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  1. Personally I'm happy for a few lackluster waves. For a while my wallet was hurting with everyone I picked up. The fact that two or three from the wave is enough is a good feeling. Alan Scott is plain awesome. Now I need a JSA Flash and a place to display everyone.
  2. I would like to add to the list of sightings in the NC area. After four Walmarts (and getting some fried pickles at Zaxby's for a pregnant wife along for the ride) I found Alan Scott, Kamandi, Tyr, and Zatanna. Picked up GL and Zatanna. Alan Scott was the only figure from the wave that I 'had' to have. I'll still be on the lookout for Gold and Hourman (to further complete my JSA), but for now, I'm satisfied.
  3. They're out in NC, too. A poster on the Matty forums and on Actionfigureinsider.com forums has pics up. Being that I am from NC I rushed out to the pallets tonight only to be met by Barbies and a drunk woman who needed money. What she was doing in the toy aisle, I have no idea. Going out again tomorrow to see what I find.
  4. The Kmart closest to me put Wave 13 out last Sunday. I was a bit dismayed yesterday when I hadn't found classic Starman and Jemm. Went out for dog food and decided to stop by...those were the only figs out waiting for me. What's amazing is that with the sale and a couple of coupons, I got the entire set, minus Golden Pharaoh and including both Starmen, for under $30. That's a very nice price.
  5. help out a fellow collector man, I need a Starman (both versions). I have an extra Jemm & SC Batman. also need a MM variant. thanks! I'll keep an eye out for Star Man and pick one up if I see him. They just had one modern version and he's in my collection at the moment .
  6. Had my SC Batman and Martian Manhunter price adjusted yesterday and found variants of Starman and Martian Manhunter, Raven, and OMAC today. Snagged Starman and OMAC and stashed the Raven to pick up when I get another coupon. So I've seen them in a couple of places in NC. I, too, am using the sale price and coupon as incentive to build Validus. The figs are nice bonus'.
  7. You're absolutely right about the Saudi Prince being 2nd wealthiest shareholder, but Fox News hasn't been very open about that. In fact, on an episode of, I believe, Fox and Friends (which Fox News does not recognize as the news portion) it was noted that the Saudi owned Kingdom Foundation, an organization they said could not be trusted because of their Radical Islamic ties, was backing the funding of the Mosque. The whole point was to cast doubt on the Mosque and it's shady ties. However, the owner of the Kingdom Foundation is none other than Al-Waleed, 2nd wealthiest shareholder of Fox News' parent company. For some reason, Fox and Friends never mentioned the persons name directly.
  8. I think the issue is relevant, because several of the people interviewed at the Beck rally mentioned this issue. It's one of the most talked about issues on Foxnews right now. It shouldn't be. We face far larger problems. But this is the agenda that Beck and Foxnews have set. It's funny how so many conservatives have asked for "sensitivity" regarding the placement of the ground zero mosque, and yet when Beck was accused of insensitivity for the timing and placement of his rally, his reply was "I'll move down two steps". Sensitivity goes both ways, Mr. Beck. You have to give it to get it. You know? I never saw it that way. Especially when the group of people gathered to 'retake the civil rights movement' were not fairly represented at all by the ones who started it. It always made me laugh when Beck said he'd stand two steps down. Really?
  9. Sorry, again, for bringing the Mosque into this. It's one of those hot button topics that usually finds its way into conversations of Beck and Fox News. I also noticed that my last post didn't go through alright. Don't know why it quoted everyone else and left my part out. I'll see if I can't recover it.
  10. To elaborate more on the situation, they came to ask me questions about the Muslim faith itself since the news outlets they watched and the friends they spoke to were quick to lump terrorist and all Muslims in the same boat. It was more of them seeking to know more about the subject rather than forming opinions about others who were against it. They actually want to go as far as having someone from a local Mosque come and speak at a gathering though they made it clear that they didn't want to offend members of the congregation (and there are some) that have differing views. Also, as one of the participants said, "I don't know what all the fuss is about since the Mosque has already been in that spot for many years. They just want to add a community center around it." Sorry about the digression from the main subject which, we should remember, is "Glenn Beck, the new MLK?"
