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  1. Well, if he's awesome aside from those things, then I'm taking it as a good thing. I'd much rather Hasbro cut corners on accessories, which I have/can get tons of, then have them skimp on the figure itself and leave me wondering why they bothered. Finding a gun that works is a lot easier than trying to correct or customize a figure that Hasbro dropped the ball on. As a side note, Shock's a SWAT guy dressed in urban camo. What the heck's he need a backpack for in the first place?
  2. Wow. Some sharp paints there. The semi-gloss on Kamakura and Leatherneck almost has me convinced they're from Hasbro!
  3. Wow... What are the recipes here? Some of them are obvious, but others I'm completely stumped. I'm thinking maybe there's some Star Wars things in the mix?
  4. My advice would be to buy the lot. Then tell me how complete Shockwave, Soundwave, and Blaster are, and what you want for them. Yes, this makes me a little biased in telling you to buy them.
  5. Actually......at the time of his debut, Flash wasn't all that futuristic. LASERS were in use on the battlefield, in several capacities, from targeting spotting to offensive use. Yea, that's right........used as weapons! There's evidence from the Iran/Iraq war of the 80's that LASERS were used by Iraq to blind Iranian troops. LASERS were used as a counter to human wave assaults which the Iranians employed, and used to zap the retinas of anyone that popped their head up over the lip of the trenches they were fighting from. So Flash could be seen as a very topical character, if used as a spotter--something that fits his filecard info, IIRC. There's other characters that fit the futuristic and fantasy themes a lot better. Except that your 'offensive use' options don't include things like burning through armored doors (issue 2) and frying snakes (issue 7), which is most notably the sort of stuff Flash did in the comics. Flash's MOS is 'Laser Rifle Trooper', which can be taken either way, but to me suggests a more active frontline battlefield role than 'spotter'. As with most fictional portrayals, in GI Joe a laser is weapon that is destructive in and of itself, not a spotting device or blinding deterrent. The idea that lasers were destructive weapons in the Joeverse from day one is further backed by the HAL (Heavy Artillery Laser) which came out at the same time.
  6. It's neat in design... but the tank mode obviously doesn't align and exposes some off-color robot bits. Of course, said robot bits appear to be off-color to begin with. The chest also needs some work. A bit of a 'shellformer', but I kinda like that about this custom. I think/hope this is a WIP, though. It just feels unfinished.
  7. Agreed!!! If a seperate line is needed, fine! But don't soil GI JOE with this futuristic fodder!! I mean aren't we all the same guys and gals that hated the neon Ninja Force and Futuristic Star Brigade??? Actually... no. When I was a kid, I thought Ninja Force was awesome. Never got into Star Brigade, which is funny because it's MUCH closer to my interests... Anyway, trying to keep Joe 'pure' has always been a lost cause. As more and more adults come back to the property who grew up with Ninja Force, Star Brigade, and so on, the more you're going to find people who don't mind it at all. They never knew GI Joe as the straight realistic military concept that the purists claim it was founded on. GI Joe was 'futuristic' from the first wave. Flash the Laser Trooper can tell you all about it.
  8. I love those! Please tell me that Shockwave would have been a Tucker The 'Cyclops Eye' headlight would just be too awesome!
