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  1. It looks like HASBRO has finally FLIPPED... not only in increasing their action figures prices but doing the same CRAP they did 2 years ago with the CLONE WARS cartoon, now they're doing it to G.I.JOE... it's already BAD ENOUGH they use the same parts and keep remaking the same FIGURES and NOW doing all this CRAP, HASBRO wants you to LEAP through their FIRING HOOPS!!!

    This has pretty much been the plan for Resolute since it was announced. And how, exactly, does "we're going to show it in parts online, then the whole thing at once on television" equate to "LEAP through their FIRING [sic] HOOPS!!!"?


    How much extra effort and exertion are they actually asking of you? Oh noes, you might spend a few more minutes each day on the internet, and *gasp* maybe a full hour in front of the TV... or you can just watch the whole thing online any time you want afterward.


    My god, Hasbro must be monsters!


    I stop collecting their STAR WARS figures a year ago and their MARVEL UNIVERSE figures are insanely high Priced at $9.00 and now to hit it where it really HURTS Hasbro wants to screw up with the RESOLUTE G.I.JOE series...

    How does doing exactly what they always intended to do with it = screwing it up?


    I do agree with you on the Marvel figures though.


    I'm done... I mean I'm so DONE with Hasbro and their CRAPPY toys... even at the COMIC CON here in San Diego it was stupid of what they did to get a COBRA COMMANDER... the limited of being in line, the upstairs coupon, the sales to EBAY HORDERS.


    Sorry Hasbro.... you were cool 10 years ago but now you don't exist anymore in my book

    Yeah, you've got about six things here you're going off about at the same time. A couple of them just outright don't make sense, and the rest aren't even developed complaints, just "Rargh HASBRO bad you SUCK" sort of rants. At the risk of sounding like a total jerk, it might be a good idea to lay off the Joes for a while. It sounds like you're about to pop a vein, and you don't even seem to have a handle on why.

  2. Hi. George Lucas AND his family have been immortalized in plastic as part of the Star Wars line. A while ago, Hasbro gave us an ad that featured a Larry Hama file card. We should have a Larry Hama G.I.Joe figure! I know Tunnel Rat is sculpted to resemble him, but let's get on Hasbro to give us an actual Larry figure. Giving this idea extra merit is the fact that Larry was in the Army at one time. I don't think G[eorge Lucas ever flew an X-Wing!

    Wasn't George's figure, technically speaking, a character based on him? Isn't that what Tunnel Rat already is for Hama? So doesn't that make an actual Larry Hama figure kind of redundant?


    I have nothing against Hama, but neither do I want a figure of him. As you said, Tunnel Rat was made to fill that role anyway.


    The other figure I'd like to see (and there's GOTTA be fans of the old comic OR the new Origins comic who'd like to see this), is Snake-Eyes with the bandaged or gauze-wrapped head and sunglasses, OR without the mask showing his scars!

    On one hand, the "invisible man" Snake Eyes is pretty much the only version of him we've never seen. On the other hand... why? That's his "off-duty" look. Save for one poorly-written issue, he didn't go into battle like that (I'm referring to Marvel here; maybe he does in the IDW stuff). I'm not really keen on "stand around looking glum" Snakes.


    There's lots of never-before-seen looks and characters I want brought from the comics into the toys... but these just aren't two of them, sorry.

  3. Aren't there any rules for overcharging on shipping? Is there no recourse for paying $30 specifically for shipping, then getting a box that says the sender paid USPS five bucks?


    I mean, I could understand a few cents, maybe even a dollar... we're talking estimates here. But come on here; this is the sort of scam that you can halt by taking five minutes to write out one new policy.

  4. I'll probably still buy this figure when I see him just to complete my CC collection. @loll@



    I'll definitely buy the action figure here, but I don't think I'll consider it another version of CC. It's a nice addition to the Cobra ranks though, but just isn't what I'd like to see as another CC outfit/disguise/getup!


    We've seen so many types of Vipers, Cobra's, baddies that have the masks and tubes and weird contraptions strapped to their bodies for life support or super strength, that THIS just looks like any one of THOSE, instead of having any of the more DISTINCT CC appearances.


