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  1. http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Jackpot I meant to put a link in my original post. That's what I get for posting before I finish my coffee. @coffee@ Anyway, he's not much, but I've always been fond of Jackpot for some reason. I'm currently working on a custom of him.
  2. You know, I seriously thought this thread was about the Action Master Jackpot. I was all "cool, he was one of my favorites!" Ah well. Sounds like a good haul, WJ. Hope they were all as awesome as advertised!
  3. I would hope they do a better job than that. I mean, yeah, Ironhide is fine G1 update, but not up to the usual standards.
  4. Good observation. I wonder why. Maybe they're trying to stress the "robots in disguise" angle? Turn it from "here's a car that turns into a robot" into "here's a robot that turns into a car" sort of thinking... I can see the thinking behind it, as they probably expect more 'new blood' than ever to be hitting the aisles looking for the movie toys. Then again, all I've seen in the package are Legends, Scouts, and FABs. Legends and FABs are traditionally packaged in robot mode, and doing so with Scouts would be in keeping with the way Animated does it (with Activators). Hmm. Well, I'm not a MIB/MOC collector, so I guess it doesn't actually matter to me, outside of my interest in toyline marketing. I'm one of those weirdos who would be fascinated to listen to talks on how they decide to do the packaging.
  5. Joe, I'd love for you to point me to the neon in those pics. No, powder blue is not neon. Neon is not a buzzword to describe a color you don't approve of. Do not fall into the Transformers trap. (sorry if I'm being rude, but I'm REALLY touchy about that one) Honestly guys (general address here, I'm not targeting Joe), it's okay to not like it. You don't have to start re-hashing the same tired complaints about how this will lead to the death of the line, the brand, the company, and the planet as we know it in order to justify that dislike. Personally, I couldn't hate the Ferret more if I tried... and I might, because it really is that ugly. But it, like rectal blockage, will pass. Hasbro is a gun and a good paint job away from a 25th Ferret, and that makes me a little happy and a LOT hopeful that they'll see it too.
  6. Execpt that we didn't get this with a Baroness head in a DVD set. This guy is... well, a guy, a Torpedo repaint actually, and comes with one of the MASS elements. If you like 'new' characters and want a 'complete' MASS device, he has two good reasons to pick him up. Yeah, easy pass for me too. Not really a news flash; 90% of the figures in the last year are parts-swapped repaints, occasionally with new heads and/or accessories. This is, technically, a remake of a classic character. I want him because I like the Python Patrol sub-group, but even if I didn't, I'd at least give Hasbro a little credit on this one. Gotta agree with that one... although I like the single-card Torch. Not enough to buy him (yet), but he's growing on me. At least it's Storm Shadow repainted into someone who's NOT Storm Shadow, and it's an actual remake instead of random recolors, variants, or new MOS troops. Well... some of us skipped him when we heard he was getting a single release. Added bonus, he has that other MASS element. Although actually, now I want to go back and pick up that CC/Tripwire pack for some customs I feel the need to make. It figures, right? Anyway, some hits and misses here. Nothing stands out as great, but I'm not seeing this 'crappiest wave of the year' thing.
  7. A guy I chat with told me he heard we're getting the Flagg. I haven't had the heart to tell him just how unlikely it is that they mean THE Flagg. Chances are much better that we'll see a WHALE or SHARC 9000-type vehicle dubbed the Flagg, if in fact we see something called that at all.
  8. Well, he's one of the Scouts, which were all repaints last movie. For this movie, they're all-new molds. It's really hard to say right now, I think. I think if we see a Scout character show up again in a bigger class, then it's probably a given that they're in the movie. So far none of them have, but we've also barely seen any movie toys at all. I'm definitely gonna pick him up though. Basics/Scouts are often my favorite toys out of any TF line, so it's easy to sell me on them.
  9. You don't get much 'older bot' than Kup, either! @loll@
  10. What Hasbro-sanctioned product would that have been slipped out on? @hmmm@ It's not that I doubt you, but I'm wondering if we can get more details beyond 'one of the trading card sets', maybe a scan, etc? There's a serious undercurrent of PC running in GI Joe, and I'm just not seeing this as being something other than a lunchroom joke. It seems much too controversial for them to have ever, even for a moment, seriously considered it.
  11. Hmm. Counting on the movie to push a big-ticket item like a playset. That's actually very good idea. I know I'm up for it. My collection of pre-25th stuff is sparse, and the Joes don't have anywhere where to hang out.
