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  1. Sean-- I have written exactly what I wanted to say in this thread, and exactly what I would have said in a PM, or in a face-to-face discussion. This isn't about my ego at all. I have no need or reason to discuss this with you privately, and if you have anything to say to me you can do so in the view of everyone, just as I would do to you. I'm man enough to bear the scrutiny of EVERYONE who reads this, whether I am right or wrong, which is why I keep it out in the open........oh, tell me that is another thing you haven't considered? I'm not going to say what I think has become obvious here, I'll let anyone who reads this come up with that on their own. I stand by every word I have written.
  2. Ankle broken, ego bruised, mortal embarrassment. Hurt, resentment, humility, fear. He got what was coming to him.
  3. Why the hell am I getting this in my PM today?? Y'know Sean, if you actually engaged your brain instead of your ego, and read this thread, including all of my responses and all of the OTHER responses, you'd see where I am coming from. If you really cannot figure this out then that is just too damn bad. Would someone else like to stab a stab at explaining why his "poll" means nothing?? xhairs is obviously not going to listen to anything I would say.
  4. Not to knock the figure, but I'm not really liking the head sculpt on this one. A lot of these Sideshow Joes don't look that good in hand--the faces are not well painted, imo. That is a let-down of sorts, because there's no real reason for it these days. Hot Toys, by comparison has shown that they can do production-line painting and still capture a lot of subtleties with their process--but Sideshow is missing that mark by a wide margin. Below is a pic of a Gen Hawk I kitbashed out of some various 1/6th scale accessories. I used a Blue Box International Toys F-18 pilot figure as the base and added the uniform parts to it. Personally I think the head sculpt and face is much better looking than the Sideshow one, but I'm biased right.
  5. ARROW

    Captain Action

    Another tidbit: the first series of figures, heroes and villains, will have a "build-an outfit" gimmick. If you buy all the costume sets, you can assemble the parts to build a Hawkeye costume. The major license here is apparently just Marvel, for now. I assume its possible there could be other licenses that come on board as time goes by, but that will depend upon how successful the line goes. Also, there's expected to be TWO tiers of each set--a regular and a deluxe version. The regular costumes have just the basic components ( example: Spiderman costume, mash gloves boots and maybe a newspaper accessory) and the deluxe sets will have extras. The deluxe sets are "intended" to be sold at comic book/collectible stores as well as TRU--if I read the info right.
  6. That is called getting your ass handed to you.
  7. ARROW

    Captain Action

    Doctor Evil is coming too ( CA's evil nemesis) and HE will be doing the bad guy costumes. http://www.icv2.com/articles/news/19626.html Also, from Costwold Collectibles:
  8. Stand up comedy is like that though. Its seldom played safe these days and I understand the philosophy is that most comedy "injures" someone or its not funny. My oldest step-son has been doing sets at local venues for the past 6 months, and is learning the ropes. Some of his material is off-colour, but he is TAME compared to the seasoned guys that headline locally. The funniest stuff is the stuff that really pushes the limits. What Gottfried does is NORMAL in the craft of stand-up. The only reason he's on the hot-seat now is because a sponsor announced that they were dropping him. If Aflac hadn't made the announcement, there would have been NO news story about this at all. Worse is being said in sets in clubs nightly, all over the place. Is it right and proper?? I dunno........depends upon your tastes, I guess.
  9. ARROW

    Captain Action

    Had my eye on these for a couple of months now, been following the tidbits as they come out. They will be appearing later this fall, they are NOT out right now. The CA figure looks a lot better than what Playing Mantis had and the sense I'm getting from these CGI mock-ups is that the costumes will work a bit differently than before. More plug-in features like hands and boots. No idea what the articulation will be like with the CA figure--the original was "okay"--but modern articulation schemes beat it hands down. Hopefully they have redesigned the figure with added articulation. The key will be the quality of the parts. Ideal's Captain Action was flimsy crap, Playing Mantis' version had better uniforms but the CA figure was FUGLY-very badly painted. The pic of the CA figure ( sculpt and paint) above is WORLDS better that what Playing Mantis or Ideal ever offered. The folks producing these apparently had something to do with the Playing Mantis stuff--the latter sets--but don't quote me on that. I do reclalreading claims that they have taken pains to "learn from their past mistakes"--so I'm assuming that ties in that some of them were part of Playing Mantis. The Marvel license though, is big, and if the costume sets look like this in-hand these could be a lot of fun. Expected are Thor, Iron Man, Doctor Doom and Red Skull costumes, to flesh out the costume set for Hawk-eye. If the mockups shown are any indication, these other sets could be really sweet.
