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  1. It's like my dreams are coming true with each reveal from Matty. Too bad I invested a lot of money already into a RGB PKE Meter. This'll look nice right next to it, though.
  2. Well I for one was very excited at the idea of the box set and am pretty sure those hats could end up removable (at least I hope so). However, being a costumer I am very disappointed as to how inaccurate these repaints are. The yellow box should be a Lifeguard II (Firemen where them and they go off if they are knocked unconscious while in a burning building) and the figures seem to have repainted walkie talkies. The belt is also grey when it should be black and there should not be a hose attached at all to the grey uniforms. I guess I should not expect too much from a repaint, but I hope this doesn't mean that they won't to a retooled version of the GB II Uniform down the road. Maybe I'll buy this and keep 'em in the box.
  3. Just went to my TRU in Danville,Va and they had the new wave on the shelves, too. Now to just wait for the comic con exclusive of the four guys in Kahki GB 2 uniforms.
  4. Hey guys and girls! I went to a TRU in Durham, NC looking for Star Wars figs (which I happily found) and noticed that the GB 2 Ray Stantz with Slime Pack and Theatre ghost was just laying on a shelf. I could not find any of the other packs and I did not see these online yet, which is a usual indicator that there on their way to store shelves, but apparently they are released. Also in this wave is GB 2 Venkman, the Mayor, and Yanosz (probably bad spelling). Happy hunting!
  5. I, of course, can't vouch for Matty or all collectors out there, but in the circle I am a part of, everyone who collects GB's wanted a peck, primarily for the containment unit. I mean its just awesome. I don't think they lowered the numbers because the more I put a trap in and pull the lever (Light is green, trap is clean) the more I feel like he went quick because of it.
  6. I haven't been about buying all of the Masters figures, but I Keldor is certainly one I needed. I'm also looking forward to Count Marzo next month and hope I'll be just as lucky. As for Evil lyn and Optikk...no luck .
  7. First time in a long while that I had a pleasant trip to Mattycollector.com. Ordered me my Pete Venkman with second day shipping (really can't wait to get him) and I also was able to snag a Keldor.
  8. Mine wasn't that bad either. Just for kicks, though, I did what Matty said and the figure looked noticeably better. Sucks for anyone with this problem who wants to keep Peter mint in box, though.
  9. I'm a diehard GB fan so these will be in my collection. I did pass on the marshmallow stained outfit GB pack, though. I won't pass up an opportunity to have some minimates of the guys in plain clothes, not to mention a non-Zuuly Dana. Oddly enough, these are the only minimates I'm collecting.
  10. I'm on my way out of town to celebrate my anniversary. My Peck will arrive while I'm gone so I'll have to wait until Wednesday to check him out @sad@ .
  11. For all of you who bought a Venkman 12": Ghostbusters™ Fans, The mystery surrounding the face sculpt of our 12” Peter Venkman™ figure has been completely investigated and, from our friends at Corporate Headquarters, here’s the result: “For the Peter Venkman™ figure, there is a vacuum seal on the head that in this case happened to pull it together to create the unfortunate “squished” look. To remedy it, customers must remove the figure from the package and pull the head back slightly (but DO NOT pull it off) to let some air in. They may have to press on the head to re-shape it. If the product is still defective, or if fans were planning on keeping the figure in-package, we will give a refund. We have already talked to the plant to ensure that this does not happen on future products.” We know that many of you figured this fix out for yourselves and hopefully you now have the figure you were expecting. If you would like a refund, please call Customer Service at 1-877-GO-MATTY or send an email with your name and order number (if available) to MattyCollectorCS@digitalriver.com. On behalf of the MattyCollector.com team, we apologize to our loyal Ghostbusters™ fans and want you to know we’re doing everything we can to minimize these kinds of issues in the future. — Matty http://www.toyark.com/news/general-toy-news-49/ghostbuster-12-inch-peter-venkman-head-fix-2755/
  12. Well said and I whole heartedly agree. The sad news is that I also have been collecting Masters of the Universe and wanted an Optikk. Had him in my cart by 12:01 and finally got to my cart around 12:30. I hate the high traffic with a passion and since Optikk sold out before I could get to the pay screen (after much cussing mind you) I missed out.
  13. Some good news in this article: http://ghostbustersnews.com/?p=1841 I want to see ol' Vigo in 6" form, too, since, like a kid, I still play around with the 6" figs.
