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  1. Just received my Movie Masters figures in from EE. I, personally, think they're great and wanted to share an image with you. Just because it'll take a while before we get the full Parallax figure doesn't mean he can't go ahead and possess some of our bigger figgures.
  2. Just found the 3 3/4" figs at a Toys R Us in Danville, Va. Picked up Sinestro, Kilowog, and Hal. Yes, the articulation is non existent, but they are actually quite detailed and and the constructs are really cool. The good news, too, is this: The constructs can fit on the DCUC figs. I used the adaptor that came with Kilowog with the Hal Jordan's new giant fist. It's actually pretty snug on there, but because it is pretty heavy and long I couldn't position it straight our without Hal's arm falling down. I don't know how big the movie masters fist will be, but there is some hope that you can use these constructs with him. Anyone else find the figs?
  3. This wave's mostly a pass for me, too. Modern Boomerang and maybe Toyman. Other than that, have at them whoever wants them. Wave 17, however, cannot get here soon enough.
  4. Right and wrong have a lot of gray areas. If not, this conversation would have been over on the other page. And having such gray areas often creates wrong. For instance, if I can justify that what I am doing does not hurt anyone then it is ok to do it. However, the very fact that you have to justify it means that their is something inside you telling you, you shouldn't do it. No one ever thinks themselves a villain and most of the major atrocities of history were committed by men and women who were convinced that there was a justly purpose behind what they were doing. As long as I'm not as bad as 'that guy', I'm ok. 'They' do worse things than me. Case in point: cheating Walmart is ok even though minor accidents like these might one day pile up and hurt the little guys that work there, but at least I'm not like Walmart and Matty who do terrible things to make money off of cheaply made figures.
  5. Anyone pick up the Batman: Arkham Asylum figs? I think they are amazing and it doesn't hurt that my comic shop gave them all to me for roughly the price of a DCUC figure each. They're great about discounting items if you order the whole set. I'm an articulation junkie, but seeing these figs standing together on my shelf is something I've wanted since seeing the designs for the game.
  6. Do we know, yet, when to expect the Young Justice figures in stores? I can't seem to find anything. For the most part I'll save some money on some DCUC. Excited about the Rainbow Lanterns wave, excited about the Crime Syndicate pack, but the Super Powers wave is a big pass to me. Never watched Superfriends and don't recognize any of the characters. Will get Cpt Boomerang, though. Glad he's the modern version.
  7. Got the figures in this afternoon. Wow! This is one of my favorite waves, by far. I've also am reading Batman: Knightfall for the first time, so getting Bane and Az Bats is awesome.
  8. Hhhmmm, could an American actor play James Bond? I'm cool with the casting decision. I think he has the look. Can't wait till we start getting pics of suits and what not, though I know that's a ways down the road.
  9. Looking forward to getting my whole set from EE tomorrow. Every Walmart in my area has reset without Classics so online might be my route for a while.
  10. Other than the preview figure have we heard of a possible release date for these and the movie masters figures?
  11. Right now I'm leaning towards Qui-Gon being a hallucination. It's too coincidental that all three of them have visions like that at the same time. Still, if Qui-Gon really is the spirit form, I can stretch my mind enough to fully accept it as canon. Though I know it was not Lucas' intention, but Obi-Wan in Revenge guessed, rather quickly, who the person Yoda was telling him about someone visiting him. Perhaps Obi-Wan had the same visit once? Also, Yoda mentions he will teach Obi-Wan how to commune with him. Even though Obi-Wan had a visit in the Clone Wars, doesn't mean he knows how to fully commune with those who have passed on. Anyways, that's my ramblings.
  12. That was standard for the Dark Knight 3 3/4" figures if I remember correctly. I have a couple of those and they had next to no articulation. I think they feel that they can go the cheap route with these thinking that only kids will be picking these up. I wish they would go the route that Hasbro has been going with their movie figures. The Iron Man 2 figures were better than most of the Marvel Universe that came out last year. Articulation aside, I think this figure 'looks' a bit better than some of the other 3 3/4" figures we've already seen for the movie. I do like the fist construct with him. Hopefully they give constructs to the movie masters.
  13. I concur about Kristen Stewart as Lois Lane. I don't think the girl really knows how to smile and her personality on film and in person is to subdued for the energy required to be Lois Lane. Kate Bosworth had the energy, but she was way too skinny and way too young. I'm putting my trust in Zack Snyder. I liked the Watchmen a whole lot and thought it was well cast. The new actor to play Supes certainly looks like Supes and I hope he can pull off a great Superman and Clark Kent. So far it's looking good to me.
