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  1. I've got GF Prime in full, he's great. I remember a TF dream I had years ago when I was younger, I remember that I was given Soundwave and Blaster and I had wanted them. The dream ended while I was playing, when I woke up I remembered that the only TF I had was a very damaged Jazz. Tony.
  2. Christmas Eve: Try and keep busy Christmas Day: Try and keep busy New Years Eve: Try and keep busy New Years Day: Try and keep busy Every day: Try and keep busy, cry, try to not lose it completely. Same old, same old every day. It's all just another day. Tony.
  3. After looking at how the TF collection is coming along, 157 and more on the way slowly, then no, I'm not ashamed. Why should I be? At least TF's can't kill me, they'll just kill the display unit if I don't get some shelves sorted out soon. Tony.
  4. Pretty clear this is way beyond any of you. I'll explain it in an easier way - Man falls in love, his lover dies, man creates child and mother program to care for child. Mother program has severe PMS and decides to kill the child, the players of the game and then destroy the fine line between reality and fiction so that she can never die. The players who aren't knocked into comas fight back when the child gives the main character an illegal item called The Twilight Key, Data Drain for short. Morganna, the mother program, unleases a virus and summons eight Phases, computer data that's made to be unbeatable, to ensure that her plans can not be stopped. She also activates a Wave that is basically white noise that locates any intellingent computer data and data drains it. Basically it all comes down to this tiny sentence: Morganna Mode Gone. It's very easy to understand. And I am in real life, stuck in it, getting out of it for a little while can be a help, stops me from losing it completely since I've got no one to trust and rely on. Try living my life and see how you fare, doubt you would last very long. Tony.
  5. TonyWatt

    Boo Hoo

    I never saw them here in the UK, I don't think they were ever released here and it's not looking likely that they ever will. Thanks Hasbro, you really know your marketing, really. Be sure to reward the idiot who does your marketing with a shot to the head. Tony.
  6. No, no, no, not like that rubbish The Matrix, no. I'll explain a little more: The developer of The World was in love while he was creating the prototype of the game, his lover, a woman called Emma Weiland, was on her way to se him, I think to tell him that she was pregnant, and she died in a car crash. Harald, the name of the creator of the game, was ridden with grief and he focused everything on finishing his masterpiece, The World. He used Emma's story, the Epitath of Twilight, as a founding story for the game and then he did something else, he created an Artifical Lifeform called Aura. Basically Aura is the child of Emma and Harald, she grows by data she has transferred into her growing body. The World is her womb, and after her birth, it's her home. Her 'mother' in The World is a mother program also created by Harald, it's called Morganna and her role is to give birth to Aura once Aura has grown to a certain point and opens her eyes. Morganna isn't happy about this though and she attempts to either alter Aura enough to make her a danger or to abort Aura by data draining her very slowly. Morganna's program is done in a way that once Aura is born in both the game and in the real world, Morganna will die. So Morganna creates a virus that begins to eat away at the fine line between fantasy and reality in an attempt to have a real body in case Aura can't be destroyed. Her actions cause the comas and lock Tusaska in The World. That's why I wonder if in some way we're all like that. That for us to be truly alive, we just have to open our eyes. That maybe we're computer code that needs to wake up. It's easy to understand once you see it and play it in full. Tony.
