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  1. It looks a little slanted against DC fans. You get a general idea of what you could get with the MotU and Ghostbusters sets, but DC could be any of their lines. If you just collect classics, you take the chance of getting on DC Infinite Heroes, Unlimited or Retro-Action. I think I could go for the MotU set just for the heck of it. Seems to be too good a deal.
  2. So is the general idea and theme of the week that Kmart stores in many cases never bothered to stock the shelves and had merch sitting in their stock rooms? In two cases I asked about having more then what was out, one store said there was none, the other brought out wave 13. All in all, the only figure I got out of this sale was a Jemm, who I wans't going to get but did cause he was on sale.
  3. My mom was able to use the coupon on Star Wars toys at a store today. So maybe it's only certain stores so far who are putting restrictions into effect. I will try and use them again, cause it's really too good a deal not to try.
  4. Anybody else being told their coupons are no longer valid? I was going to bu a Blue Devil and I was aksed if I had a rewards card, and I didn't, they then sent me to customer service. At the desk I was told this type of coupon was reproduced online in a manner that Kmart didn't endorse and that the real coupons are part of a store campaign. They would not honor my coupon.
  5. I only saw one Omac figure form wave 15 out of a few stores tried. I doubt I will get ave 15 on sale,. And with the shelf warmers in each store, they won't issue rain checks for the toys.
  6. (Asking this, because Mattel doesn't seem to understand what the past question makers are trying to say.) DCUC: There seems to be a mis-understanding at Mattel when it comes to the hopes of fans getting Gentle Ghost from the DCUC line. Mattel says the character is not a kid favorite, although released more than once in the children-focused Brave and the Bold line. The character also made an appearance in the JLU line. Maybe the character isn't desired enough for a re-release in the DCUC line, but then what do what appears to be more and more collectors to in an effort to build the wave 8 Giganta when the very essential parts are missing? We played the marketing game of buying all the needed figures even though some are very undesirable, and now we just want to be able to complete the build a figure. Better case assortments from Mattel would have helped fix this issue, and while being improved in future releases, does nothing for fans and collectors now.
  7. MotU: With the continued sell-outs of main characters (like He-Man and Skeletor), has there been any though of doing 2 packs? These would allow fans who seem to still miss out on these popular characters to get them in one shot while still retain any collectibilty the single carded figures may have.
  8. Meijer stores in Michigan have priced changed DCUC as well, or outright clearanced it off the shelves. Meijer has a price-point of $12.97 now, up form the $10.97 they had been at. And two of the 4 stores enar me have actually removed the shelf space for DC and clearenced the figures and placed them on endcaps of clearnce product.
  9. Yep. I have owned almost every Gobots toy, and a great percentage of the Bandai released stuff. Just didn't think the cartoon was great, even as a kid. I still watch it from time to time but it's hard. Machine Robo Revenge of Chronos is cooler, but still has some awful parts to it. Overall, I love the toys and in many cases it is better than Transformers.
  10. From the AP: So I will bet that the Government forced acceptance of an insurance plan will still be in the bill, allowing insurance companies to totally rape us in the pocket book for years to come. Thank/Damn you public officials and your need to take hand outs from insurance company lobbyists! How can Democrats in office be such wussies? I don't see President Obama getting elected again if this all goes through. No way Liberals are gonna back him again after this and continued "wars" overseas. So pissed. @hmmm@
  11. All my DCUC's but Black Canary and Harley Quinn are open. I should have those two open when I get to it however. All my packages have been thrown out as well.
  12. Thanks, that's good to know. I was worried they may have removed Mantis, who I still need. I have been seeing this case pack now at TRU's.
  13. Speaking of Walmart 2-packs.....are these things even out yet, or did I sneeze and miss it? I've been checking stores in my area for other things and taking a second to try and spot the 2 packs, but not a hing. No slots open for them either, so it's not like I just missed them. Hopefully soon.
  14. Needs: Wave 1 Metamorpho Body Wave 1 Metamorpho right arm Wave 3 Grundy head and body Wave 3 Grundy left arm Wave 3 Grundy left leg Wave 3 Sinestro (reg) with Grundy Right leg Wave 8 Giganta right leg My haves are listed here: http://www.bermuda-m...om/suphero.html I have these as well: Atom Smasher head and waist Wave 6 Superman Will have Chemo parts shortly too.
  15. Sales, sales, sales. The reason G.I. Joe can't get two lines is because it's not as popular as Star Wars or Transformers. Furthermore, Star Wars only got two separate lines because the "animated" style of the Clone Wars figures was too different from the "realistic" figures they were already making to keep them all the same line. If Hasbro had made the Clone Wars figures in a "realistic" style we would not have gotten two separate lines. We'd have gotten nothing but Clone Wars for 6 months to a year (just like Hasbro does for every single movie product they have, so G.I. Joe isn't being treated any differently), and then they'd have started mixing "classic" product back in. But the main point being: Until G.I. Joe starts selling like an A-List brand again (which it has the chance to do with the movie product) there's no way in hell retailers are going to accept two separate lines. If the retailers won't accept it, Hasbro isn't going to do it, period. It's real easy for us to say "just make two lines Hasbro!" But Hasbro has more to answer to than message board fans, and contrary to popular belief, don't have unlimited funding to make this stuff, nor unlimited power to force retailers to carry it. As for the stuff, most of it looks awesome, and most of the people declaring "craptastic" apparently need to get their eyes checked, especially if they're also crying "why can't we get more Resolute?" If you take a good look at those figures, most of them look like they could've stepped right out of Resolute. In many cases they look like they'd fit in better there than in the movie-verse. If you search around and see the actual pictures of the figures, they're some of the most detailed Joe figures ever made, and fantastic modernizations of old favorites (I mean c'mon, no one here has mentioned that "Jungle Viper" is just "Night Viper" with a new name?) I don't know if some of you are being negative just to be negative, or if you're just the hardest-to-please crowd on Earth, but 90 percent of the stuff they've shown from the con is pretty dang amazing, even if it's not "classic" product. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and what you've just written was yours. It wasn't fact, nor any type of confirmation on anything. So while many may think these look "craptastic", they in no way have anything wrong with their vision. And while the Jungle Viper may have attributes that constitute an homage to the Night Viper, it is not a Night Viper no matter what a fan may think. It's a Jungle Viper in the ROC based line, and that IS a fact.
  16. Well now, I was kinda miffed that Target and Walmart prices were up to $12 and $13 a figure, seeing $15 is rough. Meijer is were I've been buying as of late cause they haven' raised their prices and DCUC is still at $10.99. Guess that won't be the case for very much longer.
  17. With all the massive amount of product that has leaked in the last few months, there was no way some of it wasn't going to slip into 2010. Wave 14 and the Resolute stuff got canned when Wal-Mart (and maybe the other retailers) decided not to continue ordering any new product after Christmas. Such is the power of Wally World. Hasbro was stuck with a few samples that they couldn't really do anything with (Not enough of them to sell at any sort of mass retail). Those samples got stolen from the factory, and voila...leaked figures that we may or may not have been getting anytime soon. That is a theory on what happened. Not fact.
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