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  1. He lives in it.....his stuff is there.....it's his. It's not a seat on the train that someone hops in when he goes out of town... Wrong it's on loan to him, it's not automatically his if he lives there renting it or living there while he's working at the school. I guess you think people who rent apartments automatically own the place once they move in. DC huh, that explains alot.
  2. It's good fun...you're just south of me (I'm in DC) and as I visit Richmond semi regularly I know how it is there. I know you're not that way. Tell you what.....stop making blanket statements and I'm sure there will be a diamond window pane on the short bus that you can lick when you're wearing your gold helmet and platinum chinstrap in special people heaven. @firedevil@ Diamond window pane, gold helmet and platinum chin strap? LOL now I really do think you're on crack or some household cleaning product.
  3. From what I understood the house isn't his it's the university's.
  4. You don't even know .0000000000090 percent of what Black people think/feel/believe and have the audacity to make a blanket statement like this. Idiots and Internet do NOT go together.....sheets done yet??? I take the trailer park statement back as that insult all the people who can at least formulate a useful thought once every few days. VH man your son is really acting out. Talk to him, spank him, or something!!! You sure do love those kkk references huh. Back to topic...
  5. Sounds like the Kmart near me That was like the first time I had been to kmart in 3-5 years.
  6. I like the one with the death star holoprojection.
  7. Hope in one hand crap in the other.....see which one fills first. DB, spokespeople is actually one word ftr.
  8. I put up a post saying they got the outfit wrong and casually said the word dumbasses and then two new people come out of the woodwork and take shots at me. The guy tells me he just popped the movie and and said the outfit has red on it. I think he was high at the time. Maybe they are the same person who knows. I think the discussion is pretty much over with though.
  9. I read the whole report, Gates is totally at fault for the whole thing. Racism this racism that, the first words to come out of that idiots mouth were about race which proves my opinion that alot of blacks focus on race first and everything else second. I'm tempted to say all of them do because like 90% of them do it. I've seen videos where black subjects got really really really hostile with the cops and they ended up having to tase them. And yes they do think the law doesn't apply to them, the police report proves that alone. Is Gates really a race studies professor or whatever it's called?
  10. The two trolls are ultra new too. There is a picture from when the 3 jackasses are in that small town the sky casts a blue color on the shiny parts of their outfits. The figure's outfit is inaccurate though, maybe they wanted to bring an homage to the comic version of zod because he has red and black on.
  11. Check out eBay. Ugh... At Least McD had FIGURES. It looks like that GI Joe: ROC has a VERY limited life. Only 8 toys for what ever time this is available. At least Sponge Bob HAD figures! Maybe, MAYBE Snake Eyes. But not "Missile" Storm Shadow (LOL!). And Besides, we CAN'T BUY them seperately. You HAVE TO buy a meal. ugh... I did a few days ago, snake eyes and storm shadow are both figures. They also have the gi joe submarine and what looks like a concept of the V-22.
  12. LOL at you for saying "jive" and "ebonics". Now you've lost focus on the issue.....I know you don't live in a trailer....a nice one that is. It's one of those Campbell soup cans with two broken cars out front. Homeboy.....man I haven't heard that in years....lol at you again for saying stupid ish most people left behind in the 1990s..... Two words beyond your vocabulary and nobody cares what you say anyhow. Just another racial alarmist coming out of the woodwork. I do believe Lord Amron has chosen to argue and debate for the SAKE of just arguing and debating, unwisely this time (or AGAIN). if he's TRULY taking the side of Gates in all of this, the side of the Prez, in his racially suggestive comments over it, and truly believes that Crowley was somehow in error of his actions in dealing with Gates and his belligerent MOUTH (looking for a fight as much as LA here)..then he truly is AMORON! The cops were CALLED to the scene by a neighbor! This wasn't a cop pulling over a suspicious looking Black man type of incident that lends itself so well to the cry of racial profiling and harassment. Gates may have tried to TREAT it as such (for attention) but he was way out of line and out of control and he SHOULD HAVE been arrested for being a d!ck. next time his house is being broke into...i hope the cops take 2 hours to get there, like they normally do, and then he can charge racism for the lack of SUFFICIENT response! That's one helluva "card" these folks carry around with them. Good for just about EVERYTHING unpleasant and inconvenient in life. You're right on the money, he does like to argue just to argue. Like any other imbecile, if ignored long enough he'll go away. I wonder if a mod would get mad if I showed the kanye west condlezza rice race card cartoon. @loll@
  13. LOL at you for saying "jive" and "ebonics". Now you've lost focus on the issue.....I know you don't live in a trailer....a nice one that is. It's one of those Campbell soup cans with two broken cars out front. Homeboy.....man I haven't heard that in years....lol at you again for saying stupid ish most people left behind in the 1990s..... Two words beyond your vocabulary and nobody cares what you say anyhow. Just another racial alarmist coming out of the woodwork.
  14. It varies, the ninjas of gi joe have harnesses with sword scabbards on their backs. Other ninjas have belts with sword scabbards. The picture looks like a belt with a scabbard.
