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  1. Uh... Super7 has had the Nosferatu "license" for years. They've made at least a half dozen Nosferatu ReAction figures. This is probably teasing an Ultimate.
  2. Looks really good, but will need to see more to really get too excited about it.
  3. Putting aside likeness issues and Batman's giant belt/underwear that makes him look like he's wearing a diaper... There are some really odd just blatantly wrong things on these. Like how do they screw up Robin's cape? This isn't some comic or short lived thing where you can kinda get stuff wrong. There is tons of reference material on this. Very odd.
  4. It's hard to tell if the lighting in those photos are washing everything out (and making the TMNT so bright) or if that's truly how they look. Hopefully everything is a bit more muted in person. I'm kinda shocked no one else has tried Beetlejuice before now.
  5. Has any of McFarlane's stuff been hard to find? I don't buy any of his DC stuff cause it's all weird "comic vampire hunter ventriloquist Batman" or whatever, but I see it everywhere. Outside of maybe some oddball variants, it certainly seems like distribution has been good.
  6. Eh... The entire original movie is filled with social/political crap. Literally, EVERY Troma movie is. And the plot of the Toxic Avenger is also literally about male toxicity. That's the entire plot. Revenge on toxic males with... Toxic waste. Sometimes people miss the messages in Troma films because they're often done with such crude tactics, but they're covered in them. That said, nothing about this remake seems to make sense. Maybe it'll be good, here's hoping, lotta talent involved but it certainly feels like it's going to stray far away from the Toxie I know and love and there's no bigger Toxie fan than me. Is Dinklage going to grow? Is Melvin going to be a little person and that's why he's singled out? It's all a little baffling. I almost wonder if they're going to go in an entirely different direction and Dinklage is going to be a relatively normal person but he turns into some kind of hideous monster, but less like Toxie and more like some kinda giant CGI thing with tentacles or something. Seems to be leaning more into the horror aspect than what Toxie became. But again, all just speculation at this point. Hopefully it gets Troma enough cash and clout to finally make Toxic Avenger 5.
  7. So it should be twice the price of the firehouse, not 5x. FWIW, I don't care. I'm sure Playmobil will get what they want out of it. But it seems a bit needlessly big and pricey for what it is. Everyone all crammed up inside there. The price is bonkers, anyway you slice it. Playmobil does good stuff, but I'm not seeing the value here even if it's a really large piece. But to each his own.
  8. Wasn't his whole pitch with this line that Hasbro was NEVER going to make a 6 inch line? I seem to recall a lot of chest puffing in regards to that. Of course, before this was even past the early stages Hasbro already had a 6 inch line in stores (well sorta) and the entire focus of this line had to be shifted to being a compatible line, moreso than a replacement. Too much of the Joe community can be toxic, moreso than any of the other communities, which all have certain levels of toxicity in them. That said, I'm all in for Sarge.
  9. Batcave looks fun, especially if they can nail that $30 price point. Would be great for some of my other displays. The figures don't look that good to me. Not terrible, but not great even at $15. Might change my mind seeing them in person, though. As much as I love the 66 show, I think it's hard to capture in toy form. If you go too literal, things end up looking gangly and wonky like Mattel, but if you try to beef things up like McFarlane has here, it still doesn't look right. I think it needs to be reinterpreted on some level, but finding that sweet spot is difficult. I actually really liked the Funko 3 inch line, as it seemed to do that well... But we never got that darn second wave with the main villains. Blah.
  10. Considering how good Frank and the Mummy look, kinda odd to see this face sculpt so off. Hopefully the other heads are better.
  11. Playmobil is always pricey, but this pricetag is nuts. The Ghostbusters Firehouse was at least this big and was like $100. I wouldn't pay more than $150 for an item like this, which is where most collectors top out at. You'd have to be both a super hardcore Trek collector and a super hardcore Playmobil collector to fork down that kinda cash. But if you're just one or the other, it's not going to get you to bite. And if you're even remotely casual, no dice. Shame too, could be a fun set for my Minimates.
