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  1. This thing looks worse and worse with each new pic shown. It's definitely drifting into Matrix/ X-Men territory with the molded dark look. Maybe stupid kids who don't know any better will like this. I want to see it in action via a trailer or what not before I make my whole judgment, but I'd be lying if I said I hated it. I don't get the Matrix vibe, but I do feel like this Superman outfit would blend perfectly with the ones the latter heroes in Watchmen wore. That, of course, makes sense because of the director.
  2. is that supposed to be Zod in the black suit? That's Faora (is that how you spell it), Zod's female accomplice. There's a debate whether or not the man in pre-CG outfit is Zod. EDIT: Someone beat me to this.
  3. Just admit you're filled with hatred for anything that's not Christopher Reeve Supes That isn't true, I love of those movies of course but you can't have Chris forever right? I am ready for a new Superman, just one done right. The problem is people seeing problems that don't exist like the need for a costume update or the lack of an S curl. The traditional outfit isn't outdated and neither is the S curl. If a man can run around in spider pajamas then we can have the regular Superman outfit. I am not sorry but Donner just did it right with respect in all areas. Like what was mentioned, do they really need to mute the colors that heavy, or give him that silly outfit? I'm quite late to this conversation. We still don't know if this is Superman done right yet. Right now it's the costume we're debating. It's important to note that the Spider-Man 'pajamas' have been updated a bit since he made it to the movies. The most recent costume's sparking it's own debate, though I love it. Still don't know how a kid with little income can put this stuff together, but I can suspend belief a bit. Batman's gone through several changes himself and the most recent, Dark Knight, is one of my favorites. Why should Superman be restricted from change, too? It's also important to note that many of my non comic friends that go to the movies think that the classic Superman look is really silly. I don't always agree, but I know the point of the DC reboot and, I suppose, the new looks of heroes in movies like Superman (Green Lantern is a pretty dramatic departure in film) are aimed to reach these new viewers too. Spider-man can get away with pajamas because he's a kid from Queens and no money that decided to accept the responsibility of his great powers, but Superman is a man from the stars and has technology in his Fortress of Solitude that is vastly superior to our own. Why does he need to remain in the tights and briefs momma made from his blankets in the beginning? I'm excited to see this new look in action.
  4. Any news on what those extended scenes might be? I really liked the film, but recognize it was far from a great film. Some new scenes would be appreciated. Especially if they feature OA or the corps some more. If they're just twenty more scenes of Hal talking about how afraid he is to Carol I'll understand there initial exclusion.
  5. That picture makes me incredibly impatient for the last lion at the end of next year. It was a tough decision getting the Sub with the financial commitment, but if I wasn't planning on it and saw this pic, my mind would've been changed. I thought it was tough finding a place for Stay Puft. Wonder where this guy will fit in the collection?
  6. Yes, I think GB 3 will eventually happen. There is so much out right now pointing to how popular the series still is. I have kids at my church around 5 that know who the Ghostbusters are (maybe cuz their pastor is always dressed up as one at Halloween). All of that said, this report says almost nothing new. Dan is a fan of GBs. This is truth. And every opportunity he gets he plugs GB 3's possibility. The only new thing from this article is that they plan to move on without Bill. That's a big change from what has usually been said. Before the news was that the movie cannot happen without Bill. In the meantime, keep the excitement in check until there is an official announcement buy anyone but Dan.
  7. I've already passed on this set at two of my Walmarts. A.) I just don't have the money right now. Still recovering from SDCC exclusives and Thundercats. B.) I only really want Owlman and Ultraman which makes the price even less tantalizing. Truth be told, I've seen these packs in abundance everywhere. Yes, this will be the Gotham and GL pack all over again.
  8. I know I wasn't the one asked this, but I wanted to say that I really like Blazing Sword Voltron. It is a bit bland on from the back, but the articulation is pretty ridiculous and I like the inclusion of the two sword versions. It makes for some dynamic poses. I currently have him posed next to my Masterpiece Voltron. I have a feeling that if we get Robeasts they will be in this scale.
  9. On another board someone said his TRU told him that Thundercats were just flying off the shelves. This is definitely good news for the line and the show. Last night's episode instilled a strong want for that Thundertank.
  10. My Stay Puft arrived yesterday and I'm having trouble just finding a place for it in my office/playroom. Heck, there's not room in the floor for it to sit comfortable. I have a special picture I want to take of it today so I'll try to post it later.
  11. Received a shipping notice for it this morning. I don't have an expected arrival date yet, though. It's great when the Matty sale is on a Monday because it means the figure shipping pretty early.
  12. Ditto. Sadly, because of all the pictures that were posted you know what's going to happen, but when it did...man oh man. That was a highlight to an already great episode.
  13. Dude that sucks Jangonate! It's their job to go and get stuff. Did they end up getting it for you? If not I would complain to a manager or tell them you want to contact corporate, that should get you results. I didn't, but I might do it now. Truth be told, I was dumbfounded with the laziness of the whole thing. The main reason I went was to use the 20% off coupon on the Republic Attack Shuttle. Rather than go in the back and get it, like the Thundercats, they asked if they wanted me to special order it from their website. Why the heck would I special order something that's sitting in the store? Frustrated I just left, but found out today that someone saw them on the shelf this morning at the same TRU. Yeah, I'm definitely going to get in touch with corporate and a manager.