  12. As far as Hasbro (and most fans) care, haven't some of those been done? Dusty and Gung-Ho, for example, would be the exact figures we already have (Dusty even came in a cartoon-themed set). And 'cartoon versions' aren't necessary for everyone. Cartoon figures of Airtight, Monkeywrench, Footloose, or Recondo would be almost (if not exactly) the same as a non-cartoon version. Not to blow your list completely out of the water, but aside from the mustache, what would you change on Bazooka? For the luvva Mike, just take a Sharpie to him already. I don't mean to jump all over you, so if you feel that I'm being rude, I apologize. Maybe it's just me, but when I hear the question of who should be made from the cartoon, I think of characters who had very different appearances in the cartoon (Flint, Lady Jaye), or wore specific outfits in an episode or two (Dusty in Cobra uniform from The Traitor, the Dreadnoks from Cold Slither), or who were only in the cartoon (Sparks, Gamesmaster). So my top three, in the order I want them... Flint in 'cartoon colors' Hector Ramirez (from Twenty Questions, Not a Ghost of a Chance, and several others) Fatal Fluffies (from The Pyramid of Darkness) Some others to add to the list. It should be noted that I'm leaning toward 'combatants' here, as most of the random one-episode civilians would make for really lame figures: Mara (from Memories of Mara) Dusty in Cobra uniform (from The Traitor Dreadnoks in "Cold Slither" disguises (from Cold Slither)... this one's a five-pack just WAITING to be made! Gamesmaster (from The Gamesmaster) Sparks (from Cobra Stops the World) Old Snake (from the Transformers episode Only Human) Dr. Lucifer (from Cobra's Creatures) Cobra Commander in parka (from GI Joe the Movie) Cobra Commander in his ridiculous cape and scepter (also from the movie) Cobra Animal Men (from Iceberg Goes South) The Phantom Brigade (from the episode of the same name) Airborne in "cartoon colors" Big Lob (from the movie, of course) Pythona (the movie again) Female Cobra and Joe troopers (from Spell of the Siren, among others) Jabal (from Hearts and Cannons) Lt. Claymore (Cobra Officer) (from The Traitor) -actually, this one's really just a simple head-swap custom... hmm. Mr. C (from The Wrong Stuff) Zartan in alien disguise (from The Invaders) Wong of the Oktober Guard (also from that ep) Baroness in Covert of the Town disguise (from Skeletons in the Closet) Destro in ceremonial garb (from the same ep) The monstrous first try at Serpentor (from Arise, Serpentor, Arise!) Admiral Latimer in Cobra uniform (from Sink the Montana) -and a possible repaint into Black Major? The Mini-Joes (from Once Upon a Joe) Matthew Burke (from The Spy Who Rooked Me) Raven the Strato-Viper (from In the Presence of Mine Enemies) And even though you didn't ask, but because I like some of the DiC stuff, a few from there for people to have fun with: "Snake-Man" Cobra Commander (from Operation Dragonfire) Serpent Man (from Injustice and the Cobra Way) Lady Jaye (DiC-style blue uniform) Mangler (from The Mind Mangler) Evy the Range Viper (from I Found You... Evy) Night Creeper Leader (DiC style; NC body with hooded head) Crimson Guardsman #1 (from The Greatest Evil)
  13. Wouldn't that be part of the "Baroness/Everyone" pack I mentioned above?
  14. That is HIGHLY dependent on who you talk to. Besides, Snapple is owned by Dr. Pepper, so the whole thing's moot.
  15. And my payday is tomorrow, too. Nice!
  16. Would it not be Junkyard, rather than Mutt? And did not the last version of Deep-Six not come with a porpoise ( or killer whale, depending on the version?) They were limiting it to the 80s, so the porpoise doesn't come into play. The Mutt/Junkyard thing is a good catch. Wrong answer my friend, try again. A. The first mail-away was Cobra Commander, followed by Major Bludd, then Duke. A. Superhero, of course! Q: Which Joe from the Original 13 had an out-dated MOS?
  17. So for the 25th anniversary, they decided to honor the man by giving him an upper lip. Big whoop. Seriously, you do realize there's such a thing as too much attention to 'vintage detail', right? Major Bludd, anyone? Most of the crazy facial hair on the classic Joes was a direct result of sculpting and manufacturing of the time not being able to capture the likenesses they wanted. Now that they can do it, you're being picky about not having a bunch of facial hair to cover it up.
  18. I woulda thought you'd be happy. NO ONE will be scalping those figures! @loll@
  19. I hoped feared you were gone for good. So glad to see you back. @grumpy@ What? That's my happy face. Come join the rest of us here in reality. The water's fine.
