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  1. I ordered Egyptian Ghost and Sam Hain online, too. Couldn't find them anywhere. Great set. They arrived earlier today. Bring on Peter and Winston.
  2. Yeah. Arcee and Bumblebee are not transformed right if you compare them to other convention appearances.
  3. I don't think many, save the critics (like with GL) think Dark of the Moon is trash. I think it's the best of the trilogy and I really liked the first one. Buzz on the TF boards is the same and considering it almost made more money in the first day than GL made in the first weekend, it could be bad news for GL. Don't get me wrong. At the start of the summer GL was at the top of my list as movie I thought was going to be amazing good and, though I really liked it, I'd be lying if I thought it was the best thing I've seen this summer. I want it to succeed, but Transformers, even in an off market, will do well and that will hurt other movies.
  4. Wow! Had not checked that. Thanks for mentioning it. Now if only I can get the booger's head off. It's on there pretty tight.
  5. Many of you may have heard this, but the Real Ghostbusters Minimates are being spotted all around the country at TRU. Just picked up all but Sam Hain/Egyptian Ghost (it was sadly absent) at my TRU in Danville, Va. Overall, they are awesome. The packs are the same mold, but at least they did a different paint app that pays homage to the RGB ones. The guns are brand new, too. If you pick up Janine and Slimer you'll notice that both of their pack are removable. Kinda makes you wish they changed the guy's molds to do the same.
  6. Havent seen XMFC yet but I'm guessing it's because in Wolverine we see a young Emma Frost and old Prof X and in XMFC we see a young Prof X and older Emma Frost... It doesn't fit because... SPOILERS Professor Xavier walks out of the helicopter at the end of Wolverine even though he's paralyzed at the end of First Class. When does Wolverine take place? 90's? END SPOILERS
  7. A bold confession. I, too, was very impressed with this film. If you told me that it would be in the running for favorite movie of the year, I would not have believed you. The characters felt real, the action was awesome, and I was genuinely moved in some scenes. It also matched up well with the continuity of the other films with a few hiccups (one in particular that happens at the end of Wolverine: Origins, but what made sense about that movie anyways). Saw some movies so far this year that I 'want' to see again before they leave the theater, but this one I 'have' to see again.
  8. I'm not feeling this wave all too much, either. Bring on 17 and then I'll just take a break for a couple of waves save Boomerang and Sandman. Would've loved that GA Flash, too.
  9. People are finding them at Wal-Marts, too. So far Wally World has been the only place with NautKeLoi or however you spell that guys name.
  10. You know, and this is coming from a huge GB fan, right before the show I said, "I hope the exclusive isn't Stay Puft." I have the Neca version and the piggy bank and I was content with both. Also, I really wanted it to be Vigo. That being said, after seeing how friggin' huge he was, that he was part plush (yay! Marshmallow texture), and admiring that wonderfully happy face, I am certainly throwing down $70 for this thing. My wife was watching AOTS with me and got tired of me saying, "Bought" after every reveal. Here's to going broke in July!
  11. I haven't seen the trailers for Captain America, maybe I'll go look for them tonight. Hey did you pick up a Lex Luthor from Matty. I opened mine last night and I love it, it looks better in person, more like Hackman and I just can't get over the wigs for Luthor.................awesome!!! I actually didn't pick him up due to lack of funds at the time. Glad to hear he's awesome.
  12. First off, Green Lantern is my most anticipated movie of the summer. The latest TV Spots and Wondercon footage just further strengthened that opinion. That being said, the first trailer for Captain America is making me just as excited. When I saw little skinny guy Steve Rogers get beefed up with the Super Soldier Serum I was instantly pumped. Though I may not be as excited for Thor, I am super pumped (it comes out on my birthday weekend). The recent, very positive reviews have given me great hope about the future of the Thor series and especially the endless possibilities for the Avengers movie next summer. Can't wait to go green this summer, but Thor will certainly be a nice distraction until then.
  13. Everything with a grain of salt when it comes to this movie. It seems that people are so hungry for a headline that they'll take a quote from TMZ (think about that for a bit) in which Ernie Hudson basically says he does not know what's going on and all of a sudden the web explodes with rumors that GB3 is not going to happen anymore. I love Ernie Hudson and he's actually one of my favorite actors of the group because of his love of the fans and being so down to earth. That being said, Ernie Hudson is not one of the major players in the production of the movie and therefore is not going to know much more than we do until the project is greenlit and casting is under way. Oh, Bill, please read this script and pass judgement! I don't care if it's bad judgement! Just do away with all this stalling so that the fans can get off of this "Is it going to happen" roller coaster.