  14. Omg, the arrogance of this statement just kills me. Who are you exactly to determine who the "real fan" are? It's the truth, the film was trash, the public didn't warm up to it, a few people here on TNI and abroad like it,.....so what.......neither WB or DC warmed up to it. Singers gone and so is Routh, the proof is right there. Also some may backtrack because they are scared but yes there is a reason Routh was picked and his costume stylzed as it was. Can't escape truth no matter how PC some people here try to be. That's still an opinion friend. Critically the movie did fine. It wasn't absolutely loved, but it was in the like category. Plus, the reception of Superman Returns can also be attributed to another film that came out a week before called Pirate's of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. That movie was not good, but the love of the first movie ensured that hardly any movies other than it got much love that whole summer let alone the few weeks it came out. Say you don't like it, thought it was terrible and swear of its existence, but don't 'assume' the same opinion for the rest of us. I actually know a lot of people who fell in love with the character of Superman because of the movie.
  15. Now here's a question for those tired of seeing Lex. What if he constructed his battle suit in the film and became, physically, a more formidable opponent for Superman? Would it be acceptable to use Lex then?
  16. I have to agree, Superman III was a turkey. But it does have some good points. For one, I've been a fan of Annette O'Toole since long before she played Mama Kent on Smallville. Second, even if it wasn't used to anywhere near it's full potential, the killer "Super-Computer" from the climax is one of the coolest concepts I've seen in a superhero movie. (Maybe Nolan can rip it off for his film.) Finally, and most importantly, the Junkyard Battle. A lot of fans consider that one scene to be the finest piece of fim to come out of ALL the Supermovies put together. Was the killer Super-Computer based at all on Brainiac? Does anyone know? Every time I watch it I think of him. Loved the junkyard battle, though the concept that using nicotine to create kryptonite turned superman bad was silly. Wow! Just realized that this thread was about the new Superman who was cast (he certainly looks the part) not about how bad Superman Returns was or gay bashing. Hard to know that by reading it.
  17. Wow! I cannot believe some of the hate for Superman Returns. Was it perfect? Heck no, but I still watch it on Bluray from time to time. Do you know what I don't own in any way shape or form? The trash that is called Superman IV. If ever there was a movie that needs to be gone it is that. Superman reveals his identity to Lois, takes her for that overdone fly through the skies, lands and kisses her so that she forgets who he is. Not only is that super corny, but it is 10x more terrible than Routh's costume in Returns. If I was going to rank the Superman movies in order it would be Superman, Superman II, Superman Returns, Superman III, and Superman IV. Superman III and Returns are pretty close, but where Superman Returns suffers from a poorly casted Lois and a flawed, but not movie ruining attempt to give Superman a son, Superman III was getting into the Batman and Robin cheezy department. PS What I just wrote above is called an opinion, defined as: a personal belief or judgment that is not founded on proof or certainty Because 95% of what is written in this thread is an opinion, not founded on proof or certainty, they don't matter too much in the end. If I don't agree and you don't agree, chances are nobody'll change their mind anyway.
  18. Picked up Kup at a Target in Burlington, NC. I know from TFW2005 boards that Scourge and the RTS Wave 2 figs are out here, too.
  19. I've been watching Batman fight crime in the same black rubber suit for 22 years, the GL suit looks fine to me. I concur. I think the suit designs are amazing (love Sinestro's) and am anxiously awaiting the Movie Master line. This is a tease and I want more. That said, board games, roleplay items, and the regular line aren't tempting me.
  20. Finally ordered a set from Entertainment Earth, the one with Deathstroke. I do have a question for any who have ordered these. The set with Deathstroke reads In Stock, but Deathstroke is saying it won't arrive until February. Will this affect when I receive the order even with it being In Stock? Thanks!
  21. I actually like the costume. Of course I need to see the mask first as it could make or break it. The eyes on that sucker are hard to get right in real life. As for Garfield being skinny. I say bring it on! It's one of the reasons I loved the character. He looked like me! And even after several years in the gym weight lifting, I still didn't get that much bigger. This has an Ultimate Spidey vibe to it and I love that universe. I was skeptical about a reboot from the beginning. Though Spider-man 3 was, by far, the weakest of the 'trilogy,' I never considered it a train wreck and I thought Raimi could have pulled more magic out of his hat for 4. However, the more I see of the new one, the more I like. After seeing the Social network and realizing after that Garfield was cast for Spider-Man, I immediately became more excited. He's a great actor and he looks like Peter Parker.
  22. These figures are now in stock for $16.99 a pop at Entertainment Earth.
  23. I found this picture of him from the comics. He's a relatively newer character:
  24. Don't know if this has been mentioned yet, but I found this at Superherohype.com. It's G'hu, the preview figure with Wave 2 GL Classics:
  25. I can relate to that. If it was not for the Spidey and Supes costume I wouldn't know what a gym looked like. I have a deal with my wife that if I can get back in shape a Green Lantern suit is in my future.
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