  9. The problem I have with the idea of all-military TFs is the unity of military design. You think there's a lot of tanks in Universe now? Fully half the characters would likely be tanks, with another massive portion being jets... the same exact tanks and jets. Then you start dealing with the fact that there's only 3-4 colors that most of these vehicles could realistically be... by the time you get through the 'original' six Seekers and half the Autobot cars, you're looking at a staggering amount of repetition. This is the same problem that I have with the idea of a TF/GI Joe Crossovers line. I want it to happen, but I don't want Joe vehicles that turn into TF characters. I don't want Hasbro trying to sell me the Rattler 8-9 times, with just a new shade of color on the robot parts to let me know it's a different Seeker. I don't want 8-9 Rattlers in different colors of the rainbow either; I only have to look at the Star Wars line and all those Jedi Starfighters to see how ugly that looks. On top of that, the Joe vehicles with their copyrighted names are practically characters in themselves- Just call the Rattler a new character named 'Rattler', or the Skystriker a new character named 'Skystriker', and so on... that works for a good majority of the vehicles, and Hasbro has tons of little-used names they could apply to those that don't have vehicle names that work (or repaints of the ones that do) with no problem. At it's core, I think there's a uniqueness to TF designs, which I think clashes with the uniform nature of the military. As a story in a comic book or something similar, I think it works, but put into practice as a toyline of any real length... not so much. I'm sure Hasbro would love being able to sell every mold multiple times with minimal alterations, but that's not the line I want to collect. I'm not trying to knock the idea, because to a degree I do like it. It's just that when I start thinking about the inevitable monotony of the toyline, it kinda breaks down for me. That's just my opinion though.
  10. Yup... this is the sort of thing that I try to impress on people who want more pegs devoted to Joe at the local Wal-Mart. The current Joe line is not kid-friendly enough for that, and like it or not, kids determine what gets shelf space. The current line is more analogous to McFarlane; his lines are targeted at collectors so completely that he's lucky if he even gets three pegs at Wal-Mart. The Joe line isn't quite at that level, of course, but my point is that it's closer. In order to get the big-ticket items and lots of shelf space, the line either needs to move in the direction of Transformers, Power Rangers, and Star Wars (all three, I will point out, are FILLED with the sound effect, light-up, missile launching features that some people here claim kids don't like), or go completely to the collector route, which would entail even less shelf space then it gets now, lots of stuff only being available through specialty retailers (often at huge markups), and pretty much guarantee never seeing big-ticket items again. Experience says that Hasbro isn't very good at the latter. The movie line is more kid-friendly, which almost instantly promises more shelf space, and more product to fill it. As I said before, we don't have to like the kid-oriented stuff that comes out- but we do need to recognize that catering to the kids is likely to get us, the adult collectors, more of what we want.
  11. True... of course, in the Sunbow cartoon, the "Elite Special Missions Force" consisted of guys like a sailor who was picked up in a bar full of the enemy, a shirtless/barefoot stuntman who was wandering around a warzone in the arctic, and a Green Beret who apparently got his rank out of a Cracker Jack box. Maybe they DO need a drill instructor after all... @hmmm@ We've been talking about that since page 2 of this thread. http://forums.toynewsi.com/index.php?s=&am...&p=16524867
  12. I've gotta ask... the people who put the 'civilian' characters on the table... Would you REALLY buy them? If you're walking down the aisle at Wal-Mart and you see a DVD set that's Duke, Cobra Commander, Roadblock, and Honda Lou West, are you honestly going to snap it up and fork over $20? Are you really going to take it home, put it up in your collection, and gush about how we should get more characters in a military-themed toyline who have no combat abilities whatsoever, and were largely forgettable background characters in a single episode, and most often only there to provide a 'face' to the people that GI Joe protects? And when we received the inevitable three repaints of that civilian character and their component parts were scattered throughout the line wherever Hasbro thought they might fit, would you still be excited? When a civilian character or two were the only new things in an upcoming wave that was otherwise repaints, would you even care anymore? More importantly, would everyone else? I'm not trying to knock anyone's wants here, simply ask the hypothetical. For a lot of fans, 1982-86 (sometimes 87, depending on their thoughts on the movie) are the only years that really 'count', which can be directly attributed to the Sunbow cartoon. But even with that in mind, civilian characters would carry such limited appeal (even if a DVD of the episode they were in was included with each one to let the buyer know who they are) that I really think only the most hardcore Sunbow fans would even want most of them, let alone actually buy them. Right now, it appears that Hasbro has trouble justifying 'staple' characters that we know and like (where oh where is Dr. Mindbender?), let alone random civilian guests. I feel that the average consumer (and even the average Joe fan) are going to raise an eyebrow at a random non-soldier figure in a war toyline, and walk away. There's really no doubt in my mind that the most unknown Joe, even one made up for the cartoon like Sparks, would sell MUCH better than George Landisberg, even with both characters having an equal number of episodes to their credit and neither actually engaging in combat. I realize the question is 'what would you like to see' as it's own hypothetical, not 'what do you think Hasbro would actually make', so again, I'm not challenging the validity of the wants. Please don't take these comments as insults, but as a a bit of realistic follow-up. I'm asking the questions of: Do you think we'd really get them? and Do you think they'd sell, not just to you, but in general?
