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  1. *drool* Jin, what is your job? Don't take this the wrong way, it's just that between this, the Sentinel, and all the toys you buy/make, I can't imagine where you find the time! ...I am so jealous, by the way. Anywhoo, I'm on the list for a buckle, right? And have you decided if they will be painted? IIRC, you weren't sure about that, and I see that they are currently white.
  2. Yes, but would it be a Marvel Legend? Seems to me it would be much easier and/or cost-efficient to pack in an exclusive Figure Factory or Superhero Showdown character. Those lines need much more boost than ML, and they're also smaller, which makes them easier to package with a DVD. As far as cartoons go, who has the rights to them doesn't really matter. They contain characters that are copyrighted by Marvel Comics. They have the last word over anything that happens to them. They can't even be aired without Marvel's permission. A good example is the Masters of the Universe cartoon. The company holding the Filmation library didn't want to part with MOTU alone, but Mattel didn't want the entire library. Mattel basically said "Well, you can sell us MOTU, or we can never give permission for anything to be done with it, so it's useless to anyone but us. Your call." A similar situation occurred a few years before that, with Filmation's Batman and Superman cartoons. Warner Brothers wanted them for Cartoon Network, and basically said "These are our characters. We're going to take them. Please, try to stop us." So basically, if Marvel wanted to get the Marvel toons and package them in the toys, it really doesn't matter who is holding the rights; those cartoons are Marvel's. However, I think that if they really got behind this, it wouldn't be a problem. In fact, Disney would probably help them make it happen in exchange for some ad space.
  3. Well, they used the Blackheart toy pic, and the Brood concept art... so a prototype pic, along with a drawing of a confirmed concellation... weird.
  4. Magic 8 Ball

    Lame Powers

    Well, about as lame as Longshot or Scarlet Witch. Poorly-defined powers that get redefined every few years? Yay, sign me up to follow that character.... @hmmm@
  5. only once? heh. i completely agree on your other statements. but only once?! lol Once is still alot. Between X-men, UXM, X-Treme X-Men, Excalibur, and a handfull of mini series, I bet it's at least 150 kidney punches. Joe Quesada should probably take a couple of those too for publishing the crap. I think I love you right now. ...okay, it passed. Honestly, my problem with her is that the writers like to talk up Rachel and/or Jean as these mega-incredibly powerful telekinetics... but what to they do every time there's a fight? They fly around and put up force fields, and often get knocked out with one punch. Oooh, big scare there. Actually, it's not just those two, it's virtually every person in Marvel with TK powers. Justice, Cable, Psylocke, Invisible Woman (yes, I know there's a difference, but really, is it even worth pointing out?)... I'm sure there are many others. So it's not so much the character as the misuse of the power (and the power level) that keeps me from caring.
  6. Magic 8 Ball

    Lame Powers

    Cipher. A shining example of an ability that could have been cool, but was badly handled. The intuitive ability to understand and manipulate any language- human, animal, alien, or even technological has fantastic applications. You can speak any language (often before you even hear/read it) break the most complicated codes, and, with just a little bit of training, cast written spells, cure genetic diseases (DNA is a kind of code), and reprogram just about any computer in seconds. However, Doug became the fifth wheel of the New Mutants because they had no use for him on that team. The creative teams that came and went on the book couldn't figure out what to do with him, since he didn't have a power that could really be used in the plots that were developed. Their solution was to kill him. If he were around today (Douglock, being effectively a different character, doesn't count), he'd be one of the most powerful mutants around- just with his understanding of computers alone, he could take total control of the internet from a common laptop. The Legacy Virus wouldn't have stood a chance against him. Cipher teamed up with Forge, Beast, or Sage would be unstoppable. But back then, his power was pretty nigh worthless to the team he was on, so they offed him. I, on the other hand, maintain that his power was awesome, but he was created at the wrong time.
  7. I know plenty about the Marvel U. I know only one person who likes her. His direct quote: "I don't even want to like her. She's lame... but her comic was so well done. Can I get away with liking the comic and not liking the subject of it?" It's very, very obvious that Marvel saw X-23 in the toon and went "hey, why didn't we think of this!" Then they started putting her EVERYWHERE, just like her predecessor, shoving her down our throats when they had to, and proclaimed her to be their "hot new hero." Well, of course the books with her in them sell- they put her in almost all of thier best-selling books, and half the time just so they could make that claim! And of course, they do all this before they even have the decency to give her a personality. By the way, I'm not sure why the fact that she was in the X-Men Evolution cartoon makes a difference. Toad was in it too. He still sucks.
