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  1. One guy doesn't know what he's talking about and the other website starts with a Britney Spears pic that tells me how much taste those people have. I love how you start scouring the web for negative reviews, you're trying too hard. Easy to disregard something without hitting the points when the truth hurts a psuedo-reality. Because someone had a BS pics invalidates their points??.........people who use this tactic is the mark of liar to me. Also I purposely looked up the Forbes review because of how mindless Marvel Mobs attacked a female reviewer and Samuel L Jackson called out the three major critics who didn't care for the movie. btw, I frequently read all reviews good and negative, did it more so for Green Lantern than any other movie to understand why the critics hated it, common complaint was that Green Lantern didn't suffer enough, it was like the good guy kept getting richer while those who suffer, suffered more. I went to see if I could find an article where they say the Avengers was like Transformers and this is what I found. He is a lot harsh, does anyone agree that the movie was almost a direct rip of TF3? http://bridgeofthese...d-big-time.html I don't really see it as a rip of TF3 at all. Their both dealing with alien invasions and both are far from the first films to do so. The settings are different, the designs of the invaders are different, and, though they share similarities in that a portal is being opened, the reasons for the portal are very different. I also have no reason to believe that if TF3 didn't happen Avengers would have played out differently. The story fits the Cosmic Cube, Thanos' goal to get it, and Loki's desire to rule. Even if it did, Avengers did it so much better.
  2. The funny thing about the one reviewer on characterization is that a majority of the praises from top critics were that the characters were well developed. The story is nothing too deep or engaging, but you overlook that because the characters (and the actors that play them) are so engaging. At the end of the day, it's hard to believe this movie will ever be forgotten for its achievements. History is made with the first superhero team up on film, 93% critics approve it (and a majority of them loved it rather than liked it) and 96% of the fans enjoyed it, and it opened to $200.3 million dollars domestically (not even to mention the international totals). What an event.
  3. Cool, I was hoping it would do well I never dreamed it would do that well. And I'm pretty sure it won't lose steam anytime soon. The reactions of the crowds at the theater today and yesterday were extremely positive. Lot's of people left talking about how they had to see it again. My wife and I are trying to figure out when we're going to have another viewing (my 3rd and her 2nd). Unfortunately having an almost 1 year old makes that difficult. It's not so often you have a movie going 'experience.' That's what this was for me. It surpassed being either good or bad and was just an experience I'm glad I didn't miss. The only problem I noticed after the second viewing was the person on the projector left it a tad bit unfocused, just enough to keep you guessing, and I left with a headache. But even out of focus, that movie is awesome. "That's the trick...I'm always angry." SMASH! I understand your situation, both times I went with my wife who's 5 months pregnant and we've realized how much your life changes with a baby and how there are some things we won't be able to do one the baby comes at least until it gets older. You hit the nail in the head it was all about the experience more than being good or bad I realized it today in my second viewing even though I still knew what was gonna happen I got excited when it did if anything I felt an increasing excitement when a scene I loved was nearing. I've been very blessed to have members of my church stay and watch the little guy for us. The Avengers was the second movie Laura and I have seen together since the beginning of July when Cameron was born. Thing's will change when we move to Durham and are closer to the parents, though. And we'll need it with the likes of Amazing Spider-Man and Dark Knight Rises on the horizon. On the subject of people talking during movies, I didn't have any trouble with kids or teenagers, just grown adults. The first showing started and I was sitting next to my wife with two empty seats next to me and I'm thinking, "Yes!" But as the lights dimmed and trailers started a couple came in, sat next to me, and discussed points in the film throughout the entirety of the film. When the Hulk first showed up the woman next to me said over and over and over and over and over and over again, "She's scared. Look how scared she is. She's still scared and he's gone. I can't believe how scared she was." The second viewing wasn't as bad. I just ended up sitting next to the 'state the obvious guy.' He contributed such wonderful phrases as, "Their on top of Stark Tower," "That Hulk sure gets angry," "They have to work together," and "Apparently that boat can fly."
