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  1. Hal Jordan, but only because he was the only one I knew of as a kid watching Superfriends. When I started reading comics, I really got into Kyle Raynor. I also liked the fact that he was half hispanic; and I could relate to that.
  2. That looks amazing! Phoenix/Jean Grey is my favorite marvel character ever! I am going to have to try to do this custom myself:) Can't wait to see get the Dark Phoenix and Cyclops 2 pack!
  3. I for one am VERY excited that we are getting Thrust. I would really like to see Thundercracker, Sunstorm, and Dirge released by Hasbro before we get a new seeker mold. Also, if we do get e new seeker mold, it should be voyager size, or at least a very large deluxe-The seekers were way taller than the autobot cars.
  4. Since we already have the Wonder Twins, I REALLY want to see: El Dorado Black Vulcan Samurai Apache Chief BAF Apache Chief normal size Classic Robin Kyle Raynor original costume Red Arrow Martian Manhunter new costume or original Fire Mera Maxima Catman Powerboy Conner Kent Star Sapphire Artemis- white and green swimsuit with spikes Vixen Dawn Star Lightning Lad Cosmic Boy Saturn Girl Braniac 5 Superman X Granny Goodness Firehawk
  5. @smilepunch@ Ignore this Hasbro! You hear this everyone once and awhile, but it highly doubt it will happen. 6 " scale is dying and there is a reason, toys that big with that many parts cost a ton to produce. the 8" scale always baffeled, if they had went with 6" scale then, who knows if we would have ever gotten the 1:18 scale back Agreed, how many scales do we need anyway? We're basically getting a "select", high quality line right now through Sideshow anyway. Yeah, it's 12", but that's more historically appropriate for GI Joe anyhow. Everyone is entitled to thier own opinion. For many collecters, the 6", 7" or 8" scale allows for better detail. And since I have the entire Marvel Legends and DC Universe collections, I personally would like to have the heavy hitters in the scale. I think for the most part GIJOE should stay at the traditional 3 3/4 scale, but there is nothing wrong with wishing to see a 6" Cobra Commander or Scarlett and displaying them with my other collections.
  6. My favorite is the Artemis Wonder Woman because she is a completely different character and now one that I ever thought would have been made. I love the exttra touches that were made like the winged boots and the bow and arrow, not to mention the pony tail.
  7. I would like to see a limited edition GIJOE SELECT line in the Marvel LEgends, Marvel Select scale or the 8" Sigma Six scale, with only the most iconic looks for each of the main characters.... 1) Duke in original uniform 2) Original Scarlett 3) Snake Eyes with Timber 4) Cobra Commander with hood as he appeared in GIJOE #1 and removable helmet 5) Baroness 6) Original Destro 7) Storm Shadow This would not replace the smaller scale line. I know I am in the minority here, but I really really like the SIgma Siz scale. I am only sad that a Scarlett was never made in that scale.
  8. I can't believe the results. I really wanted that White Phoenix and Havok. I trully believe that the reason AOA Sunfire didn't sell that well is because he was such a sucky character. I am willing to bet the FA Storm would have sold alot more. What I don't understand is why Hasbro would bother making prototypes of popular characters never to release them? I almost wish that Hasbro would have something comparable to Mattycollector.com. This is the only way we are going to see characters like revamped Phoenix, FA storm, Northstar and Aurora, Havok, and Warpath. Who voted for Deadpool anyway? A new marvel legend Deadpool was a no brainer anyway for those who didn't get the toybiz version.
  9. 1) Powerboy 2) Fire- Green Fury costume 3) Conner Kent- black tshirt 4) Kyle Raynor GL Original or Ion costume 5) Red Arrow 6) Vixen 7) Maxima 8) El Dorado Superfriends 9) Apache Chief 10) Samurai 11) Black Vulcan 12) Star Saphire new costume 13) Firehawk New costume 14) Geo Force 15) Max from Batman Beyond
  10. 1) Fire (flesh version), maybe a translucent varient? (swuimsuit costume) 2) Ice- modern 3) Huntress-I prefer the Helena Wayne character and costume to go with Powergirl 4) Catman 5) Ocean Master 6) Vixen 7) Kyle Raynor Gl (original costume) 8) Red Arrow 9) Geo-Force 10) Powerboy-(probably never, but I really liked his character and costume) also should DC should consider making the rest of the Superfriends: 1) Apache Chief 2) Black Vulcan 3) El Dorado 4) Samurai 5) Rima
  11. I like her, but i am not a fan of either costume. Tde precrisis headpiece makes her look like a chicken and I am not digging the pumps on the tuxedo costume. Did Zatanna ever wear anything else?
  12. I want that Hawkgirl so bad. She's going to look awsome next to my Hawkman and WonderWoman.
  13. I really like the Silverbolt repaint. It reminds me of GIJOE/Transformers Starscream Night Raven. They should put Screamer's head instead of silerbolts and put Cobra symbols on it.