  8. Keep your eye on Sci-Fi Channel. They tend to show it one or two times a year. Be warned, though, if you know anything about the comics, it's terrible, and if you know anything about spy movies, or even movies in general, it's horrible. One of the highlights is Gary Chalk (Optimus Primal from Beast Wars/Machines, Man-At-Arms from the latest He-Man series, and many, many other bit parts and voices) playing the part of Dum-Dum Dugan, and he's only in three scenes. It's great for a few laughs, but very heavy on tension that it never delivers on, and light on fight scenes it promises but never gives. Honestly, the only real reason I'd watch it again would be to write up a drinking game based on it... actually, being drunk while watching it would make it so much better...
  9. Good question. I'm not sure that anything above the 90's was ever clarified. Steven Grant, during his X-Men run, tried to change the "mainstream" Marvel Universe to 611, claiming that several Earths higher in the order had been destroyed, which "bumped up" the 616 Earth. Most fans believe that he wanted to eventually move 616 into the #1 spot, but he's never actually said that to my knowledge. However, other writers (I think this was in Exiles, but don't quote me) said that every time one reality is destroyed, something takes it's place- there are no holes or "bumping" in the multiverses. The 611 designation was not picked up by anyone else, and has largely been forgotten.
  10. No, that's a common misconception. RUMOR: Alan Moore designated the "normal" Marvel Universe as 616 because Fantastic Four #1 was either cover dated or shipped June, 1961. FACT: Fantastic Four #1 is cover dated November, 1961. Although comics are often dated in advance, it is very unlikely that it was a full five months. Even if it was, it's unlikely that Alan Moore, living in England, would have seen it until long after that. Further, Alan Moore has denied any reference; he just picked a number that sounded good. Once again, if you look at the recent "Alternate Universes" Handbook, you will see that 2099, MC2, and even Spider-Ham have numbered designations. Marvel UK, for the most part, is considered to be part of the 616 universe- after all, the designation came from the Marvel UK book Captain Britain. Age of Apocalypse is one of the few major timelines left that doesn't have a designation, but I may just not be aware of it.
  11. Magic 8 Ball

    Ml 13 Grunts

    Actually, Jesse said that the original idea was to make the grunts 6" with 11 POA, putting them perfectly in sclae with Marvel Legends, even if lacking a bit in articulation next to thier ML counterparts. Oil costs made them scale back to 5" with 3 POA, and even then they didn't cost out. Jesse fully admits that those looked like crap and that even he wouldn't have wanted them. The last we heard about them was Jesse pledging to the fans that the "grunts," at their original scale and POA count, would find their way to shelves, somehow, someday. He said he had many ideas on how to make this happen, and was running them past his superiors. The HC Bruce Banner, on the other hand, was based on the 5" scale Deacon Frost figure from the Blade movie line, which is way it looks so poor and out of scale with ML. It was never meant to go along with it. If the grunts were made at the 5" scale, I'd fully agree with you, but the way they were originally planned sounds like everything the fans would have wanted.
