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  1. First Appearance is by far the best. I love her mask. It also was the one she wore in the animated series, and the one most people are familair with. I always thought her costume was more of a bright gold color as opposed to a flat yellow, so maybe Hasbro could do the yellow costume with a gold variant. The second new warriors costume is very 80's: she looks like she is going to an aerobics class. Those yellow shades remind me of the shades my grandma wears whenever she rides in the car. Plus the jacket is too Rogue for my taste. The Avengers one is cool, but Firestar herself hated the cleavage because it was too provacative and did not reflect her personality. Plus I also though the painted fire on her face looked stupid.
  2. I would like to see: 1) The Crimson Twins in the original sleeveless uniforms 2) Lt Flacon 3) Second Series Dusty with beret and wife beater 4) Cobra Commander in the black or blue Crimson Guard uniform 5) Zarana 6) Zandar 7) Jinx-in her modern black uniform 8) Scarlett in the Ninja Force Costume, but like she looked when she became Cobra Commander's body guard; Her costume was made really cooll looking and akin to a green version of the Baroness's costume with flowing hair and no ponytail; the last issue of the original JOE comic. 9) Dr. Biggles-Jones 10) Dr. Knox
  3. 1) Scarlett when she comes out in wave 4 2) Hooded Cobra Commander 3) Lady jaye 4) Crimson Guard; when they come out
  4. When is this coming out? I have been to every single Target in San Antonio and have yet to find him. I was able to find Elita-1 and Gen 1 movie Jazz, but not SS. I am really looking foward to this repaint, but I refuse to pay high amounts of money for this repaint on EBAY. What is up with Target? For the past 2 months, their Transformer section has been almost completely empty, only having the stupid transformers gadgets.
  5. I would have to say Skywarp. He has a HUGE fan base, and is the only other Seeker other than Starscream that was really fleshed out personality wise. He was also the first Transformers I ever got because my mom loves his color scheme. Skywarp would have been the Seeker leader, not for his intelligence, but because of his bully attitude. Thundercracker's bio states him to be the one who believes in the Decepticon cause the least. Ramjet is the most agressive the of the Cone-heads, but Skywarp could outbully him. Thrust is more intelligent, but he's a bragart and somewhat of a coward. Dirge is the EMO of the Seekers. He doesn't seem like the leader type. Sunstorm is a clone of Starscream, so if SS didn't exist, neither would Sunstorm. I would have to say that the original 3 seekers had an air about them, and thought themselves to be superior to the Cone-heads. There is no other information of the other generic seekers, so who knows who would have been the leader. I prefer to believe that the reason Cyclonus is so big and intelligent is because he was made not just from Skywarp, but from insecticons as well, Bombshell in particular. Besides the Color Scheme also adds to it. It is logical to assume that Thundercracker was transformed into Scourge. If Starscream didn't exisit, Soundwave would have been the second in command and also the blame for all of Megatron's failures.
  6. MJ's face is really ugly. I will take MG 60's Betty Crocker smile over MJ's.
  7. If Hasbro released a Spiderman and his amazing Friends 3 pack with Peter Parker in the Spiderman costume (maskless, and with an animated accurate face), Ice-man with a blocked head sculpt and classic Firestar with Ms. Lion, along with a Bonus DVD of a few of the old cartoon series, I guarantee it would sell.
  8. I love the head sculpt... Makes the Emma body mold look 10 times better. I actually am glad they used the Emma mold because Selene wore a black version of Emma's Astonishing costume for the new Hellfire club when she was after Rachel. Although Jean and Selene are two different character's this look suits Jean well too. Anyway, If Emma can seduce Cylcops wearing the Phoenix costume and making her hair appear red everytime she gets kinky with Cyclops, why can't Jean wear some of emma's clothes in black?
  9. 1) Northstar and Aurora 2) Justice and Firestar 3) Jim Lee Cyclops (bigger sculpt) and Jim Lee Jean Grey 4) Cloak and Dagger 5) Polaris and HAvok- current costumes 6) Rachel Grey and Korvus current costumes 7) Spiderman unmasked and comic Mary Jane 8) Jim Lee Rogue and Gambit 9) GenX Skin and GenX Jubilee 10) Mohawk Storm and Forge
  10. Yeah I would've rather have had Jean instead of Emma. Even if she has been dead for like 5 years, all the more reason why she should be in there. People miss her! I loved Jean in X-Men Evolution and in the original animated series. I don't know if the Emma and Scott relationship would be as captivating and the Jean and Scott relationship. I agree with you. Colossus and definately Jean should be there. BTW, I love your avator and sig! The big 4 Cyclops, Phoenix, Storm and Wolverine are my favorite X-men!
