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  1. Same here. Considering what came between, is that really giving Animated a lot of credit? @loll@
  2. Fer cryin' out loud man, did you expect them to let people get hurt? What kind of innocence-scarring insanity are you peddling?!
  3. Copied and pasted from poster Fort Max over at the AllSpark, because he says it much better than I: So it looks like nothing to get upset about.
  4. The reason they get the better gear is because they are the frontline!! Somewhere down the line Cobra has "realized" that they need to give the frontline some padding if they are to be any good to them!! Cobra Troops aren't given too much because they stay behind and guard the bases and HQ's around the world, and of course Cobra Island!!! While the Viper is sent out into the field, with the BATS right behind when the going gets rough!!! To me it makes sense, always has!!! That's more or less the way I've tended to see it. Cobra isn't just an army, they're an organization. They need a 'rank' for the guys who either don't want to see combat, or haven't proven they can handle it yet. This is why the Viper was created. With the development of the Viper and all it's specializations, Troopers went from being the 'jack of all trades' who do combat and everything else to the guys who sit in the clubhouse and take monitor duty, act as sentries, assist the Vipers, do the filing, etc. They don't have a lot of weapons and gear because if the base is under attack, they're pretty well boned regardless- the best they can hope for is to take a few of the enemy with them. Mind though, I don't think there's really any huge gap in 'rank' between the Trooper and the Viper. It's just the 'grunt' job that everyone puts in their time at when they join up, and some people stay in, as it's the closest thing they really have to a 'non-combat' position. Some guys may like the lessened responsibilities and want to be guards and paper-pushers. Others may want to play with the 'big toys', so they'll sign up for Viper training as the first step to a specialization. Officers are basically Troopers who are in charge of squads, departments, etc. They're the dreaded middle management. No one really likes them, but they keep things running smoothly.
  5. Actually, it's usually depicted as brown, but was blond in his younger days... and when colorists were feeling lazy. Here he is as a teen, alongside Daddy Destro: And here he is showing his mug to the Baroness: EDIT: Sorry for the big images, but I can't seem to make the attached images show up. Dunno if that's the board's fault or mine...
  6. The cape and hood are glued in place, but can be removed without breaking (by a good strong pull or a sharp knife, your call). The pegs that hold them to the figure will most likely break, but you can just glue them on to your figure of choice. I believe the popular combo is to put the helmet, chest armor, cape, and hood from the ASA set onto the single-carded figure, then put that figure on the Air Chariot. IMO, it does lead to the 'best' version, although it also leaves you with two extra Serpys... which would be the case anyway with most of us, so no big loss there. Here's more description and a pic of the end product, courtesy of David Willis. Yes, the Shortpacked! guy.
  7. Geez, I didn't realize I was putting up a stumper. The answer was (intended to be) Payload. Let me run down the chronology of his first few appearances for you guys... In issue 64 of the Marvel comic, he was quite clearly black. In the very next issue, the art indicates he was supposed to be black again (the hair, notably, is drawn and colored as a black man's, rather than the style and color of the figure), but he's colored to be white. In Special Missions #28, he's black again! When Payload next showed up in issue 109, not only is he white, but suddenly his hair is colored and styled (more or less) like the figure. His appearance was consistent with this through the rest of his appearances. Well, he lost his mustache, but that coincided with him being in his Star Brigade gear to promote that figure, so technically, that's accurate. To my knowledge, at no point during the development of the figure was he going to be black, so where this error comes from is a complete mystery.
  8. I think they CAN. But I don't think they WILL. Inhumanoids just doesn't have the same nostalgia and staying power. To a lot of former 80s kids, it was nothing more than 'that one show with the giant monsters'. I didn't really discover the show myself until Rhino put 2/3 of the series on DVD, and while I love it... it's melodramatic and ridiculous on every single level. If you find that entertaining like I do, it's a great little gem, but the majority of people would probably stop watching after the first 5-10 minutes. A 'classic' line, even at a 3 3/4" scale for the humans, would STILL require a trio of monsters over a foot tall for them to fight. Plain and simple, Hasbro's just not going to do that-- not when Matt Trakker can't even get one car! Since the monsters were the most popular part of the toyline, casual collectors won't care too much about these guys who they barely remember if the creatures aren't there too. Even most of the fans of the property aren't going to care much about new figures if they don't have the actual Inhumnoid monsters to go alongside them. The best bet for new Inhumanoids toys would be a relaunch of the brand, and even if that DID happen, most of the stuff would probably get redesigned.
  9. And have a Gen Hawk with a Viper head? It doesn't. But we've been getting nods like this all throughout the new line, especially in the exclusive sets. For example, there's a Crimson Guard Squad Leader with a silver chest and other details that are like the CG Immortal, and an Iron Grenadier with purple highlights who Hasbro even said was a nod to Voltar. It's also worth noting that Hasbro never made a 'Glenda' or a 'Fred' in the new line, only 'Pilot Scarlett' and 'Crimson Guardsman'... yet most of us err to referring to them by what they are intended to tribute, not the filecard. It's not stretching anything to posit that a Viper with removable helmet to reveal a brown-haired man could be a pre-GI Joe Mercer nod. It's either him or some random guy, so a lot of people are choosing to say it's him.