    Cool toy, cool NEW character...but crappy looking if it's Cobra Commander, and even if it's just one of his MANY looks in the movie or just the first of what they're planning for the future (in the franchise..if it goes beyond this one) I think this one is lame.

    Yeah, that's pretty much my problem. I'm all for reinvented movie looks, as I'm willing to admit that a lot of traditional comic/cartoon costumes would look silly in a big-budget live-action movie... but this is SO far out in left field from any version of the character that's come before that it's just too jarring. Even more when there are several characters in the line's past that are similar to this.


    I'm hanging onto the hope that this is a "scene-specific" figure, like so many others, and we'll have something at least marginally closer later on (not to mention in the movie itself). If I end up with this figure (given inevitable repaint multi-packs, it seems likely no matter how hard I try to avoid it), I'll probably see what I can do with it. Might be an interesting alternative to a 25th Darklon, or Jin Saotome's "Bloody Baron", or some "new" character...

  5. ^_^ I'm just being a d!ck about the homosexual thing (like always) and my issue with Tatum is strickly on a cosmetic level with regards to MY interpretation of the character Conrad Hauser (DUKE) and what this less than rugged, tough and MAN-like actor brings to the table in ability to bring that to life for us, on the big screen. POOR selection..IMHO!


    Oh, well that's good. For a moment I thought you were using "homosexual" as an insult. @grumpy@


    I was and am!


    What part of being a "d!ck" did you not get?



    I know most of us are adults who play with toys, but I like to think we're all mature enough to able express our dislike for one or two people without slighting an entire group of people... especially given that the ones we're expressing dislike for will never read our comments, but members of the slighted group likely will.


    You have your lifestyle and I have my objections to it, and in the end we should ALL be "free to be you and me"...right? People get insulted for a ton of various life choices and other such reasons, like over a religious/non-religious choice, a political choice, a choice of reading material, movies, toys, comic books, sports teams, music likes, appetites, food choices, education choices, ideals, opinions, attitudes, convictions, life changing decisions, to be or not to be..etc..etc.. etc...


    I have a friend that's cheating on his wife and kids, and while I disagree with his sexual choices and extras...he's my friend! I have several gay friends, and while I hold an objectionable opinion on the lifestyle, they're still my friends. My gay friends have a friend that holds an objectionable opinion to their lifestyle, yet he's STILL they're FRIEND!


    Seems pretty "mature" and "adult" to me...what's your problem?

    The use of a descriptor of any group of people as an insult demeans that entire group of people, not just the person you apply it to. When that descriptor can't even apply to the person you're insulting even under normal circumstances, it's even more demeaning to the group.


    Or to put it more bluntly: my problem is that you didn't insult Channing Tatum, as the term doesn't apply. You insulted gay people, who the term does apply to, by using "homosexual" as a derogatory term. That's not "mature" or "adult", that's just rude.


    Yeah, you admitted to that... but it doesn't work. Calling yourself a name while you laugh about it doesn't excuse or absolve it. That sort of defense implies that you not only think it's okay, but that you're going to continue to do it (especially since you flat-out said so) and think that no one can or should get upset, because hey, you admitted to being a jerk, and that's part-and parcel, right? And the "it's okay because some of my best friends..." stuff has been a tired excuse for literally decades.


    Ironically, you're trying to insult a guy for not being "manly" enough, but you seem unwilling to man up and be responsible for the things you say and do, and the effect it has on others. You want others to buy that's what you're doing, but it appears more like a transparent CYA attempt to prove you shouldn't be held accountable.


    It's not even like I'm saying you shouldn't insult the guy. I'm just saying that you should properly target HIM. If you'd done that in the first place, it's much less likely that anyone would have questioned it, or that you'd be defending it multiple times.

  6. http://www.tfw2005.com/transformers-news/u...nd-more-166944/


    Another image... They even got the color of the spinning weapon correct... I wonder why they kept the sword/missle translucent and painted the blade section instead of just using gray plastic...

    I believe his eyes are the same color, correct? That means that the sword/missile and the eyes are likely on the same sprue. Making the sword gray means gray eyes and back of head, negating the light-piping feature and requiring additional paint apps to fix.