  7. What is today? - Thursday What time is it now? - 19:28 hours Full Name? - Anthony Neil Watt, Tony for short Nicknames? - Smokescreened84, Loner Words to live by? - Bugger, I'm still alive Favorite Quote? - See me? Don't bother How are you? - Tired, usual mood, sore How is the weather right now? - Cold, 50-50 chance of it getting worse Do you like storms? - Aye, not that we get many in this part of Scotland Where were you born? - Fraserburgh hospital, local town a few miles away How old are you today? - Same age I have been since I was 5, 200, physical age though, I'm 26 till April What was your most memorable birthday? - Hard one, I don't know, never had a memorable one What is the color of your hair? - Black and going slowly grey What is your NATURAL hair color? - Black What is the color of your eyes? - Hazel Brown Do you wear contacts or glasses? - Neither, got good eye sight What kind of car do you drive? - None, costs too much What would you like to be driving? - Honestly? A wee Ford Focus, I like them for some reason How many keys on your key ring? - Four, two for the flat, one for the main door of the flats and one for the back door of the flats Where did you go to school at? - First Rosehearty, the village I grew up in, then Raddery in the Highlands and then college in Fraserburgh, not that I count it as school, just a waste of time really Do you have any pets? - No, wouldn't mind though. I guess my dogs in Nintendogs are the closet I've got to pets Do you have any tattoos? - No, did consider it once though Do you have any kids and if not would you like to have some? - I'm not a parent, but I would love to be a parent if fate allows it How many states have you lived in? - Neither, I'm Scottish, I have little desire to travel What is your living arrangement? - A cold, miserable little flat which I hate living in What is your occupation? - Not allowed to work, so I just try to keep busy What did you want to be when you were little? - Honestly? Dead. Oh, and I guess hugged and loved. What should you be doing right now? - Keeping busy, taking a breather from it for a wee while How many years at your current job? - All my life What is your dream job? - Child care, I would love to help kids have a better start in life than I did Where would you retire to? - Nowhere, well maybe the Highlands, but I have no wish to retire If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go? - Nowhere, I'm not fond of travel and there's nowhere in the world I want to go to What time did you get up today? - Just after ten this morning What did you do last night? - Read a lot, gamed a little Do you wish on stars? - Most of the time, aye Are you a morning person or night? - Neither, it depends on my mood and how I feel when I open my eyes after trying to sleep Did you brush your teeth this morning? - Kinda What color is your bathroom? - No colour as such, I don't feel like painting it What is on the floor of your closet? - Wood flooring, lots of boxes What is your kitchen decorated in or with? - A little bit of wallpaper, I stopped caring a while back What did you have for breakfast? - Couple of fruit pastilles and a drink of water What is your favorite cuisine? - Sweet and Sour Chicken, homemade style, not that rubbish pre-made junk. And Chicken Jalfrezi with Naan bread, extra spicy What is your favorite sandwich? - Ham and chocolate with olive oil spread What are your favorite potato chip? - You mean crisp? I guess pepper pringles What foods do you dislike? - Stovies, mince and tatties, Shepards Pie, Fish pie, anything if it's in a white sauce, heavily greasy foods What is the most disgusting food you’ve ever eaten? - Stovies What was the last thing you ate? - A slice of lemon meringue pie that my mum had made. Who is your Best Friend? - Gary, known him since college Who is the friend you have had the longest? - Gary, he's scatterbrained, but a good friend once he remembers about you Are you still friends with the people that you were friends with back in high school? - I never went to 'high school', I was sent to a special school to keep me from attacking people with my temper Have you ever told a secret that you swore you wouldn’t tell? - Once, and on purpose since I don't care about her anymore. What inspires you? - .Hack, music What are you afraid of? - Myself, being alone all my life, my temper, being abused again, my past When was the last time you cried? - This morning in my poor sleep What characteristics do you despise in people? - Selfishness, greed, abusive ideals, general stupidity when they say they're smart, compusive lying, no sense of humour What do you do to vent anger? - Slip in a violent game and let rip with any weapon I can get my hands on in the game Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? - No idea What is your favorite CD at the moment? - My private CDs of .Hack music What are you listening to right now? - .Hack//Sign: Useless Chatting What was the last film you saw at home? - Resident Evil 2, kind of, I listened for the most part since I've already seen it and memorised it What was the last film you seen at the theatres? - Star Trek Nemesis What is your favorite TV show? - The new Doctor Who, went is finished for now, Afterlife, which is finished and may or may not be continued, Enterprise Do you like to read? - Oh aye, been reading since I still in nappies at the age of 2 and a half years old, over 20 years What are you currently reading? - Star Wars: Truce at Bakura and maybe something else at the same time if I feel like it Favorite toy as a child? - Any TF I was given and any toy cars I had Favorite item of clothing? - That's kinda of personal and I don't want to say Favorite brand of clothing? - None really Favorite time of day? - None, it's all the same to me Favorite sports to watch? - I hate sport Favorite color? - Red Favorite ice cream flavor? - Chocolate with strawberry slices and honey roasted peanuts mixed in Favorite drink? - Pepsi Max Favorite food? - Anything that does my body some good Favorite day of the year? - None Favorite radio station? - None Favorite car? - Ford Focus, no idea why Favorite day of the week? - None Hugs or kisses? - Both, hugs are great Cherry or Blueberry? - Blueberry, in muffins of course Red or white wine? - Neither, don't drink Coke or Pepsi? - Pepsi Plain, cheese or spicy hamburger? - Cheeseburger, with bacon Any new and exciting news you want to share? - Not really, finally saw all of .Hack//Sign, the TF collection is at 157 and I'm just trying to keep busy What time did you finish this survey? - 19:53 hours Tony.
