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  1. Just because people focus on one sin over another does not discredit the other sin........hope that makes sense.........You say you are a pastor then you should know what the bible says clearly about it and there is no getting around it. Every sin should be offensive including this one. In this world people fight for beliefs and those who support marriage in the way God intends it should be valored in their efforts. I think you made a good point about how people judge one sin over another but at the same time those who believe in the values of God fight for them, of course I don't mean in the way of attacking and hurting but through education and effort. Yes many of them are hurting and it is up to us to share them love and compassion but also with an intent at rehabilitation (another idea that gets downplayed but is a reality) to edify each other. Jesus preached on this type of hyprocisy that you mentioned and it should be noted along with the idea that believers do find something wrong with that particular lifestyle. I respect your views, but the Bible also clearly states that we can have slaves from other countries, it's an 'abomination' (same Hebrew word associated with homosexuality) to eat shellfish, and we should kill rape victims. However, I see no one preaching on how we should picket Red Lobster. My honest words of wisdom to anyone interested in or a part of the Christian faith is that the Bible 'clearly states' very few things, such as that God is love, we are called to forgive and not judge, and that salvation for ALL PEOPLES comes through Christ. Homosexuality is not mentioned often in the Bible and never by Christ. Plus, homosexuality during the writing of the Bible was never understood as a loving relationship between a man/man or a woman/woman, but as the rich and powerful who owned boy slaves for sexual purposes. The question I ask myself all the time is why are there certain things in scripture 'we' bypass and others 'we' deem important. I have come a long way in my views on homosexuality, from completely against it, to focusing on loving the 'sinner', to recognizing that my own sin prevents me from truly judging what sin is. That's God's work and the work of the Holy Spirit. And I came to this point of view, not by the liberal media or a gay agenda, but from reading the scriptures, understanding their histories, and realizing how powerful Christ's love truly is. But let me take a step back, because, at the end of the day, we are on a toy message board discussing comic books and this conversation, though somewhat relatable, is not the purpose of this board. The real question is why should something like homosexuality be devoid of our comic books or why can't an a lister turn out to be gay? Everyone's agendas and money making schemes aside, comics reach to a secular and religious world with varying beliefs and cultures. Where one can argue that they read comics for escapism and don't want to deal with issues such as homosexuality, a member of the LGBT community could find a strong gay or lesbian character in comics a way for them to have escapism from the persecutions of society they experience. Why should we neglect people of that?
  2. You know? I really don't care. It's always been perplexing why homosexuality is the singled out group now a days. I live in the Bible belt and cannot, for the life of me figure out why the church causes such an uproar over anything gay related and leads campaigns that cost money, time and manpower to get legislative bans against gay marriage, but you have to beg to get people involved in issues of social justice, the poor, and sacrificing for suffering human beings. I can see this comic issue pop up on Fox News and other outlets, that everyone hating church (Westboro Baptist?) picketing DC, and pastors preaching sermons on the depravity of humanity and it saddens me deeply. Strictly from a religious point of view (coming from a pastor, husband to a pastor, son of a pastor and grandson of a pastor) God sees no difference between someone who's homosexual and someone who tells a white lie on occasion. We all sit on the sinking boat of sin. However, if we come out with a news cast saying that a popular DC character's going to reveal that he's a liar, an abuser, an adulterer, or getting a divorce (the only specific thing Jesus commented on marriage and said he was 100% against) there will be no new threads on the boards (or any that last), no comments on Fox News, no preachers preaching about the depravity of our culture. We just sit back and say, "That sucks, but it's life." Meanwhile, in my home state of NC, people celebrating the passage of Amendment One banning gay marriage ate wedding cake in a, "You can never get this. You can never get this" way (think Borat) while people, dear friends of mine, cry themselves to sleep and wonder why God hates them. My faith, my religion, and my God calls us to reach out to the outcast and the marginalized, the unloved and the unclean, not create more because we don't like the way they live or are afraid of it. Original point restated: I'll reserve my judgement about this 'stunt' until I see it, but, honestly, does it really matter? Maybe if it looks like ruining a character we love just to say they're doing something different, but if it fits and gives the story and character more depth, is it really that horrible a thing?
