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  1. "Any regrets?" "I don't know...Garfield maybe." The guy can do two Garfield movies, he can do GB 3. It's important to note that Akroyd never said no GB 3, just that they've decided to press on without Bill. Love it, like it, or hate it, it seems the studio really wants this film. It's why so much merchandise has popped up recently. One can only hope that Murray cracks in the process and, at least, makes an appearance.
  2. Idaho(leinthewall) Hell i'll be lucky if mine show up before the month is over it would be nice if mine came before the end of my r&r Oh your in the service? yeah i'm in the army, deployed to afghanistan currently on my r&r leave I never knew this and since I know this I Thank you for your sacrifice and being out there in a dangerous place fighting those terrorist barberians thanks wheeljack, it's not quiet as bad as the media and comedians make it out to be and i've been blessed to not earn a combat action badge and i'm with a great group of people out there I've always wondered about the real situation out there for you guys and gals in the field. It's all about politics sometimes with the news and the truth can get distorted. Also, glad to hear you guys find blessings on the battlefield. Our prayers are with you.
  3. This was the most disappointing thing about Toy Fair this year. The show to me is...ok, but I love the design for Voltron. When they teased the toys at SDCC, I just knew we'd see something by now, but no. Might be tough to create the Voltron with so many different modes (Red Lion Head, Blue Lion Head, etc.).
  4. Mine's supposed to arrive on Monday. Stoked to get a quick fix, but I have a feeling getting this thing in will make waiting for the finished product super tough.
  5. I'm perplexed, too, by the lack of a charge on my account for the Voltron Sub. Thought that was supposed to happen on this past Friday and the figure should've been shipped. It's one of the reasons I have the sub. Now I'm wondering if something happened and I need to order the lion tomorrow during the sale. It was grouped with my Ghostbuster sub. I wonder if it getting dropped messed up my Voltron sub, too.
  6. Looks like the RiD line is officially out, according to TFW2005.com. It's been spotted in California and Missouri. I swear I've had funds on reserve forever for these figures and as soon as I decide to spend it on some other things they come out.
  7. Thanks to this thread I decided to pick up 6" Lion O and am very pleased. Not much to add that hasn't been said, but I'm going out today to find some of the new 4" figs and Mumm Ra's pimped out sarcophogus ride. Really digging the direction of this line and I also like how Bandai announces figures and we find them on shelves a week or so later rather than showing us sweet pics and telling us they'll be out in 6 months or so.
  8. I bought it and am not ashamed. I hardly noticed the price difference and I'm a fan of the half torso with the cab ghost. I want him to look more like a ghost than a zombie. It's what he is. So far the only figure I'm not excited about is Dana. I'm not a fan of the static figure approach. No shame buddy! Im sure if I had more cash on hand I would be down for it, but with the price increase, shared parts, the only draw would be the zombie, and thats not worth it right now I certainly understand that. Chalk most of my purchases up to the fact that I'm a pretty die hard GB fan. I've been very satisfied by Matty's offering, but still having trouble figuring out what else they can make that I really want. Going into the line I was most concerned with getting the four guys in GB1 and GB2 uniforms, slime packs, and Vigo. Everything else was bonus considering I have the NECA Gozer, terror dogs, and Stay Puft. If you really want to see something impressive from Mattel, check out the 1:43 and 1:18 scale Ecto 1. Just received the 1:18 scale in the male this past week and it is very amazing. EDIT: I'm not going to change it because the error is hilarious, but the above sentence is supposed to say 'mail', not 'male'.
  9. I bought it and am not ashamed. I hardly noticed the price difference and I'm a fan of the half torso with the cab ghost. I want him to look more like a ghost than a zombie. It's what he is. So far the only figure I'm not excited about is Dana. I'm not a fan of the static figure approach.
  10. Yeah I've seen they got him for dirt cheap, there are always plenty of him on the pegs at TRU too. Honestly I still do not have any villains from the show yet, but I will eventually. I was glad to see that the wave 2 should be getting here soon, that should generate some one chatter in this thread. I am SOOOO glad they are coming out with a regular, Mumma-Raa the ever living in the 4" line. I just couldn't bring myself to pay $15 for the one that is currently out, it's just not worth that to me. I've been using the 6" Mumm-Ra in my setup. I like to have him imposing next to the Thundercats. I know some are not a big fan of it, but I'm super excited for Mumm-Ra's tank. Still haven't gotten the Thundertank yet, but it's on my Christmas list.
  11. is it just me or does the trap it self seem more complex in design than it would for a proton pack?.. Like just hte pack it self not counting the wand I agree that the trap seems much more complex than the proton pack. The only the proton pack really has is more plastic and what not. I still think it's completely doable and a possibility and this is coming from someone with a proton pack I worked on for a long time.