  10. I think that recent case assortments held a mix of POC 3 & 1, because a local dealer had such an assortment offered on his site--and was offering up Alley-Vipers and Jungle Vipers. So I gather the recent appearance of older figures might be part of a refresh or two being shipped to retailers.
  11. Awful isn't it. Doesn't help their case when they start demanding the other guy provide proof for the claims THEY make either. LOL!!!
  12. The egg. However the first billion eggs were dinosaur eggs so most of the chicken that hatched were this size. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/38238685/ns/technology_and_science-science/
  13. 1/2 way down page 3. As we have seen Xhairs has a HABIT of forecasting the death of GIJOE--at least going back to last year. Now, its NOT just him, there's certainly a few others too, and they never seem to get it, do they? As its long been said, the coincidence of focusing on bad things gets you bad things......he focused on believing GIJOE would stop selling and some of his local stores stopped selling it. He got what he focused on. Funny how life works that way.
  14. And note post # 9 in that thread?
  15. Y'know.........I'm sad to see your reactions are plotting like a sine curve. I am saddened to say I knew you would take this personally and and that you would mistake it for a personal attack . And if you think I get my rocks off pissing on you, you could not be more wrong. Let me tell where I'm coming from here: This isn't about YOU, dumbass......and it never was. It was about WHAT YOU SAID. Like so many others who have done this dance before, you got yourself into a position where you attached your ego to your message, so you think an attack on the message becomes an attack on you. Get over yourself. You are better than this. So why am I riding you? Because I get off on it?? 100% wrong. I do it because I give a damn. I do it because I really believe in SHARING about collecting, and frankly anything that makes collecting better for other collectors is a good thing. One of those things is ideas. There's a LOT of complainers about, and a lots of people that get on this train of thought that says that Hasbro is going to stop making Joes, that retailers are going to stop carrying GIJOES and that GIJOE IS GOING TO END. Well, it is. It will happen. Its inevitable, preordained even. That is the nature of toy-lines--they end, at some point. Its a unavoidably sobering idea, but its there. But that doesn't mean things are grim. Its just like life---it ends at some point. Enjoy it while you can. That is what I do--enjoy it while I can. Hey, TRU Canada stopped selling GIJOES. Have you read a thread from be bitching about it?? No? Why? TRU Canada stopped selling the line 3 months ago, if I embraced the way you think I would have started the same kind of thread. But I don't think your way and you'll see why in a minute. Keep reading What are you saying? That a LOT of stores are dropping Joes, that you have this PROOF and that things are getting serious?? And you think this helps??? Well, I think it's quite clear you don't have proof--nothing that you can support in a strong manner. You cannot even articulate WHY this is a problem. But let's put this aside for a moment... You think you are doing good with this, so in your mind its worth defending, especially from the likes of mean ol' Arrow. What are you doing? You are telling people that a large retail chain is dropping a favourite toy line, and that you have PROOF that it might mean "something ( bad??) for us all down the line". That's the info ( and the suggestion)you are sharing. Xhairs.........just how do you think your fellow collectors going to react to that? Some folks that might agree with you are going to think "hey, this is serious" and what are they going to do? They'll buy up Joes wherever they see them. Even worse, the scalpers that read these forums will see a thread like this, will see the mindset being expressed and they will think "gee, I better snag every Joe I can find, because these marks think they will be scarce and hard to find. I can make a bundle off their fears". Your are promoting a belief of scarcity and creating ( probably inadvertently I'll say) a "Chicken Little" mentality. Fellow collectors buying in a panic, scalpers buying because they now KNOW they have panicked marks looking for the stuff. That's going to make things HARDER for you AND your fellow collectors, don't you think??? But you are getting locked into insisting that this is all an attack on YOU personally. As for