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  1. 1) Gladiator-leader (Superman) 2) Oracle-I prefer her current costume w/puffy sleeves (Saturngirl) 3) Flashfire-(LIGHTNING LAD) 4) MENTOR-(BRANIAC 5) 5) FANG (TIMBERWOLF) 6) STARBOLT-(SUNBOY) 7) NIGHTSIDE, Manta, Scintilla, Astra, or Houssar-Extra female to add balance 8) TITAN (COLOSSAL BOY) bUILD A FIGURE
  2. 1) Northstar and Aurora 2) Jim Lee Jean Grey and Jim Lee Cyclops (new, bigger sculpt) 3) Justice and Firestar- Avengers Version 4) Modern Polaris and modern Havok 5) Rachel Grey (new black costume) versus Gladiator This would be a great way for Hasbro to market the ever increasing female action figures
  3. I use Onslaught series Jean Grey. the only thing that sucks about her is the pose, and her hair is shiny with too much black wash. I wish her legs were straight. Otherwise, she looks pretty good next to X-men Classics Cyclops. I also use Blink since she is a shorter character.
  4. Tomax Xamot Scarlett-Ninja Force Comic Version with high heels Hooded Cobra Commander in CG uniform Dusty in wife beater and barret Snake Eyes unmasked Falcon Jinx-BLACK UNIFORM Leather Jacket Hawk DR. MINDERBENDER DR. KNOX FIREWALL
  5. Joe: Scarlett- Original Appearance Cobra: Hooded Cobra Commander in Dark Navy Crimson Guard Uniform
  6. I am satisfied with ToyBiz's boxset of the original 5 in the First appearance uniforms. Personallly, I hated the diaper look on them. The First Class costumes give homage to the originals, but more updated. Jean's costume looks very phoenix like with the opera gloves and thigh high boots. I would prefer hasbro make First Class. I love the series, especially since it has Jean and non furry Beast in it. Personally, I would also love an X-factor boxset of the original 5. Just don't put Jean in a mask that covers her hair.
  7. We definately need more females in the X-men Roster. I would like to see: 1) Polaris: neo classic green costume (Rise and Fall of the Shiar Empire) 2) Jean Grey Orange and metallic blue Gold Team 3) Sage: Extreme X-men with a nice gun 4) Jubilee: either Gen X or X-men uniform; I can't stand the shorts 5) Mohawk Storm or FA Storm, or Alan Davis Storm 6) Goblin Queen 7) Rachel Grey: Current Black and Gold (Rise and Fall of the Shiar Empire) 8) Lilandra: Battle uniform 9) Oracle: Pink unifrom with shoulderpads 10) Aurora I would also love to see 1) AOA X-man 2) Shirtless tatoo X-man 3) Northstar 4) Shatterstar 5) Cannnonball- X-men uniform 6) Phantom X 7) Exodus-neoclassic uniform 8) FABIAN CORTEZ 9) ANIMATED MORPH
  8. Boxsets will only do well if they include only characters that are recognizable. I really think that a boxset of the original 5 X-men would seel well. I would probably do X-men First Class since they are a modern take on the original characters and include a comic book in the box set. I would also maybe do a boxset of repaints of only the most recognizable characters. The molds are already there, just do a different paint scheme: Captain America- repainted as US Soldier Hulk- change the color of his trunks to blue Spiderman-used a movie mold but color it in comic colors Wolverine-repaint brown wolvie into his astonishing costume like he was planned to be released Phoenix: A white version of the Phoenix mold could be used in the box set Storm: A chrome version of ML8 would be cool
  9. I was grocery shopping at HEB in Texas and came across Phoenix and Brown Wolverine in the toy isle. Jean looked so cute and reminded me of the baby x-men so I started collecting the X-men Superhero squad. I just think they are so cute and I bough 2 of each. 1 for my desk at home and 1 at one of my desk at work.
