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  1. I just got into this line, and I was trying to find some kind of database that lists all the figures made so far. Preferably with pictures. Any help will be appreciated, thanks. The title shoudl be changed to Galactic, I dont know what I was thinking.
  2. I just got the new 4 packs today, and I was going to tell you all about the poster, but it dosnt look like I need to. But I will say up close the Punisher/ Deadpool set looks fantastic. I was really surprised to see the Punisher in his war journal costume. Psylock looks to be leaning backwards. Im guessing she will be a pain to make stand. The Spiderman with the Venom figure is just a repaint of the one from the Scorpion 2 pack. And Doc Ock`s tenticals look to be computer generated in the pic. As for the 4 packs. The Showdown with Magneto set is awsome. All four figures are all new sculpts. I thought Wolverine would have some reused parts, but he dosnt. Colosus can actually hold him above his head for the ol fast ball special. It looks cool if you can get it right. The Battle for New York set isnt as good. Electra is just as boring as you would expect. I like the Punisher becasue they used a glossy paint on all the white, and it really makes it stand out. Ghost rider is much better than the first one. His head is cast in a clear orange plastic, with the skull and a little orange highlight painted on. He has a grey shirt, and the black is more shiney than before, giving it a leather effect. Spiderman is a repaint of the figure fromt he SPiderman playset. However, the paint on both that I saw today was awful. Slop all over even large portions missing paint alltogether. One of them had no paint on his left upper leg, it was just white. The one I got had cleaner paint, but not by much. The black lines are horrible, and you can barely make out the spider on his chest. There are even two white spots on the right side of his face where the paint was left off. Its a shame as this would have been my favorite SHS Spiderman. I also have a question if anyoen can help me out. Well 2 actually. WHy is the Gambit/ rouge 2 pack so hard to find? And was the Kraven/ Black Spidey set ever released? I have the Venom/ Sandman, and the Spiderman/ Volture set from that wave, but I have never seen Kraven.
  3. Is that really the only way to get the arms off? Id rathe rnot cut it if didnt have to. But thanks for the tips anyway.
  4. Ok Im a diehard Joe fan, but for the most part I have been really underwhelmed with the 25th figures. They look nice, but it just seems like Hasbro dosnt want them to be perfect. So I only ever bought the first 2 waves ( I was also unable to ever find the others on shelves.). However my sister bought me the Joe 5 pack for christmas. And again, I was kind of dissapointed with what I got. But anyway onto my question or observation as it were... I was looking closely at the Gung Ho figure, and I noticed something that bothered me. His arms. And no Im not talking about the obvious elbow problems. His upper arms appear to be backwards. Now I know this is kind of hard to explain without pictures ( sorry no camera), so if you have the figure get him out and look at his arms. His triceps detail is sculpted on the front, with his rather small looking biceps being on the back. Now I know you can just flip his arms around, but then there is no detail showing on the outside, as the insides were sculpted flat. I know this wasnt a factory mix up, because it still has the little R and L for right and left on them. So did Hasbros factory just get the peices reversed? And could someone tell me how to take appart one of these new torsos? It could easily be fixed by switching the upper arms. Also why did Hasbro bother sculpting slightly less detialed versions of the same upper arms that Roadblock has? Gung Ho was always portrayed as being a large guy, im sure no one would have complained if they shared the same upper arm sculpt. Im sorry if this has been mentioned before, but Ive kind of fallen out of the Joe loop for the last few months.
  5. This may be the wrong place to ask this, but Im looking for a website that has the art from card game cards. I saw one years ago, but I cant find anything now. Can anyone help me out?
  6. Viper Hunter, supposedly he is coming in the Sigma 6 line later this year. Or at least someone with that name.
  7. Just follow the link to the press release for the pciture http://www.hasbro.com/media/default.cfm?pa...amp;release=507 The picture is at the top. Also over at joebattlelines there is a slightly larger version here: http://www.joebattlelines.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=9938 He looks awsome. He appears to use the V1 SS mold. I think its the tiger stripes on his arms that make him look so awsome to me.
  8. Storm Shadow with the tiger looks awsome. All good news for us Sigma Fans.
  9. The articulation is there, its just hidden by the suit. I think it looks fantastic, but I wouldnt pay the prices this thing will go for. Now if only Neca would go after the license........
  10. I like it. But why are his hands clear?
  11. Id put money on that spidey BAF to be a spider slayer. At least thats what SRS makes me think of. Obviously the F4 figs ar emarvel legends, but are the spidey figs going to be in the new 5 inch scale?
  12. lol I went with the Mega Marines version. I know no one else will pick it, but it was always my fave version of Gung Ho. The v1 just looks goofy, and with the armor he looks bad ass. If only it was colored differently. Still Im glad they went with the v1 look fo rth enew fig, now I have a reason to like that design.
  13. a mii is a like a character you create on your wii that represents you to the rest of the world. You can actually control it and run around the wii world and intereact with other mii`s.
  14. Thanks for providing the pics cyberstreak. I was just about to pull out my camera to take some pics. But all of mine are loose so the packaging variants dont matter to me. Thats an awsoem collection you got their though.
  15. Well my real name is Kyle. Unfortunantly I have never been to one of the conventions so I havnt had the chance to meet anyone. revSears I realy dont live to far away from you apparantly. Ever hear of a town called Harlan? I started collcting Joes as a child. I was born in 82 so I wasnt quite old enough when they cam eout to jump on the bandwagon. However a couple years alter my grandaprents bought me Gen.Hawk and Footloose for christmas. I fell in love. Im sure before that time I had watched the cartoon but I wasnt really aware of it. But once I got those 2 figures I was hooked. I still have the Gen.Hawk. I stuck with the line all the way to the end in 94. I was heavy into MOTU and TMNT as well. I loved Transformers but they were so expensive compared to the other lines I liked I would seldom ever get one. About the same time I discovered G.I.JOE I also found out about Hulk Hogan. This had me hooked on wrestling for life. It didnt hurt when Sgt. Slaughter joined up with G.I.JOE. That was like a dream come true for me. I was really sad when the line died out. I was really enjoying the figures in the alst couple years and I just couldnt understand why it had to go. The same with the comic book. But when it cam ebacka few years alter I was so happy, only to be dissapointed with the quality of the figures. I was amturing as a collector then and I just knew as much as I loved the figures they were not cutting it. Then a few years later we got the ARAH collection this was a step in the right direction but the figures felt so dated. Then came the new sculpt stuff. This to me was much better than what we had been getting but they kept making mistakes with the figures. Now Im primarily into the Sigma 6 line. And I hop these things stay around for years. I was sad to see the new sculpt line go, but as soon as I saw that first shot of Spirit I knew this was going to be a great new line and it hasnt let me down. Currently Im preparing myself to go to wrestling school. Oh and I have a killer Dreadnoks tattoo on my back.
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