  12. You're not alone! I've been giving the AT some love over at Infinite Hollywood.
  13. Well, WSJ sort of leaked this one out. It's been confirmed as official. I've got the picture and opinions over at the usual: Nickelodeon's new TMNT first image It's not perfect, and there's one potentially controversial change (but it's unconfirmed at the moment) and generally some positive stuff going on. Turtle fans should check it out.
  14. When I was a kid, Hammerhead was arguably my favorite Kenner Star Wars toy. Sure, Yoda was my favorite character in the Star Wars films, but Hammerhead? He was uber cool. What was he doing in that Cantina? Sculpt: In the original Star Wars film, we don't actually see most of Hammerhead's body. In fact Momaw's total on-screen appearance is far less than a minute. Nadon's longest appearance is actually in the Richard Pryor "Star Wars Bar" comedy sketch, in which Hammerhead laments that he's in love. With whom, we never find out. Because we never see much of the costume in the film and the Star Wars Bar appearance shows only bits of the costume, we're left with concept art and Kenner's first take on the figure as the only real reference for the guy. Kenner depicted him as scrawny, almost sickly thin, but Sideshow has definitely bulked him up a bit. Hasbro's recent figures have had Momaw with about this same sort of physique, so by all accounts, Sideshow has done a good job. Well I'm sure Lucas has filled us in, but when I was kid, Hammerhead was there to sell drugs. Now that's what I call "Scum and Villainy"! And now Sideshow's new 12 inch Hammerhead is back and well, as good as ever. Paint: At this kind of pricetag you might expect a lot of paint applications, however that is not the case here. Most of the paintwork is on the head, which has some good detail painting and a fair amount of wash. It's not necessarily the grandest paint I've ever seen, but it does the character justice. Articulation: This figure features Sideshow's aforementioned Prometheus body with 30+ points of articulation. I'm not going to sit here and count them all or label them all. It's pretty suffice to say that you can get this guy into a ton of poses and he's vastly more articulated than 99% of the 6 inch and under figures on the market today. My one complaint would be that the figure is generally pretty loose. Not flop around loose, but looser than I'd like. His leg can not stand straight out for a kick, as an example. His knees are ratcheted, which is a nice addition. Unfortunately, his feet are not ratcheted at the ball joints in his ankles and that seems like a real missed opportunity. So check out the full review of Hammerhead, err, Momaw in all his Scum and Villainy self with more photos and the final score! Infinite Hollywood: Sideshow Momaw Nadon (Hammerhead) Review Thanks for reading, if you do.
  15. Ultraman made his television debut on July 17, 1966. For over 30 years Bandai has been making Ultraman figures. Mostly of the limited articulation, vinyl variety. This year they have created a new line, to compliment their popular S.H. Figurarts lines and to compete with other lines like Revoltech, called Ultra-Act. Ultraman, as he appeared in the most recent film is, fittingly, the first figure in this line. I have the complete review with nearly 40 photos up today as part of our Ultraman Week celebration at Infinite Hollywood. Infinite Hollywood: Ultra-Act Ultraman Review Thanks for taking a look! SHUWATCH!
