, and this, I'm sick of desert troops. On top of this, Neo-Vipers are supposed to work in any environment, so Cobra shouldn't need twelve different troops for the same climate anymore. Scarlett: Interesting... she comes with a sword, and I'm glad someone remembered that she's a ninja... Don't like the colors on her costume at all... too much like Lady Jaye. With any luck, even if these are her final colors, we'll get a muted repaint. Duke: Good thing I'm perfectly happy with the NF one from Wave 8... ooo-glay. Something is a little funny about his 'swinging action', though... Press the button on his back to hear his bad pick-up lines! Storm Shadow... I think I'm going to cry. Beautiful sculpt... with the exception of the green, wonderful colors... and he's got a virtually non-functional shoulder and waist. I STILL won't be able to pose him in any sort of cool battle scene with that awesome Snake-Eyes figure... my only consolation is that Snake-Eyes will probably have AA too, and be brought DOWN in quality to Storm Shadow's level... at least they'll be a matched pair, right? Sick, really... five figures, not even out yet, I already hate 1 and have very mixed emotions on the rest. What's more, I find myself actually hoping for repaints on three of them! I'm sure I'll somehow get suckered into buying them all... something will catch my eye and I won't be able to resist... after all, I hate Big Brawler outright, but I bought him... but I'm hopeful that Action Attack will end up like Sound Attack and Spy Troops, on the cutting room floor a year from now.
  24. Other than toys, cartoons, and comics, I've got about six of the puzzles, a lunchbox from '86, one of the pocket patrol packs... I also had, beat, and sold both video games (anyone else love those things to death?). I've made a conscious effort to not pay too much attention to the 'other' stuff, knowing that if I do, I'll want it all, for no other reason than to have it. There's a lot more things I could spend money on that I'll enjoy a lot more, you know?
  25. In that case, I happen to have an ex-friend/roommate I'd love to see screwed over... massive GI Joe, Transformer, and Star Wars collections are in it for you... but it's okay, becasue he screwed good portions of them out of me... Yes, as a matter of fact, it is one of the only grudges I hold... why do you ask?
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