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  1. Tell you what, Ender: You go ahead & fix it so nobody in the real world actually speaks or behaves in such an "offensive" way, and then there'll be no reason for anyone to ever spoof it again. I'm curious though, what makes you so positive that's "ebonics" being spoken by the Twins? Where I work, we're a practical rainbow coalition of ethnic diversity, and I can tell you that fools of all ethnicities speak in that manner. The white guys doing it are a bit more fun to hear it from, but a fool is a fool is a fool, regardless of background. I just find it interesting that you & others immediately jump to OMG EBONICS & not something like "barrio" or "overindulged suburban". Also, never cite Spike Lee as an example if you ever want to be taken seriously in any regard.
  2. Haven't found the Hot Wheels version, but I did find the new movie Enterprise keychain at TRU, which is essentially a 3" Micro Machine on a chain. It's actually very good detail for such a small ship (although the saucer's underside details are painted on in white, making them practically invisible.) They also had the Enterprise-D as well as Original Series Enterprise & Klingon ships. At $5 each, they're a little pricey, but still pretty cool. Also, found a blog entry that has pics of most of them.
  3. So far I've only bought Deluxe Sideswipe and Robot Replicas Ironhide. Despite a less-than-solid robot mode, I really love Sideswipe. And RR Ironhide is something I've wanted since the 1st movie line was out, he's still my overall favorite movie robot design. I'm thinking of getting the Legends class figures, since they just keep improving and improving even at such a small size. Plus, I'd really like to get that Legends class Devastator gestalt that Tomy/Takara's releasing as individual figures in Japan. I mean really, if toys that small can have robot, vehicle AND limb modes, why the hell can't the Deluxe & Voyager figures? Somebody was just cheap and/or lazy.
  4. First, the Terminator Salvation line's good for Endoskeletons only. And they're not even that good since you can't even wipe out a platoon of G.I. Joes with these undersized figures. As for Star Trek, I'd really rather not see this become Star Wars, where any character which appeared onscreen for more than a second somehow warrants a figure & backstory. There's only one figure which absolutely needs to be made, and it is Red Shirt Security Officer. And he must only be sold in packs of 10.
  5. I loved Shatner in the TV series & the 1st 6 movies, but it was painfully embarrassing to watch him in Generations & I laughed mightily when he wrote himself back to life in the books. The only, and I mean ONLY way he could come across well in any future Star Trek movie is if they wrote Kirk as this nearly unbelievable badass despite his age. Like Jack Palance in City Slickers, or how Indy -kind of- was in Crystal Skull. Just make him unstoppable with absolutely no acknowledgement or indication of his age. Make him so rocksteady & unflappable that you're practically in AWE of the man. Then kill him off. Now that's what you do with him once you've come up with a REASON for him to be there. Personally, I see none with this timeline. Let Pine's Kirk be Kirk for this generation, there's just no need to hold the new cast back by trying to conjure up some "torch" to pass just to satisfy the needs of the diehard trekkies who mostly seem to have the most problems with this new movie anyway. As for the Borg... no. Just. No. What started as a really cool concept quickly became an overused crutch whenever interest in the current series started declining. I remember watching Voyager's series finale & how much better I liked it when it was called "First Contact." And while we're at it, WTF is with so many people throwing Khan around as the next movie's theme? Let's stick to NEW things now that we've gotten past the requisite origin/fanwank movie, shall we?
  6. As is the case with any fandom, we're in the vast MINORITY of the general public. Most everyone isn't as big a dork as you or me to even care about toys or the movie/series they're from. I found the easiest way to get what I wanted at BK was to simply ask "Which Star Trek toys do you have this week?" right away before I order. Every time they've either looked in a box & pulled out 3 or 4 toys to show me, or just brought the box over for me to look at. Hell, when I 1st found the Kelvin I asked if he had a 2nd & he went to look in another case (this was the mgr btw.)
  7. Why, does JJ Abrams have a mistress who needs work? @trek@ And god please not Chloe O'Brien. I have no idea who she is or how talented she may be, but that pic looks like Anna Paquin with the mumps. For as trivial a character as Rand was, let's put someone genuinely hot in the role if we have to.
  8. I second that Thirded, I really really really like the Kelvin's design. I've even taken a Gundam marker to the panel lines on my BK version, and added some paint to the deflector & Bussard collector. I also feel like such a dork for knowing these words.
  9. I second this motion! I also just realized that I miss the Enterprise zooming past the credits. They so could've done that during the end credits, especially with the Alexander Courage theme playing & all the planet zoom-ins.
  10. Damn, I should've checked this out today. Last time Target had "other selected toys on sale", they accidentally had their exclusive Transformers Animated 2-packs for $5 each, haha!
  11. Yeah, see it's cool that you were able to do this, but it's just so totally wrong that you even had to think about doing it in the 1st place. I really consider the Bridge playset to be a huge slap in the face to fans.
  12. I've been on the fence about getting one of these, and Kirk'd probably be the one I'd get. Your review mentions the black undershirt, I'm assuming this means the gold shirt is a totally seperate piece? I liked the black shirt better for some reason, does it have the starfleet emblem on the chest? More importantly, can you set him into a good ol' drop-kick pose?
  13. What was the first sound? I seen it sunday and don't recall That kinda chirping/pinging sound from the original series bridge, I think it may even be the viewscreen. Speaking of sfx, I noticed Verizon has 7 or 8 new movie ringtones for sale. One is a combo of red alert, communicator & transporter sounds. There's also a few lines of dialogue available, but not really anything worth paying $3 for.