    Personally, I would have preferred they go that route, but I can understand why they didn't. :)

  7. BOUGHT.


    I heart ROM... but the original toy is just too big, too goofy, and too expensive. This nicely takes care of the first two problems. He'll still be expensive, but I'm more than willing to pay for quality!


    So... is he going to have all three of his original accessories, or just the Neutralizer?

  8. I've never been that big into movie toys, so the actual movie looks don't hold that much interest for me. I can totally see picking up some of the armored people to use in various customs, but only if they go on sale. At full price, I could see popping for a few of the not-in-25th characters, like Heavy Duty, Cover Girl, and Ice-Viper... but a lot of that's going to depend on how they look once I see them in hand. Cover Girl looks pretty awful, IMO.


    Sgt. Stone is a nice little bone to Extreme/S6 fans though. Very curious to see if he's in the movie, or just some random parts reuse with an unused head they had lying around.


    Oh, and somewhat off topic...Channing Tatum's engaged to his co-star from one of those Step Up movies. Sooooo...I mean...can't tell you if he's into guys or not, but at least I can tell you for sure he's digging the female species, too, for what that might be worth.


    ^_^ I'm just being a d!ck about the homosexual thing (like always) and my issue with Tatum is strickly on a cosmetic level with regards to MY interpretation of the character Conrad Hauser (DUKE) and what this less than rugged, tough and MAN-like actor brings to the table in ability to bring that to life for us, on the big screen. POOR selection..IMHO!

    Oh, well that's good. For a moment I thought you were using "homosexual" as an insult. @grumpy@


    I know most of us are adults who play with toys, but I like to think we're all mature enough to able express our dislike for one or two people without slighting an entire group of people... especially given that the ones we're expressing dislike for will never read our comments, but members of the slighted group likely will.

  9. Has anyone else noticed that there's like 2-3 action figures of most of the Joes? Only one of which looks vaguely like the character we know and love?


    Does anyone else think maybe this is only one of the Commander's figures? That maybe this is one of the "off" ones, and there's likely to be another figure that looks at least a little closer?


    Anyone else realize that this movie is called "Rise of Cobra", and it would make sense for the Commander to go through several different looks as his organization evolves?


    Anyone else think maybe there's a lot of overreacting due to not knowing important things like if there will be other figures, if those might resemble the "classic" Cobra Commander a little better, and what role this costume might play in the movie?







  10. True, just caught me by surprise. There was no interum period. The price just went from $7.77 straight to $12.34 (or whatever it is exactly) with no intermident increases to $9.99 (for example). THAT was pretty drastic a jump.

    I can see that, but $7.77 was a seasonal price. We all knew it wasn't going to last forever (although I certainly hoped it would). When they went off sale, they then went up to the normal price... which had increased.


    And I think some of that depends on how quickly the stores moved. I know my local Wally bumped them up to $9.98 or something like that, then up to $12.88 a week later.


    The actual, normal price went up $3 (or less), not $5. Believe me, I know $3 is still a big jump, and it's casing me to weigh my impulse buys very carefully these days. My point is that it's not an unreasonable increase, especially if one is willing to consider all the facts and circumstances. It seems a lot of people got complacent with the old prices and apparently have some misguided idea that just because a price hasn't changed in ten years, it never can/will change. Going against those false assumptions is reason for them to freak out... when in fact it's just normalcy asserting itself.

  11. looks like i'll focus on the startrek figures and GIJOE

    The latter having a MUCH greater price hike in the past year than TFs. If you're trying to avoid a jumping price, you're looking in the wrong place.


    KIDS CANT EVEN BUY THESE F-ING TOYS EVEN IF THEY ASKED THEYRE MOM OR DAD! THIS SH*** IS GETTING RIDICULAS! ---sorry guys i dont want to be those 'whiners' but i have a good reason to be pi***ed about this crap!

    Why is that? This is pretty comparable to what's going in in the rest of the aisle. A lot of toys are going up in price, or in some cases, just giving less for the same price. This is also the first price hike on most of the TF sizes in over a decade.


    how in the bloody hell can hasbro make money if the stores keep rising prices?

    Um..."keep"? Once again, first price increase in OVER A DECADE. Seriously man, it's a miracle they kept it that low as long as they did!


    but for a deluxe to be 12:99 thats freakin' robbery.

