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  1. I always knew if GI Joe ever went 6" I'd never resist them. I love this line. Duke and Lady J are looking great.
  2. I just want to say to EVERYONE that's been dissing SI, or even questioning SI... I have done business with SI and they have proven to be EXTREMELY fast, and EXTREMELY courteous. I've never had problems reaching them with a question, and they always have a solid answer. This whole situation with the Streetfighter Series 1 is beyond their control. Please be patient (I know how everyone feels), I've ordered both series and I have the utmost confidence that SI will come through, probably this week or early next, as I'm told. We've all waited a long time for SF, and a few more days won't kill us. Not to mention we're getting them a lot cheaper than at the store. Trust me, SI is going through the emotional grinder to get these figures to us. They *WANT* us to have them. So lets show them a little collector-courtesy, shall we? Like the man from Inglewood says, "Be like the Fonz. BE COOL. Or people will start getting hurt." Rock on SI!
  3. kenjiro


    Hate to break it to you, Cap is the posterboy for better health through Government regulated experimentation. Cap is the perfect human specimen. Bats is close but not quite. Cap is trained as not just a soldier, but THE Soldier. Read Ultimates, and check Cap out in that book. I'd hate to say it, but Bats would get owned in a fight with that guy. THAT's the Cap I'm talking about. Ruthless asskicker. He'd take the fight to Bats, and though I love Bats with all my heart, I think he'd lose. Granted... if you give Bats the drop on him... (if you give Bats the drop on ANYONE, and I put my money on Bats. Word.)
  4. kenjiro


    Umm some of these fights have been done, people. Batman v Hulk - Batman was terrified out of his mind at the power of the Hulk. All the usual Bat-gadjets utterly failed agaonst him, and Bats had to run. and... yes... outsmart him. But he didn't defeat him. Batman v. Spiderman - Interesting. Batman would win because he's more ruthless. But not without sustaining a lot of damage. Batman v. Deathstroke - Read the Deathstroke series. Slade (god bless him) handed Bats his ASS. BIGTIME. They met later in the storyarc however, and Bats returned the favor. However it was slightly cheesed, but hey, that's Bats. He'll find a chink in your armor and drive a bus through it. Batman v. Cap - Bats won. Granted, it wasn't a standup fight, they fought in the dark, in the sewers and he got a good batarang shot to the melon. In the recent JLA/Avengers, Bats concedes that Cap could beat him in a standup, but it wouldn't be easy. (Obviously). Batman v. Nightwing - The student will NEVER surpass the master. NEVER Batman v. Thing - Batman would have a hard time with this fight. Despite everyone assuming the Thing is a dolt, he's not. He's actually pretty smart. That being said, Bats doesn't have to fight guys of this powerlevel that don't have glaring weaknesses like Supes. I'd give it to Bats on sheer ruthlessness, but it'd be even money on a bet. Batman v. Ironman - This is stupid fight. Assuming they both are aware of one another, Ironman would wipe the freaking floor with Bats. Now if you give Bats the jump, by say, a year, and he build his own Ironbat outfit, I'll give you even money. Which brings me to my real thought here. Bat's is a normal guy with expensive gadgetry, he NEVER beats up superhuman foes on the first try. He usually gets rocked, then formulates a plan and then proceeds to whip ass. That's his MO. He noticed details from his initial ass-whipping (like with the Batman v. Predator) figures out how his enemy works, then proceeds to take advantage of them like a man with a bottle of banned in a whore-house. You never beat Bats twice. Once is all you get. On a side note - Slade has duked it out with Wolverine, and they took each other out once a piece. Teen Titans/X-Men cross-over. Glorious comic. Find it and love it.
  5. Hook me up bradda! I want some exclusive stuff!! BOO YAH!
  6. kenjiro


    Hey Lone Clone, any chance you can pick up a SOTA Streetfighter 2-pack for me? I'm gonna open them so I don't care if it's banged up. As long as the figures don't have dog-bites all over them. Kenj
  7. /sniff... I can smell the fanboys heating up. You obviously have no idea what continuity is. Read Crisis, young pup. Superman juggling shooting anything across a galaxy ain't gonna happen. Superman moving planets ain't gonna happen. Superman isn't a brain surgeon, or a geneticist, so how the hell is he gonna know what part of a mutant's brain controls a power of that mutant? Hey I have an idea, Superman should eat vitamins A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y, and Z! Then he'd have the powers of Mighty Mouse too! WOOHOO!! To answer your questions - Jean does not equal Phoenix. Jean, is Jean. The original Phoenix never dealt with Quiksilver. If she had to, he'd be dead. As to your other posturings about Superman, I'll chalk that up to the rantings of rabid fanboyism that doesn't understand the concept of continuity writing and why such events like the seminal Crisis on Infinite Earth's took place. Sorry, let someone else school ya.
  8. When has Superman ever done *any* of the thing's you've described? Phoenix can fly at lightspeed. She flew to the Shi'ar Empire and wiped out a whole solar system and ATE IT. In What If Phoenix Had Lived, she took out Galactus solo. She also took out the Celestials... SOLO. Do you think with any shred of reason, Supe's powers are on par with Galactus? if so, you are suffering from the most maligned form of fanboyism I've ever seen. heh. I'm a fan of Supes... but you're like... a MEGA-fan, no-holds-barred-fanatic if you think Superman is in that same strata. Why didn't she kill Gladiator in the Phoenix saga? Easy, she was still fighing with herself to attempt to control her newfound power. That's why she killed herself. She did take out ALL of the Imperial Guard, including Gladiator and the X-Men with one burst of her nascent power. The What If in question fully details her mastering that power. And in the Phoenix Saga, she is more than powerful enough to kill Superman. Trying to keep things within the realms of "fantastic plausibility" you have to realize Marvel take a few more strides in the sense of explaining the depths of its characters powers as it related to reality at large. Saying Superman can juggle planets is like saying, Popeye can hit a freight-train so hard it turns into a pile of nails which he subsequently catches in his mouth and chews up and spits them out like machine gun bullets and rivets his Phoenix to the ground. Within the current standard of Superman's powers, he cannot move planets, or go back in time or any of the other stupe pre-Crisis bullshit stupid writers used to make him do. As for Phoenix taking out high powered entities, she wasn't around long enough to do so in normal continuity, which should be grossly obvious, and invalidate your premise. If you want an actual piece of comicbook wood pulp paper with pictures of Phoenix whipping ass, you'll have to use What If. In that issue, you'll get exactly what you want, Phoenix kicking the #$## out of people Superman would be like a gnat against - Korvac, Galactus, the Elders of the Universe, Galactus, the list goes on. The game is called "Clue" go pick it up, I hear Parker Bros. still makes it.
  9. She's MOC and up for trade. I'm looking for ML figs, or SMC, or Hulks. I'd love to get an Absorbing Man, but I'll hear any offers.
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