  14. I've been drinking out of my Kirk glass, no wear on it as of now. Yeah, glasses are generally more durable than plastic cups (in terms of printed graphics.) When washed in a dishwasher, there may be some random fading or "paint chipping" on the glass over time, but nothing compared to the inevitable "whiting-out" of a plastic cup. You'll probably drop the glass & break it well before that @loll@
  15. "Captain Riker" doesn't sound right. He turned down the promotion several times & I don't think we ever got to see him actually command his ship when he eventually accepted. Oh wait, I forgot, "Captain Troi" hahaha. Also, I just remembered seeing a few different DVD sets at Toys R Us a few weeks ago. They were all themed collections, I believe each had 5 DVDs. The only one I remember specifically was the alternate universe collection, which had what looked like every episode from all the different series' which took place in the mirror universe & such. I think these were something like $35 each, which is a pretty good deal for something like 20 episodes or more per set. I'll look around to find pics of the packaging, they were mostly black & featured one character's face on the cover, much like the new movie's teaser posters from last year. aaaaaaaaaaaand found it: Star Trek Alternate Realities DVD set. Looks like these sets have been out since September, hahaha oh I guess I didn't care enough to notice then.
  16. Went to another different BK today & the mgr brought out an actual case, which had "USS Enterprise - Lt. Uhura - Spock - USS Kelvin" printed, not written, along the sides. So I got Uhura, Spock & a 2nd Kelvin. God I love that ship.
  17. In the magical world of make-believe affordability that I wish I was in right now, I'd get the full set 'cos I couldn't buy a new set that didn't have ST6 in it. I do understand the reasoning in boxing 2-4 together, but why not just go all out if you're upgrading to Blu-ray?
  18. Yeah nowhere in the article does it mention regular box office, and Dark Knight was way more anticipated by a much larger percentage of moviegoers, as evidenced by it's $158 million dollar opening weekend take.
  19. I went to a different BK today & they only had Kirk, Scotty, Shuttle & Tricorder toys.
  20. Pretty sure the new movie Enterprise and the Klingon Bird of Prey are in the 2nd assortment & not actually out yet. This 1st assortment contains 1 Enterprise-D, 1 Reliant, and 2 Enterprise-As per case.
  21. Saw it this morning & I'm already anxiously awaiting the next! The only thing I'd suggest to improve the movie would be to include more of the material from the Countdown prequel comic miniseries, and that's really only so Nero would be seen as a more fleshed-out character. Oh, and I'm not 100% on-board with the Kobayashi Maru scene. I think Kirk was way too cavalier during it & was practically begging to be called to task on it. It was still fun as hell to watch though, so it's a minor nitpick I guess. Even the occasional coincidental moment (like Kirk running into Old Spock -and yes I'm calling him OLD Spock, Nimoy's so past Spock's prime that he can hardly speak- on the ice planet and THEN both running into Scotty) didn't derail the movie for me, as FATE and DESTINY were focal points of the story. As for Vulcan, well... I'm not really one way or the other about it. I like that the filmmakers are bold enough to make such sweeping changes in this Trek's universe, but I also hope it doesn't necessarily mean that this sort of thing'll be happening all the time. It works very effectively here to point both Spocks in specific directions, I'm just saying it doesn't have to be done again anytime soon. So where would I place this movie in my list of favorite Star Trek movies? Definitely Top Four, up there with Undiscovered Country, Khan & First Contact. Where exactly in that Top Four it belongs will have to wait until I've seen it again, probably more than once.
  22. Got the Kelvin today but I wish the sound was activated by a "bridge" button instead of by pressing down the upper hull/nacelle/thingy, it's way too easy to press, haha. I only want Spock's ship after this, but I think I might pick up the set of 4 glasses since all the BKs here in SoCal offer the set for $6.99 (presumably with combo meal purchase.)
  23. Yeah, it really does vary from store to store. I haven't actually tried walking in & just asking outright to buy the toys without any food, but so far each store has been great about showing me what they have & letting me choose. The most I've seen at any one location was 7, where I got the Warbird. So far I have 2 Enterprises, 2 Shuttles, 2 Tricorders, 2 Kirks & a Warbird. I'm pretty much only looking for the Kelvin & maybe Spock's Jellyfish ship. I'm still not really interested in the crew figures, but one store only had Kirk & the Tricorder, so I took Kirk & then later today a friend gave me another Kirk haha. I'm really liking the design of the Kelvin, hope there's a Hot Wheels version coming sometime.
  24. Musically, I agree. But they're all guilty of rearranging the cues to present (what I'm presuming to be) a more "artistic" album. And the Dark Knight soundtrack left a lot out from the movie, then was re-released as a 2-CD album & STILL left things out & messed with the order. I love the music in the soundtracks I buy, I'm just saying I should be able to just play the damn thing & not have to do any further research regarding where/when each track was used in the movie. And Wheeljack: I really dug that Speed Racer end theme song too, but it's unfortunately not on the soundtrack. It was released seperately as a single by Ali Dee & The Kompressors. Track 4 (Film Version) is the "Mach a Go-Go/Go Speed Racer" version.
  25. Tell you what, Mattel: You find a way to get that 3rd series of Movie Masters figures, the one with Two-Face from The Dark Knight, out onto store shelves & I'll consider thinking about possibly picking up a JLU figure.
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