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  1. IIRC, the eye-changing gimmick has to do with a tribute to all the eye color variations they gave him when he first came out. Doesn't really excuse it being pointless and taking up space though. I'm not really seeing the complaint of 'too many robot parts' showing in beast mode. He looks to have just as much, possibly less, showing than the original. Is it just me, or does he have two different-sized eyes on his robot face? He has a relatively placid expression, so it doesn't appear that he's trying to wink or something... just that he has a droopy eye.
  2. From what I gather, most collectors aren't that crazy about it either. Makes you wonder who exactly it's getting put on for. Then again, maybe it's just the American collectors, while the Japanese collectors go nuts for chrome. Entirely possible. Oh, how I WISH that Hasbro would just break down and start a Go-Bots subline. I honestly don't care if it's all just repaints of old TFs with Go-Bot colors and names... in fact, I'd prefer if they kept it easy on my wallet and made it Minicons, Legends, or Scout/Basic class!
  3. As for as Beast Wars are concern, all the toys, whether they are made by Hasbro's inhouse or not do have the copyright with something like "license under Takara." I know that Hasbro licensed the diaclone and microman figures to repackage them as Transformers and that many of the names were of Hasbros. You're missing the point that Hasbro has the names, and therefore the brand. Takara does not 'own Transformers'. The 'licensed by' stamp is a vestigial part of a legal agreement that goes back twenty-five years to G1. And in relying on Wikipedia for your information, you open yourself up to finding contradictions. Here's a snippet from the Transformers article: Note specifically the phrase 'developed by Hasbro' in the first sentence. Note also that if Hasbro is doing 'the vast majority of the concept work and character creation', then they would actually own the bulk of the brand. Takara makes the toys (and in many cases, makes them WORK, figuring out the transformations and such), but that does not make them 'own' everything. See also this article at TF Wiki. This part on design also refutes the idea that Takara somehow is the sole owner of the toys while Hasbro just has a bunch of names.
  4. Yup. I just checked the bottle in my bathroom. It's only 3%.
  5. Y'know, something just occurred to me. Geoff claims that Toy Biz/Marvel Toys 'stole' the idea of Indie Spotlight, which then became LCBH. Now, I could be remembering incorrectly, but I'm recalling that the first protos of IS were not that articulated. They went back to do new protos to get them up to the level of articulation commonly attributed to Marvel Legends. Further, the 'build a figure' idea was most definitely put onto the line later. And where, exactly, does the phrase come from? While it's commonly bandied about by toy collectors to refer to the concept in any form, the actual phrase was in fact coined by TB/MT. He says the idea all along was to make IS as a clone to ML (what ICBH turned out to be). Of course, it's a completely original idea, even though it follows every single convention of the form established by TB/MT. Whatever. The point is that what I seem to recall is a toyline that started more akin to Spawn or DC Direct and turned, over the course of several years and many prototypes, into what he says it always was. I'll again admit my memory may be faulty. Does anyone else recall it like this? Is there proof (perhaps some original proto pics and press releases from 2006)?
  6. The latest on this apparently has some random low-count poster on the ST boards claiming HE sent the emails because he is "checking to see if Indie Spotlight is in your area". Presumably, he means "if it will be", since it's well-established that no IS product currently exists in anyone's area... Kabuki's area being the only possible exception. The guy claims to be doing this to help out Shocker. Thing is that this guy is supposedly an intern that was let go. Doesn't add up. Also, the claims that he is simply checking to see if they'll carry the product conflict with the actual email which suggests he will buy the product from said retailer. Conceivably, Shocker could claim that the guy is out for revenge or something, but the thing is, if he was an intern, Shocker should have all his info, and there's a questionable legality involved here. Being smart enough to pull the 'revenge', then talking about it (even in CYA fashion) on Shocker's own board is the height of stupidity. Further, Shocker is somehow trying to claim it's okay because AFTimes has a vendetta/campaign against them. LIKE IT MATTERS. Understandably, AFT finds that claim laughable. Read it here. The whole page pretty much covers it. This post contains a response relayed from AFT. "Less talk, more toys." I like the way they think! EDIT: This is just too rich! Apparently, many of the comic shop owners solicited by the email, realizing it was a mass email by someone who never intended to shop in their store, asked for the money upfront to preorder. That led to This response followed quickly by this response. The highlight is the COMPLETE CONTRADICTION. Then Remember that 'the guy' has taken full credit for sending the email. They are then well aware that he is not actually, physically looking for the product with intent to buy from all those retailers. By crediting with performing this act, they are at least endorsing and employing his results, if not the person. This one is destined to become a classic. Others have taken issue with ST taking money for pre-orders, so it's possible this is a sarcastic joke. However, since it clearly notes that these are stores, and ST is the company (supposedly) making the product that the stores are supposed to sell... one can see the difference here, right? Companies do not take money upfront for product that is not yet deliverable. That is shady of the company. Stores can and do take money if the product is not in hand if the 'customer' seems shady. What exactly is NOT shady about stores getting a mass email that offers to physically buy the product, which the company endorses on their own boards and claims is only meant to gauge interest? A later post (next page) says which again contradicts both the first statement AND the email in question, which both make it pretty clear the intent is to find/buy the product personally. It starts with "I am in the area...", for the luvva Mike! I haven't even bothered with the 'this is not Geoff' nonsense! @loll@
  7. I'm very interested in hearing his answers, as it sounds likes he's pretty much the perfect person to pitch this idea at. Please let us know what he has to say.