  14. Yeah, I like Bill Murray a lot, but he's gotten a bit to big for his britches lately and hasn't done anything really superb recently. That's why I liked that Dan Akroyd was quoted as saying GB3 was, "The role of a lifetime," for Bill Murray. *SPOILERS! If you haven't seen Zombieland* - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -My favorite scene in Zombieland is when Bill Murray is shot and they ask him if he had any regrets. Bill Murray: "I don't know...Garfield maybe."
  15. Yeah, talking about GB3 seems to upset Bill. Everyone else, however, is excited about it.
  16. Do check it out as it is an awesome place to get GB info like this: http://protoncharging.com/gb/2010/05/12/proton-pack-backpack-holy-crap-proton-pack-backpack/ Now tell me that isn't the coolest thing ever.
  17. Just curious, but do any of you guys (and possibly gals) every go to GBFans.com? I go there a lot for GB props, but they have a lot of news posted from various sites (proton charging, GB News, etc.) as they happen. Keeps me in the loop.
  18. I'm with you on the GB Videogame. You can tell by my picture that I have always wanted to be a Ghostbuster. Two uniforms (GB 1 and 2), 2 proton packs (one crappy and one amazing), and soon a new PKE Meter with appropriate sounds and lights. This has been my most favorite thing since the beginning. When that game came out me and two other guys dressed as GB's hung out at a nearby Best Buy to promote it. Because of that I got the game for free. Still, from the moment Ray Stantz taught me to blast a recently released Slimer till the games conclusion I was in utter awe and amazement. All I wanted was to fire a proton beam, match ionization rates with a ghost, throw out the trap, and catch it indefinitely. The fact that the core game revolved around that made my day and still makes my day. Could the graphics have been better? Sure. Would it have been cool to be Pete Venkman? I'd be lying if I said no. But I'd also be lying if I said the game didn't make me feel like a true Ghostbuster. Now for the sequel, just let me drive Ecto-1. As for GB2, I love it. I thought the humor was better in the first one, but I truly enjoyed the story and more serious tones in the second.
  19. Awe, the old Extreme Ghostbusters Ecto. I wish I knew where the heck mine was cuz I loved that thing. All the detail was pretty crazy compared to the original. If anyone knows where to find one for a good price I'd love to know.
  20. This is typical Bill Murray. Note that for a long time he talked as if him being killed off in the opening of the movie was 100% true. Now he talks as if he was only joking. I love Bill Murray a lot (his cameo in Zombieland is priceless), but he sometimes acts like a real jerk about things in interviews.
  21. I'm thinking that it will be the one pack mold, but come on! The pack from movie and cartoon are almost completely different. Three lights instead of 4, traps are hung on the RGB packs, and the gun designs are hardly similar at all. Plus, Mattel should know that the main buyers of this line will be collectors. Most kids don't know who the GB's are unless a third movie comes out. As for it being a work in progress, it's a good chance. I remember how Matty talked about the impossibility of changing the slime color on May's Venkman, but recent photos from Chicago Comic Con say differently. My fingers are still crossed.
  22. I actually am digging this concept for the figures and I think I'll dig them more when I see the GB's in their accurate colors. Some hope I have is that these will be available at TRU with the other Retro Action Figs. The only objection I have (and it's a biggie) is the pack. I want a RGB accurate pack and being that it is a much simpler design than the movie ones means it should not be a problem to make. Right now I'm waiting to see pictures of the regular figures and see if the pack's a new version. Who knows!
  23. NC is seeing Wave 12 hit the shelves. A while back I found them all at my local Walmart. It's been a couple of weeks and they still have a Desaad, Mary Marvel in white, and an Iron on the shelf.
  24. I have been looking for this thing hardcore since it started popping up at the beginning of the year, but to no avail. A collector's toy shop in my area must've beat me to the punch as he had one for $9 at his shop. My wife was wondering why I just didn't shell out his asking price, but I had to explain to her that its the principle of the matter. It's people like the shop owner that keeps these things from the shelf and I refuse to pay $9 for a 97 cent toy. Plus, I'm still enjoying by Hallmark Ecto-1 (awesome mini replica), Johnny Lightning Ecto-1a, and the big die cast Ecto-1 that they released when NECA had the license and it was the 20th anniversary.
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