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  1. I pulled his hair and mask off and the face is a full on skull. The back half is like nomral skin but the front half is a black skull with two white dots in the eye sockets. Sorry, I could not get a good pic of it. This just seems a bit out there to me.
  2. Damn, oh well...maybe her acccessories will make it in some other way. The body looked like the reactive armor with Helix's boots so I was not messed up about that.
  3. I was really wanting this figure and thought she would have been out a long time ago. Anybody else remember this?
  4. Zartan never should have come to Gotham.
  5. This...umm...took place during one of their many break-up times..yeah, yeah that it is a break-up. Then again,if I had a Baroness on hand she might join in. She is European and I bet she would be down for that.
  6. I finally got the Destro with the briefcase full of money(yay) so I decided to have some fun. Destro went "clubbin'" and paid some chicks to dress like the Baroness on the account that well, let face it Destro is a playa. Actually,the first chick is Selene from Underworld and the other three are my take on the Hex Girls from the recent Scooby-Doo movies. I thought they would make for cool supernatural spies.
  7. Nope, all my own doing. Just Helix's head on a Ms. Marvel body with Beru Whitesun's hands and the feet from that fat chick fromn Jabba's Palace.
  8. Good lord, is he planning on sniping a giant. Those look like big footprints in front of him. Plus, I hope he is well insulated or he is going to have some major shrinkage going on. Cool shots. Wish I could find a Low-Light.
  9. Ooh, zinged twice..Although...double knee joints and ankle articulation make for some interesting poses.
  10. Yeah, I sometimes have too much time on my hands. In case you are wondering...she has all her umm...lady parts underneath.
  11. My 2 cents, I might actually hate this more than the movie and until now I did not think such a thing was possible. I understand making some alterations to appeal to a new audience but this is too much. I noticed the when changing races no minorities became white. That seems pretty messed up in its own right. I also would rather see Stalker that "fake" Ripcord any day. Plus, if they are trying to cover ra...err, bases then where the hell is Spirit? What, he can get a new figure(totally ripped from Predator) bujt he cannot get in the new cartoon? After reading the short bios I am just disappointed with all of it.
  12. I am already more impressed with POC than I am with ROC so I am interested. If nothing else he will make a great custom piece.
  13. I agree. I would much rather see a continuation of the original series with some updates of course. As far as an origin, they may have never really had one but I do not see the point of having them rounded up and just put on a team. I have always liked the fact that the Joes were the best in their respective fields and were battle hardened. Much of what sucks to me today is this incessant need to "youthanize" every character, especially just to appeal to a younger audience. As a kid I had no problem that I was watching a team of people in their thirties. The first X-Men cartoon was awesome and then we got that crap X-Men: Evolution. Just my opinion but when you have something that has stood the test of time then it is not broke and there is no need to fix it.
  14. I have to say I was not inmpressed with the Renegades teaser trailer and not blown away by the character sketches. I think Hawk deserves better that what they did to him. I do kind of like Baroness' hair being short. What really bothers me is that the basic start over/reboot. Seems to me G.I. Joe is not something you have to keep explaining the origin of. You can just jump in the middle and go with it. Then again, I am probably the only person who hated Resolute and got sick of it in the middle the thing.
  15. My closest Walmart is now listing two prices $9.97 and $6.88. Seriously, who is watching the store so to speak?
  16. I was just about to post a topic about this when I saw it. Talk about complete B.S.! Could it have been a mistake, possibly. Am I about to walk around and hunt for a scanner to see if it was...HELL NO! Mistake or not that is the price and it first glance who in their right mind would buy it for $10 if it was not a mistake. I can blame Walmart and/or Hasbro if there is an increase. I will not blame myself for saying no to a line that had maybe one or two figures worth getting. This is just a bad thing, again mistake or not, for everyone. I can only imagine what a parent or casual customer thinks when they see that price. I even not think they would bother to scan it. All can say is $9.97...No Joe!
  17. I could deal with it. Plus, they did fight dinosaurs in the cartoon. Now if we could just get some Predators.
  18. I am thinking of using a Helix head with Baroness hair, got any suggestions for the body. I think I would prefer using the move version of Black Widow for the head but I am getting tired of waiting. I might make her a double agent for the Joes. She has all tha financial expertise to be a great foil the Tomax and Xamot. Anna Chapman rules!

    A-Team toys

    If B.A. does not have massive amounts of gold chains, a feather ear ring, his pant legs tucked under his socks I do not care!(lol).
  20. Goatees arent hip anymore!!!! thats why my nephew keeps sayin im soooo 90's guess im gonna go full beard now TM 'bout time! slacker! On the Stalker w/dreds thing, I suppose for his V2 look (as the Tundra Ranger) it would work ok? Why does this pic make me want rock down to Electric Avenue and then take it higher?(lol).
  21. Yeah, I also think the Predator nod is cool. But honestly, I'm not sure how you could do a more "field-accurate" Spirit without him looking like Billy a bit??? I mean, both are kind of the "token Native" member of the team, there's bound to be some resemblances. I do not know, are headbands with a feather no longer cool(lol)? I do not think he needs to have an 80s look, but something could have been different. I am missing G.I. Joes originality. Back in the day they may have had one or two things they ripped off but now it just seems like they are riding the movie tribute thing a little too close. Like maybe to spark interest in a horribly done ROC wake. I just want to say, Oh cool, a new Spiriit figure is coming out!" Him looking like Billy should be an aftethought not what I think right off the bat.
  22. I would never knock someone for enjoying something...unless it was weird/creepy(lol). I will knock a product or what it represents. I hated ROC and hated the figures as Joes. I only bought them for custom. But I would hope no one got personal with it and diss other people for liking it.
  23. I can sort of forgive the Matt figure since he was toy and it is not like they just threw a blonde guy who wears a grey jumpsuit, wears a mask/helmet, and flies a car with doors that double as wings. Spirit is outright Billy. I know Hasbro calls it a tribute but I would rather they just put the effort to get the right and make a full-fledged line. It kind of makes me think that Hasbro could bank on fans like us who have probably made customs based on movies like that or like the concept enough that we would accept a Joe slant on it. I know orignality is harder to come by these days, but something about this type of thing does not sit right with me. Of course, this just my view. Think how awesome 3 3/4 Predators would be, not the snap together kind either.
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