  4. Cool, I was hoping it would do well I never dreamed it would do that well. And I'm pretty sure it won't lose steam anytime soon. The reactions of the crowds at the theater today and yesterday were extremely positive. Lot's of people left talking about how they had to see it again. My wife and I are trying to figure out when we're going to have another viewing (my 3rd and her 2nd). Unfortunately having an almost 1 year old makes that difficult. It's not so often you have a movie going 'experience.' That's what this was for me. It surpassed being either good or bad and was just an experience I'm glad I didn't miss. The only problem I noticed after the second viewing was the person on the projector left it a tad bit unfocused, just enough to keep you guessing, and I left with a headache. But even out of focus, that movie is awesome. "That's the trick...I'm always angry." SMASH!
  5. Don't leave out, " ...and he doesn't dress like that." Totally agree. Awesome line.
  6. Wanted to add that as I was killing time on the internet, I stumbled upon Superherohype.com's comment section on the Avengers Movie. One person gave the best review I can think of in just one sentence: "It's as if God walked into the theater and said, 'Let their be epicness!'" That's how I feel. Can't wait to see it again tomorrow!
  7. Umm...wow! You know there are certain films that I see and once they're finished I just wonder what could possibly be better? What will ever give me this feeling again? Watching the Return of the King and knowing the Lord of the Rings was over is one of them. Another is watching Dark Knight. But today, I left the theater and had it once again. My wife will attest to the fact that I did my fair share of squealing with glee and grinning ear to ear. Most of those scenes involved the Hulk (Thor and Hulk's fight...Yeah!) and the first scene during the credits of Thanos had me clapping. This may be a dumb way to describe my experience, but all I can say is that The Avengers was a pure comic book experience in film. The effort put into connecting all of the pieces was magnificent and the end product wasn't breathtaking in the since that this was an artsy, deep, thought provoking drama, but breathtaking in the since that this was pure fun with superheroes that I love. As a big DC fan (but not quite fanboy) I have to give credit to Marvel. Who would've imagined we would see this film with the expensive actors of the original films to boot? Did we ever think we would find a Marvel Universe in film that was so very connected? Coulson's death, to me, represented the deep connection all of these films shared. I was not spoiled going in and when it happened, my initial thought was "Nooooo!" and it had a huge emotional impact on me. But Coulson (his first name is agent) muttered something before dying (something along the lines of "It wouldn't have happened without this") and insinuated that his death would be the motivation for the team to come together and all of a sudden his connection to all of the other films had greater purpose. I want to write so much, but no need to repeat what's been said. Solid film and easily catapulted into the realm of most favorite comic book movies. After tomorrow's second viewing I'll know a little better, but I'll give it an A+. The Avengers is one of the reasons I go to the movies.
  8. Not my favorite show (I agree wholeheartedly with the Young Justice love) but it's not a bad way to waste 22 min to me. I've chuckled a bit, but I'd love a more serious take and that's coming from someone who mourned the loss of Brave and the Bold. That last episode with Batmite was a heck of a send off.
  9. actually, I usually prefer DC movies and cartoons. I loved both Bale Batman movies, the first 2 Tim Burton Batman movies, Christopher Reeves Superman movies, and I find that I am one of the only people that really liked Superman Returns. it's unfortunate that other than Bats and Supes, nothing else from them has materialized into movies.... except for GL, which I didn't like very much at all. Mark Strong/Sinestro was the only good part of that movie. I'm more of a DC guy myself. I actually liked Green Lantern, but I'd be lying if I thought it was a good film. I agree about Sinestro and feel that if a sequel ever got made, he could redeem the series as a lead. Still, as much as I love DC, my favorite movie last summer (wife's too) was Captain America. Actually used it in a sermon illustration Sunday in church. I also cannot wait to see Avengers. Word of mouth so far has been out of this world and seeing it on track to beat out Dark Knight on Rottentomatoes.com (my current fave along with the first Superman) is enough for me to get giddy with every TV spot I see. I already have plans to see it twice this weekend.