  8. Yeah, the Starscream re-do is a great idea for those of us who didn't get him the first time around. The other Seekers seem like easy repaints (yes, Thrust/Dirge do require new wings), but Hasbro has been all weird about whether or not we'll see them. Even the Japanese versions aren't cheap, for whatever reason. Personally, I think we're likely to see the rest as store exclusives if nothing else. Hasbro knows we want 'em, and they don't require much (any?) extra work. I want all of them too, but I can see them not wanting to put (effectively) the same figure out 8 times on a single card though! And a Cyclous spotting! Woo! Maybe I'll see him in time for Xmas! It'll be like 1986 again with him under the tree!
  9. Not really... at all. Hasbro licensed the Diaclone and Microman figures that became Transformers. Hasbro then came up with the Transformers brand and all the (US) names. In fact, the names were decided on by Marvel Comics: Denny O'Neil christened Optimus Prime, and Bob Budiansky is given credit for the bulk of the others over the years; Jim Shooter is often given credit somewhere in there, but I've never heard anyone attribute any specific name to him. When it proved successful, Hasbro then licensed Transformers (the brand) back to Takara, where it also became a success, and Takara began to make toys specifically with Transformers in mind (which Hasbro of course licensed). Takara had the toys, and Hasbro had the story. That began a partnership we all know and love. In current years (since Beast Wars, roughly), the two companies usually produce the toys in cooperation. I'm not sure if division could ever possibly be drawn in terms of who owns what in designs anymore, but Transformers and all the character names used in the US do indeed belong to Hasbro.
  10. Only thing still warming pegs around here is the Cobra Trooper from all the way back in wave 2. About five of them. Thankfully, the idea of stocking for Xmas has prevented any of that 'we have to sell everything before we restock' nonsense, or I might have been forced into becoming an army builder just to see new stuff.
  11. Does being the first to have a new toy by a month and a half really justify paying TWENTY-FIVE TIMES the retail price?! In a year and a half's time, won't that person just be out almost $200 dollars for the SAME TOY that everyone else has for a tiny fraction of that cost? Honestly now. This is not a rare variant or exclusive or something else that could justify it for a hardcore fan with lots of money- this is a normal mass-market figure soon to be found in a Wal-Mart near you. There's "disposable income", and then there's "stupid ways to waste money". How does someone even BEGIN to justify that?
  12. Oh... WOW. I'm gonna have to try this out. Wish I'd known about it a few years back when I got Jetfire and Fort Max dirt-cheap due to discoloration, then actually had trouble selling them when I got rid of my collection. I know that the general consensus is that yellowing due to UV damage is irreversible, it seems unlikely that ALL the things this guy is managing to 'whiten' are plagued by cigarette smoke and everyday dirt.
  13. I've found that even openers that like to display can find it useful. Once you pull out all the inserts, you've got this neat little 'twelve-car garage' to display Minicons in. It's a neat box design, and a shame we don't get ones like this more often. Perhaps that's what made it so expensive!
  14. Probably. To me it was all new and different, but I can see how long-time collectors already have several different versions of these particular ones. Even though the 'partner' Minicons have several repaints each as well, it would be a nice change to see them off on their own.
