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  1. I am really liking Electra's body. She will easily replace the original that I have. The body type resembles the ICONS Phoenix body somewhat. Any word on the rest of the 2 packs? I am really hoping they release: Jim lee Jean Grey and new Jim Lee Cyclops 2 pack and FA Storm and Black Panther Unmasked 2 pack Northstar and Aurora 2 pack
  2. MarvelBoy1974

    Marvel Icons

    I just hope Phoenix, Colossus, and Dark Phoenix come out. If I don't get my 12" Phoenix, I will be majorly upset.
  3. I went to Walmart last week and found Flash, Martian Manhunter, and Superman without the Green in single packages. I can not find Green Lantern or Hawkman anywhere. GL and HM are not pictured in the back packaging of the single packs. I also used an old Wonder Woman from the old JLA 5" line in the 90's and she looks perfect with this line of BATMAN figures.
  4. I want to see: 1) Deluxe size Ironhide with head sculpt 2) Deluxe Ratchet with head sculpt 3) Voyager Class Soundwave 4) Voyager Class Blaster 5) Deluxe Class Arcee 6) Voyager Class Class Rodimus Prime 7) Leader Class Cyclonus- He is supposed to be a HUGE character and jet. 8) Voyager Class Scourge- I don't like the titaniam version, and maybe deluxe size Sweeps 9) I really think that Starscream and the Seekers should have been made voyager class, maybe slightly shorter than Megatron because they are taller than the regular Autobots cars, Reflector, and Stunticon cars who should be deluxe size. 10) Insecticons could be scout class 11) Voyager Class Galvatron 12) Leader Class ultra Magnus- use the white cab for regular Magnus
  5. I actually really like the costume design for What if Vulcan was Phoenix where he has the gold scark around his neck instead of a sash. I am thinking about turning a Human Torch Marvel Icon into Vulcan in this costume since the head mold is the perfect.
  6. I having a feeling that Hasbro will put the breaks on marvel Icons. I have been waiting for Phoenix, Colossus, and Dark Phoenix since December, and they are still not out. I hope these are not cancelled. I really want a Phoenix since she is my favorite character. I would also like to see a marvel Icons FA Storm to complete my X-team on the Icons scale. I would also like to see Captain America, Lord Thor, Cyclops, Phoenix, Storm, and SpiderWoman get the Unleashed treatment. If Hasbro decides to do the 3 3/4 scale, I would love for them to start with JIM LEE X-men. Those 25th anniversary joes are selling like hotcakes here in San Antonio. This would be a great way to sell male / female figures in 2 pack form: 3 3/4 scale 2 packs: 1) Jim Lee Cyclops and Jim lee Jean Grey 2) Jim Lee Rogue and Gambit 3) Jim Lee Storm and Forge 4) Havok and Polaris 5) Archangel and Psylocke 6) Wolverine in X-men unifrom and Jubilee in X-men uniform 7) Cable and Domino
  7. love that Quarrel. I wish Hasbro would have released the Scarlett 2 pack with Hawk in the black and green color sceme as opposed to the bright yellow and purple. Could have just calleed her Undercover Scarlett.
  8. It looks really good I have to admit. Even though Jean will not be in this series, I like how she is at least honored in the sense that an explanation is given as to why she is not an active member in the show. I would have been very upset if this series pretended like Jean didn't exisit. I guess the writers did this to introduce Emma to the fix.
  9. OMG! I am REALLY digging these! Firestorm looks incredible, and it's Ronnie! I am so glad they changed the face sculpt. I love the wau Aquaman is posed, and he looks great! I love the new female crotch style for Harley. It makes the female crotch look more feminine.
  10. Where is the Ronnie Raymond Firestorm? I am so upset this will be a limited variant. I would rather have RR than JR
  11. MarvelBoy1974

    X-Men Shirts

    I recently purchased a Dark Phoenix black T-shirt with the now famous Ryan Land are from the cover of Phoenix Endsong #1 at my local comic shop. As much as I love the shirt, I rarely wear it because the cotton material is rather cheap and it will fade after a couple washes.
  12. 3) Bobby Drake 2) Gengis-vell 1) Dark Phoenix
  13. The other thing that bothers me is that none of the male characters have a real crotch. It is so hard to believe that they would exagerate the human body, but when it comes to the underwear area, they make superman look like he tucked his cookies between his legs. I am not saying they have to have a huge bulge, but something to make them look...male.