  10. I think I am going to just stick to 5 to make it easy: 1) Jean Grey/Orange and metallic blue Jim lee costume (no ponytail!) 2) AOA X-man/shirtless variant with X-tattoo 3) Polaris-modern green costume 4) Firestar-classic, avengers variant 5) Northstar- black and white, with silver and black variant
  11. Do you think that hasbro will eventually release X-men Unleashed? I would love to see versions of: 1) Cyclops (Jim Lee or Astonishing) 2) Wolverine (Astoninshing or Brown costume) 3) Phoenix/ Dark Phoenix or Jim Lee 4) Gamit (original) 5) Rogue (Jim Lee) 6) Beast (Astonishing or Jim Lee) 7) Storm (Astonishing or Jim Lee) Maybe even some villians like 1) Magneto 2) Sinister 3) Jim Lee era Sabertooth Maybe two packs? That way the female figures would sell.
  12. HAPPY DAY for me!!!!! My Target movie Starscream came in yesterday in the mail (I got it on EBAY) and I went to Walmart and there was Masterpiece Starscream just starring at me. I gasped and grabbed him ASAP. I will officially say he has become my favorite Transformer toy of all time.
  13. I just got mine in the mail yesterday, and I have to say she looks incredible! Her face sculpt is very well done and looks just like Jean did in X-men TAS Dark Phoenix sage. The costume is a little off, but I can live with that. The costume just looks like a modernized version of the corsett. The cape with a rose and the whip are a very nice touch.
  14. Would you ever consider doing a boxset like X-men First Class, Mutant X, the original New Warriors, Alpha Flight, or Ultimate X-men? While there are some of us that complain about the Namor with trunks, there are others like me happy to see the figure finally created. Is there a reason we have yet to see a Jim Lee style Jean Grey when just about all the other Gold and Blue Team member have been created? If it is true that you read the forums, then you will know that people have wanted her for a LONG time. I personally am trully greatful that you are realing Jean/Dark Phoenix in the ICONS line as the first female ICON-how appropriate! Will we ever see re-issues of past fan favorite characters such as Captain America, Phoenix/White Phoennix/Dark Phoenix, Ms. Marvel, Black Widow, Rogue, Thor, Juggernaut, Deadpool, or the Ultimate Fantastic Four line that few were able to get? How able a famous couples line of 2 packs like: 1) Black Panther unmasked and Storm in her Alan David costume 2) Spiderman unmasked and a comic book accurate Mary Jane 3) Jim Lee Cyclops (the X-men classics version was not in scale) and Jim Lee Jean Grey in her orange and metallic blue costume 4) Extreme Rogue (repainted yellow and green) with Gambit 5) Justice and Firestar Or you could do Hero and Villian 2 packs like: 1) Prof X in hover chair vs. Magneto 2) Cyclops vs. Dark Phoenix 3) Thor vs. Loki These would see like hotcakes because you are paring the ladies with some popular male characters
  15. My choice for the last wave would be : 1) Jim Lee Jean Grey 2) FA Storm 3) Captain America-new costume 4) Gladiator-Shiar 5) Firelord 6) X-man 7) Northstar 8) Aurora
  16. For the females I would have to go with Storm. even though her head and torso are too small, the sculpt is amazing with detail. I didn't like how they did the neck joint on Storm. I would have gone with phoenix/Dark Phoenix, but I hated the duck feet and the fact the boots were just painted on instead of sculpted on. I also wish that Phoenix's waitline and neck joint were more feminine looking. For the males: Mr. Sinister is my favorite- excellent detail! I also think that the Captain America 2 pack is pretty amazing.
