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  1. I agree with Firestar. I love X-men more than any other team, but let's give this a rest. Personally I hate the Ultimate X-men costumes- they are boring! Jean still wearing that stupid tank top with the oversized collar, holes in her thighs, and flat bright yellow boots--YUCK. Cyclops is still wearing a pocket protector, and Storm has already had 3 costume changes and none of them work except maybe for the skirt outfit. Her current costume has no detail and is really ugly. Please ,if we are going to get another Jean Grey, I would rather have her in her JIM Lee duds and a FA Storm before I will even consider the ultimate version.
  2. I guess since Classics 2.0 will have Acidstorm, then the Heineke Takara seeker will be Sunstorm or Starscream's ghost. I sure hope they are able to release Thrust and Thundercracker with different paint apppkications than the Botcon exclusives. Thrust could be red with charcaol grey trim as opposed to the Botcon version, and TC can be a different blue with grey trim like in the cartoon. That way, the botcons are still exclusives and everyone is happy. Hasbro should make a toon accurate Dirge with remolded wings and release him as a seeker.
  3. Movie Scarlett looks just like Jean Grey should have looked in the X-men movies. I don't know about Rachel's acting skills, but with that red hair and light eyes she could have pulled Jean a lot better than Famke did and would have had much more chemistry with James Marsden as Cyclops. Famke is a great actress, but she was too old to play the part and doesn't look anything like Jean. If i go watch this movie is because Scarlett and the Baroness look so dang HOT.
  4. 1) Powerboy 2) Maxima green and gold costume or purple and gold costume 3) Silver Banshee 4) Silver Swan 5) Zan Animated 6) Jayna Animated with space monkey Gleek 7) Animated el Dorado 8) BAF Apache CHIEF 9) Faith or Hope modern white costume 10) Batman Beyond's friend Max from the animated series
  5. This will never happen, but If I could have one wish is to have a masterpiece Starscream in scale with OPand Megs. The Starscream that was released is more in scale with the Alternators line, not the Masterpiece line. Aside from that, I would like to see: Soundwave Rodimus Prime a HUGE Cyclonus at least a head taller than masterpiece OP Galvatron Skyfire/Jetfire aty least a head taller than Masterpiece OP Arcee
  6. I am loving Scarlett, Baroness, and Duke. I kind of wish Scarlett's unifmorm was brown or tan leather looking, but the Sigma Six look fits her well, and Rachel looks hot as a redhead. I wish Tatum bleached his hair blond. CoverGirl was originally a blond in the cartoon, but I agree, she needs the jacket. Ripcord is a joke-every time I see a Wayans brother I fell like he's going to say something funny from In Living Color. Dennis just doesn't look like a General, and I am not feeling the tennis shoes on Storm Shadow-he looks more like Quick Kick. The shades on the Baroness are ugly. She should wear glasses with matted clear lenses.
  7. I can't wait to get all of them. I was waiting forthe 4 horsemen to release a male character with flesh tone plastic for the arms. With Amazo's body, I will finally be able to make a custom PowerBoy (one of my favorites!). Since he isn't well liked and was killed off, the chances of him being made are alomost none. I love how all the figures have a similar look to them. I can't get enough of thes figures. That WonderWoman and Artemis----MMMMMM!
  8. Northstar and Aurora Jim Lee Jean Grey with 2 head: 1 comic accurate with the hair down, and another with a ponytail like the X-men animated series, and animated Morph with Cyclops head, evil morph head, and regular Morph head Or jean and a new Jim lee Cyclops
  9. X-men First Class Classic Alpha Flight Shiar Imperial Guard Animated Spiderman and his Amazing Friends
  10. I would love to get my hands on the Icons 5 and 6 that were on display at the convention last year. If Icons is cancelled, do you think they would at least sell the prototypes?
  11. I have to go with Bale. Christian is a great actor, and he is very underrated. While I think Keaton did a great job in his performance, he just didn't look the part. Bale has the body of a superhero and the acting chops to go with it.
  12. My guess is that they are waiting for the convention to make any announcements. I really hope Hasbro honors its original plans and lets use have thelast Icons Phoenix, Dk Phoenix, Colossus, Daredevil and Nightcrawler. If I don't get a Phoenix in that scale, I will sell all of my icons. I don't mind waiting if there is a delay, it is just not knowing if there will be a product or not that is killing me.
  13. It depends on what era of Transformers you like the best. If you want to go with the "look" that started it all, I would get: Masterpiece Optimus Primus and Masterpiece Megatron. They make great display pieces and the detail is awesome. If you decide on picking only 1 up, I would go for the Walmart Masterpiece Starscream or Masterpiece Skywarp. You can also order SS's crown at Bigbadtoystore.com.
  14. There are a few absolute musts for me to say my collection is complete: 1) Jim Lee Jean Grey 2) FA Storm 3) AOA X-man with X-tatoo on chest 4) Northstar 5) Aurora 6) Firestar 7) Justice 8) Gladiator 9) Polaris-current green costume 10) Rachel Grey-black costume 11) Havok-mutant X 12) Goblin Queen 13) Exodus-classic costume 14) Firelord 15) Jubilee in standard X-men costume and trench 16) Animated Morph 17) Forge 18) White Phoenix 19) Oracle 20) Hellion-red and black costume 21) Anole 22) Surge 23) Comic Mary Jane 24) Sage-X-treme 25) Astonishing Beast X-men First Class box set ICONS: Phoenix Dark Phoenix Colossus FA Storm or Modern Storm
  15. MarvelBoy1974


    Does any one care for the Alan Davis Dark Purple and Gold that Storm wore in Phoenix Endsong over the Messaih complex version in purple and white showing her thighs with no tights? Which version do you prefer and why?