    No, that's a decade's worth of inflation hitting all at once.


    man i'm glad i voted for obama...i heard he's gonna make big businesses pay large amounts of cash to fix the crap that those lousy republicans f-ed up over the years...i wonder if that'll lower the prices to transformers and other products?

    Yes, I'm sure that making sure that prices will never go up on little Jimmy's toys is the first thing on his agenda. Of course, mommy and daddy have no money to spare anyway, regardless of the price, but that's obviously not the biggest concern here. Helping the economy recover so that people have spare money to spend on frivolous items like toys again... by necessity, that's probably somewhere lower on the list. First he's gotta make sure those blasted toy companies aren't trying to do something silly like make a profit!


    Stop being irrational and look at what's going on. It's a pretty simple thing to figure out. Hasbro makes nonessential goods, and in an economic crisis, they can't count on selling more units to balance out a per-unit profit that's been steadily decreasing over the last decade. They HAVE to raise the prices as they SHOULD have been doing all along. Whether you like it or not, the simple fact is that we were getting a bargain. We aren't anymore, and yeah, that sucks... but that doesn't instantly make Hasbro the devil.

  12. I can't believe they are giving away a significant plot point from the movie.


    It's like the G.I. Joe movie. We KNOW Cobra Commander is in it but we haven't seen anything of the toy yet.

    We found out about a Fast-Action Battler tank Megatron back before Xmas. It's not exactly a spoiler anymore. :)


    I'm guessing he'll have a more prominent role than the "hi-and-die big bad" that he pulled in the first movie.

  13. Yeah, someone went off half-baked with out-of-context info.


    Again. @grumpy@


    The wave HAS been canceled, but that's so that Hasbro can spread them out and make two waves.


    So we're not getting LESS figures, we're getting MORE. This is GOOD news!

  14. 0124091903.jpg

    Oh wow. Do you realize that your blurry photo proves the existence of the legendary Best Of set?


    And on the next shelf, bigfoot!


    Observe these mythical creatures in their natural habitat... easy now, don't startle them... I hear they invited the Loch Ness Monster over for tea and crumpets...

  15. I don't know how they expect us to buy if prices are going to go up so much. <_< It doesn't make sense, I mean, it really does, but still... :(

    Hasbro doesn't expect people to buy everything. Their reps have actually shown surprise at the idea.


    Even the company that makes it only expects you to buy what you like. If you honestly like everything, then it's still an issue. Otherwise... not such a big deal.


    Retailers have had the final say on how much something sells for since Wal Mart came on the scene. Personally I blame Wal mart as a huge contributor to the economic state. In all honesty though $13 for a deluxe isn't THAT much of an increase comparitively speaking. It just means that until it becomes normal for everyone that sales most likely will drop slightly.

    A 40% increase isn't "THAT much"?

    It's closer to 30%, actually. And the key phrase there is "comparatively speaking".


    In a lot of other hobbies and non-essential goods, the prices have gone up that much and more in the last decade. The difference with TFs is that it's hitting all at once, so it seems more dramatic. If it had been $1 every 3-4 years instead, we'd probably be amazed that they were managing to keep the prices so low!

  16. No one has said it's "TFA". In fact, the link you provided even notes that we don't know what line the molds will come from.


    There have been some pretty massive hints that it's not going to be Animated. When people over at Allspark asked how it could be anything other than Animated, given that the Elite Gaurd doesn't exist in any other continuity, Pete from Botcon said that the story is going to explain how it all fits together... which wouldn't be necessary if we're talking about Animated. Additionally, the promo image used is of G1 Kup, not an Animated redesign.


    Some are convinced that because the "history video" in the Transform and Roll Out was G1 footage, and the BC stuff is supposed to take place pre-war, they're going to use non-animated molds and leave it ambiguous enough to work in both continuities.


    Or maybe they will just use Animated molds. There's plenty that could work.


    Point is, we don't know yet.

  17. It's the economy. Prices are going down on the collectibles market because the demand is down.


    Of course, that's a catch-22: the prices are low because people aren't buying, but people aren't buying because they don't have money, so it doesn't matter that the prices are low. When the economy swings back and people start buying, demand (and thus, prices) will skyrocket and everyone will complain that they STILL can't afford the collectibles now that they have the money.

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