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  1. Says "Yay Spring!"

  2. Got the "Resurgence of the Jedi" battle pack (which quite possibly contains the best Ben Kenobi and R2-D2 figures ever made!) And some Clones Wars figures (Thi-Sen, Count Dooku, Kit Fisto and Darth Sidious)
  3. Wow, the Cloud Car looks cool.. I like how "the package converts to a diorama"! How many (if any) pilots does it come with? That Fett helmet looks cool too, and I'm strangely tempted by the Death Star Planetarium.... and the Lightsabre room light, depending on the size of the sabre..
  4. There's Vader, Anakin, Yoda, R2D2, The Falcon, a X-wing, a Jedi Starfighter (Episode II) and a Clone Trooper gunship. I got Anakin and Vader. Fun fact, the character toys come with temporary tattoos! ... it's strange though that the toys are a mix of the Clone Wars cartoon and the movies.. you'd think there'd have been a promotion for the 30th aniversary of The Empire Strikes Back instead...
  5. Question: Which UPC are you supposed to use? All the figures packaging I have has a "sticker" UPC on the outer plastic and right beneath it on the carboard/paper inside is another UPC with a different number.. I'm assuming the sticker is the Canadian UPC..
  6. Yeah, ROC was a enjoyable movie. But, one person says it sucks, then everyone jumps on the bandwagon. @grumpy@
  7. Hmm.. I'm not liking the sun/clouds theme on the cards.. .. but since I just rip my figs out of the packaging in seconds anyway it doesn't really matter to me.
  8. Thought I'd had some more. 5. The big legs need to go. At-AT- and at-st make some (small) sense for navigating bad terrerian, but wouldn't anti-grav since they use it elsewheree? Maybe that would save power? I know it would change how the gliders take the AT-At's down, but it'd like to see them at least be able to fold up and the things fly in launched from the ships above. 6. Sheilds or no. IF x-wings have them, so should the ties, or vice versa. The rebels should be poor I don't see how they have better shields than the Empire. 7. More Rebels on Endor, fewer reliance on ewoks. 8. Better death, I mean shoot out death for Boba fett. That death needs fixed! 9. The old trilogy saber fights do need some improvement, not necessarily tot he ballerina point of the prequals, but still better. Vader needs to be more flexible and ruthless. 1. Could happen to anyone, if you were seperated at birth and had no clue she/he was your brother/sister. 2. 3P0's made for protocol and translation, he's not made for lifting, moving or doing karate, he's basically just a mobile computer. So he doesn't need to be more mobile. 3. Luke was on Dagobah for at least a week. He was so strong in the force that things came easily for him. Plus, when he leaves Dagobah in ESB, his training is not complete. 4. This is how things went down in the Expanded Universe. Besides, it would've been strange for the last chapter to end the way you describe. 5. The AT-AT's were pretty much for visual show. They work as is. 6. The Emperor/Empire considers TIE fighters and their pilots expendable, so the TIE's are made cheap and fast. They're made to swarm and outnumber. X-wings and Rebel craft in general are built to last due to the Rebelion's limited pilots/resources. They're not as expendable. 7. There where limited Rebels on Endor cause that's all that'd fit on the shuttle. Plus it was a small commando force meant to go in, do the job and get out. They weren't expecting a big battle. Plus, the Ewoks kicked butt, get over it. The Ewoks took the Empire by surprise. 8. Fett was a wuss. Only in the comics and such is he a bada__. Plus his death is even funnier because you expect a shootout/battle of some kind and instead Fett is killed off hand in a hillarious fashion. Awesome. 9. The sabre fights were perfect.
  9. Altered somewhat? They killed off 99% of the vulcans. That's gonna have long reaching and long lasting consequences. Not to mention all the people/Federation officers Nero killed.. and some Klingons.. Nero going back in time had the ripple effect of a boulder falling off a skyscraper into a pond.
  10. I still haven't seen the figures up here. @grumpy@ I have been watching the re-air of Mighty Morphin' on T.V though. While it's nice to seen 'em again - man I hate the junk they added to the episodes :angry: (like/esp the '60's Batman "Pow" effects. ). I've seen/enjoyed all of Power Rangers, except for "Time Force", "Operation Overdrive" and esp "R.P.M" @popcorn@ Well, hopefully with the re-airing of MMPR, we get the show released on DVD (Over here)(finally!) @ohyeah@ And I collect lots of Power Ranger stuff - including MOC original MMPR Ranger figs, twelve inchers including. ##1#
  11. The Decepticon figs in this series should be called "Human Defiance" rather than "Alliance" .. like the prequel comics.. @screamer@
  12. I don't know anything about ya, so I can't say... #GvE# But your Bender avatar is cool.
  13. Picked up the new Toy Story LEGO Army Men set - love it! The little LEGO army men are so cool. Even if one doesn't like Toy Story, I recomend the set as a standalone!
  14. Well it's about time. Like X3, Spidey 3 messed the series up. Unlike the X-men films though, all the Spidey movies (IMO) sucked. Power-Ranger Goblin, Mind-controlled Doc Ock, and do I even need to start listing what was wrong with 3? Anyway, hopefully they stick closer to the original comics this time, Spidey keeps his damn mask on, the actor playing Spidey actually looks the part/isn't too old/can act, Spidey mouths off what with the one-liners and such - he was way too silent in the old movies. ECT So, out with the old, in with the new! Plus, if they'd make good movies in the first place, they wouldn't have to bother with rebooting all these movies! @hmmm@
  15. Ah. I didn't even think to look in General Discussion, I thought this'd be the right area for this. @homer@ D'oh!
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