  8. I've been watching, reading and playing .Hack since finding out about it in July and now that I've just finished watching the last of it, there's no more till sometime next year or whenever they finish .Hack//G.U. If any of you have tried it out and gone all the way with it, then you'll know the story behind it. But for those of you who don't, here's a brief run down, and I mean brief because I hate being online too long: In the year 2005, this year, a computer virus called Pluto's Kiss disables the worldwide computer network for half an hour, the virus was made by a 10 year old American kid for fun, and for that half hour it looked like World War 3 would break out since everything that was run by computers was affected. After the virus was found and destroyed, it was felt that the Interact should only be used by companies so a worldwide Net restriction is placed. And a company called Altimit, the only company to survive after the virus, takes over the world computer network. In 2007, exactly two years after Pluto's Kiss, the internet is unrestricted and a game is released called The World, an online RPG that allows the player to do pretty much whatever they want. After a while of that though, rules are made, not that some players listen to those rules. By 2010, the era before the Net came back being called The Twilight of the New Gods by a lot of gamers, The World now has over 20 million players in the game and is getting bigger all the time. There's something not right though, players are falling into comas, another player is unable to log out and odd things are happening in The World, even the original creator of The World has vanished, presumed dead like his fiancee. I won't say any more, it's an amazing story that looks into a lot of topics and ideals behind life, love, progress and hope. It asks an intersting question though, what if everything we know is a game being played by someone? What if we're all computer data being controlled and moved about? What if all that our race has done is really just part of a story in some huge RPG? It's not even complex to understand, but it's an interesting thing to consider. Tony.
  9. Yes, Elvis is dead and buying a six pack down the local shop. He also has a lovely job in the fish factory gutting haddock. While in England he''s an MP who sits on his arse all day getting paid to do nothing. It would be easy to get over if I had lived a better life than what I was given. S**t happens though and that's life. I doubt I'll meet anyone else, like I've mentioned before, the women in this area where I live are about as attractive as vomit. I can't afford to move though, plus this disability and having to obey the laws regarding what I can and can't do doesn't help. It's been a fairly long year for the area I live in, the usual drug busts, murders, shootings and crime with the usual nutty weather. Lovely, really. Tony.
  10. Very good answers. Okay, since no one made a question, here's another one: What is the defination of Grow Up? My own opinion: Grow Up is basically a way of understanding and opening your eyes to the real world and what is expected of you as a person if you manage that. Grow Up could have more meanings than one meaning, maybe it has 12 different meaning. But generally Grow Up means, in my own opinion, to throw away superficial, pointless childish ideals and learn to accept your true place in life. Tony.
  11. Here's something to try, I used to do this in school before it was changed to 'How stupid will you be in years to come' as it is these days in schools. We were asked questions on anything and we could give our own opinions on those questions and then ask a question ourselves and hear the opinions. I was the only one who had any opinions that weren't copied from a book and TV. So let's see how this works with you lot, I'll ask the first question adn you give your opinions, be original with your opinions and show that you're an individual at least. Then once enough opinions have been given, someone else then ask a question and the circle keeps going. Sound good? It's easy, I'll start off: What is Honour? My own opinion: Honour is the foundation of understanding and compassion. As we go through life, we need honour to keep ourselves from losing our way and hurting others who don't understand real life. Without honour, we can never last in the big bad world. Honour is the one thing that can make us truly human. Tony.
  12. I doubt that, unless you live in Fuquay Varina in North Carolina since that's where she and her father live. The Mroz family, insane to the last and abusive as hell. Lovely. Tony.