me, yeah I'll attack your IDEAS. Because I think you are fulla crap for suggesting them. Your "info" is a disservice to the collecting community on this score. Life is so short that wasting time thinking about all the things that can go bad is.........heh, why indulge in that kind of thinking??? What does your message gain anyone?? If you answer just ONE question from me, answer that, willya?? Why share the dismal news that you think the "end is nigh" or whatever gloom is forecast, when you can simply think to yourself.......hey, I cannot find the toys locally, maybe I can find them elsewhere. That is how I see it. That is ALL I have said. Hey, if you want to dwell on the negative ( and there is NOTHING positive in your post is there?) then you are entitled to that. I'm trying to get it through your head that you are wasting your time and energy defending a stupid negative message. I mean, if I really thought less of you or any other collector thinking like you, I would sniff at your comments and laugh at you behind your back and NOT WRITE A WORD about it, because of the contempt. I'd go out and "enjoy" getting the stuff I enjoy knowing that you can't. I wouldn't bother offering to help people would I? I wouldn't bother trying to share a positive viewpoint. Yeah, you are saying stores have dropped the toy line, and that its cause to worry about the toy-line.......and I'm telling people that there is NO gloomy writing on the walls and that things are going along just fine. Which do you think is the message that should be shared with fellow collectors? Oh, and TRU Canada clearance all of the ROC stuff--and at huge discounts. Fellow collectors on the Joecanuck forum asked their TRU managers who told them that TRU had dropped GIJOE. Anything still on their shelves was leftovers that needed to be sold. They would NOT be carrying the GIJOE brand anymore. I asked this myself to the manager at my local TRU and got the same answer. That was 3 months ago. Three days ago, posts started coming in the same forum and another Canadian GIJOE collecting forum that POC wave 3 wave being found at TRU up here. On a whim, I checked out my TRU here and found the complete wave of figures AND the Alpha vehicles sitting on the shelves last night. The evidence isn't local to just me, its in two other provinces, which is "proof" that its chain-wide ( re: nation-wide) up here. The moral of the story is: the retailer can tell you one thing, but something ELSE entirely can happen. Plans can change, in either direction. I knew, based on many years of toy collecting experience, that what TRU said wouldn't hold water--that they WOULD stock the line again. And I'll be so bold as to say, your Walmart(s) will restock Joes again in probably a few months ( I'd bet before Xmas)........and I'll even go one step further: I will BET you that they will, so much so that when they do, I will personally BUY you the wave that appears ( just figures, one of each in the wave). You remember this post--book mark it and hold me to it when it comes true. ( You buy them, and I will send you the money to "refund" the cost) If you win, I'm a liar and fulla #$##. If I win, you get some free Joes. How's that for someone who you think is "just here to start crap"??
  16. And your poll will mean..........what? You will not even get a general sense of numbers because you have no idea where the votes are coming from. You pulled the "65%" out of your ass and now its a battle of egos to save face? I don't give a crap about it if your ego gets bruised here, and I'm not in this to get mine stroked. You are propagating an implication of doom and gloom--you are making FALSE generalizations, and myself and others are challenging them. In a word, you had a bad moment and got carried away with it. You are being alarmist (and reactionary to the people telling you so) and you don't need to be.
  17. If you want some perspective to chew on: GIJOE, as a toyline has been cancelled over 12 different times in my lifetime--and come back each time after. That's why I don't fear claims about so-called slumping sales or stores not carrying the line. That's looking at the REAL big picture.
  18. Sooooo, I'm writing on how you can continue to enjoy the hobby and you are saying that is childish?? And you are defending your "right to be miserable"?? Based on assumptions you cannot even support beyond just a couple of stores not currently carrying the line? Wow. Man, if I thought the way you do......I'd NEVER have any fun. Hey, Xhairs.........go on and "enjoy" your hobby anyway you want.