  11. I'll have to see if it's on the internet, but I saw an interview once that said the Tea Party, in general, targeted folks that were not usually political or just coming into the political scene. A spokesman of the Tea Party event actually said they were looking for the naive to become involved. Sadly, I don't think he meant it to sound bad, but it certainly came across as bad. As for how you get your news and cutting out sound and what not, I actually stay clear from watching the news at all and instead read about it on various sites on the internet (CNN, MSNBC, and sometimes FoxNews). That way I can pick and choose an article and don't feel bombarded by the terrible things of the world that the news can sometimes remain fixed on. In other words, I get in, get the news, and get out. Though the user comments on a lot of these sites can be very entertaining. I'm a pastor and I have a member that was at said Beck rally. I can honestly say that he has interrupted church on many occasions to rant the same things the people in the YouTube video talked about. I just pray extra hard for him. On a plus note, a Bible study this morning with the older people of my congregation had a glimmer of hope. The topic turned to Muslims and the Mosque and my participants started a conversation about how they felt like the media was really painting Islam with a broad 'terrorist' stroke and didn't like it. To hear an older member of an American lovin', rural church say they have no problem with a Mosque being built near Ground Zero is not something you see every day.
  12. Just to be straight, I cannot watch Fox News without cringing and I have tried many times to be "Fair and Balanced" in what I view for news. However, there was a statement released a long while back that confirmed when on Fox news actual news was on and not opinion. Beck was clearly placed in the opinion category. I don't think their is much cover up going on about what his role is on the station. However, I know a lot of my friends and family that watch Fox News regularly haven't taken the time to understand the difference and that is where the problems occur.
  13. This is the crux of MSNBC's existence anymore....to rant about what the OTHER networks are doing. I say leave it to Colbert and John Stewart who are much better at it. Beck's rally would honestly end up being insignificant if it was not for the needless coverage. Honestly there are so many more important things, tragic and inspiring that could be covered instead.
  14. He didn't really apologize for the comment about Obama, just simply amended it to say that he felt him racist, but understood why he would be that because of his background in Liberation Theology. I haven't had a chance to read through every single statement that people have said so far on this topic as I've already heard all the varying arguments from comments on CNN.com, MSNBC.com, and FoxNews.com, but I did want to share something from a 'pastoral' standpoint. Liberation theology is something I studied in undergrad and during my time at seminary at Duke Divinity, and though it is not a universally accepted theology (or even widely known about for that matter) it is still one that harnesses a very basic truth of the gospel. This truth is that Christ came into the world, not so much for individual salvation, but to bring about the Kingdom of God, to change the world completely (as Jesus was very 'political'), and to bring about the salvation of the community of believers called the Body of Christ. There is very little language to describe the individual compared to the amount of language used to describe the community. John Wesley, founder of the Methodist movement, said, "...there is no holiness, but social holiness," back during the formation of our nation. He was describing the essence of Christ that was concerned for the oppressed and the poor, the widow and the orphan. Jesus said in his ministries, "Blessed are the poor...Blessed are you who are hungry now...But woe to you who are rich...Woe to you who are full now," and "I came to bring good news to the poor." It's from these statements and the recognition that there can not be release to the captives of the oppressed without social justice and change that formed the liberation theology movement in Central America as well as propelling millions of Christians to become part of mission trips to other countries and outreach projects in their own country. Why share all of this? Well, Beck's speech very much centered on God and the nation's need to turn back to God (though I personally would use the phrase "Turn to God" because we never were focused on him much in the first place). I agree with him on that, but he, through his interview on Fox News Sunday, totally through out everything in the above paragraph saying that it was against the Gospel which focused on the individual rather than the community. In his defense, he is Mormon which is, in my opinion, not truly Christian, but it is a faith that embodies such principles. It even goes so far as to claim America as God's new holy land as the early Native Americans were actually Israelites that came over here before the continent was discovered. Mormonism is a good fit, then, with America's ideals and principles, but Christianity has a little more trouble. The trouble I have with him, at least 'one' of the trouble I have, is that he speaks for all of Christians when he does so, but I don't feel he really understands scripture at all, let alone what our country really needs to do to turn back to God. Ok, that's my rant. I'm out.
  15. I finally got a Seaspray today, too. Been eyeing him for a while and my wife convinced me to pick it up to save time when we go to stores. I have a tendency to sit and stare at it with each visit. Nice fig.
  16. NC is seeing Wave 12 hit the shelves. A while back I found them all at my local Walmart. It's been a couple of weeks and they still have a Desaad, Mary Marvel in white, and an Iron on the shelf.
  17. According to an Ebay listing, the ships are around 5 and 1/2 inches in length and 4 inches in width (at least the Enterprise D).
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