  16. Last year when I started reviewing Mego figures, I did it on a whim because I thought it would be neat to look at some old style toys. Little did I know that by the end of 2009, Mego-style figures would no longer be retro but TOYS OF THE FUTURE! At least that's how it seems with everything from LOST to Venture Brothers to DC Superheroes and Ghostbusters getting the "Mego" treatment. Today I look at another retro action Mego-style toy, Will Scarlet, AKA Robin Hood's right hand man! Infinite Hollywood: Robin Hood - Will Scarlet Figure Review Robin Hood & His Merry Men Will Scarlet 8 Inch Scale By: CTVT (Mego?) 2004 $5.00 Robin finds a finely dressed young man shooting deer in Sherwood, and offers to let him join the band; they quarrel and fight. Robin asks who he is; he says he is Young Gamwell, who killed his father's steward and fled his father's estate to seek out his uncle, Robin Hood. Robin makes him welcome and renames him Scarlett. To me, Christian Slater will always be the immortal Will Scarlet... Hey, I like that movie. Anyway, this figure is a Classic TV Toys reproduction of the original Mego figure. For various reasons these repros didn't light the world on fire back in 2004, but now that the style is what all the cool kids are talking about these days, I suspect we'll see even more of these guys pop up. Back in the late 70's and early 80's Mego was smart in offering figures of public domain characters like Robin Hood and Frankenstein, because they didn't have to pay for licensing rights. Packaging Early Mego figures came in window boxes. They were probably one of the first real collector toys to do so. Of course back then, nobody knew they would be "collectibles" in the future. I assume people just figured we'd be too busy with our flying cars and interstellar space ships to care about retro toys from the 1970's. Turns out, they were wrong. The box art is a pretty good reproduction of the original art, or at least I assume so. I didn't really examine them a ton. Even so it's a nice little box with pretty cool artwork on it that screams 1970's. The side of the box shows off the other figures in the series. Interestingly, Robin Hood didn't get any villains. You'd think a toy of the evil Sheriff of Nottingham would be a more natural selection than Friar Tuck. Then again, who am I to question a toy company that urban legend has it passed on Star Wars in favor of Buck Rogers? That's Mego I'm referencing of course, CTVT would have loved to get some Lucas love. There's also a great picture of the toy on the back. This is retro artwork, so there are a handful of differences between the actual figure and this picture. Either way it looks pretty cool. These boxes used to sit on registers in cases until kids were opening them too often and the blister card was invented. Sculpt Hardcore Megoheads can tell you all the minor differences between the vintage Will and the repro Will. I'll just say that generally speaking this is a pretty good reproduction. If anything the details overall have been softened somewhat. Even if the details have been softened on this replica, the end result is still pretty full of depth. This is one of the more charming head sculpts for a Mego. I suppose that Mego knew that too, because they reused this guy's head several times for other popular characters. He's got a bit of a grin and a smugness about him, but while his cockiness and confidence shine through it works very well for the character. Again maybe Christian Slater's performance in the 1990's Kevin Costner Robin Hood movie have clouded my judgement, but I imagine Will Scarlet as a bit of a smug fellow. Of all the Mego replica bodies out there, CTVT's is arguably the worst... Well, actually Mattel's is hands down the worst, but for a different reason. The CTVT body isn't bad it's just made out of really brittle plastic which makes it prone to breakage and such. I haven't stripped this guy down but I don't see any problems with him at all. That doesn't really mean anything... You sort of gamble when you get these bodies. Sometimes they fall apart, sometimes they don't. At least they LOOK good, which is definitely better than what Mattel's offering. The hands have some excess plastic and such on them and generally look pretty cheap, though. Articulation Mego-style figures have always been surprisingly poseable. They are sometimes referred to as the "father" of the modern action figure. That might be a bit of a stretch, but even by today's standards they have a fair amount of points. They start out with a simple cut neck, but they have a simulated ball joint shoulder. I say simulated, because it is a ball, but is constructed with a rubber band holding it in place. That means you won't get a full ball joint movement without it snapping back down. Hinge elbows, swivel hinge wrists, swivel waits, simulated ball joint hips, hinge knees and swivel hinge ankles complete the articulation. Again the entire inside is held together via a rubber band, but these bands are notoriously strong. As well, you can restring a figure if the band was to get too loose or snap. Pretty cool. You