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  1. Man been over 10 years plus since I've posted in these forums. Good to see some of the OGs still hanging around.
  2. I hope you're being sarcastic, but if not, you're just as much a d-bag as Kanye is. Since you're supporting his actions by saying its "awesome", I hope that someday when you or some one you are dear with accomplishes something special, and someone as rude as Kanye comes up on stage and make you/them feel like dirt.
  3. Too bad he didn't pick on some UFC or Pride fighter. I'd love to see this assclown get his ass beat.
  4. I loved those two. Their back and forth bantering was hilarious. That "ninja grip" line had me rolling on the floor. I loved it when of them called that Leo kid a P***Y. I need to find those two.
  5. Sideways is an Audi R8, not a GM concept. Loved the movie. The "ninja grip" line had me dying. I want to pick up the Twins now. The only thing I didn't like about this movie and the other movie, (outside of Fallen, Megs, Soundwave, and Starscream), none of the other Decepticons had dialog. Except that one dude in the beginning that mumbled the Fallen right before he got his assed blasted. Gonna go see it again with my son this weekend.
  6. Speaking about good times, how bout that time me an you got into it about Randy Moss @smilepunch@ Good to still see you hanging around VH. Weren't you going to let me borrow some horror movie a few years back @loll@ Hope all has been well with you over the years!
  7. Its all good still seeing some of the old crew around.
  8. Was up Ren. I still owe you for that Mauer you picked up for me bro. Thought you was supposed to send me an invite on Facebook? Anyways, Baseball's back homeboy. Sup Fade, Captain. Glad to see you guys still hanging around. Oh yeah, I'll do that today! Is Mauer still on the DL? New ballpark next year! Don't worry about that fig, it was a gift for my homey CHA! ▼▲ Yeah Mauer is still on the dl. Can't wait for the new ballpark to open. Finally outdoor baseball comes back to Minnesota!!! If you ever make it to the Twin Cities, first beer and dog is on me. And since I'm a corporate employee of Target, I'm getting the best seats available. 2010 can't come soon enough.
  9. Was up Ren. I still owe you for that Mauer you picked up for me bro. Thought you was supposed to send me an invite on Facebook? Anyways, Baseball's back homeboy. Sup Fade, Captain. Glad to see you guys still hanging around.
  10. Well not really... but what the hell is up my TNI peeps. Hope all is well in the TNI world.
  11. The trailer with Shrek is different. A few more scenes and a combination of the international and domestic trailer.
  12. You can replace the HDD at any time. The PS3 HDD is nothing more than a 2.5 internal Serial ATA hard drive. The manual that comes with the PS3 shows you how to replace it and theres online tutorials to show you how to do it. No modding needed. You open the HDD bay, take out the drive and screws, stick in bigger HDD, insert screws than plug back in and format it. Some of my online PS3 buddies have 120 gigs in their PS3s. NewEgg had some cheap 2.5 120 HD for $79 at one point.
  13. You just put your disc in the slot then click on the disc when it appears on the games section of the crossbars. if you have any PS3 games and have played it, you do the same thing with the PS1/PS2 games.
  14. The graphics problem with certain PS2 games have been fixed. As far as full compatible issues with games, Sony has a website that you can enter the title and it'll tell you if theres a problem. However, be aware that if you have a full 1080p HD tv, early PS1 and PS2 games (or those without Progressive Scan options) will display very blocky. The earlier games weren't meant to be displayed in HD or widescreen so if you have a HD TV over 50 inches and is a 16:9 WS ratio, it will stretch the image making it look very choppy. However games that have the Progressive Scan option looks fantastic while using the PS3. The only major compatible issue right now is that you can't use like dance pads or the guitar for guitar hero. A 3rd party developer is rumored to have made a USB plug in that will allow you to use these peripherials. I have since gotten rid of my PS2 and solely use my PS3 to play all my old PS1 and PS2 games. Picking up God of War 2 on Wednesday. You can transfer all your PS1/PS2 saves over to the PS3 by using a Memory card adapter (runs about $15). You plug in the adapter via USB and stick in your PS1/PS2 memory card and create a "virtual memory card" on the HDD. You transfer the information and its saved on the HDD. When you want to use the virtual memory card, you assign it a slot (1 or 2). Throw in your PS1/PS2 game(s) then choose the assigned slot. Whenever you want to save, you just save like you normally do. You can create as many virtual memory cards. The PS3 will auto detect which format you use and will automatically assign 8mb per memory card. Currently I have all my PS1/PS2 saves on my PS3 HDD. The only thing you can't do yet is transfer saves from the PS3 HDD back to your PS1/PS2 memory cards. Because of this many have bought the Memory card adapter, transfered their files, then returned it and got their money back. I kept mine just in case of any corrupted data.
  15. Actually nobody did anything according to this blog. A quote from the above blog by a Chicago Tribune writer: And just so you Bears fan understand, I know there are a**holes at every sporting event. And I'm not using that idiots picture to make a judgement that all Bears fan are idiots or ignorant (like Destro posted above there are Good people).
  16. I'm not a big fan of either teams but after seeing idiot fan behavior like this, I hope the Bears get their asses handed to them.
