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  1. There were rumors that he had a drug addiction and died of an overdose. I rememeber hearing Susan Blue stating something along the lines of him being a very talented actor with his demons or something like that. I think this is part of the reason that Starscream was killed off in the movie and Cobra Commander was turned into a snake in the GIJOE movie, because Sunbow was tired of constantly bailing him out of trouble and it got to the point that no one wanted to work with him because of his problem. Of course I don't know this for sure, but I know I heard this somewhere. Chris Latta will always be Starscream and Cobra Commander for me--his voice----I will always love it.
  2. I like this line because the scale will allow lesser figures to be released. Just think, we can have an entire Jim Lee X-men family in this line with obnscure characters that have not been made before. Don't get me wrong- the 6" line is till my favorite. But I personally only wish for a few more characters to be done in this line before I call it quites. I am running out of shelf space!
  3. I can't wait for Toyfare- I am addicted to these DC Classics...... I hope they come up with some cool stuff. I would love to see: 1) Fire-swimsuit costume with the thigh high boots 2) Ice-JLU animated series costume 3) Kyle Raynor-in his original GL uniform 4) Power Girl 5) Power Boy 6) Vixen 7) Geo-Force 8) Huntress 9) Azreal Batman-the original costume he wore when he took over as Batman 10) Raven 11) Conner Kent with the black t shirt and jeans 12) Wonder Girl in her current jeans outfit 13) Beastboy 14) Red Arrow 15) Green Arrow 16) Black Canary, use original as Variant 17) Faith 18) Zatanna 19) Zan 20) Jayna Villians 1) Bigger Darkseid 2) Lex Luthor-I was never able to get the previously released one in the Superman line 3) Star Sapphire 4) Cheetah 5) Volcana-from the JLU animated series 6) Live Wire 7) Silver Banshee 8) Better sculpt Joker 9) Poison Ivy 10) Catman 11) SuperWoman 12) Ultra Man 13) Owl Man 14) Power Ring 15) Effigy 16) Black Hand 17) Manhunters
  4. I liked all 3 seasons. Season "4" Rebirth was the worst though. --The animation and storyline was rushed. My favorite episodes mostly revolved around Starscream, my favorite TF. I liked the episode in season 1 where Starscream taked Dr. Archeville to Cybertron and plans on destroying the Earth. I also loved season 2, especially the Search for Alpha Trion with the female autobots, the Nightbird episode, the Tracks/Blaster episodes, and the episode in where the autobots and decepticons are transported via a space bridge malfunction end up in the bedroom of a giant alien boy. I thought it was the coolest because he played with the autobots like toys! I also loved season 3 because Cyclonus, Rodimus, Arcee, and Scourge were also amoung my favorites. I loved Ghost in the Machines and Starscream's voice. There is just something about Chris Latta's scratchy voice- when he does his sinister laugh, I can't help but laugh.
  5. I stopped by Walmart and found all of them here in San Antonio. I am pleased with all of them except: Mr. Miracle. I opened the box, took him out, and this right leg just popped off! What's worse, it looks like someone in QC tried to super glue his leg on because it looks clearly borken at the insertion joint. I am so upset. I paid almost 13 dollors for a crappy figure that broke right out of the package.
  6. Mattel should creat a Fire and Ice 2 pack in these costumes.....drool....
  7. I happen to like collecting both the 6" and 3.75" lines. This line however, is really frustrating. I can't get over how Target is charging about $15 for a 3 pack and the only thing that is available is that stupid commisioner Gordon 3 pack. I had to go to BBToystore to get the Superman pack, Starfire pack and Green Lantern pack. I still can't find Batman, Batwoman, Powergirl, or Star Sapphire....When are these coming out? And don't get me started on the 6" line.
  8. I want that Cyclonus soo bad. He is my 2nd favorite Decepticon next to Starscream. I always loved his unique space jet mode and his pointy signiature helmet. I went to Target today and still no luck...... I am hoping Thundercracker is released. I already have Classics Ramjet and Classics Skywarp. I broke down and ordered Henkei Thrust. A Sunstorm repaint would be awesome.
  9. I just picked up Resolute Cobra Commander and Resolute Duke at Target in San Antonio. I had no idea these would be out so soon. I must say that I loves these figures. The only thing is that Cobra Commanders Helmet is a little too big and covers too much of the chrome face plate. I wonder if we will get a Resolute Scarlett, Baroness, and Lady Jaye.
  10. Maybe both companies can produce thier own versions. It probably would never happen, but I would love to see versions of: Dark Claw Super Soldier Amazon Spider Boy Firebird Angelhawk Apollo Mr X Hyena
  11. Looking forward to Rodimus Prime, Cyclonus, and Arcee.
  12. I can't wait for an Animated Rodimus figure. I hope he is Voyager class and as tall as OP. Roddy was always my favorite autobot.