can pose this guy quite a bit, but since he uses real clothing, that will restrict movements. Something you don't run into with most modern figures without soft goods. For more pictures and more see the full review at: Infinite Hollywood: Robin Hood - Will Scarlet Figure Review Accessories This vintage reproduction comes with replicas of all the original stuff that Mr. Scarlet had on tap. Some Megos came with absolutely nothing, but others like this guy were loaded down. He has a cool little dagger which fits into the top of his boot. Make sure to take note of that, I almost lost this knife right off. He has his bow and quiver of arrows. Both are decent little sculpts, but nothing to write home about. Scarlet rounds out his arsenal with a detachable belt with a holster for his sword. The sword is a nice piece but it got a little warped by being in the holster. I suspect setting it between two heavy books would straighten it out. Value These Megos originally retailed for a couple of bucks in the 1970's. I'm not sure what these replica went for in 2004, but I'm guessing about $10 or so. Now they can be found for about $5 which makes them a pretty decent value. Sadly, that's a markdown price and all of the stuff coming from EMCE and Mattel are closer to $20. I love this throwback stuff and it has a certain charm to it, but it's not worth premium pricing, in my view. I'm giving ol' Will Scarlet a pretty high rating. Why? Well he's a gosh darn fun toy at the $5 price point. If this guy was $20 like most of the recent Mego-like figures his rating would be closer to a 6. So there's a big gap here because of price. For the final rating, pictures and more see the full review at: Infinite Hollywood: Robin Hood - Will Scarlet Figure Review
  17. It's been a while since I've looked at any Muggs, but I've been picking these guys up at the discount chains as of late and wanted to shine a little spotlight on them. Today's review is Destro, leader of MARS and at times the second in command of Cobra. Check it out! Infinite Hollywood: Mighty Muggs Destro Have a good one and thanks for reading.
  18. Dunno if anybody has seen this yet or not, but I did a little brief review of Target's improved iPhone app. Why is this important for toy collectors? Well they've added some basic DCPI scanning funtionality to let you know if items are in stock at your local stores, store locators to see if they are in stock nearby and even price and aisle locators. Check it out: Infinite Hollywood: Target iPhone App - A Must For Toy Collectors
  19. It's time for another journey into the awe and mystery of TALES FROM THE TOY AISLE! This week I visit Target to check out their clearance, plus a very special appearance by Matty Mattel! We look at everything from JLU, DCUC and GI Joe to Garbage Pail Kids and Rock'em Sock'em Robots! Not to mention Halo exclusives! Check it out... If you dare! TFTA: Rock'em Sock'em
  20. Come celebrate Easter Sunday with the world's most famous comic detective... No, not Batman. DICK TRACY! What could be better than Dick Tracy as he does battle with all his pastel suit wearing criminals. I check out the whole line of Mezco's 2003 Dick Tracy Mez-Its. Who framed the Easter Bunny? Tracy and Sam Catchem are HOT on the case! Check out the full review of the goons and the goodies. Infinite Hollywood: Dick Tracy Mez-Itz Review Have a happy Easter and thanks for reading.
  21. It's April Fools, but I'm not joking, today's review is sexy! Today we're taking a look at Haruka Hasegawa from the Revoltech Fraulein line. Check it out. Infinite Hollywood: Revoltech Fraulein Haruka Hasegawa Review Have a good one and thanks for reading.
  22. Not a new figure, but I finally just cracked my IG-88 open. If you want to take a look back at this classic droid during our March of the Robots theme month, then check this dude out. I always loved the original Kenner figure but this one definitely ups the ante. Warning though, there's a couple of pictures in the review that aren't for the faint of heart! Infinite Hollywood: IG-88 Review Have a good one and thanks for reading.
  23. Finally I completed my second half of the MOTUC/DCUC two packs review. This time I'm looking at Skeletor and Lex Luthor, but you can bet the farm that He-Man and Superman show up as well. I had a lot of fun with this review, both in writing it and playing with the figures to take the pictures. There's a lot of pictures too. Might be some kind of record. If you're on the fence about these repaints or just want to see if there's some magic left in the old MOTU playbook, check it out! Infinite Hollywood: Skeletor/Lex Luthor 2 Pack Review Have a good one and thanks for reading.
  24. Today I'm taking a look at the darkest, evilest Mugg of them all. It's Darth Vader! My full review of this special second edition Vader that can transform into unmasked Anakin Skywalker is now up. If you've been thinking about getting some discount Mighty Muggs, this might be the review for you. Infinite Hollywood: Mighty Muggs Darth Vader Review Check it out and thanks for reading.
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