  13. Hmm, hard one since i rarely got a TF for Christmas when I was a kid. But I guess it would have to be when I was given Powermaster Op. Prime and Triggerhappy when I was 8, so that would be in 1987. I didn't actually want them, but my mum and dad got them for me because they knew I wasn't the happy child I used to be years before. Despite not wanting them, I loved them and even after Prime was stolen, I still had the trailer and used it as a starship whenever I would play. Triggerhappy, though, didn't last long and he fell to the ax when I was 11. Tony.
  14. I know her father too well, longer than I ever knew her. I know what he's like and that he's always had a few hundred marbles loose. No matter, whatever it is I've to do next, I'll get it done. I saved her life, what's next I wonder. My hopes for next year, other than finding this mystery woman, is to also finally get some sleep, been over 20 years since I last had a decent sleep without waking up in tears and fighting back my screams of fear from the nightmares of my past. If you lot saw the women in this area, you would see why it's not likely to fall in love with anyone here unless you're either blind, drunk from birth, stupid or all three. The women in this area are about as loving as a starved lion and about as intellingent as a brick, and a brick is smarter than they are. The few exceptions are either gay or dead. It's very rare to meet a woman who isn't aged several centuries from all the drink, smoking and drugs and who can actually be spoken to about anything at all without the normal "I don't know that, want a quickie?" It's amazing that the vast majority of people in this area haven't all walked into the ocean by accident while going to the pub for their hourly alcohol intake. Maybe moving to another country would help, can't afford that though and I'm not allowed by law to leave the UK without someone with me because of my being disabled. In case of accidents like outwitting the tourists or showing pilots how to actually fly. That kind of thing. It's a pain how if you're disabled, you're regarded as stupid and a risk despite wanting to work hard and prove your worth. Sometimes I wonder if I have to stick a sign round my neck saying "So I'm disabled, I can still do things better than everyone else can!" I've wanted to work ever since I was a kid, it's important to me to work. I was placed on disability when I was 16, over ten years ago. Unemployable due to poor hand/eye cooridination, a temper that can make a Klingon wimper and wet himself in fear and poor interaction with people due to fear of them. If I were to move though, I've actually faniced moving to Montana because I liked living near to the mountains when I lived in the Highlands years ago. Maybe it would do me a world of good. Can't though. Wonder what we can expect to happen next year? Maybe war breaking out again or peace happening, alien first contact, honour and understanding returning to society(ha!). Probably just be a lot of people dying, a lot of greed and corruption taking over as usual, wacky weather and stupidity and selfishness gaining more of a grip on the human race. Just another year really and most likely to happen. Tony.
  15. I agree with you about smoking, it's a waste of time and a waste of money. There was an advert shown here in the UK that showed an elderly couple who were looking at furniture and the wife mentioned that it would be good to buy some new furniture. The husband then replies "We can't afford it" and he lights a #$### and walking off smoking it. My parents smoke, my brother smokes, don't think my sister does, but maybe she does. I don't smoke, got enough bills to pay without that disgusting habit making it harder. TF's don't coat your lungs in tar, they just make your finger tips hurt when you take a new TF out of it's packing and transform it for the first time. Tony.
  16. It's hard to let her go when no matter what I try to get her out of my thoughts, she's always there. Short of blowing my head off, I'm stuck with the memories, thoughts and bond to her. Hmm, there's an idea. Came close to finally meeting her and I figured it was a trap laid by her father, he hates non-Americans, and I knew after her constant excuses and cancelling that the plan was to get me over to the US where her father would shoot me for daring to love an American, he considers all non-Americans to be backwards and worthless. It's even more annoying that these premonitions/dreams that I've had for over ten years show a woman who looks 100% like my ex, only thinner with a sense of humour and a heart, plus actual understanding of the real world. Either she's my ex or she's someone I'm still to meet, I'm just not sure. Wish I could shake her from my thoughts. I've been alone for years and I'm pretty sick of it, I'm all ready to have someone in my life, have been ready for years. Being scared of people makes it hard to not be alone though, my ex's betrayal pushed me farther away due to fear and distrust of others. Being alone for over 20 years can make you fairly unwell. I hope my ex is suffering, but she probably isn't, abusive people like her never suffer. What's everyone's hopes for next year? Mine are the same as usual, that I find this mystery woman, that I manage to find a purpose to live and that world peace happens. Chances of any of that happening are akin to the chances of pigs flying. Anyway, what hopes do you all have for next year? Tony.