  10. It's not exactly a huge jump to make. The G1 'historical' footage in the very first ep shows the Guardian Robots, who were the color scheme inspiration for Omega Sentinel, and the same character model as (G1) Omega Supreme. This makes it canon that giant blue-and-white robots that looked a lot like the Omega Supreme of Animated were around at some point, so once you see Supreme, it's not tough to imagine that the blue-and-white ship that looks like him is also a giant robot. Maybe you did call it... but who was denying it?
  11. Personally, I've loved every DVD set so far. Then again, I like to customize, so anything I don't want for the collection ends up driving vehicles or becoming someone else (or both). Can't seem to find the Best Of set though. If anyone wants to lend me a hand there, fire me a PM. I have a ton of Marvel/DC figures that I'm willing to trade, and if nothing else, there's always money. There's like 5-6 times in the Sunbow series alone that Joe fights skeletons, ghosts, and the various undead. An articulated skeleton figure could have served as any of them in a person's collection. Even better, a slight remold/repaint could have gotten us a Skeletron from Action Force. They didn't need to be as articulated as a regular Joe figure to pull this off, just... something more than what we got. Perhaps they did intend to articulate it, and held back for some reason... after all, the blasted thing has foot-holes, even though it looks ridiculous standing and is obviously meant to lie down! I've seen more than one person complain about his ankles not being articulated. Honestly, I'm more concerned with the number of 'sloppy-eyed' QKs I had to wade through just to get one I'd merely call decent!
  12. Military info is fine and something I'm okay with him explaining. What bothers me is the random and senseless yammering about what kind of guns and ammo everyone's packing. There is no need to have Rock N' Roll tell you the caliber and cartridge of the ammo in his gun while he's shooting Cobras. No one needs to know that to figure out that the machine gunner is mowing down enemy troops! It's just not necessary, unrealistic, and frankly, completely moronic to be shouting the make, model, and caliber of your guns to your buddies and/or enemies while engaged in combat. There's not one instance of a character saying it because they're asking for ammo; they're just rattling off specs for no reason when trying to stay alive would be MUCH more important. Don't get me wrong, I love the comics. I've read every last one of them (thank you, internet, for the miracle of torrents!). But that happens at least once every other issue, often more, and it NEVER has any purpose or would actually explain anything to a layman, who would have no idea if Hama was making up all the gun types and caliber numbers anyway. It's just one of those 'Hama-isms' (yes, I just stole and adapted that from 'Furmanism'), one of those weird phrases and quirks in his writing style that he puts in all the time because he likes the way it sounds, even if no one else does. The threat to turn an enemy into 'a fine red mist' also pops up every ten issues or so, among several other notable and oft-repeated sayings.
  13. If you're like most of us, you already have half a dozen spare Cobra Commanders. It's actually not that difficult to find a cloth trenchoat in that scale. All that's left is the hat, and I'd be willing to bet Alyosha has something that would do the trick. So yeah, even if your collection WAS hurting, it's not like the hole couldn't be filled with minimum effort.
  14. I haven't bought any of the Resolute figures yet, and I wasn't really sold on them anyway in their regular forms. I know it puts me in the minority, but I'm gonna pick one of these up. I'm really liking the way the red Cobras will stand out on the shelf- much more appealing to me than what's effectively a 'normal' blue trooper in riot gear. The BAT is, I think, a neat minimalist/stealth look. Duke will make a nice sub for Barrel Roll in my collection. CC is the only 'iffy' one to me, and even that I can find a place for.
  15. I'm not going to get into the larger argument here, because I think everything has already been said and it's kinda going in circles. But there are a few non-movie comments I wanted to discuss. Just tossin' some opinions back and forth here. Did we watch the same cartoon? Most of Cobra's defeats can be DIRECTLY attributed to Cobra Commander doing something stupid and/or arrogant. The 'traitorous underlings' were often more successful than he was, in the brief moments that he allowed them to work individually and didn't try to steal their thunder. Not only that, but most of the Commander's plots were just patently absurd. Carving his face into the moon? Seriously?! Then there's season two, in which HE became the traitorous underling beneath Serpentor... I'll fully admit we can go back and forth on this one, but I think that the assertion that the Commander was inept would hold out for the cartoon if we made a count and went with the majority. I think he was FAR more threatening and successful in the comics. Eh... Not to discount what I just said above, but Hama was certainly not without fault. The comic did a lot of meandering, characters had the annoying habit of giving five-minute speeches about how they were pulling off two-second combat moves, everyone seemed to like to shout out the make, model, caliber, and ammo type of their weapon, and (as in the cartoon) the cast was just too huge for most of them to get any meaningful characterization. On top of that, pretty much everything after issue 100 is outright terrible, and the art throughout the entire series is mostly forgettable. And as for not degenerating to the level of leprechauns and Cobra-La... Sunbow never even bothered with the sub-teams (save the Renegades, which I believe were created FOR the movie), and with good reason. Most of the time there was just no reasoning, explanation, or use for them. Their use in the comic (and the DiC series) only highlighted that.