  19. No, I WOULD NOT BE WORRIED. Here's why: as long as the stuff is out there, it can be had. That's the gold rule. If its available anywhere, in today's market you CAN get your hands on the stuff. Its not magic or special privilege, it straight forward logic and savvy. If you want something and cannot get it yourself.........ask for help. <gasp!> Wow, what a concept. Asking. For help. Like that has never been done before! I've lived in places where stuff I collected wasn't accessible to me, but I still managed to collect. All I did was ASK fellow collectors that I knew and could trust to help out. And they did. If they had access, then I had access, through them. It works. Trust me on this one. So what you are saying is you want to hold a pity party and serve up a platter of learned helplessness?? OH C'MON! So the hell what!! Nothing stops you from asking for help in finding the stuff, right? Nothing is stopping fellow collectors who have the stuff in storse around them from helping you get that stuff is there? If that is the case.............then what is the problem? Yeah, I dismiss what you say because you have options you are not considering. Go on and keep enjoying collecting, BECAUSE NOTHING IS STOPPING YOU FROM THAT! And that goes anyone else with the same "problem". Geez, you all are in a collecting community with access all over the country, the continent, the world.......and all you have to do is ASK for help and someone.......at some point, will step up and help. That is why I dismiss this "problem| as something of a joke, because its not really a problem at all. There's so many ways to ENJOY collecting that it always blows my mind that people can focus on only the miserable things.
  20. Haven't you gotten the message in all this?? You've jumped to conclusions. Yeah, its "official" alright, but probably just official in your head. Okay, so you've made an erroneous assumption...big deal, it happens. If you want to defend your assumption, go right ahead, but it'll be your time and energy to waste. And why do I say that? Well, think about it..........if you have jumped to conclusions that "Walmart has stopped selling Joes".......or that YOUR Walmart has stopped selling them when it is NOT the case, or MIGHT NOT be the case, then what to do? They might stock them again in the coming weeks or months..........but the bottom line is that SOME of the stores will stock them. And you know what that means? Yeah, your obvious worries are unjustified........you can still get them. That is why you've been ragged on and that is the message you have missed. And if you want some of these figures that Walmart "officially no longer sells".......maybe just ask! @smilepunch@
  21. I should tell you about some of the "aversions" I've encountered on some of the shows I have worked on. Sometimes a job is just a job--you bring what's required to it to do it, and when its done you just walk away from it.
  22. ROC sold well in the stores around me, but it did not sell-through, some of it lagged. I would gauge the interest as modest, and there was a decent amount of stock on hand when it started. But when it went to discount where I am, TRU was cleared out of ROC in no time. The $2.98 figure salse wiped the shelves clean, and I think the Stingray boat set moved a bit slower. The discounted items moved really fast--but discounts are the sign the product has failed at retail. The retailer that is killing Joes here is Zellers, they have the Target exclusives on for a discount.....THREE DOLLARS off a $29 tag. All together now........woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Complete shelf-glue. They have plenty of the stuff, but POC figures fly off these stores, doesn't matter where you go. Vehicle sets don't though....and that is the problem. The vehicles are the items that have the "footprint", they take up shelf space more so than the figures do. I think TRU is just holding off on bringing in POC, a bit later this year. I don't think they are done with Joes, and Walmart up here certainly isn't done with them
  23. I think the question is one that should be posed (yet again) at the upcoming GIJOE convention roundtable. But I'll go out on a limb and say the answer is probably what we have gotten before: no conspiracy, no deliberate slight, its just that retailers are not ordering GIJOE products in depth because consumers are just not that interested in GIJOE. The movie is/was part of it.......there was a lot of stock that was moved on discount , but from what I gather the movie line DID sell modestly well. Still there was enough that did not move so that retailers are going light on POC. Yeah, we know that's a shame because POC is nice stuff, but the retailers don't see it that way........they just see it as units that have to move. So, YES, POC does move nicely ( by the sounds of things) but its been ordered in such small amounts that its not even a blip on the radar. It moves for what it is, and there's probably no clamour for more of it, certainly not enough to be stocked more heavily. Its not a movie line, its got no current tie-in so why order a lot of it? If each store got double the current amount of cases they have of GIJOE, would it all sell through? Probably not, and that is why there's no more of it being seen, and why some stores are dropping it. It is, as it has been for many years now, just another perennial niche toy-line.
  24. You might want to be more specific: YOUR Walmart has stopped carrying Joes--its NOT nationwide, nor even chain-wide. Canadian Walmarts are still carrying Joes, and conversely, Canadian TRU's appear to not be carrying GIJOE product at this time. Key phrase there, "at this time" because they could very well carry it again this year, And don't forget, Walmart might not be carrying them for this quarter, they might very well carry the line again for the fall. This sort of thing happens all the time with smaller lines like this. I wouldn't consider it to be a permanent move.
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