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  1. They had a very limited greedo ornament, so limited that unless you showed up the day of the premiere you probably won't be able to get one. They are doing a limited Ilia from TMP that comes out in October I'm soo getting that one.
  2. That is the mentality of these jerkoffs, that new person did the same thing it's probably amron or one of his friends using a new name to pretend to be a new person jumping into the action. The situation is over with, Gates is in the WRONG and everyone knows it. I'll hold off my opinion until I see proof of the boston cop comment. Internet and Idiots...a dangerous combination. "Probably Amron." Really??? That's the best you can do??? Why do I need to make another identity to "jump into the action"?? Says the guy who apparently changed him name from IronMan to Jumptheshark (how appropiate). I hope VH has you wipe your mouth before you kiss him.... I know it's not amron typing it's his white liberal friend typing that's why he can spell. You know the crackhead can't spell.
  3. SMH at your son VH. This is the dude "supporting" your entire platform. I'd say he's more damaging to why your opinion is skewed than any back assward mentality you insist on spitting out here. @hmmm@ You're addressing me still? You're stalking me even in response to OTHERS comments now? @loll@ I LOVE when I hit a nerve! And now he's talking about two guys kissing, he has issues like nobody's business. At what point does TNI have a sign saying "freak friendly site". Maybe amron is one of those homeboys I saw on cops busted for trying to "do stuff" with a black transvestite.
  4. I picked up the limited Greedo the day the ornaments came out as well as getting the Battlecruiser.
  5. At TRU the star trek ships are only $2 more, I say grab the TRU bird of prey that way your luck in finding more increases.
  6. Someone is trying to sound articulate. @loll@ Let me guess you go out of your way to use big words just for spite. @loll@ This thread is too funny sometimes.
  7. nothing, its just a sword I own About how much does something like that go for?
  8. DB what's that sword in your sig supposed to symbolize?
  9. I don't believe anything the media says as is. Why anyone would waste their time emailing a dipsh-t news article author is a mystery. I'm glad I don't live in new england, what a sh-thole. Harvard: we give anybody a teaching position
  10. Somebody's been watching too many pornos......
  11. LOL that boston cop yahoo email picture looks sooooo fake, who the hell talks like that. The email is all over the place topic wise, it rambles on about this and that. I bet he said something else and they altered to look racist. @loll@ @loll@ @loll@
  12. That is the mentality of these jerkoffs, that new person did the same thing it's probably amron or one of his friends using a new name to pretend to be a new person jumping into the action. The situation is over with, Gates is in the WRONG and everyone knows it. I'll hold off my opinion until I see proof of the boston cop comment.
  13. The Ryan Moats incident, Rodney King, The infamous car flip, The person shot in Oakland, The guy shot 41 times, the guy who has fasly arrested and had a baton shoved up his corn hole.....and you can bring......BTW you made THIS discusion on THIS board about race with your clever misquote of what Obama actually said. @hmmm@ yeeeeah...and THOSE cases are relevant to THIS case exactly HOW? Did I not just clarify that my opinion on NO RACE ISSUE should have been slapped on THIS case, not suggesting that I think racism NEVER is involved? You really do need to put down the crack pipe, or really make a concerted effort to READ the entire post before leaping to your asinine conclusions. it's beginning to be almost embarrassing to watch, and I feel bad for you, especially if you have friends and family trying to root you on and whatnot? Obama said the Cambridge Cops acted stupidly..I post Obama calls a WHITE cop stupid for how he arrested a BLACK man. @hmmm@ That's some awfully thin cheese you're slicing there fella. there's holes in the holes! as for the rest of youR silly sh@# you've dived into now... BAP...BAP...BAP!!! This is such ridiculous bullshit, this is an action figure board. Obama didn't call a white cop stupid, she said that the Cambridge Police Department acted stupidly. So put your hood back on and go back burning crosses on people's front yards and stay off the computer, it is clearly too much for you to handle. Go back to moveon.org or whatever nazi liberal site you came from.
