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  1. Still seems like anything from 1987 on from the original line still has value though - perhaps because not as many have been reproduced?
  2. Not so sure - I was at at toy convention a week or two ago, and dealers had him up for about $50. With other alternatives (3rd party and the upcoming MP-36) I think most are just trying to get rid of him. Got rid of mine when Apollyon was announced, and I just got rid of Apollyon for $95 as soon as this one was announced. Gotta strike while the iron is hot! Best of luck!
  3. @smilepunch@ And that's why I liked the "soft" continuity that stokovor2000 mentions. They were individual enough to stand alone (for the most part), yet still gave a sense of events that had happened. Season 3 has a bit of this as well, but season 2 consisted of a lot of one-shots, especially the second half, that were clearly meant to intro characters and sell toys.
  4. And you mine, friend... not really accidental.
  5. Looks about right. Magnus was supposed to be bigger, even in the toon he was slightly taller.
  6. Hmmmmm...I'm pretty sure "Transport to Oblivion" and "Roll for It" from season one back up to each other intentionally. Oblivion ends with Megatron traveling to Cybertron in the space bridge. "Roll for It" begins with Starscream bragging how he is the new Decepticon leader, and Shockwave and Megatron contact him from Cybertron, commenting how he is injured as a result of their recent battle. I think there are intentional links throughout the season, mostly because it revolves around the space bridge. Are there some eps that defy this continuity? Yes. But it is there. At least, so says wikipedia:Season 1 "Where the first season primarily functioned episodically but had a general continuity from episode to episode, which thus required they be viewed in a specific order, Season 2 and its syndication goals saw this method of storytelling dropped in favor of single-episode tales mostly without lasting repercussions which could hence be generally watched in any order that networks chose to air them."
  7. I'm actually starting to re-watch with season 1 now, and I can easily maintain that season 1 has THE strongest story, mostly because it was serialized; each episode built off of the episode before it, while still allowing for some smaller character moments. Season 2, for me, is extremely uneven. There are some truly great eps., mixed with some terrible ones, especially in the second half that try to intro new characters but fail miserable (Hoist Goes to Hollywood? No thanks!). I think I just liked the idea of season 3 more so than the actual execution. Like a mentioned before...so much potential that shined through on the rare occasion, but just not enough.
  8. This. I wish Hasbro (or whomever) would have ponied up for a better animation studio. Some of the errors throughout the season are so terrible, starting with the first story arc, that it pains me to watch this season sometimes. Definitely more prevalent than season 1 and 2.
  9. Sorry. Wasn't talking about Ultra Magnus; I thought someone mentioned that the one of the Arielbots reappeared later; must have read it when I did a quick internet search. Probably from what is says on wikipedia:Arielbots "The Decepticons then later on after the Combaticons had made sure they were defeated, under Galvatron's orders scavenged their parts to construct a super engine to move the planet Cybertron. It is unknown if they survived or not, though one does appear jumping up and down with Bumblebee indicating that they might have survived." Do they mean Goldbug?
  10. 14 out 30 sure, but he rarely talked; whereas in the movie, he at least contributed to some side commentary. I missed his personality. And yes, it has been awhile. That's why I asked about the death of the Arielbots; I couldn't actually recall. And even if one appeared later, who's not to say that wasn't an animation error? Pretty sure Bruticus appeared next to (and in scale with) independent combaticons at some point in season 3 or 4. The same probably holds true with the powerpacks though. Season 4 is rough; I dread watching that, but maybe I'll give it a spin to check it out for sure. I usually prefer the first 12 or so eps of Headmasters.