  17. Nothing wrong at all with missing the ones you love. I miss Anya, the adult side to my ex, she was murdered when my ex betrayed me. Long story, my ex had two minds, one mind got killed when her father bribed her and ordered her to betray me. I don't want to talk about it, still hurts to this day and I miss Anya very much. I miss my dog Fluke, it's not the same as losing a parent, but he was my only friend and I never got to say goodbye to him when he died since I was away at the time. He died when I was 13, back in 1992. My parents got him for me in early 1979, just before I was born. Fluke protected me all through my early years and I loved him a lot. I still miss him and I hope that if I can ever get another dog, that I'll love that dog every bit as much as I loved Fluke. So aye, there's nothing wrong with missing a loved one, be they human or not, it just shows how much you loved them. Tony.
  18. It sounds as bad as Microsoft - Popular system, greedy company, system crashes all the times and never really gets fixed. The flaws just get glossed over with some fancy gimmicks that go insane the instant you use them. Ah Microsoft, how we love to get ticked off by you. Tony.
  19. I've grown up poor as well, I'm used to it. Hell, if I were to suddenly become rich, I wouldn't know what to know with the money. Well, that is after I wake up in hospital from a concussion after passing out from the shock of seeing so much money in my account. A case of "Holy s**t..." *thud*. As for woman in this country, that's a laugh. Most woman my age in my area are either stoned, drunk, sell their bodies, have the intellingence of a brick and that's an insult to the brick, or all of that with the addition of thinking that the height of living is to throw up all over the place and make a fool of themselves before getting arrested for indecent exposure. So my chances of finding anyone else aren't good, none of them take a look at me since I'm not the usual drunk, dumb male who populates this area of Scotland. What's the bets on what next year will be like? Will there be world wide hurricanes? Earthquakes? Or maybe our sun explodes or a really nasty computer virus like in .Hack that disables our worldwide networks and causes complete chaos before any computer controlled defence systems are set off by the virus and blast us all to dust? Or maybe a plague that decimates the human race, like the plague of selfishness, abusive ideals that's been around for a fair while. Or maybe aliens will come down to visit us, our world leaders open fire on them and doom us all. Or all of that in one go. Anything could happen. Like finding MP Prime for £10, $20 in US money, in UK and US shops. Now that would be amazing. Tony.
  20. Just be yourself, be romantic, have her guessing as to why and then propose to her in front of people. If she doesn't blush aand then kill you for embaressing her, your chances are good that she'll accept. Maybe she'll propose to you at the same time that you propose to her. Either way just be yourself, don't panic about it, just take it calmly. Tony.
  21. Do drugs? No thanks, funds are low enough as it is. Besides, drugs, drink and smoking are a wsate of time. Why kill your body when watching UK TV can do that for you? The US may supposedly allow chances for regaining a life, it isn't that way here in the UK. We don't have the same 'freedom' and options as you do in the US, here it's a case of if you're disabled, you're screwed, if you're not willing to sell your soul, you're screwed. All I can do is try to keep busy, try to get my mood back up for my writing so that I can work on this idea that's been growing for years and hope that I can find this mystery woman who's been haunting my dreams for over a decade. Whoever she is, she looks like my ex, only with a sense of humour, compassion, understanding of life, relationships and depression and is honest. All things that my ex isn't. I'm not a very social person, being scared of people and such, so I don't go out much other than to pay the bills and buy food. Try living with these memories for 2 decades and then ask me if I'm alright. It's a pity us humans can't hiberate, would be asleep by now and avoiding Christmas. On another note, the collection is now up to 154 with the new addition of Alt. Swindle. He's not bad, I like his transformation. Also got two of those Marvel Metamorphs, the Spiderman and Wolverine ones. They're alright, a little fragile. Another day, another mass of trying to keep busy. Tony.
