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  1. I reported on this a while back, but I'm seeing it effective at all my Targets now. Bummer. More here: http://infinitehollywood.blogspot.com/2009...of-gi-joes.html
  2. I think they're selling alright, I have seen some movement, but the price is a big factor. Not that I see much else move at those pricepoints either. DCUC just sits there for months at a time.
  3. What has become of Gallifrey? Who are the marauding outliers? What lurks beneath the marsh? That was the billing for the Radio Times TV Guide in England on October 25 1980 in what would be the start of the E-Space Trilogy in Doctor Who. Tom Baker's stint as the Fourth Doctor begins to wrap up as we review today's DVD episode, Full Circle. http://infinitehollywood.blogspot.com/2009...ull-circle.html Thanks for reading!
  4. I was remembering some of the crap my brother, my cousin and I used to do as kids. We were thick as thieves back then. Sure we played GI Joe and MOTU and a lot of other stuff, but we also did some unique stuff that was crap we just made up in our head. I could probably write 100 articles on the various things we did. Anyway, I decided to write a little about a couple of the odd things that stuck out in my head and figure some of you might enjoy it. http://infinitehollywood.blogspot.com/2009...d-memories.html
  5. I spotted 4A-7 just the other morning at Target and while I was lamenting the price raise on GI Joes, I realized this guy was actually cheaper than a new Joe. This is one of the rarer new Clone Wars figures so I decided I might as well bite and picked him up. Full review here: http://infinitehollywood.blogspot.com/2009...ure-review.html Thanks for reading.
  6. Love the SAW Viper, Medi-Viper, the Tele-Viper is pretty cool. Actually the new sculpt Vipers were a nice update too. Bombstrike is good and some of the later Frankenjoes were good too.
  7. Ah, gotcha... I'm the troll? Despite the fact that Commander Cash APPEARED IN THE SHOW as a character, a villain (who turns good) and as a cartoon, both of which I addressed in the review in detail, including a CC cartoon. You sir, are a complete and utter moron. Commander Cash did indeed fight Robocop in the TV series. As I said in the review. He was also a cartoon character in the TV series. As I said in the review. Oh and just for giggles, in the TV series he was a cartoon character who was a part of OCP... Which was, you guessed it, ROBOCOP'S ENEMIES. You're not only a troll, now you're a pwned troll. Twice over.
  8. I wasn't planning on getting any of these but it turns out in GI Joe Rise of Cobra that the Vipers are pretty cool. Sure, the Neo-Vipers were even cooler in my view but it was the regular Vipers who saw most of the action in the film. Soon after I was certain I wanted to purchase at least one of the figures to see if I liked it. When Toys R' Us was running it's 2 for $10 sale this past week I figured it was the best time to bite. Check out the full review here: http://infinitehollywood.blogspot.com/2009...ndo-review.html Thanks for reading!
  9. Almost undeniably a 9 in my book. This guy has gotten rave reviews across the board. My favorite pure sculpt of SE yet. He'd been a 10 if his pants were better. He's also clearly the most popular Target exclusive. That says something. But to each his own.
  10. You're right Captain. I think SP ended up a little higher to me on the list because of the impact it made. People forget about MUSCLE and MASK and a Centurions, but there has been a lot of love for Super Powers. I don't think my Transformers comments were too off base. Transformers were pretty expensive and let's face it a lot of them ony had one good mode. I'm not saying that it makes Transformers any less cool, it's just some of the factors that ultimately prevented them from overtaking the market. You could get two or three GI Joes for the price of one Transformer often times and a lot of kids had troubles with Transformers whereas Joes, He-Man, etc you could play with right out of the box. I think price and durability factor had a lot to do with what was successful and what wasn't back then.
  11. Good points. They did make some multicolored ones towards the end there. They were decent figures as well as I recall.