  17. This isn't a big deal to me. I have tried my entire PS2/PS1 library on my PS3 and I haven't noticed any graphical glitches. I'm running my PS3 on a 50' Sony 1080p set with HDMI and the graphics look the same to me. I can notice some jagged edges on stills, but once the gameplay kicks in, theres too much going of for me to notice anyways. Good to hear. But you ask some of them dudes over at the us.playstation.com boards and they are taking this to a whole new level. Talk about HOSTILE!
  18. This isn't a big deal to me. I have tried my entire PS2/PS1 library on my PS3 and I haven't noticed any graphical glitches. I'm running my PS3 on a 50' Sony 1080p set with HDMI and the graphics look the same to me. I can notice some jagged edges on stills, but once the gameplay kicks in, theres too much going of for me to notice anyways. The only real problem I have right now with my PS3 is that I can't play Guitar Hero 1 or 2. Now thats something to complain about. Good thing I still have my PS2.
  19. CHA

    i got my ps3

    Ahhhh yes, I was wondering when this is going to show up here. Gotta love the scalpers. You have the ones that wait every morning at the stores for toys to profit and you have the die-hards who camp out for days just to show off their stash and brag. Wonder when this dudes going to "advertise" his auctions. But hey, more power to you. I hope the money you make ebaying or gouging them to lazy idiots with a lot of money makes up for the countless hours of time you wasted standing in line in the cold. If not you, then the other people you suckered to stand in line for you in the cold. And in the event that you did neither, you were one of the Super-Uber smart scalpers who bought in bulk ahead of time so you didn't have to waste away your life. Either way, hope you make a killin' @$@ Yeah freezes, crashes, and no audio on many of the best PS2 and PS1 games is nothing to worry about. @rolleye@ That list of 200 is only the list of ones known to not work. It'll pay to wait until they fix the problems. It’s kinda sad when people can’t admit their highly exaggerated statements were nothing but propaganda, so keep rolling your eyes man, but it’s not going to help your statement get any closer to becoming true. Too True.
  20. YES there is a double standard, is it right no...after viewing that tape it doesnt look like what any of what he said was in jest (that would be the diff between the comedians you mentioned) and even then if he had just left it at the first comment and left it at that he may have been OK...he just kept going on and on about it...it looked like something that was already there just bubbled to the top.....and lets not start the social commentary on what "blacks as a race need to do" I can no more police blacks as a whole than you can whites..... On the other hand I am sure jesse jackson and al sharpton will be on the news calling for sienfeld reruns to be pulled all broadcast networks...I dont agree with that, but I personally will not watch sienfeld anymore. dude I normally am not quick to jump on the "bash amazingdm" bandwagon but the fact that you find anything remotely funny or commendable about what was said speaks volumes about you. I agree. Theres a line between telling jokes about other races and theres a time where you will look flat out like a racist. Most of the comedians mention do a good job on using other races stereotypes as jokes. Carlos Mencia, Chris Rock, Larry the Cable Guy, Russell Peters have all made fun of other nationalities and races but they've never been called racists. I find nothing wrong with comedians using stereotypes to get a good chuckle. I'm comfortable with my peoples stereotypes where I can laugh at it myself without even thinking that comedian is a racist. What I won't laugh at is something derogatory based on historic events. When you start spewing, "50 years ago you would have been hung upside down" and continually berate a race in a manner thats not comedic; its no longer a comedy skit nor are you telling a joke. As far as the comments by ADM, makes me wonder myself.
  21. An online firmware update has been announced. Just download it to your PS3 and the issue will be fixed. And it was only about 200 games out of 3000. Small percentage if you ask me. To the average joe who don't really need all that stuff, its not worth the money. To tech junkies like me, Blu Ray is the sh*t. I can no longer watch any other format.
  22. Why feel bad for the people camping out in the cold? Their decision. They know its cold and they know the risk. I don't feel bad for them. I've camped outside in cold weather when I've gone hunting. No big deal, you just have to be prepared for the weather. Besides, if the Wal Mart you speak of is open 24 hours it could make sense to allow them to camp in a part of the store that is no longer being used and is a nice gesture on that Wal Marts management staff. Target (along with Best Buy and Circuit City) stores are never open 24 hours so why would they allow people to camp inside after hours. On another note: allowing campers to camp inside can also be a stupid idea. A 24 hour Wal Mart in CA allowed the campers to go camp inside and look what happened. They got rowdy and forced the store to close for a few hours. Cops got called in and they all eventually got booted back out on the street anyway.
  23. That was an embarrassment. Brad Johnson needs to go. They need a QB fix quick. Bollinger didn't fare any better. Thank god the Vikes are playing against SF this weekend.
  24. Like when the blew out Seattle? I'm sorry but I'm not impressed either. So they blow out the Seahawks, look at the other teams that they "butchered": the Vikes, the Bills, Cardinals, Lions, and 49er's. Yeah those were really tough teams to beat. My nephews JV football team can take on those teams and kick their asses just as hard as the Bears did. The sad part was that they almost lost 2 of them too. The rest of their season is up against a bunch of teams that are either at the bottom of their division or mediocre at best. The only 2 games that they may have problems against is the Giants (as long as Eli don't force turnovers) and the Pats. Regardless, I wouldn't be so quick to brag about beating teams that couldn't even win more than a handful of games the last few seasons.
  25. It should also be noted that the Australian Targets and their parent company Coles Myer Corp. have no affiliation with the Targets here in the states.
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