  14. Awesome episode. I, too, was worried when I saw some of the plot mirrored from last week (a misplaced people traveling home), but that disappeared quickly as the episode went on. Once again, this soundtrack is absolutely amazing.
  15. Got ticked off yesterday because a Toys R Us 40 min. away told me they had a bunch of Thundercats figures on the floor. Got in the car, drove down there, and found...absolutely nothing. The computer said 'On the floor', but the figs were still in boxes in the back. When another worker asked someone to go in the back and get the boxes, he simply replied, "But there are a lot of boxes back there to look through." What?!?
  16. The Taxi Ghost is packed with RTBY Peter. Rookie just has a PKE, newly sculpted goggles, trap, and trap effect. That's not how it reads now on Mattys news page about subs. being extended...mistake, or new ploy to sell more subs? Again, this is direct from Matty's news page about the sub extension... "Ghostbusters™ Club Ecto-1 2012 will be bigger than ever with Dana and the club-exclusive The Rookie with Taxi Cab Ghost." Matty news Interesting. They do contradict what they said in their panel, though. Here's some links from TNI: The Rookie: http://i.toynewsi.co...ze=800&start=40 RTBY Peter: http://i.toynewsi.co...ze=800&start=40 Ok, for some reason the links aren't behaving, but the RTBY Peter link goes to Dana. RTBY Peter is the slide before and the Rookie is the slide after Dana.
  17. The figures are sellin too well in my area for me to get lucky with a clearance. Then again I already have bought everything I really want so far. Yes, the Wreckers are awesome and I hope they get around to doing a Roadbuster deluxe in the 'M.A.S.K.' format. Optimus Prime has not been blessed with a good, in scale figure, but I bought the Ultimate one from Walmart.com for $64 and think he is really fun to play with. As much as I love the DOTM figures, I'm ready for Prime to hit the shelves. I've enjoyed my SDCC Prime Prime enough to satiate my hunger, but I need more Prime plastic crack.
  18. The Taxi Ghost is packed with RTBY Peter. Rookie just has a PKE, newly sculpted goggles, trap, and trap effect.
  19. If you think Nolan is just sitting around with his hands under his butt you are wrong. Producers actually have more of a hand in this then you might think, after all, they have their own cash invested in the project, and with Nolan's success, I am sure he has his fingers all over the project. I can't wait to see what Snyder and Nolan come up with. Their films speak for themselves, with the commercial success of the Batman franchise, to the incredibly underrated masterpiece that is Watchmen, I think the film will be enjoyable. I won't repeat the whole thing here, but have any of you watched Kevin Smith talk about his time with Superman and the ridiculous requests of the producer. He kept telling Kevin that he didn't want the costume to be 'gay,' like the costume version and that he had to fight a huge spider. When Superman fell through he went on to produce Wild Wild West. He got his huge spider.
  20. I want to go see it real bad, but a new baby's keeping me from the theaters. The fact that I have not seen Captain America yet is heresy. I saw the original with Charleston Heston. It is a great film. If you enjoyed the original movie then you should really enjoy this one. Captain America was boring IMO, but this one here is really good. Understandable about the baby, again, can't wait to see how you guys dress him or her up for Halloween. So far the little guy will either be some form of Ghostbuster/ghost, or maybe even a Green Lantern. We should make him Bzzzd. Sorry to hear you didn't like Captain America. My family and friends have said it's outstanding and it's made it hard to wait. My list is getting bigger and bigger of movies I have to see. Apes and Harry Potter are also on that list.
  21. I know. Just wanted to distance the original from the Tim Burton remake. Liked it as a kid, but watched it again grown up and it's not very good at all.
  22. Same here in Florida I know they were spotted in Fayetteville, NC, but I haven't seen them where I am at in Burlington, NC.
  23. Walked into my Kmart the other day and they were doing a reset. I kindly asked the gentleman in the back for Thundercats (though I was looking for Batman, too) and he replied there were just a bunch of boxes in the back that he didn't know what was inside. Told me to check back in two weeks when the reset was done. TWO WEEKS? For a reset? He also had three other workers helping him out. I hate Kmart.
  24. I like the look of the costume and I think the cape looks fantastic. I've always been a fan of Superman's cape looking huge in the shoulder area and billowing out in comics and animation. The only example I can think of off the top of my head is Superman in The Batman. Still curious about the briefs and the belt. I personally don't care if he has briefs or not. Also really like the huge 'S'. All in all, the picture is taken in a very dark setting which could explain the costume's darkness. Maybe it would look different if he was, say, flying in a brightly lit setting outside. Can't wait to see more.
  25. I want to go see it real bad, but a new baby's keeping me from the theaters. The fact that I have not seen Captain America yet is heresy. I saw the original with Charleston Heston. It is a great film.
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