  11. This is a bit of a tough one. I may be one of the few, but I didn't mind the fact that they killed Optimus in the movie. Heck, the movie wouldn't be half as epic as it was if they didn't; however, things fell a bit apart after the fact. I'm not sure if what came first, the terribly blocky toy designs or the inconsistent animation and characterization that season 3 suffered from. While I didn't mind most of the toys (in my opinion, they didn't really start to really go downhill until year 5), the main Autobot Cars and Decepticon jets were terrible designs. The combiners though, I loved as well as the city toys. I think that as far as the cartoon was concerned, I would have pushed for more consistency with Rodimus, and to have him portrayed more so in the likeness of his movie characterization: a strong, individual prepared to take the helm of leadership. There was always room for self-doubt, but at the same time, it shouldn't have become his defining character trait. I also always hated the fact that he wasn't present in every episode. There were quite a few in Season 3 that feature Ultra Magnus as the team leader (if I recall correctly) and Rodimus never shows. I think it bothered me because if they were trying to establish him as a leader, why not have him present at all times? And speaking of characters, where was Springer in season 3? I mean, he was there, but his role was so downplayed that it was complete disappointment following the time he was given in the movie; I always though he gave the group a much needed injection in the personality department that the Autobots lacked without him. On a positive note though, I liked insane Galvatron and Cyclonus (although his voice changed mid-season - did the original guy die?), as well as the episodes with Starscream. I may be one of the few, but I also liked the space opera setting. I think that it lent itself to solid opportunities in story-telling that (unfortunately) were never really taken advantage of to their fullest potential. There were some great episodes, and then there were some terrible ones (Carnage in C-Minor? Ugh!). Oh, and I would have gone with the studio that animated "Call of the Primitives" or whatever the episode was that looked far superior than the rest of the season. Whomever they did go with must have set a record for animation errors. I don't think I would have brought Prime back either. I felt like it was a cheap out that undercut the whole season. I realize Hasbro took a lot of crap for killing him, but what was the point? The show only lasted 3 more eps after they brought him back anyway. Besides, didn't they kill off the Arielbots in the Return of Optimus Prime? I distinctly remember being ticked off about that as a kid. I'll have to re-watch to be sure. I probably would have axed the Protectabots instead.
  12. Sorry this is a bit out of left field: I have the original Takara Masterpiece Grimlock, and I know that he was re-issued recently with some extras that weren't available before; however, as I was watching some reviews on Youtube, I noticed that his gold chest piece seemed to be more yellow (on the re-issue) than I remember it being on the original. I recall it being somewhat pale on the original issue. Can anyone confirm that they did use a different paint app on the never version? I think I like it better if that's the case and may consider picking one up, but it could just be the lighting. Any input is appreciated! Thanks!
  13. Hey guys, I've recently been opening all of my 25th stuff, both to conserve room by transferring my singles to Flambeau cases and getting rid of the more bulky boxes that many of the vehicles come in. My question is this: What is the best way to store vehicles? Do you wrap them in bubble wrap, just keep them in a bin, keep them boxed individually? Looking for a good way to store them that will keep them in nice condition. Any suggestions are appreciated. This is what I am using for the single figures. They work great!: Flambeau Cases
  14. Hey guys: Although I don't post here all that much, I've been a member for some time and still actively collect many lines, Transformers being one of the many. Anyway, I currently have in my possession both the Takara MP-10 Convoy and the TRU Masterpiece Optimus Prime, both unopened, both MISB. However, I only want to keep one and sell the other. I need to decrease my collection; having a third kid will do that! Since I haven't opened either, I can't decide on which to keep! Eventually, I plan on using the one I keep with the other Masterpieces, primarily for display purposes. Aside from the coloring and the eyes, are there any primary differences (i.e. - paint apps, joint issues, part quality, etc.) that I should be aware of when choosing one of the other? Does one look better as a display piece? I've watched dozens of videos on YouTube and read countless reviews comparing the two; however, I'd like to hear from some folks who have had firsthand experience with a least one of the two pieces. Again, any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  15. My Masterpiece Red Alert shipped today from BBTS! Merry Christmas to me!
  16. Congrats man. I have '84 and '85 complete, and I am currently working on closing out some small pieces from '86. Springer's gun is seriously impossible to find in good shape!
  17. Loved the first one; I hope this one lives up to it. I love the idea of taking classic characters and updating their look. Although I'm not so sure about the story being considered canon. I believe Hasbro stated at one point that the first game's story is considered official?
