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    hopefully we'll see somethinfg
  2. 1. Flint 2. Airtight 3. Tomax & Xamot 4. Zandar 5. Lady Jaye (RIP) 6. General Hawk 7. Beachhead 8. Wet-Suit 9. Pathfinder 10. Firefly 11. Copperhead 12. Flash (RIP) with the Techno-Vipers being my fav troopers
  3. I agree....the 25th ann Joes also need some more color. Everyone they are making with the exception of Shipwreck & Snow Job are all green and black. Now I'm not saying neon it up but make some fan favs that arn't SE, Scarlett, Duke Let's see Airtight Barbecue (got noooo love since the Joes were reintorudced 10 yrs ago..yet is very much beloved) Classic Spirit Lifeline Outback Falcon (he's green...I know) Wet-Suit MAinframe Dialtone Airborne Bazooka Quick Kick Mutt & Junkyard (to keep it on topic lol) this line is being done now how it should of been when they released Joe vs. Cobra. The tooling is beautiful...the cards...wow....my only complaints thus far is Hasbro making a Red Ninja (c'mon...Eels? B.A.T.? Tele-Viper?) and no gloves on Flint
  4. I LOVE the 25ths. Very impressed. So far they all look great except Serpentor to me. My only gripe if figure choice....Red Ninja?!?! WTF?!?! Thats a slot they could have given to Eels. THREE Storm Shadows and Snake Eyes?! Though the SE's all look sweet! There are other characters that could of been made in their place. Lastly the Cobra Legions set...we get a V3 SS, a gas trooper thats still peg warming TRU. an ugly CC. The only thing redeming about ths set is the Stinger driver. I would have Taken out the trooper, SS, and the gas trooper and replaced em with a Crimson Guard and Tomax & Xamot
  5. Hey guys! Long time no write! My 25th anniversary dream list! GI JOE battle pack #2-Steeler, Flash, Grand Slam, Zap, Breaker GI JOE battle pack #3-Quick Kick, Wild Bill, Airtight, Spirit, Covergirl Cobra battlepack #3-Tomax, Xamot, classic Serpentor, Copperhead, Viper Single pack wave 4-Wetsuit, Dialtone, Zandar, Eels, Dr. Mindbender Single pack wave 5-Barbecue, Falcon, Torch, Iron Grenadier, Scrap Iron Single Pack wave 6-Mainframe, Gen Hawk, Ripper, Croc Master, B.A.T
  6. It wasn't as rare as it seemed. I liked the figure alot myself.
  7. Mine should arrive today or tomorrow in the mail. I can't wait! It looks awesome. Even makes those Winter Ops guys look sweet. Actually they do look sweet!
  8. Heh....kind of cool. Though I gotta question how you get on Brian for designing half-ass figures (which I fell are very well done) and charging $20-30 apiece for them, and you want $65 for this guy. Not trying to start a war here. Just seems a little weird for me.
  9. Well, New Orleans just decided to tax the RTDA convention folks. They had guys walking around the salefloor, ARMED, and watching the booths. I think they were charging .25 for every cigar the handed oput as a sample to try out. The thugs even went to booths to say 'we feel you owe $5,000 due to the traffic your booth saw.' It was insane.
  10. I'm hoping to go this year as I am the new buyer for my store, BUT the old buyer is a very very close friend of the owner of the shop and MAY be back....lol.....He can only send one of us, and unfortuanatley for me the old buyer has alot of sweet contacts. We'll see.... As for ESG's I havn't seen them except in magazines. We are getting some when they are released because we have an awesome arrangement with Ashton and the Fuentes. we are 1 of 15 accounts in the country to carry the God of Fires for Fuente. Very proud of that!
  11. heh.....last year the RTDA show (tobacco and cigars) was in New Orleans. There was a furor over the fact that the city was charging vendors a tax to hand out free samples and stuff. Mom and pop operations included. Alot of booths were shut down because they refused to pay. People put alot of personal expense into their trip in hopes of making new contacts for their businesses. Last I heard the city was getting sued by some of the people, as they were not told about the 'tax' until AFTER the got into town and set up their booths. City people patrolled the sales floor making sure people had their certificates. Thnx for reminding me, now I WON'T be visiting the city. New Orleans scumbag treatment of guests click the link above if you want to read the story.....