  13. I want that Starfire really bad.... Why doesn't Mattycollector allow us to pre-order it? My biggest fear is that it will be sold out before I can place my order. I just want one!!!!!
  14. I am so happy the Turbines on Thrust are removable. I bet they can plug into the wings for a more accurate Gen1 look! Thank GOD I decided to order him. I also want Dirge, but I just can't afford both, so I went with Thrust since he is my favorite coneshead. Now if Hasbro can only release a universe Thundercracker and Sunstorm, I will be really happy!
  15. I am excited for Dirge but no so excited on Thrust. Thrust is my favorite conehead, but this remold has the spinning turbines on the tail fins instead of the wings like the Botcon version. I am not sure I like it as much as I do the Botcon mold. If I am going to spend that much money on a figure, it better be a great mold.
  16. Call me old school, but I would really like to see some of the 70's Super Friends characters. I know it's possible since we have Terry McGuniness Batman. I would like to see: 1) Black Vulcan 2) Samurai 3) El Dorado 4) Zan 5) Jayna with Gleek 6) Apache Chief (normal size) 7) Shayera Hal Hawkgirl w/o helmet (JLU) C2C Giant Apache Chief On my wishlist of B characters: 1) Power Girl 2) Power Boy 3) Fire 4) Ice 5) Conner Kent w/black T shirt
  17. I am all about getting that classics Hound and Target Master Cyclonus. the only issue I have is that Cyclonus should have been made at least a Voyager or Ultra class, since Cyclonus is supposed to be a HUGE air warrior. Still, I am sure Cyclonus will look great next to the new Galvatron and Titanium Scourge.
  18. I love the Pilot Scarlett/ Glenda figure the best. I wish Hasbro would make a Pythona, classic Jinx, Zarana, new Covergirl and Dr. Knox figures.
  19. I agree. Her breasts look a little awkward. but they I am sure Hasbro didn't want her to look too sexy. I still fell her breasts need more shape in the middle area. I don't like that they just painted her boots on instead of sculpting them like her gauntlets.
  20. I love this line, and Starfire is one of my favorite characters. I will be getting 2 of her for sure- Her head would make an excellent Dark Phoenix custom. I wonder is this picture is just the prototype- Starfire's boots are just painted on, and they are not sculpted like her gauntlets. The middle part of her breast area looks awkward too. I wonder if the final product will at least have the top of the boots sculpted like her gauntlets. She is still an improvement over the DC Direct Starfire.
  21. OMG, that is an incredible custom! Firestorm is my favorite DC character! The stitching is superbly done! I hope Dc Direct is noticing this!
  22. I already have Superman and Batman, but was wondering if Mattel plans on doing more. I would love to see a Wonder Woman, Green Lantern Hal, Aquaman, Firestorm Ronnie, and Cyborg to complete my Super Powers team.
  23. crosses fingers, hoping to one day get a 12" Phoenix, Dark Phoenix, and Colossus
  24. I like the Target Exclusives the best, especially Spinger and Dirge. The only one I really like is Fracture, AKA Crasher from the Gobots. She was my favorite character in the cartoon series. I wish the paint scheme was all black with red stripes like she was suppossed to look. I like the purple face homage, but I wish they would have given her a more feminine head mold resembling her cartoon appearance. I think she makes a great decepticon and would love to see her go against Arcee. For more info on Crasher: (taken from Wiki) Challenge of the Gobots The female Crasher was one of Cy-Kill's most loyal Renegades, despite a having somewhat manic personality. One of her favoured past times is participating in demolition derbies. Under interrogation, she admitted to having a crush on Leader-1 before the Guardians and Renegades began their struggle. Unlike most Gobots, she rarely seems to use her hand-mounted blasters, instead using a trademark attack wherein she stamps her foot on the ground to create a powerful earthquake-style energy discharge. Crasher's seeming state of near-madness effectively renders her fearless, and she has an ongoing grudge with the Guardian Turbo, rarely avoiding a chance to battle him. However, she tends to take any defeat or challenge very personally. Despite her gender, unlike many 1980s female cartoon characters Crasher is shown to be treated equally compared to her male counterparts, and is feared by most Guardians. Crasher appeared in almost every episode, usually as a featured character. The Transformers: Megatron: Origin In the second issue Crasher is one of the background Transformers cheering Megatron's victory over Cy-Kill. However, the character is drawn with a face similar to the toy, with a large red visor taking up much of the face. Toy Crasher’s toy was a re-release of the Machine Robo Porsche Robo figure. It was first issued by Tonka in 1983, in an authentic white Rothmans Porsche livery (of the 1982-87 factory team). However, from the outset the character was black/red in the cartoon, and by 1984 the toy was recolored to match Crasher's on-screen appearance. In 1993, the white version (with a new sticker sheet) was issued as "Sports Car" (the trademark "Crasher" now belonging to Hasbro) in Bandai's Robo Machines range. Crasher/Fracture in action: youtube- do a search under: challenge of the Go-bots ep-16/a
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