  18. LOL if you feel like torturing yourself here is the first ten minutes of it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULARajDlvMM&feature=related I made it to about minute 3 and felt so disgusted that I opted for a shower. Man, that IS terrible, and I LIKE season 3. Ugh...
  19. Didn't realize the errors were so bad in this one, probably because I never watch it. Even after owning the Rhino sets and currently owning the Matrix box set this one (along with a few others) is considered a mandatory skip for me. I don't think I've watched it since it first aired back in '87ish.
  20. Season 3 could have worked; I agree with whoever said that the writing was inconsistent. Some of the eps in season 3 are pretty good. And lets not kid ourselves here; some of the season 2 eps. were pretty terrible (Hoist goes to Hollywood, really?) mainly because they began to do "episodes of the week" and threw out the continuity that the first season thrived on. Overall, I tend to prefer the more mythology based season 2 eps in favor of the one-shots, and that boils down to about half of the season. The issue with season 3 is that Rodimus was never fully developed as a leader. In some episodes he is portrayed as a great commander, while in others he frets about his own leadership potential. I like the idea here, but again, because its not followed through in a consistent manner, its wholly ineffective. Add to that the shifting focus of characters, (and from what I've seen on the sp ed. of the DVD this was somewhat the result of "available" voice talent)and the downgrade in animation quality after season 2 and the movie, and you're left with an inferior series. I have to say though, that I don't think that the toys really played into the failure of the show. I remember as a kid (I was born in '79)that I wanted all of the toys for season 3 just the same. Yes, the diaclone molds, in most instances, are superior, but at a young age, much of this gets lost in the excitement of what's on the screen. In fact, I remember having little interest in any toy that was NOT part of the show (deluxe insecticons, autobot triple changers, etc.) And although I'm probably in the minority here, I will actually watch season 3 with more interest than the first 2. I actually liked the direction the show took following the movie. You can only do so much with Optimus and Megatron on earth fighting for energon every day of the week. And while some of season 2 expanded on this a bit, much of it was the same ol' stuff week after week just featuring different characters. At least season 3 had the potential to broaden the canvas, and for as many times as they produced a stinker, there are some gems in there toward the end of the series. Finally, while I know that I am surely in the minority here (again), I hate the fact that they brought back Prime at the end of season 3 (I know, I have no soul); it seemed to be a cop-out to me. I recognize all of the negative feedback they received from the movie, but to me - it essentially compromises any integrity(?) the show had. Don't get me wrong - the 2 parter is a very cool ep (Death of the Arielbots!, Bumblebee to Goldbug, Rodimus vs. Optimus) but I actually prefer the serious tone of Dark Awakening for his "return". To me, the line went downhill in the fifth year. The headmaster/targetmaster concept was good enough. It;s when they went pretender that TF really jumped the shark in my opinion.
  21. Although it's been awhile since I've given it a listen, but don't they confirm the deaths of Wheeljack and Windcharger in one of the filmmaker commentaries on the DVD? (obviously not the ridiculously bad fan/expert track where they clearly don't know what they are talking about half of the time). And while it's not officially "in the narrative" if it is the filmmaker's intent, isn't that just as good. Also, I believe the script is available (with said filmmaker's intentions) and lists their deaths as well. Again, not too sure; I'll have to look into it.
  22. I was there fairly early, around 9am-11:30 or so. It was ok. There was some decent stuff, but again, much of it was overpriced. I had to haggle a bit to get the prices down. Overall though, it was a success. I got two pieces I've been looking for for a long time (G1 Hubcap!)as well as some decent parts. I will say that this definitely was no Cybercon. The dealer room was much smaller than I expected and was not worth the $15 I paid to get into it. $10 maybe. I also picked up the 80's Tublular Toys book from the author in the front. A bit pricey, but an awesome read. I also overheard the guys at the door say that he was thinking about organizing another show for the spring. Anyone else there?
  23. People still going to this? I'm making my list tonight and hope to be there next weekend.
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