  14. Your dad put that out there when he was arguing about traditional marriage (even though he HIMSELF was the epitome of UNTRADITIONAL marriage) in another topic. I guess it shows it pretty easy to argue something when even you don't meet the standards you support...... hey didn't Hitler do the same thing?? So are you from wife 2 or what??? See what I mean? @loll@ The Lord has finally LOST it! I'm dedicating this next song to our poor lost and confused member... Lord Amron! As he TRULY eptiomizes the attitude of ALL DEFENSE..NO SENSE and even when caught redhanded, resorts to the stubborn act of DENIAL and utters these very words... IT WASN'T ME!! Certinaly his kind of music. What some naive jerkoff liberal hasn't taken poor oppressed crackhead amron under his wing yet? Awww toobad. Yeah don't play rock or anything like that, it's above his iq level that would be like trying to get a piece of crap tire to draw the sistine chapel.
  15. So says the report from conservativeview.com huh?? I can't wait to see how you react if you ever find yourself in the same situation you deny exists. Ahhhh...and there's that GIANT leap of logic and screwy twist of facts you brandish with such ignorant pride! To state that there was no race issue involved in THIS case, is NOT to say that there is no race issues at all or in ANY cases. What cases would you like to drag in besides this one, because obviously we've gone beyond what happened here, to something that's happened over the last 40 years...right? You don't know what goes on between every cop and every suspect, all Black suspects, and the White ones always get off and are treated oh so ever kindly and gently compared to the brothers...is that right? You have a scanner in your home and you listen in to all these arrests and know all this? Blacks are still just hopeless victims of a White society that's still out to keep them down, by being more and more sneaky and deliberate about. yaaaaaaawn!!! @l@ God, that sh@# gets old! So 47, married 3 times, and alone......I wonder why???????? You seem to wonder about of lot of things concerning me? @hmmm@ btw...only 2 stikes, not 3, but who's counting? OH..it's YOU!! Did you actually tell that two-bit crackhead some of your personal life or did someone run their mouth?
  16. Precisely and most of the reply/insults to my posts from morons like him are people saying the same crap just wordly differently. I flat out ignore that shite. If it's someone who I know is going to say some crap I just bypass their penny any post and find an intelligent post.
  17. Is that from the same series that has the HW Superfriends Batmobile? Nah the 1:43 66 Batmobile is an elite series car, so I read.
  18. Maher is just an a--hole that grew bigger. He's just mad he can't get a hot chick and that no one likes him. Probably couldn't even get laid in high school either.
  19. VH get your OTHER son!!!!!!! Damn and usually there is at least ONE bright one......sigh so much for hoping for some ray of light in your "family" Viper. Maybe you'll take my advice earlier this time and grab him by the scruff of his neck and have him sit his @$$ down somewhere before he hurts himself. Too much crack today?
  20. No biggie, HW may end up making a 1:24 at some point maybe. They already have a 1:43rd in the works which is about 3-4 inches long. I've got cars in all different sizes.
  21. The little kid said Sideswipe makes Bumblebee look like crap?!?!?!?....... @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ Just another kid who doesn't know jackschit.
  22. Maybe they should have given Sideswipe to Mikaela. They should stop doing the GM only transformers vehicles. They better start using Mustangs and other cars too.
  23. You read the police report. Did you read the other side of the story? Did you read Gates' account of what happened? Why would you assume that the police report is 100% truth and Gates is a liar? Do you always just believe the white guy and not the black guy? Anyone who wasn't there doesn't know for sure what happened. Gates says he didn't insult anyone's mama, didn't raise his voice, and produced his ID when it was asked for. How can you be so sure he's lying? The suspect almost always lies, regardless of race. Well considering trash talk about someone's mother is usually a black thing......Gates is lucky he got a cop who follows procedure instead of a cop who just might beat the crap out of the suspect for being hostile. The fact is anyone with a brain knows Gates did raise his voice and so on. That's actually what most blacks do when they get arrested for something they did, they cry racism right off the bat. Wether it's in a car or on foot. The funny part is nobody believes you anymore, they used the racism excuse too much.
  24. Those are 1:18 not 1:24. 1:24 is only 6 inches long.
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