  10. Looks like the RiD line is officially out, according to TFW2005.com. It's been spotted in California and Missouri. I swear I've had funds on reserve forever for these figures and as soon as I decide to spend it on some other things they come out.
  11. My opinion of the Blu Ray and additions (which is positive) may be somewhat effected by the fact that I was born in 1983. Return of the Jedi was the first movie I ever saw in theaters, only I was a baby and more concerned with messing my trousers and unable to process words and pictures quite yet. When the Special Editions came out, it was my first real chance to experience them in theaters along with brand new changes. It'll probably be the same thing for kids who grew up going to see Episodes 1,2, and 3 (much to the displeasure of some). Had I been there in 1977, my opinion might be different. I did read about one change that even I am not happy about, though. What's this I hear about R2D2 hiding behind 'magical rocks' that disappear when the Jawas zap him. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Is George Lucas editing in a better hiding place or is this something R2 projects to protect himself.
  12. I concur. This show won me over with the first few episodes and I've never been a Teen Titans fan. The only downfall is the space in between the first few episodes and next Friday. The wait for something new has been tough.
  13. I'm buying the Blu Ray. The wife and I have a big party set up since Star Wars is one of the great loves we shared and that brought us together. I enjoyed Episodes 1 and 2, but loved Episode 3. I also own seasons 1 and 2 of the Clone Wars. I am a Star Wars fan with several lightsabers, two Jedi outfits, and enough toys to fill several rooms. Have I ever once complained about changes to the trilogy over the years? Nope. Has George Lucas ever raped my childhood? Not unless I was rufied or something. Did watching the video of ROTJ DV saying no before tossing the Emperor insight rage beyond rage? Not at all, but I may have shook my head with a smirk on my face. At the end of the day it is just a movie. A movie that changed the sci fi genre and impacted I cannot imagine how many people, but still just a movie. The fact that there is such anger over these changes is beyond my comprehension and makes me laugh. Just don't buy it! Stick to those original versions on DVD that GL made it sound like weren't going to get released. Hope that he'll eventually release the original versions on Blu Ray (cuz he will). What else can you do? The only thing I didn't like about that article is that it made it sound like 'fanboys' should be against this. In the end, the squeaky wheel gets the oil and the masses who will be content to buy this Blu Ray will more than likely do it without posting a thing on these boards. Meanwhile my hope is that this rage ends up being 'as if millions of voices suddenly screamed out in terror and were suddenly silenced.'
  14. I'll say it for Superpowers. I thought Green Lantern was a good popcorn flick. From the critics came the rating of dismal, but I find it hard to see. Not good..ok I could see that, but dismal, really? There's a trilogy of movies that defy all of these arguments called Transformers. I'm sure you've heard of it. All three movies were panned by critics (especially the last two) and yet user reviews are very favorable and they went on to be some of the highest grossing films, worldwide. I loved all three, though I've been made to feel dumb for thinking that, based on critics and some fellow board members. So I like CGI, explosions, and fart jokes. Just like with Green Lantern, sometimes I don't need my movies to take themselves so seriously so I can escape.
  15. I didn't feel JLA #1 could spoil Flashpoint unless you haven't heard that everything changes at the end (ie what this whole thread is). It never hurts to play it safe and read in order, though. My thoughts with very minor/borderline spoilers (maybe not even). I really liked JLA #1 and am excited to see where it will lead. I'm not new to the DC Universe characters or comics, but I did fall out of the loop for a while and I'm starting to see how this would be perfect for new people jumping into the series. The dialogue had some good humor with the two very differing personalities of Hal and Bruce, the artwork is fantastic, and the ending scene made me wish issue #2 wasn't a month away. Yes, if you don't want another origin story then this might not be as interesting. Personally, one of my favorite series of the past few years was Superman Secret Origins, though, and I'm wondering if some of the new 52 Origins will try to do the same job of blending together the various origins of the character into one timeline. I like the new looks, but as much as I like Batman's, a frowny face appears when I look over at my Batman Inc. figure and the, once, 'new' look of the character that I really liked. Bring on next Wednesday (or is it Thursday because of Labor Day). I won't lie. The image of Supes in a Tshirt, cape and jeans has me both curious and worried about Action Comics #1.
