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  1. Until (and yes I'm saying until and not unless) GB 3 is made, I don't think we will be seeing any other figures in stores besides GB 2 4-pack and RGB Retro-Action figs. I'd love to be corrected, though.
  2. I looked up some pictures, but it was hard to tell as the scene kinda begins with them darting out the door with the traps and all. I know in promotional material he seems to always have his pants untucked. It's just the Pete Venkman way. On a side note: It's fun to see all the activity on this board. This is, for the most part, the first big search for figs this board has had since most of us purchase from Matty.
  3. Riverside, California. Awe! It'll be a little bit before I see them on the other side of the country in NC. Thanks for the heads up and enjoy the figs. Heard they were a bit more tan than the others. Is it noticeable without comparison? Where in NC are you? I to am in NC thomasville NC to be exact. near greensboro,Well about 30 min from g boro I'm over in Elongated, NC. Just got back from Gboro TRU in fact. I hear ya i was out that way a few weekends ago. Not much going on there. I have been looking for the classics predator with no luck and looking for the TRU quick kick gi joe. but they don't seen to ever get new stock in. if they do it's gone almost as soon as it comes in. Did you see anything out that way when you went? Didn't see anything worthwhile at TRU. By the way, my phone turned Elon, NC into 'Elongated, NC.' Just wanted to clear that up.
  4. Riverside, California. Awe! It'll be a little bit before I see them on the other side of the country in NC. Thanks for the heads up and enjoy the figs. Heard they were a bit more tan than the others. Is it noticeable without comparison? Where in NC are you? I to am in NC thomasville NC to be exact. near greensboro,Well about 30 min from g boro I'm over in Elongated, NC. Just got back from Gboro TRU in fact.
  5. It was mentioned by Matty that this would be the first GB 2 single carded figure (to which most of us are like: Duh!), but I was wondering if we knew whether or not the box art will change to reflect that? I'm hoping so and if yes I need to buy two of a figure to keep one in that beautiful blister package (SDCC Egon will soon be placed back in his and be my one and only).
  6. Riverside, California. Awe! It'll be a little bit before I see them on the other side of the country in NC. Thanks for the heads up and enjoy the figs. Heard they were a bit more tan than the others. Is it noticeable without comparison?
  7. Sweet Awesome! Where are you at so I have an idea how far these are from me. I preordered online so I hope to here some good news soon in my email inbox.
  8. There's no way I'd pass this guy up. Though the decision was tough for Egon it was easy to decide on Pete. Egon's slime was minimal, but good ol' Pete was doused and I need the new head sculpt and clean body. That he comes with a proton stream is just even more irresistible. Can't wait to have four of these things.
  9. I believe the trap does open, but it does not come with the electrical effect.
  10. Got a little link for you guys and gals: http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4298587 The Ghostbusters II 4-Pack is currently available for preorder on TRU's website. Expected ship date is 10/8/10.
  11. I agree! A bunch of traps in a pile next to the containment unit would be great. Not to mention multiple dioramas may need multiple traps. The stack of books is lame, but I'll do what I can to make good use of them. If we're lucky I can put a Librarian Ghost next to them.
  12. Hehe. I remember that it was not to long ago that Momma Jango ordered me a He-Man from Matty. Believe that was the first ever figure sold that way. Actually, I ordered it and she made sure to wrap it and put it under the tree. Ok, guys. I'm a hypocrite. As soon as I saw that 'Almost Gone' under Egon I broke and bought him. I'm just a sucker for GB goodness.
  13. Funny that there's not a lot of activity in this thread with the release of the new Egon. Did anybody pick him up? I'm personally not viewing the figure as must have as I wouldn't be surprised to see that PKE down the road with another figure and have no need for a stack of books and a clean suited Egon. I'll pick him up if he's still up there in a couple of weeks after I get my paycheck, but I already spent my allowance on an Extreme GB Ecto-1 (yay!). Here's hoping.
  14. While on tour to promote is vodka this week, Dan Akroyd mentioned to fans that this would probably be the last one in a while due to the fact that he should be filming GB 3 in the Spring. This isn't an official green light for the film, but Dan seems to still be very optimistic about the film and this isn't the first we've heard of a spring start date for filming.
  15. Yeah! Congratulations Rocktheplank! I went through the whole wedding thing last year and understand saving the pennies. I had also graduated and wasn't starting my job until the end of June (got married in May). I had to ask my wife today if she thought I wasn't a big GB fan for not picking up another Egon. She thought I'd be silly to get it. Now if only I could find out where I stashed the PKE from the old RGB figure line. Now that's a treasure and I'm pretty sure it'd fit in ol' Egon's hands.
  16. Just a reminder (like you needed one) that Egon Spengler w/ clean uniform, PKE, and stack of books goes on sale at noon tomorrow at Mattycollector.com. How many of you plan on picking it up? I know I am in a conundrum, because money's a little tight and I'm not one to buy a figure more than once, even with repaints. GB 2 uniforms I can understand, but the same exact figure minus some minor, minor slime? I don't know. Plus, I wouldn't be surprised if the PKE meter showed up with a future purchase, especially when the figure descriptions on Matty specifically says that this will be the 'first' figure to feature it, implying others would, too.