  14. It is getting harder and harder to choose. So many of the figures I want are female, that I just don't see Hasbro ever releasing an all female wave. I am thinking the best way to solve this is by having 2 packs; one guy and one girl. This way they are sure to sell: My list would call for: 1) Jim Lee jean grey with New, taller Jim lee Cyclops mold 2) FA Storm with Black Panther unmasked 3) Nothstar and Aurora 4) Justice and Firestar (Classic versions and Avangers variants) 5) New Havok and New Polaris (Rise and Fall of the Shiar Empire) 5) marvel Girl Rachel (new black costume) and Korvus with sword I would also like to see an Imperial Guard Wave 1) Gladiator 2) Oracle- current costume with puffy sleeves and short hair 3) Flashfire 4) Mentor 5) Fang 6) Starbolt BAF: TITAN An Ultimates wave, with ULT Giant Man as the BAF Thunderbolts wave Hasbro should consiser box set of the following: 1) Classic X-men or X-men First Class 2) Classic X-factor, or 2nd X-factor 3) Classic New Warriors 4) New x-men: We already have Wolverine and Xorn, why not Cyclops, Phoenix with long coat, emma, beast, and Phantom X
  15. I want to say how impressed I am with the new DC universe Line. My only gripe is the the hip articulation. My Superman and Batman's legs spread farther apart as they get older. It is hard to stand them upright. I had to use a glue gun to keep the legs from spreading too far just to keep them standing! I wish DC would use the same hip articulation that is used on ML8 Storm or ML Classic cyclops, or even the ball joint used on brown wolverine or phoenix. the Dc Hip joint is practically the same as the one used for Electra and is not pleasing to the eye. DC: Please fix this !!!
  16. I would like to see: 1) X-men First Class boxset 2) Spiderman and his Amazing Friends boxset 3) Original X-factor boxset 4) Grant Morrison X-men-Cyclops with jacket, Phoenix with trench, Emma, Beast, Wolverine, and Phantom X
  17. If I had to chose 5 based on overall sculpt and likeness to the character, I wouldn't be able to choose anything from Toybiz or Hasbro. What I will do instead is pick my 5 favorites, and list what I like and hate about them. 5) She-Hulk: I absolutely love this sculpt. The fact that she does not have waist articulation does not bother me at all because the costume does not lend itself to waist articulation, and if you think about it, the human body does not articulate at the waist--It is more of a torso movement. 4) Lady Deathstrike: Not my favorite character, but it terms of sculpt and application she came out very well. I was very pleased with how she turned out 3) Marvel Girl Rachel Grey: Out of all the female sculpts Hasbro has made, this one is my favorite. Her body is not frail looking, but looks very athletic. The ball joints for the knees don't really bother me because I like to pose her standing up, but I can see why some people don't like them. The face application could have used painted on my better if Hasbro went away with using shiny plastic for the flesh, but overall, I love this figure. 2) ML Storm: I really love this figure in terms of sculpt, but she is way too thin, and her head is too small 1) Phoenix/Dark Phoenix: My favorite of all the females. I do feel she suffers from overarticultion. The feet are the worst, they don't even look feminine. She should have sculpted boots on like Storm does instead of having them painted on. the neck joint is too big, and she doesn't have much of a waistline. Her costume would look better with creases and some piping to distinguish where the black separates from the green in the breast area. Phoenix's costume is also supposed to be liquid gold and green, not yellow and green. Jean also has the best butt of any of the females easily. I can't understand why people can't get that right. I do love her face sculpt. Mine looks like Nicole Kidman. I am also very pleased with her hair.
  18. 12) Hawkman 11) Starfire-modern costume 10) Catwoman-modern Jim Lee costume 9) Powerboy- Love his costume! 8) Barbara Gordon Batgirl-grey and blue costume 7) Supergirl- modern costume 6) Aquaman-classic costume 5) Hal Jordan Green Lantern- like modernized and classic costumes 4) WonderWoman-current modernized costume 3) Batman-prefer the classic blue and grey costume 2) Superman- black and red S symbol on costume 1) Ronnie Raymond Firestorm, would prefer a sleeveless costume Cyborg, Red Arrow, Conner Kent Superboy, Hope, Kyle Raynor, and Fire and Ice are favorites too!