  12. This is always one of my fav topics.... OK....If I were in charge of DTC.... WAVE 5 ------------------------------- Barbecue Tripwire Sci-Fi Zandar Techno-Viper Ice-Viper comic pack 11 Snow Job, Doc, Flash comic pack 109 Thunder, Quick Kick, cartoon style Breaker 6 pack COIL INVASION Overlord, Serpentor, 2 COIL troopers, 2 COIL pilots vehicle new helicopter w/Lift Ticket WAVE 6 ---------------------------------- Wetsuit Law & Order Rock N Roll Buzzer Raptor Viper Nitro Viper no more comic packs 6 pack Operation: ARCTIC AMBUSH Iceberg, Blizzard, Arctic Cobra Commander, 3 Ice Vipers 6 pack Operation: SAVE THE RAINFOREST Recondo, Hit n Run, Cesspool, 2 Toxo-Viper, 1 Sludge viper updated SHARC with Deep Six
  13. As stated above, this is a way sellers can save on what they pay to Ebay. A seller pays ebay a certain percentage of what he makes on an auction. So high dollar items can get expensive with fees. Ebay does not charge you on your shipping obviously. This is against ebays rules and regs and can result in you losing your privledges if reported.
  14. I sent him a best offer of $15.....<<fingers crossed>>
  15. I agree. The two and three figure sets often contain something I wouldn't mind getting, but not at those prices. I was hoping last year to pick up those 2 and 3 figure packs on eBay for a bit cheaper, but I got tired of looking. I have a feeling these guys will be another set that looks good, but is priced out of my collection. I guess since these guys are the two figure packs, then either the Joes will be the three-figure set or else they'll be left out? I don't remember the cartoon episode they were referring to, so I don't know which Joes may have been involved in it. Anyone remember? These are not con items....this is a set that is based loosely on the ideas in those cartoons where Joes and Cobras are in differents parts of the world, trying to be first to pick up an item. IF I rmember correctly there will be 3 or 4 two packs (can anyone remember fro me) that feature 2 figures in diff environemnts (Jungle, maybe Arctic, Sea, Desert) and a final vehicle pack. I was a bit dissapointed that each pack wasn't a Joe vs Cobra, but army builders tend not to gather dust in the warehouses. I guess I see it differently as I have loved Everything they have made with the exception of the cheap ass stickers that were on last year vehicles. I'm in love with the con sets. The boxes are soooo nice and display well. The paint aps are top notch, as well as design. They do listen to us. We're getting COIL figures this year! We're getting Overlord too! I'm very happy with my membership to the club. I preordered my MOTH set and can't wait for the Annhilator to stick with my AGP!
  16. tHNX bROTHER sHANE......I had that 10 dollar off card from last fall to use before march 31. This saved me more. I needed a wave 3 case and comic pack 16 and 29.....SO I made 2 orders. The case and pack 16 with the SPRINGNEW code and saved $13. The other order I snagged The Viet Nam pack with the $10 off card. So it cost me $1.99 plus shipping. I saved $23!!!!!
  17. Wow....I havn't posted in months, come back and it's STILL a MC flame fight.....Guys....You don't HAVE to buy anything. Noone is forcing you! I LOVE what MC does. They give us classic sculpts with sweet paint aps. I hate the prices, but I understand why they are so high. They are a business. A businees who spend a better part of a year creating these low print run action figures. I don't see how people don't understand this.
  18. my guess is the book gets cancelled next year. DD loses the license. Some big name will pick it up and LJ will be alive again!
  19. This sounds bad! Well this explains why they took so long to announce. Brian was still trying to finagle NO instead of a diff host city. Hope some of ya will lay off now. I'll have to see how my money is as usual. Maybe I'll buy a plane ticket with my taxes.
  20. Tom, good to hear from ya. Somene needs to make a custom Tom figure. Have you got to see the motherland an the way to Iraq? Remember....don't ask, don't TELL!
  21. I would like an RPG BUT it could be tough to do as we could easily get bored leveling up to the SAME troopers and BATS over and over. If I had to design a Joe game I'd do it like a dungeon crawler. You'd have 6 Joes to choose from and when you beat the game, Cobras and a few more Joes open up.
  22. I got most of the str-8 arms. Flash, Steeler, Zap, Clutch 1 & 2, Hawk, Short Fuse, and Breaker. I still want Grand Slam 1& 2 and Grunt 1&2. SE, Scarlett, and Stalker can wait. I have all the Tiger Force and a few foreigns. Psyche Out, Airtight, Shipwreck, and Falcon. Night Force is probably my fav and I only have 2 of them (of the original 2 waves.) Sneek Peek and Falcon MOSC. I went through a Star Brigade phase thispast summer and got 90% of them. Only 'Nok I'm missing is Zartan v1!
  23. As said above, if you display your Joes they look nice, for the most part. Gung-Ho is my fav of the bunch. Lady Jaye, Baroness, Snow Job, Thunder, Vypra, and polar Firefly are standouts. Duke has brown hair...blech. The Stars and Stripes set is junk. The set looks cool on the box but you you don't get that. The vehicles were cool except for the stickers. They were made of paper. So cleaning them ruins the stickers.
  24. They have gotten really cheap on ebay....go for it!
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