  15. I wonder if Perceptor will still turn into a microscope. That would make him the first mass-shifter in Animated so far, wouldn't it? Then again, as Soundwave was a car, I can see them doing similar to Perceptor. I mean, it would be pretty simple to have his focus knobs turn into wheels... and there are four of them... Wheeljack, somewhat ironically, has no visible wheels at all, although he does have wings. Then again, Bulkhead has no visible wheels in robot mode... and has treads for feet. Remember when you could just look at a robot and know exactly what they turned into? Little did we know that we had it easy back in the 80s! @loll@
  16. Punycron is such a kewt widdle god of destwuc-shun, yes he is, yes he isums! *ahem* I speak only for myself here, as I'm not really a fan of RH, just thinking of them as a novelty, but the only reason I bought ANY Robot Heroes at all was to get a tiny Unicron to look adorably menacing on my shelf. Can't say I'd go for it, but I can see how the RH collectors would love it. "Pwo-ceed on yo way to obwiveeon!" just isn't the same...
  17. ... dude. I think I found a new custom project.
  18. This s one of those moments that REALLY makes me wish I had a lot of disposable income so I could hook up the intl fellas at cost. Even I've seen them, and there's only 2 Targets within 100 miles of me. Sadly, I can't even afford one for MYSELF right now. Looks... so... pretty... I keep having to remind myself that my extra money this month is for gifts. Gifts which aren't for me. Humbug. @grumpy@
  19. I like how this thread has people posting "stoopid crap" right next to people posting "MUST GET ALL", and not even noticing that there ARE people who DO want it. Seriously, if it's not for you, then it's not for you. Just say so and let it go. There's no need for anyone to knock figures they're not buying as the 'worst thing ever'. @soap@ Sorry about that. Yeah, they aren't for me. I picked up the classic Iron Man one because I'm a sucker for classic IM. But there's still actual Joe figures out that I want, and want a lot more, than any of these.
  20. Way to miss the point Hasbro! We didn't hate the "duke arms" because of the "break in the flesh" we hated them because of the LACK OF ARTICULATION. I've heard both, honestly. There were several reasons to hate those things. Honestly, I feel kinda bad for Hasbro. The designers are often accused of not caring enough about the complaints of the fans, but when they try to anticipate the complaints of the fans, they still end up getting complained at. I mean, how do you win? I must have missed that. What was the 'argument against his name'?
  21. It probably surprises no one, but it looks like K-Mart is having trouble moving the Minicon sets. I found that not a single one of them sold during the weekend at my local store. I went in yesterday and found them on sale for $18. For K-Mart, that's quite a drop. I paired that up with a gift card from a previous return. At the $10 I paid, they were pretty neat. Dunno if I would still say that at $18, honestly. I got out of TFs right around the time all of these came out, so they were all new to me. Anyway, I didn't see this and thought I'd post the heads-up in case someone was holding out for a better price than the usual $25.
  22. That Cobra Commander looks AMAZING. So much so that it doesn't even bother me that half his articulation is essentially useless. Seriously, when a figure looks that good, 'form' goes over 'function'.
  23. Dude, seriously? That bugs you? You have several posts in nearly every thread. That's completely understandable and good practice for a moderator (please take it as an observation, and even praise for you doing your job well, not an insult). I usually make at least a dozen posts a day between the TF, GI Joe, and DC boards, which many days makes me one of the more prolific posters on those boards. I think it's inevitable that yes, we will find ourselves in the same threads, quite possibly posting close together, and responding to each other with a high amount of frequency. There are thousands of members, but only a few dozen that post as often as either of us (at least, in those particular forums). I kinda see what you're getting at, but I also see where it's just gonna happen. I promise I'm not stalking you... intentionally, at least... that you know of... crud, he's gonna catch on, play it cool... Look at the times here. My response to your question was made nearly a full ten hours after yours, with two other posters commenting in between. You responded to me FOUR MINUTES after my post. Who's following whom? @loll@
  24. Your numbers add up to $82. Personally I think calling the MOBAT a $30 toy is pushing it. But I still agree with you. Even WITHOUT the tank, you're looking at a roughly estimated $52 price tag, making the MOBAT run about $10! Even bumping it up to the $70 reported at some stores, it's still reasonable (given that it's larger than the HISS and has electronics, I doubt Hasbro would box the MOBAT for less than $20). Assuming you want everything in it, it's a steal. If you further assume you can sell the rest of it at or near cost, you're still looking darn good.
  25. Nope, that doesn't sound at all like you're trying to start something because someone disagrees with you. @hmmm@ It's not like I'm alone. Note especially the second paragraph, which pretty much says everything that I said about the show. And I'm not alone about the toys either. I point you to pretty much everything in the fourth paragraph and below it. So I think you can cut me some slack here. I'm giving an honest, complete, and informative answer to a question that YOU asked. I'm not coming down on you for liking the show. Even if I liked BM, the answers I gave would be pretty much the same. Heck, most of the complaints about BM can be applied to G1 if you really wanted to do so.
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