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  1. RockthePlank is correct. He is featured a lot in the series, but the most prominent is episode 65, "The Revenge of Murray the Mantis." And before anyone thinks I'm an expert, I simply Wikipediaed Stay Puft.
  2. I, too, still do that dance. Add me to the dancer list. One more and a Slimer and we can recreate it.
  3. Finally ordered a set from Entertainment Earth, the one with Deathstroke. I do have a question for any who have ordered these. The set with Deathstroke reads In Stock, but Deathstroke is saying it won't arrive until February. Will this affect when I receive the order even with it being In Stock? Thanks!
  4. Nice collection DrZombi. I wish I had so many of the original still in package or in as good a condition. I must say, how rare is the Mountain Dew can on the bottom shelf?
  5. Dammit! Now I feel like I need to support the line! After ll my affairs are in order, I will try to get one. I guess the problem is I feel like I need to get them all, and I really don't. Peter alone should be fine... I like Peter a lot, but I think the very best in this line is Egon. He has the best likeness. Don't leave him out of the process.
  6. DC has a free pass for stuff like that. Superman and Batman are house hold names, the ghostbusters, unfortunately, are dated as hell. Most kids these days probably have no idea who Slimer is or why you shouldn't cross the streams. So sad... when I have a kid, they are watching GB every year around Halloween with me... I really want to get one of these figures, but I have been avoiding TRU since my cash fund is pretty depleted right now. Even if you weren't avoiding them, I haven't seen them in NC at all and I've been to three different TRU's in the past month. I, however, already own a set. So sweet!
  7. Just notice that it says it contains 10% fruit juice. Does anyone else thing that's a little funny. Maybe the rest is ectoplasmic residue.
  8. Just a minor update on the Retro Action Real Ghostbusters line. I asked Matty what the scoop was on Wave 2 of the series, as in when will we see them or hear news. Toyguru replied, "Right now we have not found a retailer willing to commit to wave 2 until they see how wave 1 does." So if you think the possibility of a Stay Puft, Janine, Sam Hain, or whatever appearing in wave 2 is nifty, show your love for wave 1. I for one am very pleased with my figures. I just hope QC is upped in future waves. I still see wave 1 of Retro Action DC figures clogging pegs and they're in wave 3. Must not have to sell too well.
  9. Which is most amusing since that is the one most people would WANT to buy of him And it would be incredibly easy for them to make. Minor modifications to current Tully head (I'm assuming his hair will be a bit disheveled) and plop him on an existing GB uniform body.
  10. I actually had it hanging on my wall where I used to live. I'm looking get a new gun (I used the old one for custom pack a while back) so that the future little me has something to where when daddy dresses up.
  11. I will definitely pick these up as I own every GB Minimate set save the "Ready to Believe you Set" and the Peck, Gozer sets. I'm a tad bit disappointed in what I see of the proton packs and guns. They seem to do even less than the Retro Figures. Ray's gun is identical to the movie one and the pack looks like it could be the same, too. I will say that the Egon gun, pointed at the screen, could have a little brown in it like the cartoon. These aren't due until April, so maybe they'll be changed by then. Toy Fair will have answers.
  12. I'd really like the guys after hours figures. Uniforms with minimal slime, unzipped to the waist (keep it G rated), and no proton packs. We see them a lot like this in the films.
  13. Jangonate, I sense from your comments that we feel exactly the same way concerning this subject. I too am mystified and disappointed by the negative backlash concerning sequels and prequels of beloved properties these days. Perhaps fans revere the originals so much that their expectations are way too high, or the new stories don't fit in with their grown-up, sophisticated sensibilties. There just seems to be this whole snarky, overly analytical, irreverent, cold, and cynical sub-culture of smart-allecks these days that can't relate to simplistic, adventuresome, light-hearted, and just plain ol' fun storytelling anymore, so they viciously pick-apart anything that isn't loaded with gore, sex, and violence. But maybe that's just me. Alot of these older properties that we're seeing making a comeback to me are just an extension of great memories I have of the original films, and I tend to be a sentimental person anyway, so there's also a nostalgic factor going one, like you alluded to Jangonate. I didn't mean to rant. I just get so fed up with all the negativity and cynicism these days concerning movie sequels and prequels. I just enjoy them for what they are...movies that are meant to entertain and remind us of why we loved the originals in the first place. One last thing Jangonate: I too have always loved Ghostbusters 2. It always seemed like a very natural sequel that just built upon the first film like sequels are supposed to. I could watch it over and over again. It's just light-hearted fun that's missing from so many movies these days. So to answer your question my friend, yes...I would absolutely love to see a Ghostbusters 3 made. Indeed we feel the same thing. My original rant came from being fed up with how silly people react to movies. If a modern movie can ruin your childhood, you may have had some childhood issues or something.
  14. The reason slime-blower Winston was delayed was for accuracy, so we might not have to wait too long! Is it reasonable to assume the March's figure is Winston? Unless they move Louis up, he is the only other fig already announced. The other options are that we'll receive a figure announced at Toyfair or no figure at all.