  17. 1) Undercover Scarlett -repaint in black and green 2) Jinx- Black modern uniform with zipper mask 3) Lt. Falcon 4) Covergirl 5) Dusty-2nd version with wife beater and beret 6) Ninja Force Scarlett- just like she looked when she pretended to be Cobra Commander's body guard 7) Hawk- 1986 version 8) Quick Kick 9) Shockwave 10) Doc 1) Cobra Commander in black or blue Crimson Guard uniform 2) Cobra Commander in 1986 battle armor 3) Zarana 4) Zandar 5) Tomax 6) Xamot 7) Road Pig 8) Dr Mindbender 9) Dr. Knox 10) Billy
  18. Oh GOD, I can't wait to get this figure. Jean looks so good in that get-up!
  19. I seriously doubt this will happen. Hasbro will sooner create an exclusive box set of previously released female Legends than come up with a wave of all new sculpts. But since we are all being wishful, my pick is: 1) Gold team 90's Jean Grey in orange w/metallic blue, and maybe a ponytail variant from X-men TAS 2) First appearance Storm or Current Astonishing Alan Davis Costume with the lightning cape 3) Polaris in her current green moderinzed classic costume as shown in the Rise and Fall of the Shiar 4) Firestar in her first appearance costume with an Avengers variant 5) Comic Book Mary Jane Watson 6) Misty Knight in her red costume as sen in Heros for Hire Wow, I guess I find the red heads and black girls the most interesting! I think the more realistic route would be Hasbro releasing a boxset of previoulsy released Legends, since Hasbro is prone to reuse old molds. If that were the case, I would love to see a box set of: 1) Phoenix/Jean Grey in the White Phoenix of the Crown with Dave Cockrun cape-Phoenix mold white and gold 2) Jim lee Storm repainted in silver/chrome instead of black like she originally was or that horrible white she came in the X-men line 3) Black Cat: Should use the Black Widow mold 4) Rogue: a green and yellow repaint of her Xtreme X-men mold with jacket 5) Mystique: Black costume repaint 6) Exclusive character: The phoenix mold, black widow mold, psylocke mold, and new Invisible Woman mold can all be easily repainted into virtually any female marvel character.
  20. *1) Wonder Woman-current moderized costume *2) Firestorm Ronnie Raymond-neutral face, not the constipated scream in the prototype *3) Powerboy; love his costume, I think he's a very interesting character 4) Powergirl 5) Starfire-current modernized costume 6) Cyborg 7) Hope 8) Fire/human skin version; clear green variant 9) Batman Beyond I didn't pick Hal Jordan since he has been confirmed. * I really want these!
  21. I hope they don't use the Invisible Woman mold from the FF wave to make Firestar.
  22. I think i am going to buy the jean Grey Marvel Girl, and put her on Mary Jane's body. All you need to do is sand down the sleeves on MJ and sculpt some gloves and a belt for an accurate original Marvel Girl.
  23. Oh Yeah, I forgot about Shockwave. I guess I am going based on the original cartoon series since SW stayed behind as guardian. If that was the case, the SoundWave would be his second in command on Earth. I prefer the comic Shockwave that wanted to replace Megatron as leader. But techincally, Shockwave would be the second in command.
  24. I am greatful that Hasbro is releasing characters that I have wanted for a long time, but I have to admit that I am dissapointed with the final product. I have been wanting a Namor in the green speedos for years and bought two from the FF wave. The wash they used for the skin was too orange, like he went to the gocery store and put fake tan all over his body. I hate that all the figures have these incredible muscles and abs, but they have no package and no butt. The deluxe WW Wrestling figues at least have a butt sculpted and the crotch area looks like the way a man's crotch area should look. The knee joints don't bother me that much since all my figures are posed in a neautrl position for space sake. I actually like the face sculpt since i prefer a pretty boy Namor to a Vulcan looking namor with a overdevolped forehead. The torso of the IW doesn't define the woman's waist area very well. I like the idea that they had with the articularion, because if you think about it, a real persons waist does't pivot in the belly button area, bu more like the ribcage area. The knee joints once again look linda funky when you bend them. Plus I hate the costume they chose for Sue. The standard uniform is better. X3 Jean Grey would have looked perfect if the face didn't look so masculine. I can't understand why they just didn't use the face sculpt from X1 jean Grey with the pony tail. That sculpt looked more like Famke and much more feminine.
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