  14. I wonder what the Megatron/Soundwave 2 pack will look like. Apparently Soundwave is a GEN1 Deluxe? Is this going to be a new figure? Gen1 Soundwave is voyager size, not deluxe. If SW is deluxe, then he will look great with the Seekers. I WANT ANIMATED ARCEE AND RODIMUS MINIOR!!! Can't wait to get Perceptor! He's one of my favorites! I look forward to seeing what the Target Exclusive Fallen will look like. Is it true that Hasbro is making a leader class Movie Starscream? I hope so, because the Voyager version is a midget.
  15. I am a HUGE fan of Batman Beyond, but I don't know what to think of this doll. I think if it came with an unmasked version it would look better. The fabric should be pleather instead of spandex. Maybe if he had boots instead of sewed on socks. I like the Bat-head, but it is too big for the body. If he comes with a Terry McGuiness head, I may actually get him. I guess because I like the Terry persona more than BB.
  16. This line is so awesome, that I can't pick one. I keep on loving the following: Hawkman Classic short haired Aquaman Wonder Woman Artemis Wonder Woman **Ronnie Raymond** Firestorm Classic Booster Gold Blue Beetle Terry MCGuiness Batman Beyond Cyborg Electric Superman Blue Hal Jordan Green Lantern Classic Batman
  17. I'd like to see: 1) Powerboy- I know he will never get made, but I really like his costume 2) Fire-not naked, but in her JL International firey swimsuit; the costume she wore in JLU is too boring 3) Ice 4) Catman 5) Kyle Raynor-original costume; the other costumes are too similar to Hal's 6) Conner Kent- in the Black T shirt and jeans
  18. I love the color scheme. I would prefer the ponytail head. She could be released as "Undercover Scarlett." Wasn't there a Scarlett bust released in this color scheme too?
  19. 1) Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond)-I used to watch the Super Powers cartoon and always wanted to be Ronnie. My all time favorite DC superhero. 2) Powerboy- I like his costume and I thought it was refreshing to have a male character who relied heavily on sex appeal. 3) Wonder Woman- No explanation needed. 4) Superman- No explanation needed. 5) Batman Bruce Wayne- No explanation needed. 6) Green Lantern Hal Jordan- No explanation needed. 7) Starfire- Visually exotic and beautiful; She kind of reminds me of Dark Phoenix 8) Hawkgirl (JLA animated Shayera Hol) - I never really cared for her until the animated series gave this version of Hawkgirl personality and life... Now I LOVE her! 9) Fire- I have to admit that I REALLY like the Amalgam hybrid version of Fire and Jean Grey, but I like her best when she wears clothes and has an actual costume. I wish more could be done with her. 10) Catowman- No explanation needed. 11) Barbara Gordon Batgirl- No explanation needed. 12) Cyborg- loved him in the old Super Powers cartoon, I always wanted to have a best friend like him growing up. 13) Conner Kent- The only superhero that pulls off a black Tshirt and Jeans. He was more of a crush for me. 14) Electric Superman- Again just a visual thing, but I really loved the way his costume came out.. He reminds me alot of Dr. Manhatton. 15) Joker- No explanation needed. Other characters that I am drawn to: 1) Kyle Raynor 2) Red Arrow 3) Wondertwins 4) Soranik Natu 5) Faith 6) Hawkman 7) Classic Aquaman 8) Catman 9) Silver Banshee 10) modern Supergirl
  20. Too bad the pics were removed. If this is true, I will have to have the Wondertwins. I just bought the lated Superfriends hour on DVD and was watching it last night. This is too cool. I REALLY REALLY want to see a Universe Classics wave that focuses on: El Dorado Black Vulcan Samurai Apache Chief Rima the Jungle Girl Collect to Collect Giant Apache Chief Maybe the universe Classics line can do other characters like: Static Shock Superman X (LOSH) Longshadow Wind Dragon Juice Volcana These characters were strickly TV, but the fact that we have a Universe Batman Beyond makes me think this is also possible.
  21. 1) Gladiator- I can't believe he was never made into a Marvel Legends figure 2) Northstar-one of my favorite characters 3) Polaris-love her and her current modern costume 4) Havok-can't have Polaris w/o Havok 5) Archangel- I hope he comes with proportionate wings that allow him to stand up Why one Earth would you want to have Storm or Psylocke in the standard X-men costume when MU versions of their signiature costumes haven't even been made yet? I would much rather see a FA Storm, Mohawk Storm, or a Jim Lee Storm and a Jim Lee era Psylocke before even thinking of getting them in the standard X-men duds....
  22. I have to get that superfriends 3 pack. Hopefully one day they will make an El Dorado, WonderTwins, FIrestorm Ronnie Raymond, and Rima figures. El Dorado was one of my favorites because I am Mexican-American and thought it was so cool to have a Mexican superhero when I was a kid. Sure he was stereotypical, but I loved his costume and his MANY MANY powers! I would love to see ALL of the Superfriends in the 6" line. How cool would that be? It is definately possible since we already have a Batman Beyond.
  23. I ordered my Starfire 2 pack on 01-15-2009, and recvd an email stating that it shippied out on 01-17-2009. I live in San Antonio, Texas, and when I attempted to track the item, it says it was shipped to Puerto Rico. I called customer service, and the lady was so rude. She wouldn't even research my request and said it could take 6 weeks to receive my order. I don't understand why it would take so long when other people in Texas have already received thier packages, especially since I ordered it the same day as everyone else.
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