  15. I actually like the costume. Of course I need to see the mask first as it could make or break it. The eyes on that sucker are hard to get right in real life. As for Garfield being skinny. I say bring it on! It's one of the reasons I loved the character. He looked like me! And even after several years in the gym weight lifting, I still didn't get that much bigger. This has an Ultimate Spidey vibe to it and I love that universe. I was skeptical about a reboot from the beginning. Though Spider-man 3 was, by far, the weakest of the 'trilogy,' I never considered it a train wreck and I thought Raimi could have pulled more magic out of his hat for 4. However, the more I see of the new one, the more I like. After seeing the Social network and realizing after that Garfield was cast for Spider-Man, I immediately became more excited. He's a great actor and he looks like Peter Parker.
  16. Sweet! Wednesday cannot get here soon enough. I really hope we hear something about Vigo soon. The only GB 2 figures I super want are Vigo and Ray/Winston with ACCURATE slime packs.
  17. Mine is shipped and should be hear by Wednesday, too. I like this! No worries of going on Matty (especially with no Evil-Lyn) and the figure arrives a day after the sale when I'm used to wondering when the heck it will ship. Nice!
  18. Some very good ideas there. I would, however, leave Megan Fox out of it. I'm all for a girl joining the team, but that actress is eye candy, yes, but not enough substance for a comedic performance.
  19. I still don't understand the hate for Ghostbusters 2. Maybe it was being a kid when I first saw it that instilled such a fondness for it. Then again I was a kid when Masters of the Universe came out and though I have a fondness for it, I recognize its a hunk of junk. GB II, however, I feel is a genuinely good movie. I forgot to mention above that one of the articles that ranted about no Ghostbusters III included the following comment: "Why make a Ghostbusters III? The first one wasn't that funny anyway." Really? No, really?
  20. Hey guys and gals! I consider myself a huge Ghostbusters fan. I have a GB I and GB II uniform, a proton pack that I'm nerdy enough to know is based on GB II, of course I have my Matty PKE sitting next to my RGB version, and I still play with my Ghostbusters figs, new and old. I thoroughly enjoyed Ghostbusters II. It was the only of the two I could see in theaters and that meant something to me. I still have fond memories of going to Hardee's for an ice cream with 'Ecto' green syrup poured over it before seeing said movie. Ghostbusters means a lot to me and therefore I would go flipping crazy with excitement if Ghostbusters 3 is made. I write all of that because I keep running across articles saying they hope that Bill Murray shoots the script down and saves the franchise. All to often I hear the phrase "ruined my childhood" with other films and the same one is being thrown at the possibility of Ghostbusters 3. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull did not ruin my childhood, the Star Wars prequels didn't ruin my childhood (it gave me a chance to do something I was too young to do - watch a new Star Wars film on opening night). If anything these movies were so over hyped that people set them to fail and though they are by far perfect movies, I thought there were great films to escape in. Did you know Revenge of the Sith did better critically than Return of the Jedi? Did you know people were mad a George Lucas because Return of the Jedi ruined their childhood with Ewoks? Same story over and over. Ok, my rant is done and time for you to chime in. What do you think? Should Ghostbusters 3 happen or are you content to let it fade away like all the other times before to avoid the possibility of a mediocre sequel?
  21. I don't think you understand how much money this thing will save you! No more will you have to deal with costly Ghost Elimination house calls only to find that your house isn't haunted, you've just got a noisy cat. No longer will you need to sleep with one eye open for fear of the boo-ger man hiding under your bed! Just pull out your trusty PKE, and adjust to controls and you can scan the room for paranormal and interdimensional spooks, specters, and ghosts. Well worth the $70 sir! Well worth it indeed! Plus it helps everyone automatically identify that you are a big nerd. That's right, just a big old dork sitting there "pretending" to detect ghosts. The ladies are all over that action! I annoy my wife daily with it, she threatens divorce, but I am fairly sure that must be the ghost I am detecting taking over her body... I am unfamiliar with this "booger" man. Maybe that's what was created from the secret stash of nose candy under my bed as a child. Mom warned me. The boogey man was what I was most afraid of.
  22. I didnt know that. 20 bucks really is a bit much for a single figure, are these figures not availiable at retail stores? i know i saw both sets of 4 pack figures at TRU. but ive never seen the single carded figures ever. The singles were never available in retail, only on Matty. It is a steep price, but as a fan that's been looking for these since I was a kid, I had no problem shelling out the dough.
  23. Honestly, as one who has literally been following every single one of these rumors since they first seriously popped up in '99, I think the chance is still great. They don't have to have Bill to go forward, they just really want him, but I saw in an interview last year that he was thinking about doing this for the fans. We actually have a script and, like, 90% of everyone on board (the last 10% or maybe greater than that is Bill) so it's almost in the for certain category of my book. It has never had as much chance as now. Merchandising is all over the place with new figs and video games and they are doing well. If anything, Sony wants this made and will do whatever to make it happen. My hope is that Bill realizes this and uses his power to make sure it's worthwhile for us.
  24. Seriously, first getting figures now getting a movie. It sounds like Bill Murray just got the script though and not that he's been holding onto it for a while. My hope is that there is a degree of professionalism in him that speeds him along. After all, if it's a great script it's a great script and hopefully no time to delay. If it's not, who knows how long he'll take.
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