  3. I was born in May of '83 so my very first movie was ROTJ. Don't have a single memory of it, but do remember a VHS recording of Empire Strikes Back from HBO or something that I watched all the time when I was a youngster. It wasn't until '95 when the new POTF figs came onto the scene that I got my first boxed set of the trilogy and truly watched the first Star Wars film.
  4. So far so good its not exploded as I thought so far I agree. I'm impressed with how it hasn't exploded into straight bashing territory. Honestly, the only one bashed so far is Obama. Wonder Woman...a lesbian...te he.
  5. Riiiiight At these prices, it really is time to call it quits. I think the only 3 3/4" figures I may buy from here on out are vintage Joes. In the mean time, I wasn't planning on getting many ASM figure, I'm not much of a fan of the new costume. If I need a Spidey-Movie figure, I have the 6" one from the original movies. It's just becoming too, too much. I just want to figure out how figures like this that lose articulation (super articulation Spidey not included) are jumping up in price by almost $4 in some cases. I know the economy is crap and gas changes with the beating of butterfly wings in China, but this is not an incremental increase. I'm still trying to figure out how I can go to Target and see a DCUC Wave 20 figure with a collect and connect piece and accessory for $15.99, but the Batman Legacy figures are $19.99. Really?
  6. I echo this sentiment exactly. The first thing that comes to mind is Daken. He's seen with women and men and everybody wonders, "gay or straight?" The response: he's not defined by either. The story is that his sexuality is just another way to take advantage of others and get whatever job done. That fits, and makes since. As a pastor in NC I have been deeply disturbed by recent incidents like the passing of Amendment One and the utter hate I witnessed in the church and the community and how it was hidden under the guise of 'faith.' My hurt is still healing from hearing the responses of those I serve as pastor and whom I love. That's another issue and not important for this discussion, though. What is important is that I think it's too early to ascribe political agenda or attention grabbing scheme to this move from DC. Regardless of others feelings on the topic of LGBT, homosexuality is a very real part of our culture which becomes more diverse everyday. I live in the country (I mean COUNTRY), and homosexual couples exist even out here. Laura had two lesbian couples (that's four lesbians) attend the church she served in the middle of nowhere. Truth is, the fact that we don't see this too often in comics in our comics speaks a false truth about our society. That all said, if I read who it is and the story doesn't fit and it feels like a stunt, I'll call it a stunt. However, if it proves to feel like a natural and truthful move for the character, I have absolutely no problem with it and applaud it.
  7. I thought wow how hot she was in this I like her character on "How I met your Mother" but wow this was even better Ditto. Also, Avengers is number 1 again this weekend. Will this top the not-as-great Avatar. Fingers crossed. Star wars is already in the crosshairs.
  8. I'm closer to the goldsboro area. There's a comic book store right near the air force base I used to get my comics from every weekend when I was little. I know the place you speak of. Dated a girl from Goldsboro and she took me there once.
  9. Same here. Has Matty said anything new about this 'Wave 21' they came up with after deciding to postpone the new line? It's been weird not getting much new at retail that's DC related. Guess that'll change some, though, with the Batman push for Dark Knight Rises.
  10. I'll check it out. Nothing in the trailer screamed "I have to watch this!" but then nothing screamed "This'll be terrible!" either. I like Green Arrow and miss Smallville, so we'll see what they do with the character.
  11. Yep, they sure are. Got my one set yesterday. Out of curiosity, where in NC are you? I'm over in the Elon/Burlington Area until July and then Durham.