  16. Sorry but that doesn't hold up. Supes has a look. Blue suit, red cape, big S on the chest. Those are the elements that have to go into a Superman suit and like it or not, the other little details are expendable (yes, even the S curl). They're all just variations anyway. This new movie suit is just another version, plain and simple. You know its thinking like this that keeps Paris Hilton and Britney Spears employed . No one is saying the movie (story) will be bad but essential elements made it hard to enjoy. Even if the movie is great the fact that the suit is not right or that he doesn't have the S curl will leave a sour taste in my mouth and apparently loads and scores of other people. You may be easy to please and that is fine, but others do not like pointless change and this whole costume update is pointless and annoys many. Some people and you may have worked with them, feel that unless change is happening this progress isn't happening so they go about updating processes and standards that don't need to be updated, standards and processes that are efficient as is...........Superman was fine the way he was and he didn't need an update. Not saying Superman is like a car from the 30's where progress has bought us to the cars of today, but its like when they changed the formula for Coke.........it is what it is and it works timelessly. Superman doesn't look outdated and the change has only ruined the movie in half the audience when if they had left it alone they would have ALL OF THE AUDIENCE!!!!! Ignorance must be bliss You know, it's funny you think this way about Superman's new look, yet you practically worship the Green Lantern movie where the change to his look/costume is not that different, (they even removed his iconic white gloves and gave the costume green energy lines). Oh that was the biggest blunder of the movie. To be honest I didn't notice it much but I don't like, I didn't like it or most of the character updates, that is part of the reason I did not support the toy line at all. GL was a good movie but the costumes and character designs were terrible. Well there is hope then. Man of Steel could be amazing enough to drown out the lack of details in the costume for those opposed. One thing I don't think we need to worry about is lots of action. Yes, it may have a lot of slow mo, but Snyder knows epic battles. Heck, I still love to pop in Watchmen just to watch the opening beat down. The music and choreography (and yes the slow mo) made a thing of beauty. All of this discussion makes me happy that I am easy to please in some departments. I liked GL even though I wouldn't say its that great of a film, just a fun popcorn flick. This may be heresy, but Superman Returns is part of my Superman Trilogy. I've watched it more than Superman III and Superman IV. I watched the fourth one when I was a kid, but, as an adult, I was only able to get to the part when Clark revealed his identity, repeated the famous flying scene from the first one, and kissed her to forget him like in the second before I declared it utter garbage and never watched it again. To me that will be the greatest departure from Superman's character in cinema. All that to say, I'm really digging the design of the new costume. My friends and wife thought it was about time he ditched those silly, dated briefs on the outside of his clothes. I say this not to change opinions but to make sure its more than just the squeaky wheel getting the oil Oh, and what RockthePlank said.
  17. I loved Cap and GL! TIGER UPPERCUT! For loving Cap -- Yoga Flame For loving GL -- Friendship For using Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter phrases -- I see what you did there Sorry, but me an the Cap'n make it happen. Suddenly a craving for Crunch Berries has come over me.
  18. Yeah, what kind of crap is that? I passed on reading a lot of books in my day. I just knew they'd be crappy. If those books had a picture of Superman on the cover in an unfortunate, ill-conceived and over-thought design with muddy drab coloring, then you probably made a smart choice. You don't really have to eat dog poop before you can safely allow yourself to confidently state that you don't like the taste of dog poop, do you? You know I thought that, too, but then I ate dog poop and found out it tastes an awful lot like rocky road ice cream. I hate rocky road ice cream, though, and therefore did not actually like the taste of dog poop. Everything's full circle now and I've been staring at a computer screen for too long. Just out of curiosity, do those of you who dislike the movie design dislike the DC Reboot design, too? The colors are not the same between the two, but there are those armor lines, a lack of briefs and the different colored belt. Also, is it safe to assume that there is no belt at all on the Man of Steel suit or is it simply missing from recent stills like the cape?