  19. 12) Snake eyes: 1986 costume version 11) Shipwreck-original costume 10) Dusty with beret and wife beater muscle shirt 9) Lady Jaye-w/o hat 8) Iron Grenaiders Destro with gold helmet and cape 7) Flint: Original uniform 6) Duke: original uniform 5) Tomax-original sleeveless 4) Xamot-original sleevless 3) Baroness- Black leather costume 2) Hooded Cobra Commander in the blue or black Crimson guard uniform as he appeared in GIJOE #1 1) Scarlett- original uniform
  20. I am bored on Christmas Day, and just curious as to who people like. Top favorite Toys: 12) Energon Downshift/Green Wheeljack 11) Energon Galvatron 10) Gen1 Soundwave 9) Gen1 Scourge 8) Gen 1 Cyclonus 7) Classics Bumblebee 6) Classics Jetfire 5) Classics Rodimus 4) MS Optimus Prime 3) Classics Starscream 2) Supreme Starscream 1) Walmart Masterpiece Starscream Top 12 Characters: 12) Gen1 BumbleBee- I have to admit, I've always liked him 11) Gen1 Galvaron 10) Gen 1 Thrust 9) Gen1 Tracks 8) Gen1 Arcee 7) Gen1 Scourge/Thundercracker 6) Gen1 Cyclonus/Skywarp 5) Gen1 Optimus Prime 4) Gen1 Soundwave 3) Gen1 Skyfire/Jetfire 2) Gen1 Rodimus/Rodimus Prime/HotRod 1) Gen1 Starscream/My absolute alltime favorite!
  21. 12) Black Queen/Jean Grey- I just got this one for my birthday. I am not a huge fan of the Emma Frost body, but the face sculpt is dead- on for Dark Phoenix in her BQ persona, and the rose on the cape was just the needed touch to make this figure one of my favorites. 11) Ultimate F4 Johnny Storm- One of my favorite characters. 10) Captain Marvel-Another of my favorite characters. 9) Mr. Sinister- My second favorite villain, I am just amazed at his sculpt and the way the color application was done. 8) Ultimate X-men Ice-man: A much improved version than ML8 ICE-MAN, the grin on his face is very Bobby drake- This is one of my favorite characters. Plus I like beret. 7) Asgardian Thor: This is my favorite costume on Thor. The beard suits him, and has more detail than his other costumes. I also love his size. I wish the paint application was more detailed, but otherwise a great sculpt. 6) CAPTAIN AMERICA/face off series: I love this sculpt. to me it is the best representation of CAP to date! 5) Astonishing Cyclops: I am actually in the minority here, but I really like this figure. This is my favorite Cyclops uniform because it reflects Scott's serious nature, and it is a modern take on his original costume. I only wish he was taller in scale, and that Hasbro used gold paint instead of primary yellow for the piping. Cyclops is one of my favorite X-males. 4) Marvelgirl/Rachel Grey- say what you will, but I really love this sculpt. Even though the paint application is not the best, Rachel is one of my favorite characters, and this legend was one that was much anticipated. 3) ML8 Storm- One of my favorite characters, this sculpt is amazing in detail. I love the wrinkles, although I think the figure overall is too skinny, and Storm's head is too small. I would quickly replace this figure with a FA Storm, which would better compliment Dave Cockrum's design for Phoenix. 2) Phoenix/Jean Grey- This is my favorite Marvel character, and my favorite female legend. There are parts of the figure I don't like such as the duck feet and the fact that her boots are not sculpted on, just painted. I also hate the neck joint and the waist is too square, but overall it is still my favorite female figure. 1) Dark Phoenix- This figure is the most important to me because my partner gave this to me for Christmas 2 years ago, and because it was the hardest figure to find. He ended up having to order it on Ebay, and its my most treasured legend.
  22. I got he Walmart sets of Cable and Marvelgirl and Cannonball and domino. I am also getting the 13" Powergirl and Icons Phoenix, Dark Phoenix, and Colossus as soon as they come out.
  23. I am really tired of the Bullseye mold. It is way overused. I really hope if Hasbro released Sunfire, he is made transparent. I was really looking forward to FA Storm-- she is way overdue. I hope Northstar and Aurora make it at least in a 2-pack exclusive
  24. Why no love for Oracle? I loved they way she looked in X-men TAS. She looked great witht the short hair and the costume with puffy sleevs. The original costume was Jean Grey's rejected phoenix costume
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