  16. I really like the new Electra body. I would love to have a Phoenix using that mold. the toybiz phoenix is too mechanical looking, has duck feet, and is too boxy in the waist; although i love the face and hair sculpt. I really want a Phoenix with sculpted boots and gloves as opposed to just painting them on-- I really hate that. so for me: 1) Phoenix/Dark Phoenix/White Phoenix of the crown with cape a'la Dave cockrum 2) Cyclops; Jim Lee bigger mold 3) Rogue Jim lee costume 4) Namor green trunks 5) Storm new costume 6) Magneto 7) Angel-hated the TB mold and wings, but I loved the head sculpt 8) Havok-the walmart looks constipated 9) Colossus-- too muscular 10) Black Panther unmasked
  17. I would like a Jubilee in her white and yellow Wondra costume with no mask.
  18. Hmm Let's See... I hate the AOA costumes for the most part, but there are some characters I would love to have from that Universe... 1) AOA Jean Grey-exactly as she appeared on the cover of Weapon X #1 with the shoulder belt 2) Aoa X-man 3) AOA Forge with removable cloak 4) Blink 5) translucent Sunfire 6) AOA Cyclops 7) AOA Havok BAF Apocalypse
  19. I think for the most part, any X-men 2 packs should incorporate 1 female and 1 male. Of course I am only saying this because I LOVE female X-men. Here's my list: 1) Jim Lee Jean Grey and Jim Lee Cyclops (taller mold) 2) Northstar and Aurora 3) Polaris- current modern green costume/ Havok current costume 4) FA Storm or Alan Davis Storm and Black Panther unmasked 5) Rogue Jim Lee outfit new sculpt and Gambit New sculpt 6) Gladiator and Oracle in modern costume or Lilandra in silver armor 7) Marvelgirl Rachel Grey black costume and Korvus with Phoenix Sword 8) Vulcan Phoenix (I loved his costume with the gold scarf) Vs. Dark Phoenix (new sculpt) 9) Jubilee in standard X-men uniform/w yellow trench and Wolverine in standard X-men uniform 10) modern Warpath and Hepzibah
  20. I also agree. I think Ares is the way to go, although I too would like a Cheetah. So who makes up the wave? Wonder Woman Cyborg Ares who else?
  21. Is the Cobra La set going to include a Pythona Figure? I would also love to see: CoverGirl Zarana Jinx Firewall Maybe a new Bomestrike Ninja Scarlett or Undercover Scarlett in Quarrel colors Maybe by some miracle: Dr. Knox Mistress Armada Zanya
  22. I wonder if they will make any females in this line, like Phoenix, Storm, Ms. marvel, or Spider Woman.
  23. Being that I collect a little bit of everything, I have decided to limit what I actually buy this year in terms of TF, GIJOE, DC universe, and Marvel stuff. I am so impressed with TF, and I am hooked on the animated cartoon. As it stands, I think it is pretty certain that I will have to budget my money. I know myself well enough to get the folling items: 1) Voyager Animated Starscream ( my favorite and a must!) 2) Voyager Optimus Prime 3) Leader Bulkhead 4) Leader Megatron 5) Deluxe Bumblebee 6) Deluxe Ratchet 7) Delexe Soundwave 8) Deluxe Black Arachnia 9) Deluxe Prowl 10) Leader Ultra Magnus-have not seen him but I know I will want him 11) Deluxe Blitzwing-have not seen him but I want him 12) Deluxe Lockdown 13) Deluxe Oilslick 14) Supreme Optimus-(Maybe) If they make Arcee, Ironhide, or Swoop, I will get those too. Classics: 1) Prowl/ (my favorite) 2) Sunstreaker 3) Galvatron-I like the size. Besides, I am very happy with my Energon Galvatron 4) Powerglide-I wish they had just painted him red-maybe I will wait to see if he comes out as a replaint.
  24. I already have Superman and Batman, and I must say I love these 12 inchers. An added touch is the personalized stand they come in. They also compliment my marvel Icons. Pretty expensive though, but I would definately get: 1) Wonder Woman 2) Hal Jordan Green Lantern 3) Classic Aquaman 4) Ronnie Raymond Firestorm 5) Cyborg 6) Flash 7) Hawkman
  25. I happen to like both scales. I will always love my Marvel Legends Scale, but I have also been collecting GIJOE 3 3/4 figures since I was a kid. Now with the GIJOE 25th Ann figs, I am hooked on those again! I don't see why people can't just like both scales. I see it this way: The 3 3/4 lines gives us a chance to see more complete sets of characters that probably would not sell well in the 6" line. Just think, we could have an entire JIm LEE era X-universe with the 3 3/4 line. The 6" scale would probably be for the A and B listers and fan favorites.
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