  15. With Obama stirring the racial pot like Jackson or Sharpton are more commonly known for liking to do? YEP! LOL at you for continiuing to think Jackson and Sharpton are the "spokespeople" for Black America. Tell me this VH: if incidents like this stopped happening don't you think the "emperors of Black people" would have nothing to challange? Shouldn't we be working on ensuring all people are treated fairly than debasing it to just "here comes Al and Messy Jesse!!" It's obvious from your constant asinine rhetoric (around here anyway) that both of them speak for YOU? You spout the very same paranoid "Blacks are not capable of misconduct, it's all just a conspiracy of RACISM against them" type of bullsh@# don't you? oh, yes ye do. Here's a thought for ya to bounce around in your simple skull hollow....ALL people ARE "treated fairly" as in..not everybody gets "treated" the same way, and how we look, how we act, how we talk, how we behave, how educated or uneducated we are, how good or bad our income is, how good or bad our credit is, how good or bad our reputation is, and how good or bad our fellow race, sex and religious friends measure up to all these categories. That seems all pretty standard and FAIR..to me? "Emperors of Black people"?? @loll@ I like that it's fitting! YES...they will FOREVER find a reason to go to "work" everyday, searching for unfair treatement of Blacks to justify their very existence in life and if it's no longer there to find...they'll MAKE IT UP and continue to change the definition of what's "fair"! By GOLLY...they're already there I think! Hell, even Obama jumped on the bandwagon that somehow Gates was mistreated because of his COLOR instead of just over his MOUTH! That's a baaaaaad sitchyation for the Prez to get himself involved with. bad mouthing cops over the actions of another Brother, and this "no snitch..no criticize" rule amongst some of the Black community (that YOU perpetuate here..the all defense/no sense law) is as mindless and ridiculous as can be, and here's ol' Obama perpetuating it. My comment I made before is in the same realm as what you said, that blacks think they are incapable of misconduct etc. They litereally do think the law doesn't apply to them. They use the racism conspiracy bit so much nobody believes them anymore. I know where it comes from too, liberal teachers absolutely do project their bullsh-t oppressed black people crap on students. In fact one of my teachers in high school who was a white female constantly made comments relating to that. I saw her a couple of months ago at a place I go to, still looks the same except gray hair. Luckily she didn't see me or saw but she didn't remember me.
  16. I have yet to see anything about the BK gi joe toys being out, luckily I only want a couple of them.
  17. Red trim huh..... @loll@ Just so no to drugs and or engine exhaust.
  18. Did he say (pointing at the camera) "and I Barack Hussein Obama am talking to the white cop.....exclusively." You heard that?? Or are you and VH of the same mind and "talents" when it comes to accurately presenting more than just your biased opinion.... Then why are you doing it right now?? Tell us please........ Is that how it is?? You know this without a shadow of a doubt??? You may want to move that propane tank away from your trailer Cooter. I think you're inhaling to many fumes Maybe because they empathize with the rampant situations where police have been found to have acted against the tenants they were supposed to enforce. Children should be seen and not heard!!! VH please get your son. More racist comments about what you think I am? HA who knew. You watch too much tv homeboy. Hey Wheeljack, didn't I tell this moron in a previous thread that I don't live in a trailer? I know he's generally a jackass but apparently illiterate too. I'm really not going to go the airplane movie route(the old white lady talking to the black dudes in jive) and explain to him in ebonics because that's unnecessary and a waste of time anyway.
  19. I found Clone Wars Spacesuit Obi Wan and new Yoda Wednesday. They had Echo and the spy droid too.
  20. Bullsh-t, hussein was talking about the white cop exclusively. Lying doesn't work so don't. Who knew a situation like this was coming. @loll@ Just another case of *I'm black the law doesn't apply to me*. Has anyone else noticed the severe amount of bias when alot of blacks are being interviewed about this incident. I'd say a good 90%+ of blacks are siding with Gates. Haven't they figured out the race card doesn't work anymore?
  21. I looked it up just in case, smartass troll. The trim on his outfit is black so google it and shut up.
  22. Zod's outfit was black with shiny black trim, dumbasses.
  23. The target I found the unmasked storm shadow at wouldn't honor the deal the manager's bullcrap excuse was it's a promotion not a sale. I called those #$@ 2 days ago and they basically lied to me and said they would do a price match. If anyone lives in the Richmond VA area like I do, do not go to short pump target for a deal because they are frickin lying douchebags. I expected at least one of them to pull this stunt so I'm not surprised or really mad but I'm letting people know thats a target not to go to if you hope to get a price match.
  24. Looks like Diamond put the Excelsior on hold, I read the Q&A and they specifically said 1701-B and a Klingon ship are their next ship releases. I'm guessing either the Battlecruiser or Bird-of-Prey.
  25. I told my pal who works at toy r us that if the botches this deal with figures no one wants then I'll boycott that damn place for a month. He feels the same way I do that tru are friggin morons. The difference is I used the real F word in the original statement.
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