  11. 1) Jim Lee Cyclops and Jim Lee Jean Grey 2) Northstar and Aurora 3) Fa Storm and maskless Black Panther 4) Firestar and Justice 5) Jim Lee Rogue and FA Gambit 6) Peter Parker Maskless Spider Man and Mary Jane 7) AOA Jean Grey aND AOA Weapon X 8) AOA X-man/Rachel Grey MarvelGirl/Cable
  12. I take it this series will feature the Astonishing cast of members. I am really upset and dissapointed that Jean Grey/Phoenix will not be part of this series. The writers have clearly stated they hated her character and obviously replaced her with a tawdry $itch like Emma. Don't get me wrong, I like Emma (she is definately an interesting character full of contradictions), but the X-men are not the X-men I love without Jean. It is like having the Fantistic Four without Sue Storm or the Human Torch. Jean in many ways has been the heart of the X-men being both the weakest and the most powerful. Her position, as well as her husband have been ripped from her just like in the comics. She isn't given the respect she deserves, not in the movies, comics, and now in animation. If anything, I would have hoped that she would have been a major player since Wolverine is the star, and since he will always have feelings for Jean. Maybe this is for the best. I still don't understand why so many people hate Jean. People say she has no personality and that the phoenix thing ruined her. I disagree. I see a beautiful passionate woman who has many stories waiting to be told away from Cyclops and Wolverine. If the writers gav eher a chance they could see how incedible Jean could really be. They don't have to write her as omnipotent. The last season of X-men Evolution was so promising because it showed Jean becoming a powerhouse without necessarily becoming Phoenix. even though the final episode showed Jean turning into a bitter Dark Phoenix, it doesn't mean that every animated version has go the Dark Phoenix route--it has been done. All I wanted was to see Jean Grey in her signiature gold and green Phoenix costume; being the true hero that she is! I wish they made a Marvel Universe series focusing on the ICONIC characters of Marvel like Captain America and Thor. Jean Grey as Phoenix with the power equal to Thor like she was originally meant to be belongs with the BIG GUNS now, not the X-men.
  13. How tall is Lady jaye in comparison to Scarlett and Baronesss?
  14. Colossus in human form would be really cool, and I would love an Astonishing Phoenix with piping and wrinkles in her costume, a really detailed sculpt akin to ML Storm.
  15. Hey...Im all for it.. I was thinking maybe (along with your choices) William Stryker, Callisto, Porcupine guy (X3), Scott Summer (begginning of X3), and a super posable mystique for a second wave and the BAF would be a super big Sentinel head from the beginning to X3. Personally I would like to see X3 jean Grey with the longer in the X2 uniform as she looked when we flew out of the lake. The longer wig looked much better than the shorter wig. And I would ask for a less masculine looking face sculpt.
  16. I voted for Northstar, and secondly, Storm. Although I love this Storm figure and can't wait to pose her next to my Phoenix, Northstar is one of my favorite characters and I've wanted a ML of him for a LONG time. He probbably is in the minority, but I want him anyway.
  17. This is one of my favorite Icon Figures. I wish he was a littler taller though since Scott is about 6'3". I trully think that he would look much better if the trim were gold as opposed to bright yellow. I intend to repaint the yellow trim to match Phoenix and Colossus's belt as soon as they come out.
  18. 1) Resculpted, more feminine green/gold Phoneix, red/gold Dark Phoenix, White Phoenix of the Crown with Dave Cockrum's Cape idea 2) Extreme Rogue; with green and yellow repaint 3) Chrome painted Storm with gold trim Maybe they could release an all women boxset
  19. 1) Rachel, because she is the daughter of Jean Grey 2) Cyclops because I like Astonishing 3) X3 Colossus because I Daniel Cudmore is hot
  20. Why does Superman have the Kryptonite Veins?
  21. Mine was warped too, but I used a blow dryer to straighten it out and then used a hot glue gun to put the helmet on permanently. The good thing abouty hot glue when it dries is that you can still take the helmet off if you want to--just add some force. But with crazy glue, it is permanently attached and you can never take it off without damaging the paint.
  22. I LOVE DUKE. My first exposure to GIJOE was via the cartoon and not the comic. I loved how Duke and Scarlett had a relationship. To me Duke was the Cyclops of GIJOE and Scarlett was the Jean Grey of GIJOE. Snake Eyes is the Wolverine of GIJOE secretly in love with Scarlett. Then in 1986 I saw General Hawk as the leader and was like, WTF? It wasn't until I started reading the comic book back issues that I disovered that Hawk came before Duke, and that Scarlett was with SE. The wierd part is that I like Hawk and Duke equally now. and Scarlett's relationship with SE has grown on me. There is just something about Duke that makes him stand out above other Joes. In addition I always thought that Snake Eyes was the most over exposed. To me the stars of GIJOE will always be Duke, Scarlett, Cobra Commander. and the Baroness.
  23. 1) Northstar: Black and White costume 2) Jean Grey: Orange and Metallic Blue Jim lee Costume 3) Gladiator: Imperial Guard 4) Polaris: modern green costume 5) AOA X-man: removable X-jacket and x tatoo on chest shirtless 6) Mohawk Storm in correct costume with removable vest 7) Firestar: modern classic costume 8) X-men TAS Morph 9) Exodus: Original Costume
  24. I am crazy about the Icons line. When I saw Phoenix, Colossus, and Dark Phoenix, I could not stop drooling! I will continue to buy this line and focus only on the character that I like. Here's hoping they make more females like First Appearance Storm, Spider-Woman Jessica Drew, Ms Marvel, Invisible Woman, Jim Lee Rogue,and SHe-hulk. Would also love to see a Namor in the green trunks Icon, First Appearance Gambit, Archangel/Angel, and Ice-man.
  25. 1) Tomax 2) Xamot 3) Lt. Falcon 4) Jinx 5) Crimson Guard 6) Major Bludd 7) Zarana 8) General Hawk 9) Spirit 10) Dusty
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