  12. Yeah absolutely. Not sure if I'll end up with it or not, but I very well may and I'll definitely do that. I always try to put comparisons in with my reviews so that people who might be swapping lines can see what uses they might have. Thanks!
  13. That's because it's supposed to be the old Hasbro logo,
  14. Does GI Joe make the grade? Check it out at: http://infinitehollywood.blogspot.com/2009...s-of-1980s.html
  15. I did see the 4 part movie. The special effects felt low budget to me and there was a second Robocop guy which I found a bit annoying, but it was otherwise pretty interesting. I think the TV show was a tad more fun but I haven't watched the 4 movie serial back to back I don't think. I'm always interested in more Robocop though.
  16. This is hardly a gushing fan boy talking about his love for a character. Obviously everything is subjective, but yeah I do think this is a near PERFECT Grand Slam. That's what I'm judging, Grand Slam. As someone who owns every other incarnation of Grand Slam, I think saying that this guy is about perfect is a fair assessment. I give low scores all the time to a variety of figures. Is this figure better than some of the other ROC figures out there? Probably not. But as a Grand Slam, yeah he's pretty awesome. Decent accessories, about average price. I probably should have given him an 8 out of 10 on principle, but anytime I feel a figure is the best representation of a character to date, I give it a higher score (unless the previous incarnations were just abominations and therby anything would be better) and I don't think that's lacking credability at all. In my view a figure made out of cobbled parts could very much be better than a figure with all new sculpting. It just depends on how it all pans out in the end. To me, this guy is a bit of a gem in that respect. But to me reviews aren't all about numbers. I provide pictures, explain the details and why things are the way they are so that you can decide for yourself. I don't know how much more insightful a review can be than to tell you everything about the toy and then show you pictures of it. At the end the scores are what I personally feel, but you're entitled to your own opinion, I'm just trying to offer up mine so that it might help you. Your mileage may vary.
  17. I'm definitely looking forward to the SNAKE armor pack as well. Although this one is a pleasent surprise.
  18. Perfect to face vintage Joes, but how about modern? Full review just follow the link. Tons of pictures and all the details. Infinite Hollywood: Terminator Salvation: T-R.I.P. Figure Review Thanks for checking it out if you do.
  19. ROFL, obviously YOU didn't watch the show. Robocop battled Commander Cash in one episode. Subsequently I mentioned that, listed the actor who played him and went into depth about the cartoon character as well, IN THE REVIEW. You could have answered your question by clicking the link. Saved yourself some time and embarassment.
  20. Who's a man of breakfast infamy and Bludd bashin' bad assery? GRAND SLAM! GRAND SLAM! Check out this full review of the Target exclusive version of this original Joe team member. With plenty of comparisons to previous Grand Slams to help you decide which is the definative version of James Barney! http://infinitehollywood.blogspot.com/2009...ir-assault.html Thanks for checking it out and don't forget to comment on the blog, you might win a prize!
  21. I'm hardly the biggest Star Wars fan around, but this figure is incredible. Check out the full review of him over at Infinite Hollywood! http://infinitehollywood.blogspot.com/2009...ure-review.html
  22. So after my hit Commander Cash review this morning, I thought I'd really pile on the awesome with my review of Robocop from Toy Island. Besides, if you have Commander Cash, you need someone for him to fight, right? :x Which brings us to Toy Island's Robocop. Following in Kenner's footsteps they produced a wide variety of the famouc mechanical copper in the mid 1990's. How do these figures compare and hold up to the house that Star Wars built? Read on... http://infinitehollywood.blogspot.com/2009...toy-island.html
  23. Hey look everybody it's Robocop's arch (and obscure) nemesis Commander Cash! Robocop solves problems with violence, (BOO!) but Commander Cash settles issues by giving us credit cards (YAY!) and we know who will win that fight, don't we kids? So if you want to be an American hero like Commander Cash, you need to check out my review of Mr.$$$ right now! http://infinitehollywood.blogspot.com/2009...ure-review.html Thanks for reading!
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