  13. The Fridge - Physical Training Instructor - William "Refridgerator" Perry Available via mail order in 86 - 89 By the way I got mine in 2006... #US1# The question specifies an '82 Joe. As you note, he was not an '82 Joe. Sorry, but that one's obviously incorrect.
  14. Well, I googled "GI Joe Extreme" and the second link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_G.I._...reme_characters Had this to say about Ballistic (the second character on the list): Seemed pretty simple to me. But I'm not trying to start a fight about it or anything. There's no point and nothing to be gained by that. The topic is '80s Joe toys', so let's go with it. The question on the table (copied and pasted from above) is: "Q: Aside from Grand Slam, which '82 GI Joe bears a sports reference?"
  15. With the 25th line going on hold for the movie, I didn't really expect them to keep making ARAH-style figures in this line. Never had any interest in them myself, but I hope they come back later for the people who were liking and collecting them.
  16. They are both bought. They also have solid repaint potential. I'd LOVE to see Ransack done up in Insecticon colors.
  17. A: Sarah and Caleb Bronson. The restaurant chain was Red Rocket- their particular restaurant was later renamed "Joe's Place". Ya gotta answer a question before you can post one. In the interests of not leaving a challenge undone though... A: Heavy Metal in "The Pit of Vipers". Q: Aside from Grand Slam, which '82 GI Joe bears a sports reference?
  18. Actually, your right, Extreme SHOULDN'T be included, because it WASN'T 80s Joe. It came out in 95. If you wanna get picky, the thread title also says the Q&As should be about 'toys', yet no one has raised any fuss over questions about the cartoon and comics... including the one my question was thrown out in favor of. And okay, I can accept that the game doesn't cover 'peripheral' stuff, like the Devil's Due comics, or things that are speciously related like Sgt Savage and Extreme, but limiting it to the 80s seems rather arbitrary in the first place, as that doesn't even cover the whole of ARAH. So are there consistent and reasoned 'rules' to this, or not? I don't want to sound like sour grapes here, but crying foul and bringing in the rules when someone doesn't like the question is a lot different than establishing and following the rules.
  19. Fantastic work, Tom. An interesting balance between the 'biker punk' and 'espionage agent' elements of the character. Kinda reminds me of the first 25th Zartan, which despite the complaints others lodged against him, I liked for exactly that balance.
  20. Totally, I wouldn't be surprised if that artist used a picture of Connery from his Bond days as the model. Makes sense. Destro is Scottish, too. It seems rather fitting. Right. In later issues of the comic, it was shown to have infrared and nightvision, voice modulation, and even a HUD (heads-up display) readout with time, navigation (specifically, maps of his castle, complete with booby traps), and a battle computer that fed him info on his enemy's fighting styles and combat maneuvers so that he could adjust and enhance his own battle prowess. ...then you take the facial expressions and the (lack of) size for all this into account, and the idea that it's this genius piece of work, and that he saves the best thigns for himself, becomes rather apparent.
  21. A: I believe it was the first comic book to be promoted using television commercials (which were REALLY intended to sell the toys, just like the comic itself, but that might be splitting hairs...). I'll throw out a softball this time to make up for my earlier toughie: Q: Which GI Joe Extreme character had to requisition for a name change, and why?
  22. But isn't that... pretty much everything after his first few appearances? The mask has inexplicably followed his facial features for almost all of the comics he's been in, and in every appearance in the cartoon. Heck, even some of his figures showed expression.
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