  12. Hey, if Rebecca Romijn and Ben Foster can do it... Of course, I realize that secondary characters in the Punisher is a lot different than playing two big names, but frankly, it's not like we're going to see a "Hulk Vs Hercules" movie come out of Marvel anytime soon. That said, I think it would be hilarious if Marvel got the rights to Lou Ferrigno's Hercules movies and packaged them up as if it were the Marvel Hercules... @loll@
  13. I'm not talking about what has actually happened. I'm stating my opinion on how I think it will be, in the future. All this PC crap is a bunch of bull. People shouldn't get so easily offended. Whatever happened to tolerance in this country (USA)? We have the freedom of speech, and what not, but we don't have the freedom to block and suppress other peoples freedom of speech just because we don't agree with them. Hey, I'm not being intolerant... or at least, I'm not trying to be. I'm just debating this with you. I do see what you're saying, and while I can't argue that things like this can and have happened, I don't really see where in a few decades we'll have a Captain America to support every racial demographic. Again, I know that the race card has been played, but I'm not seeing much influence when it comes to comic book movies. For example: I think Blade was intended to cash in on "supernatural action" movies, as well as broaden the appeal of comic movies to the adult crowd who think Spider-Man is a sissy movie because it isn't rated R (I know some of these people, sadly). I'm not seeing where race played a part- Blade is a black man. Always has been. If he'd been anything else on the screen, then we could claim bias. Now, with that said, I do think race played a part in casting Kerry Washington as Alicia Masters. However, I thought she was fantastic in the role, and race has never been a part of the character. Plain and simple, race proably played a part in the casting, but it made it better. In the case of Fury, Mark Millar probably didn't really care much what color Fury was. He wanted the reader to instantly identify that they were dealing with a badass, and so the character was drawn to look like Samuel L. Jackson, who is well known for playing those roles, and has a very identifiable look. If he had drawn him to look like Chou Yun-Fat, the instant recognition wouldn't have been as broad. Ultimate Fury also presents a nice clean slate to the screenwriters. Unlike the regular version, who is mired in history and continuity, Ultimate Fury is practically an unknown, able to be built up and taken in nearly any direction. Again, I don't think this has so much to do with race as with the fact that this version of the character is easier to handle. Again, I'm not even trying to prove you wrong here. You make very valid points. I just have a different opinion. Now, if Strucker shows up and is Latino...
  14. Like I said, even for a comic book. I don't care whether you love or hate Wolvie, he's supposed to be basically human. There is no way that any human, even in a comic book, should be able to survive that. To do so practically places him in the ranks of cosmic beings. Basically, it ignores all limits for the character, real or imagined, and tosses any and all common sense out the window. Even the "suspension of disbelief" doesn't cover something this ridiculous.
  15. Is there a reason his head doesn't move? Is it the action feature or the sculpt, or something else I'm not thinking of? Just curious if it's one of those things I can... fix, once I get my hands on him.
  16. Actually, I can't stand Wolverine being 6'2½" in the X-MEN movies. Sure, Hugh Jackman is a great actor, but I can think of another really good actor, from my home state, that would have made a more height appropriate version of Wolverine. Tom Cruise. Have you seen him in "The Last Samurai"? He's great. Wolverine is very Samurai-esque, since he studied the way of the Samurai. Tom is reported to be anywhere from 5'5" - 5'7". Wolverine is supposed to be 5'3" - 5'4". Hugh Jackman is 6'2½". Tom Cruise as Wolvie? I gotta be honest here, I like the guy, but I don't think he could pull it off. There's a big difference between what you suggest and what has actually happened. I mean, there actually IS a black Nick Fury in the comics, even if he isn't part of the "normal" Marvel Universe. The Ultimate books are very popular right now, and Ultimate Fury, whether the hardcore comic fans like it or not, is more interesting and popular in many people's minds. I'm not saying that the "race card" isn't being played here, just that it probably isn't being paid the attention you credit. As an aside, there is also a black Captain America, but that's something to address another time.
  17. it greatly disturbs me when we have members act like jerks towards others, for no reason whatsoever I was expressing a pet peeve of mine, which I see numerous places on the internet, and was demonstrated by more than one person in this very thread. Did I direct the comment at anyone? No. In fact, there wasn't any sort of quote or name that even hinted at a target for my frustration, but thanks for taking it upon yourselves to feel offended. I'll admit that I could have been nicer with what I said, but there was nothing, other than tone, that was wrong with it. It has nothing to do with being a jerk, or having no reason. If you like the character so much, you've no doubt seen their name enough to know how to spell it, especially when it's only five letters. I'm sure it would only be a matter of a few seconds before someone was annoyed enough to correct "Wolvirine." However, my ego is bruised enough right now, so I'm not going to try to argue this point further. Again, I apologize for my tone.
  18. @hmmm@ Right. Even for a comic book, this defies all logic.