  17. Just wanted to bring this news over from the Matty boards. If you've been there you may have noticed a lot of angriness towards Slime Blower Winston due to his movie inaccuracy. He's missing the shoulder harness and the slime blower is way too small. However, according to a question answered by Toyguru, this figure may be pushed back in order for them to get creative and bring us a much more accurate Winston. I, for one, am delighted by this news, though I am curious to see what figure we'll get in return. Hopefully we don't have to wait too long for Winston, too, as I was pretty excited for him. Thoughts?
  18. You're absolutely right about the Saudi Prince being 2nd wealthiest shareholder, but Fox News hasn't been very open about that. In fact, on an episode of, I believe, Fox and Friends (which Fox News does not recognize as the news portion) it was noted that the Saudi owned Kingdom Foundation, an organization they said could not be trusted because of their Radical Islamic ties, was backing the funding of the Mosque. The whole point was to cast doubt on the Mosque and it's shady ties. However, the owner of the Kingdom Foundation is none other than Al-Waleed, 2nd wealthiest shareholder of Fox News' parent company. For some reason, Fox and Friends never mentioned the persons name directly.
  19. I think the issue is relevant, because several of the people interviewed at the Beck rally mentioned this issue. It's one of the most talked about issues on Foxnews right now. It shouldn't be. We face far larger problems. But this is the agenda that Beck and Foxnews have set. It's funny how so many conservatives have asked for "sensitivity" regarding the placement of the ground zero mosque, and yet when Beck was accused of insensitivity for the timing and placement of his rally, his reply was "I'll move down two steps". Sensitivity goes both ways, Mr. Beck. You have to give it to get it. You know? I never saw it that way. Especially when the group of people gathered to 'retake the civil rights movement' were not fairly represented at all by the ones who started it. It always made me laugh when Beck said he'd stand two steps down. Really?
  20. I want to see this thing happen. There has been talk of a GB 3 since '99 and it's about time that it comes to fruition. The world has already shown that it craves to GB stuff (a game, figures, t-shirts, etc.) so I think it's time to update the classic.
  21. Sorry, again, for bringing the Mosque into this. It's one of those hot button topics that usually finds its way into conversations of Beck and Fox News. I also noticed that my last post didn't go through alright. Don't know why it quoted everyone else and left my part out. I'll see if I can't recover it.
  22. It must be noted that these rumors have been going around for a long time, like the Peter as Ghost one. I remember speculation of Michael Cera in the role of Oscar at one point though he has several times denied wanting to be a part of something that could possibly ruin some childhoods, including his own. I say take these with a grain of salt, though it is very interesting that the web has literally exploded with this stuff over the past few days. I even heard that the script was greenlit though there is certainly no proof to the rumor. We'll see.
  23. To elaborate more on the situation, they came to ask me questions about the Muslim faith itself since the news outlets they watched and the friends they spoke to were quick to lump terrorist and all Muslims in the same boat. It was more of them seeking to know more about the subject rather than forming opinions about others who were against it. They actually want to go as far as having someone from a local Mosque come and speak at a gathering though they made it clear that they didn't want to offend members of the congregation (and there are some) that have differing views. Also, as one of the participants said, "I don't know what all the fuss is about since the Mosque has already been in that spot for many years. They just want to add a community center around it." Sorry about the digression from the main subject which, we should remember, is "Glenn Beck, the new MLK?"
  24. I'll have to see if it's on the internet, but I saw an interview once that said the Tea Party, in general, targeted folks that were not usually political or just coming into the political scene. A spokesman of the Tea Party event actually said they were looking for the naive to become involved. Sadly, I don't think he meant it to sound bad, but it certainly came across as bad. As for how you get your news and cutting out sound and what not, I actually stay clear from watching the news at all and instead read about it on various sites on the internet (CNN, MSNBC, and sometimes FoxNews). That way I can pick and choose an article and don't feel bombarded by the terrible things of the world that the news can sometimes remain fixed on. In other words, I get in, get the news, and get out. Though the user comments on a lot of these sites can be very entertaining. I'm a pastor and I have a member that was at said Beck rally. I can honestly say that he has interrupted church on many occasions to rant the same things the people in the YouTube video talked about. I just pray extra hard for him. On a plus note, a Bible study this morning with the older people of my congregation had a glimmer of hope. The topic turned to Muslims and the Mosque and my participants started a conversation about how they felt like the media was really painting Islam with a broad 'terrorist' stroke and didn't like it. To hear an older member of an American lovin', rural church say they have no problem with a Mosque being built near Ground Zero is not something you see every day.
  25. Just to be straight, I cannot watch Fox News without cringing and I have tried many times to be "Fair and Balanced" in what I view for news. However, there was a statement released a long while back that confirmed when on Fox news actual news was on and not opinion. Beck was clearly placed in the opinion category. I don't think their is much cover up going on about what his role is on the station. However, I know a lot of my friends and family that watch Fox News regularly haven't taken the time to understand the difference and that is where the problems occur.
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