  20. If it's any consolation, I really enjoyed the Wolvy review, and probably would have missed it if you hadn't pointed it out. Thanks!
  21. Yes, most did not. And most people don't give two bits about them as a result. I'm not talking about the collectors and fans who might have read a fanfic or comic series in which that toy got a whole page of character development. I'm talking about the average kid. Consider how kids think for a moment. They didn't care if they had Buzzsaw- they cared if they did NOT have Waspinator. It doesn't even matter that it's the same mold in different colors; the card didn't say 'Waspinator', so it's not. The show exists because there is a toyline. The toyline continues and enjoys added sales because there is a show. The two are a symbiotic whole. The toys that are not in the show are traditionally less desirable, because the average customer (kids) has no idea who they are. They want characters they already know and like. If the bulk of the toys are based on the characters that star in the show, it then stands to reason that it makes the bulk of the toys desirable to the kids. The kids drag parents into the toy aisle going "Mommy, I want Bumblebee! I want Optimus!" They go to the store already WANTING them, and due to multiple versions, they are there. The kids do not know or care who Oil Slick is- he has to be able to sell himself to the kids in the aisle, when they already have their hearts set on something else. Of course this does happen, but not frequently, and the seventh version of Bumblebee will STILL outsell him by a mile- even kids who already have BB will tend to want the shiny new one! Actually, if you're "not really into 'show accuracy'"... wouldn't you be MORE likely to pick up an "off-version" of a toy that never shows up in the cartoon? This brings us back to the primary audience for the cartoon and the toys: kids. The kids aren't NEARLY as picky about show accuracy as most collectors, and will happily take an off-version BB over "Goldbug" who never appeared in the show- just because it IS Bumblebee, and says so right on the card. The name makes all the difference to the kids as well, but in the reverse of the way it does to you. A repaint of BB that doesn't appear in the show still targets all the kids and some of the collectors. A repaint of BB with a new name that isn't in the show targets impulse buyers and a vague percentage of collectors. If you want him to be Goldbug, then you need to buy him and call him that. Hasbro would (understandably) rather bet on a sure thing than play undefined odds.
  22. Hideous. I'm still hoping those are customs, or at least unfinished, incomplete protos.
  23. I've seen plenty of all of them, except the 'Best of' set. Never seen that one at all. Also, my local WM has them marked down to $15. If you CAN find them and you've been holding back, now might be a good time to go for it.
  24. Even with pictorial help, I'm just not seeing the problem. Is it thinner than the card art and original figure? Marginally, sure, but not enough to get upset about. There are lots of little tweaks, changes, and 'upgrades' being made throughout the line, and this one is really, really minor. It's hard to get upset when the original figure doesn't match the card art either! @loll@ If you're an opener, this is something that can be 'fixed' with a sharpie in less than a minute. If you're a MOC collector... again, there are much bigger things to worry about.
  25. But... the sidecar turned into armor on the show, not a sidekick. Most people want MORE show accuracy, not less. Animated has a more traditional, smaller cast, with 'star' and 'guest characters, rather than the massive army of G1 that often failed at characterization from episode to episode. It's just a given that this setup will get multiple toy versions of the 'star' characters. They can't all have the same name, as that gets WAY too confusing. In order for the company, the stores, and even the fans to keep track of these things, they use the 'adjective/name' combo. The Starscream clones got new names because they ARE new characters. Elite Guard Bumblebee, on the other hand, is a fantasy repaint (literally!) of BB. He ensures BB stays on the shelves after they 'phase out' the regular BB, both to sell him to people who don't have him yet, and to offer something (relatively) new to the people who already got him. Sure, they could call him 'Goldbug', but that doesn't do anything to help sell more Bumblebee. But if you don't like it, call them what you like in your own collection. Everyone has 'personal canon', and we can all use it to get what we want. Me, I have Goldbug, Mirage (Stealth Lockdown), and Evac (Rescue Ratchet). When I get Atomic Lugnut, he'll be Blight. Plenty of new characters in my collection! The safe money is on Buzzsaw, yeah. The runner-ups are Ravage (especially with him being in the movie), Rumble/Frenzy (Frenzy has previous movie exposure), and Ratbat (one of Derrick's faves). No love for Squawkbox or Slugfest/Overkill, I guess. Most people are figuring on an amp, speakers, or drum set that turns into one of them. I know at least two people who are holding out for a keytar.
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