  12. This trap is awesome! I've had mine since Friday and got to take it out last night to watch GB in the theater. Utter awe is what describes the crowds coming to watch the trap open, catch the ghost, close and flash blue with electrical sounds before starting to shake around like there's a ghost in there. What it lacks in metal parts it makes up in playability. This thing has been in every room of the house clearing ghosts. Just need a holster for it.
  13. Swung by my Toys R Us in Greenseboro, NC TRU and found Wave 2 of RGB Minimates. Awesome little guys and I'm very happy that the No Ghost Logo comes with a saw. The attention to detail on these little guys never cease to amaze you. Found the minimates and Retro Action two-pack at the same time. Great day!
  14. My opinion of the Blu Ray and additions (which is positive) may be somewhat effected by the fact that I was born in 1983. Return of the Jedi was the first movie I ever saw in theaters, only I was a baby and more concerned with messing my trousers and unable to process words and pictures quite yet. When the Special Editions came out, it was my first real chance to experience them in theaters along with brand new changes. It'll probably be the same thing for kids who grew up going to see Episodes 1,2, and 3 (much to the displeasure of some). Had I been there in 1977, my opinion might be different. I did read about one change that even I am not happy about, though. What's this I hear about R2D2 hiding behind 'magical rocks' that disappear when the Jawas zap him. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Is George Lucas editing in a better hiding place or is this something R2 projects to protect himself.
  15. I concur. This show won me over with the first few episodes and I've never been a Teen Titans fan. The only downfall is the space in between the first few episodes and next Friday. The wait for something new has been tough.
  16. I'm buying the Blu Ray. The wife and I have a big party set up since Star Wars is one of the great loves we shared and that brought us together. I enjoyed Episodes 1 and 2, but loved Episode 3. I also own seasons 1 and 2 of the Clone Wars. I am a Star Wars fan with several lightsabers, two Jedi outfits, and enough toys to fill several rooms. Have I ever once complained about changes to the trilogy over the years? Nope. Has George Lucas ever raped my childhood? Not unless I was rufied or something. Did watching the video of ROTJ DV saying no before tossing the Emperor insight rage beyond rage? Not at all, but I may have shook my head with a smirk on my face. At the end of the day it is just a movie. A movie that changed the sci fi genre and impacted I cannot imagine how many people, but still just a movie. The fact that there is such anger over these changes is beyond my comprehension and makes me laugh. Just don't buy it! Stick to those original versions on DVD that GL made it sound like weren't going to get released. Hope that he'll eventually release the original versions on Blu Ray (cuz he will). What else can you do? The only thing I didn't like about that article is that it made it sound like 'fanboys' should be against this. In the end, the squeaky wheel gets the oil and the masses who will be content to buy this Blu Ray will more than likely do it without posting a thing on these boards. Meanwhile my hope is that this rage ends up being 'as if millions of voices suddenly screamed out in terror and were suddenly silenced.'
  17. I'll say it for Superpowers. I thought Green Lantern was a good popcorn flick. From the critics came the rating of dismal, but I find it hard to see. Not good..ok I could see that, but dismal, really? There's a trilogy of movies that defy all of these arguments called Transformers. I'm sure you've heard of it. All three movies were panned by critics (especially the last two) and yet user reviews are very favorable and they went on to be some of the highest grossing films, worldwide. I loved all three, though I've been made to feel dumb for thinking that, based on critics and some fellow board members. So I like CGI, explosions, and fart jokes. Just like with Green Lantern, sometimes I don't need my movies to take themselves so seriously so I can escape.
  18. I didn't feel JLA #1 could spoil Flashpoint unless you haven't heard that everything changes at the end (ie what this whole thread is). It never hurts to play it safe and read in order, though. My thoughts with very minor/borderline spoilers (maybe not even). I really liked JLA #1 and am excited to see where it will lead. I'm not new to the DC Universe characters or comics, but I did fall out of the loop for a while and I'm starting to see how this would be perfect for new people jumping into the series. The dialogue had some good humor with the two very differing personalities of Hal and Bruce, the artwork is fantastic, and the ending scene made me wish issue #2 wasn't a month away. Yes, if you don't want another origin story then this might not be as interesting. Personally, one of my favorite series of the past few years was Superman Secret Origins, though, and I'm wondering if some of the new 52 Origins will try to do the same job of blending together the various origins of the character into one timeline. I like the new looks, but as much as I like Batman's, a frowny face appears when I look over at my Batman Inc. figure and the, once, 'new' look of the character that I really liked. Bring on next Wednesday (or is it Thursday because of Labor Day). I won't lie. The image of Supes in a Tshirt, cape and jeans has me both curious and worried about Action Comics #1.