  19. This thing looks worse and worse with each new pic shown. It's definitely drifting into Matrix/ X-Men territory with the molded dark look. Maybe stupid kids who don't know any better will like this. I want to see it in action via a trailer or what not before I make my whole judgment... A lot of people say this "I have to wait and see before I can judge.." nonsense. If they trotted out a Superman suit that was pink with bunny ears, some people would still say, "I need to wait and see..." before allowing themselves an honest "Nah. It stinks." All the action in the world ain't gonna brighten up that dingy blue, grow a pair of red trunks and remove those needless seems. To be fair, if the suit was pink with bunny ears I would pass a full judgement it would be highly negative. I cannot help but judge the costume now, but the full one is hard to make until I see it in action and surrounded by the color pallet used throughout the rest of the film. My initial judgement is that I like it... a lot actually, but I'm also a fan of the reboot suits. But at the end of the day an opinion only matters to the ones who share it.
  20. This thing looks worse and worse with each new pic shown. It's definitely drifting into Matrix/ X-Men territory with the molded dark look. Maybe stupid kids who don't know any better will like this. I want to see it in action via a trailer or what not before I make my whole judgment, but I'd be lying if I said I hated it. I don't get the Matrix vibe, but I do feel like this Superman outfit would blend perfectly with the ones the latter heroes in Watchmen wore. That, of course, makes sense because of the director.
  21. is that supposed to be Zod in the black suit? That's Faora (is that how you spell it), Zod's female accomplice. There's a debate whether or not the man in pre-CG outfit is Zod. EDIT: Someone beat me to this.
  22. Just admit you're filled with hatred for anything that's not Christopher Reeve Supes That isn't true, I love of those movies of course but you can't have Chris forever right? I am ready for a new Superman, just one done right. The problem is people seeing problems that don't exist like the need for a costume update or the lack of an S curl. The traditional outfit isn't outdated and neither is the S curl. If a man can run around in spider pajamas then we can have the regular Superman outfit. I am not sorry but Donner just did it right with respect in all areas. Like what was mentioned, do they really need to mute the colors that heavy, or give him that silly outfit? I'm quite late to this conversation. We still don't know if this is Superman done right yet. Right now it's the costume we're debating. It's important to note that the Spider-Man 'pajamas' have been updated a bit since he made it to the movies. The most recent costume's sparking it's own debate, though I love it. Still don't know how a kid with little income can put this stuff together, but I can suspend belief a bit. Batman's gone through several changes himself and the most recent, Dark Knight, is one of my favorites. Why should Superman be restricted from change, too? It's also important to note that many of my non comic friends that go to the movies think that the classic Superman look is really silly. I don't always agree, but I know the point of the DC reboot and, I suppose, the new looks of heroes in movies like Superman (Green Lantern is a pretty dramatic departure in film) are aimed to reach these new viewers too. Spider-man can get away with pajamas because he's a kid from Queens and no money that decided to accept the responsibility of his great powers, but Superman is a man from the stars and has technology in his Fortress of Solitude that is vastly superior to our own. Why does he need to remain in the tights and briefs momma made from his blankets in the beginning? I'm excited to see this new look in action.
  23. Any news on what those extended scenes might be? I really liked the film, but recognize it was far from a great film. Some new scenes would be appreciated. Especially if they feature OA or the corps some more. If they're just twenty more scenes of Hal talking about how afraid he is to Carol I'll understand there initial exclusion.
  24. I've already passed on this set at two of my Walmarts. A.) I just don't have the money right now. Still recovering from SDCC exclusives and Thundercats. B.) I only really want Owlman and Ultraman which makes the price even less tantalizing. Truth be told, I've seen these packs in abundance everywhere. Yes, this will be the Gotham and GL pack all over again.
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