  16. Good eyes there. Thanks for answering that question. Satin I left off on purpose. Again, I just have no interest in 'civilian' figures. As for the rest... man, there was a lot of cartoon-only stuff, wasn't there? Good additions all around. I recall being highly disappointed as a kid that the figure looked like an astronaut. I've always liked the comic version more, to be honest. Of course, it wouldn't hurt to have both!
  17. There is debate to this day as to whether action features 'killed' GI Joe, or Kenner did. http://www.yojoe.com/faq/gifaq.shtml#b4 As for the Targets in your area... that's in your area. Kinda hard to say that's actually representative of anything. They're aware of us, yes. That isn't the same as making sure every last item appeals to us. Just because they have 'the ability' doesn't mean they will -or should- exercise it every time. It's been repeatedly said and proven that collectors are the proverbial drop in the sales bucket- a disproportionately loud drop, to be sure, but a drop regardless. At the end of the day, no matter how many memories we have and armies we build, we are adults buying kid's toys. We can want things to be pleasing to our aesthetics above and beyond what pleases children, but feeling that we are entitled to it is forgetting who comes first.
  18. Yup. I also think it explains why he's never had a mass-market action figure. It's one thing to have TFs that don't transform, but having them look like they never could in the first place, or having them be so ambiguous that it didn't matter, wasn't part of that concept.
  19. Eh... I still haven't seen anything Deluxe or Voyager in the package. Until then, it's just as likely that they're keeping to the same 'scheme' that they're using in for Legends and Scouts in the current line, and FABs in the previous line.
  20. Well darn it, there go my plans of coming over and playing ExoSquad with you! Indeed. There's all this complaining about sound effects and missile launchers and light-up stuff, and the "when I was a kid" comments... but you know what? Those people have forgotten that they aren't kids anymore. Like it or not, believe it or not, these are children's toys, and they are made for kids today, not kids 10 to 20 years ago. Kids today will love the stuff that makes noise, launches missiles, and lights up- if it does those things in some combination, even better! We don't have to like it, we don't have to buy it, we don't have to 'grow up' and stop collecting. We just have to accept that no matter how successful a line appears to be without them, action features like these are the sort of things that we will inevitably encounter at some point when we collect kid's toys.
  21. I'm underwhelmed by those versions of the characters, I have those movies, and they aren't even TRYING to entice me with some nifty new accessory or character. It's an easy pass for me. There just isn't anything in that box that I can justify spending the money on. Venomous Maximus from Serpentor or something similarly easy, yet different from what I have in my collection already would have had me ALL OVER it... but I'm just not seeing anything that's worth it.
  22. A: Dodger- and the reason WHY he survived was that he was getting a Sonic Fighters figure! Q: Which Joe was plagued with coloring mistakes in the comic book, effectively changing his race?
  23. Eh... I'd prefer to get more in the way of the soldiers and other 'combatants' than civilians and supporting characters. Being a one-shot character who got into a fight with a couple Cobras doesn't qualify her for a figure, IMO. If it does, then there's literally a thousand others who are similarly qualified, and I'd rather fill out my ranks of Joes and Cobras than get enough civilians to populate a small town. Um... do we really NEED Cobra Troopers in short shorts? Really? @loll@
  24. Additionally, Budo (1988) is listed as being from Sacremento, CA, yet when he was made part of the International Action Force (1993), it's quite clearly stated "Japan has sent BUDO, one of it's greatest samurai warriors...", which I think at least puts his citizenship up for debate. Storm Shadow's birthplace may also be Japan. It's not listed on his filecard until the Ninja Force version (1992), and it says it's St. Louis, MO. However, this would seem to contradict the Marvel comics, which do all but state that he was born and raised in Japan, with some strong hints that his US citizenship papers were forgeries. The Tommy Arashikage filecard (2005) places his birthplace as Fresno, CA, which probably came from the comics (Marvel #26), where Stalker calls him a "Japanese-American kid out of Fresno", although that line doesn't necessarily indicate his place of birth, only the place he enlisted from. The mail-away (2005) says it's San Fransisco, CA- a bit easier to reconcile with his comics history, but still not really jibing with it all that well. The mail-away filecard notably says that Hard Master is Storm Shadow's father, when in fact HM is his uncle, throwing the entire thing into question.
  25. All of the AM figures, regardless of 'new' or 'old' status, were supposed to be previously-existing Transformers who had lost the ability to transform. As a result, most of them carry 'vestigial' parts of their defunct alt modes. After all, how can you believe that the character is a Transformer who can't transform if they look purely robotic?
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