  19. Sorry but that doesn't hold up. Supes has a look. Blue suit, red cape, big S on the chest. Those are the elements that have to go into a Superman suit and like it or not, the other little details are expendable (yes, even the S curl). They're all just variations anyway. This new movie suit is just another version, plain and simple. You know its thinking like this that keeps Paris Hilton and Britney Spears employed . No one is saying the movie (story) will be bad but essential elements made it hard to enjoy. Even if the movie is great the fact that the suit is not right or that he doesn't have the S curl will leave a sour taste in my mouth and apparently loads and scores of other people. You may be easy to please and that is fine, but others do not like pointless change and this whole costume update is pointless and annoys many. Some people and you may have worked with them, feel that unless change is happening this progress isn't happening so they go about updating processes and standards that don't need to be updated, standards and processes that are efficient as is...........Superman was fine the way he was and he didn't need an update. Not saying Superman is like a car from the 30's where progress has bought us to the cars of today, but its like when they changed the formula for Coke.........it is what it is and it works timelessly. Superman doesn't look outdated and the change has only ruined the movie in half the audience when if they had left it alone they would have ALL OF THE AUDIENCE!!!!! Ignorance must be bliss You know, it's funny you think this way about Superman's new look, yet you practically worship the Green Lantern movie where the change to his look/costume is not that different, (they even removed his iconic white gloves and gave the costume green energy lines). Oh that was the biggest blunder of the movie. To be honest I didn't notice it much but I don't like, I didn't like it or most of the character updates, that is part of the reason I did not support the toy line at all. GL was a good movie but the costumes and character designs were terrible. Well there is hope then. Man of Steel could be amazing enough to drown out the lack of details in the costume for those opposed. One thing I don't think we need to worry about is lots of action. Yes, it may have a lot of slow mo, but Snyder knows epic battles. Heck, I still love to pop in Watchmen just to watch the opening beat down. The music and choreography (and yes the slow mo) made a thing of beauty. All of this discussion makes me happy that I am easy to please in some departments. I liked GL even though I wouldn't say its that great of a film, just a fun popcorn flick. This may be heresy, but Superman Returns is part of my Superman Trilogy. I've watched it more than Superman III and Superman IV. I watched the fourth one when I was a kid, but, as an adult, I was only able to get to the part when Clark revealed his identity, repeated the famous flying scene from the first one, and kissed her to forget him like in the second before I declared it utter garbage and never watched it again. To me that will be the greatest departure from Superman's character in cinema. All that to say, I'm really digging the design of the new costume. My friends and wife thought it was about time he ditched those silly, dated briefs on the outside of his clothes. I say this not to change opinions but to make sure its more than just the squeaky wheel getting the oil Oh, and what RockthePlank said.
  20. I loved Cap and GL! TIGER UPPERCUT! For loving Cap -- Yoga Flame For loving GL -- Friendship For using Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter phrases -- I see what you did there Sorry, but me an the Cap'n make it happen. Suddenly a craving for Crunch Berries has come over me.
  21. Yeah, what kind of crap is that? I passed on reading a lot of books in my day. I just knew they'd be crappy. If those books had a picture of Superman on the cover in an unfortunate, ill-conceived and over-thought design with muddy drab coloring, then you probably made a smart choice. You don't really have to eat dog poop before you can safely allow yourself to confidently state that you don't like the taste of dog poop, do you? You know I thought that, too, but then I ate dog poop and found out it tastes an awful lot like rocky road ice cream. I hate rocky road ice cream, though, and therefore did not actually like the taste of dog poop. Everything's full circle now and I've been staring at a computer screen for too long. Just out of curiosity, do those of you who dislike the movie design dislike the DC Reboot design, too? The colors are not the same between the two, but there are those armor lines, a lack of briefs and the different colored belt. Also, is it safe to assume that there is no belt at all on the Man of Steel suit or is it simply missing from recent stills like the cape?
  22. Add me, too. You can tell my GB 2 love from my avatar. Watched it during Comic Con after finding out about Vigo. It was the first movie I watched with my newborn son.
  23. This thing looks worse and worse with each new pic shown. It's definitely drifting into Matrix/ X-Men territory with the molded dark look. Maybe stupid kids who don't know any better will like this. I want to see it in action via a trailer or what not before I make my whole judgment... A lot of people say this "I have to wait and see before I can judge.." nonsense. If they trotted out a Superman suit that was pink with bunny ears, some people would still say, "I need to wait and see..." before allowing themselves an honest "Nah. It stinks." All the action in the world ain't gonna brighten up that dingy blue, grow a pair of red trunks and remove those needless seems. To be fair, if the suit was pink with bunny ears I would pass a full judgement it would be highly negative. I cannot help but judge the costume now, but the full one is hard to make until I see it in action and surrounded by the color pallet used throughout the rest of the film. My initial judgement is that I like it... a lot actually, but I'm also a fan of the reboot suits. But at the end of the day an opinion only matters to the ones who share it.
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