  22. A pity party? Very unlikely, I'm just saying what needs to be said instead of being held back and left lingering. I miss her a lot, I still love her, but quite frankly I couldn't less if she's suffeirng right now. I saved her life, I did my best for her and I gave all I could give and she wsan't happy, she preferred her father's sexual commands and money over being loved and actually cared for. So if she wants to be a selfish, self-centred, greedy, abusive, stupid brat, then fine, so be it. I'll always love her, but if she's not going to grow up, then I'm not going to keep saving her worthless hide. It just hurts that all my efforts were for nothing and I've got no one to turn to, to talk to and no one to help me through all this pain and problems. Like I've done since I was 5, I fend for myself and hide away from people so save being hurt again. Pity party indeed, of all the nerve. She never loved me, she never helped out and never helped me. That's life, she's proven me and many others right that, not to be racist, just stating a fact, that American brats like her who have all they want form birth are unloving, un caring, abusive, selfish, self-centred and spoilt aren't worth wasting time and money on. But then it's not just Americans, it's happening all over the world with the current generations from the mid 80s onwards. There seems to be this "Me, me, me, I'm better than you because I have money and you don't" thing going on, my sister is the same way. I was never like that when I was younger, I didn't even have the money to brag with and I still don't. Love and compassion is what matters in life, money can't buy you that. Not that the vast majority of the world sees that. Like I said, I'll always love her, but she's not worth the effort if she's not going to grow up. I'm mostly trying to live with the memories of my past and what I'm finding out as more of my memories that I hid away on purpose are beginning to resurface. It's hard to get on with life when you're being held down by unwanted memories that you can't get rid of anymore, they take over and you're left trying to deal with them. Memories of abuse aren't something you can take with a pinch of salt. Life's s**t, they fail to teach that in school, they should. It should be one of the main lessons, Life is S**t, and you get taught how it doesn't matter how much worthless grades you have and how much work you did in school, it's still not going to get you a job and if you're disabled, like I am and many others in the world are, then your chances of getting a job despite all your hard work are nil. Wouldn't need a diploma for that class, just have to step out into the real world to graduate. Life's a blast once you take the pin out and sit on it. Tony.
  23. The best thing I like about GF/Cyb Op. Prime is everything else once you look past the loose hands. He looks great when posed fighting RID Scourge, the TF Amy used to buy my loyalty and failed in the attempt, they look like they're ready to kill one another the second you take your eyes off them. Maybe I'll get Star Convoy eventually, he looks alright, for a brick. Just need the room for him. I've spent my time with various things, most of it all offline since I don't like using the Net much. Even managed to read the full TF book set by Scott and David Cein, that took some doing since it wasn't exactly thrilling. The old comics were better reading and that's saying a lot. Even the old G1 cartoon was better and that is really saying a lot considering how boring the cartoon is. Tony.
  24. He's adorable, I'm surprised that there isn't any TF babywear in the shops. Wish I were a parent, would be something more to do. Tony.
  25. For myself, 2005 has been another year of lonliness and misery with nothing good to say about it. My ex's betrayal last year has proven to me that I'm not allowed to love and be loved, she's refused to apologise to me for destroying my life so I'm left paying off her debts and trying to care enough to eat and sleep. If I were to total up all the books I've read and the games I've finished this year so far, it would sound like I'm bragging which I can't do. I've read about 70 books, possibly more, I've lost count after reading 8 in one day. I've finished about 30 games and I'm still looking for more of a challenge. I tried helping a single mother out earlier this year, mostly with just helping her come to terms with her partner's betrayal when he walked out on her and their child. She turned out to be a waste of time though and she's not spoken to me since June, she's not exactly a bright spark, her child is smarter than she is and he's not even two yet. I've played through all 4 parts of the .Hack games, read the three books and I'm up to the final volume of the series, which I'm hoping to see before the end of the year. It's an amazing series, especially if you read between the lines. I've even started to like Star Wars now after years of hating, I'm that desperate for things to do. I faced my fears as well by returning to the school where i was abused as a child, it was closing down and former pupils were invited to say goodbye to the place. So I plucked up my courage and went. I don't feel anything after doing that. Just a normal year. Whee. Oh, has anyone played any of the Sonic GBA games or the new DS Sonic game? I'm wondering about buying them, are they worth the money or should I just get the new Fire Emblem games early? Need to keep busy. Tony.
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