  12. These are in NC, too. I know two stores had them between Burlington and Greensboro. Emphasis on 'had.' Left two IMs, two CAs, and a Thor at East Burlington Walmart if any readers are nearby. I love them. That's all I'll say. Great articulation, Hawkeye has a GREAT Jeremy Renner likeness and I'm all about Loki's removable elements (that could be read wrong). I know a lot of us are bummed that Marvel Legends won't return until September, but these are great figs to hold me over until then. Glad they came out when they did as I really wanted some Avengers merchandise after watching that awesome film event of the same name and the 3 3/4" figs weren't really cutting it (though I love the Quinjet).
  13. Saw the Mines of Moria set at Walmart, but it didn't have a price in the system yet. Sweet stuff! My paycheck next week will have a little something for these sets.
  14. Awe, Black Lion...I had forgotten about that. This could be a truly epic Matty Day and I know I won't forget it like I did on Tuesday.
  15. I believe it's a major part, but I know there have been other problems with Stay Puft such as cracks, wrinkles, and other issues with the materials used to make him. The yellowing on mine is minuscule and you have to look closely at it to find it. My wife didn't even notice until I said something.
  16. Picked up the Avengers Movie 6" CA and IM at a Walmart in NC. That's all they had as a member of TheFwoosh boards beat me to the others.
  17. Just never been a fan of his style. Also felt the opening of the Avengers to be a lil too amateurish looking, like it belonged on tv or something And when someone has the balls to mention a movie like "Raiders of the Lost Ark" in context with what they're trying to sell me, I hold em to it: that goes double for you, Joe Johnston. "COBIE SMULDERS Wait, did we get a Michael Bay script by accident? Is there an asteroid headed for Earth? SAMUEL L. JACKSON Nah, that's just writer/director Joss Whedon dialogue. Funny when it's trying to be funny, hilarious when it's trying to be serious." I here that Raiders analogy thrown out a lot, but one cannot equate The Avengers movie to a classic like that...at least not yet. That analogy comes much, much, much later on down the road when Bluray is an outdated format that we cling to like eight track tapes, refusing to buy movies like the Star Wars trilogy for the 15th time. If we're still wearing out copies (and our children are wearing them out, too) then it gets to be equated with Raiders. All that said, I would not be surprised if this ended up to be true, but for now I'll just say it is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. PS I love Cracked.
  18. This is a seriously tough decision. My Stay Puft has but the slightest hint of yellowing, but I honestly love this guy. He fits in so well with the other figures and I'd hate to lose him. Ok, I'll keep him.
  19. Picked up a DKR Bats from Walmart in NC today. Sucks to buy a figure I already have, but I'm excited to put the Bat Signal together.
  20. Don't have the Sub, but I'll fight for this guy. Reminds me when a girlfriend of mine got back from a trip late one night while I was in college. Gave her a hug, welcomed her back, and she handed me a plastic bag with the hard to find Mechaneck from the 200X series. I lost my mind with glee.
  21. Totally agree. I love all the new characters though I will admit that the jump in time feels a bit jarring. I wonder if there will be some flashback sequences or something to help fill in the gaps between seasons.
  22. So I am just gonna throw it out there. Solid colored Slimer, calling it now. That is a great guess. Initially, I was thinking about a RGB color proton pack until I remembered the things aren't removable and therefore the repaint would be useless. I'm hoping an extra proton stream, but I don't know what the repaint would look like or why it would be helpful. Knowing Matty, it will probably be either a sniffer or maybe Egon's uninspired book stack Ha ha. Toyguru: As a thank you gift we've decided to give you Venkman's never before seen porn stack.
  23. Found them at Walmart, too, but they weren't in the system and didn't have a price. Target's online prices make TRU's look ridiculous. TRU Had Helm's Deep for $159.99 while Target's price is $129.99.
  24. So I am just gonna throw it out there. Solid colored Slimer, calling it now. That is a great guess. Initially, I was thinking about a RGB color proton pack until I remembered the things aren't removable and therefore the repaint would be useless. I'm hoping an extra proton stream, but I don't know what the repaint would look like or why it would be helpful.
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