  14. I might have to pick up this Hal, too. Glad that he also comes with another construct.
  15. what is the street date for these? May 1st.
  16. Green Lantern's my favorite DC Hero next to Batman so I hope they do it justice. I will say that after the Wondercon footage my hope went through the roof. I also love these figures. If the movie does well, I'm sure it'll be hard to keep some of these on the shelf. Collectors might not go for the 4" line, but kids will. There already selling out at the TRU near me that broke street date.
  17. Just received my Movie Masters figures in from EE. I, personally, think they're great and wanted to share an image with you. Just because it'll take a while before we get the full Parallax figure doesn't mean he can't go ahead and possess some of our bigger figgures.
  18. That is my dream, right there! It will come with tan GB 2 Jumpsuit Ray with GB 2 accurate proton pack and new headsculpt. I'm digging what Mattel is putting out so far. I loved GB 2 and the slime packs so having Winston and Ray so close together is completely fine with me. And the ghosts...finally! Seeing such cool ghost pack ins gives me more hope. I love the theater ghost (I never noticed after multiple viewings that he had wings) and the scary library ghost in my humble opinion is just as awesome. Then again, I'm kind of a GB fanatic and have only been disappointed by the current GB game, Sanctum of Slime. Wow, that game made me upset.
  19. Just found the 3 3/4" figs at a Toys R Us in Danville, Va. Picked up Sinestro, Kilowog, and Hal. Yes, the articulation is non existent, but they are actually quite detailed and and the constructs are really cool. The good news, too, is this: The constructs can fit on the DCUC figs. I used the adaptor that came with Kilowog with the Hal Jordan's new giant fist. It's actually pretty snug on there, but because it is pretty heavy and long I couldn't position it straight our without Hal's arm falling down. I don't know how big the movie masters fist will be, but there is some hope that you can use these constructs with him. Anyone else find the figs?
  20. This wave's mostly a pass for me, too. Modern Boomerang and maybe Toyman. Other than that, have at them whoever wants them. Wave 17, however, cannot get here soon enough.
  21. Right and wrong have a lot of gray areas. If not, this conversation would have been over on the other page. And having such gray areas often creates wrong. For instance, if I can justify that what I am doing does not hurt anyone then it is ok to do it. However, the very fact that you have to justify it means that their is something inside you telling you, you shouldn't do it. No one ever thinks themselves a villain and most of the major atrocities of history were committed by men and women who were convinced that there was a justly purpose behind what they were doing. As long as I'm not as bad as 'that guy', I'm ok. 'They' do worse things than me. Case in point: cheating Walmart is ok even though minor accidents like these might one day pile up and hurt the little guys that work there, but at least I'm not like Walmart and Matty who do terrible things to make money off of cheaply made figures.
  22. Received MM Ray and Vinz in the mail today. I know there has been a lot of hate on Ray, but I actually like the guy. Are the goggles small? Yes, there is not denying this fact, but they do still fit on the head and it's not as terrible as I thought it would be. I also wanted another proton beam that will be put to work in my display. Louis is awesome also. Not much need for the pizza or popcorn, but the figure is a great likeness in person and I like the extra heads. Can't tell you how many times I've had him tell Ray, "Somebody turn on the lights!"
  23. Yeah, the email is confusing, but what it is essentially saying is that you are being billed for March's figure. Kind of a warning to make sure funds are available.
  24. Anyone pick up the Batman: Arkham Asylum figs? I think they are amazing and it doesn't hurt that my comic shop gave them all to me for roughly the price of a DCUC figure each. They're great about discounting items if you order the whole set. I'm an articulation junkie, but seeing these figs standing together on my shelf is something I've wanted since seeing the designs for the game.
  25. start saving up for it now for when its released I added my two cents to the forum at Matty. I own a replica pack and I still want to see them make a pack. There are so many GBFans out there that are screaming in protest because they don't want the item to suddenly be mass produced so their own pack stays unique, but I say the more nerds out there with packs the better. I have a friend of mine that's been wanting a pack for a while and this would be an awesome opportunity.
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