  19. Comics have thrown out the associations between the printed books and TV shows for a while now. Smallville is a good example. Its supposed to be the formative years of Superman, but the "Clark Kent" in that show isn't the Clark Kent I know. Heck, it goes waaaaaaaaaay back to when superheroes first appeared in film or TV shows. Its always been the case. The Ulitmate Avengers CGI movie being done by Lions Gate also throws out the association of the mainstream Avengers in favour of the Ultimates version. IMO, I think the "regular" version of all these characters have a broader appeal and are more accessible despite being more cartoony. Marvel, having the final say , obviously disagrees. But if Smallville teaches us anything, it's that these re-interpretations of the characters can be just as popular and successful (sometimes moreso) than the comics they are based on. All I'm saying is give it a chance. I mean, if you can accept a 6' Wolverine, you can surely accept a black Nick Fury. He's relatively unknown to the general public anyway, so it's not like they are ruining any perception of him. I fully agree with those that say it could turn out as utter trash, but the keyword is "could." No need to have such a knee-jerk reaction about one actor who may, possibly, could be attached to a movie based on a Marvel character. People damn too many things these days before they even know what is going on.
  20. @hmmm@ Say it with me now... ROGUE is an X-Man. ROUGE is a kind of makeup, or French for "red." It greatly disturbs me when people claim to be huge fans of a character whose name they can't even spell. As far as the movie toys go, I'm really only interested in them if they can pass for comic versions (my fingers are crossed on Avalanche), or be customized into them, so I'll reserve any and all judgment until I get my paws on them.
  21. I don't get how if they use an Ultimate design for a "regular" Marvel character, that will ruin things... I mean, I didn't see many of you complaining when X-Men Legends 1 and 2 liberally borrowed from whatever it felt like. Movies, video games, comics... not only can these be drastically different from each other, most of the time they should be. Unfortunately, that said, I kinda like the idea of crusty WWII vet Nick Fury, not 30-something Will Smith. There is a lot of potential in making a Nick Fury movie (as long as it is done better than that horrid Hasselhoff garbage-fest), but I think they'll have a fine line to wak in making a spy movie palatable to the comic fans (who are used to seeing the fantastic) and the general viewer (who are used to seeing James Bond).
  22. Supposedly, all the What If? stories, alternate realities, and divergent timelines all have their own Earth numbers, with the "normal" Marvel Universe being designated #616. Interestingly enough, back when it used to be a fad at marvel to use the numbers, there was a formula to assigning each with a number. However, that broke down somewhere along the line, and now the writers just try not to use one that's already taken. If you look at the recent Official Handbook, there is an "Alternate Realities" issue that designates a ton of them with numbers, most of which have never had them before. The Exiles series has also designated a lot of Earths (and made a ton of new ones).
  23. Got mine yesterday. He's massive, but no more out of scale than the sort of thing we've seen with ML. In fact, his articulation is almost on par with Thing, so he could almost pass for one. The only thing I don't get are his eyes. I've always been under the impression that they are a glossy black, with any color actually being reflected light. The OHOTMU says they are red, and just for the record, I don't think I have a single comic where Thanos has red eyes- including his first appearance in Iron Man #55. The figure, however, has white eyes. @hmmm@ Anyway, that's a minor complaint on an otherwise spectacular addition to any Marvel collection. The Death figurine is a great bonus, and the Infinity Gauntlet just tops this figure completely. I can't wait for Watcher now! Should be out sometime in... (calculates in-store date factored by usual delays in MS figures) September 2007! @loll@
  24. No, it's not confirmed. It's about as close as it can get without actually being confirmed, but no word has been handed down from either company that officially confirms any assortment. There is confirmation that there is going to be a Wal-Mart exclusive wave. There is information on the general release date. There are peg UPCs in Wal-Mart's computer that don't match any known ML figures for the next year, so there is a list of what MIGHT be in the wave, but again, no actual confirmation from Wal-Mart or Toy Biz.
  25. Although I agree with you in wanting a Scott Lang Ant-Man, I think that second costume would be too tough to do as a simple repaint/headswap, as tends to be the case with variants. Sentry is likely to just be long-haired/short-haired versions, so why would they spend more time than that with an Ant-Man variant? What I'm thinking is that they might do a Hank Pym Ant-Man, and then, since he really only had the one costume, they might do Scott Lang in the modified version he wore after Heroes for Hire... http://members.fortunecity.com/dm_bishop2/...vel/antman.html Aside from color placement, the wrist bracers and closed mouth are the only real difference. Personally, I do like the second costume you put up best, but I think this one is the most likely. Of course, they could also cheat and just make both of them the same costume, with a removable helmet, then put a different "civilian" head under each one... While a horrible thought, that one is also likely.
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