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  1. Thanks, I must say I didn't believe Wal-mart would have the guts to go for such an off-beat group of characters. Maybe their execs/marketing directors thought Power Ring was Green Lantern, ha ha. Very nice looking set though.
  2. You know, it's ironic that you and I had almost the exact same experience with this wave when opened. I pre-ordered mine from BBTS and received them last week. My findings with regard to quality VERY similar. It's only good to be consistent when it's in a GOOD way, haha. Abin Sur - very loose mid-crunch joints, plus somewhat warped leg from the weird in package pose Low/Mash - super loose waist swivel Black Hand - bicep joint a little too far down on left arm, worried it will come apart w/ too much posing, plus double joints extremely not needed on him Kyle - awesome but loose waist swivel & sword construct difficult to stay on w/ movement Arkillo - agree on the open mouth, should have been jointed or not at all. Also would have been nice to have the lantern like the DCD version And what up with double knee joints only on manhunter? First he's a robot, wouldn't think he needed that much range, second if you are giving him the extra range, why only the legs? These figures don't seem to have the quality of the walmart wave 14. Seems like all the walmart figures were heavier as if made with better plastic. These overall just have a cheaper feel to them. I have to say Arkillo/Kyle are the best parts of this wave, but I think I can totally pass on wave 2 now. I'm sinking my $ into the Bane wave.
  3. If wave 18 turns out not to be true, my guess of the pack would be: Apache chief Rima the Jungle Girl El Delrado Samurai Black Vulcan (''prev'' version of an existing character) Yes if those don't turn up in a wave, I could see that, though Apache Chief would be 6" instead of C&C. Another 5 that would fit their description (though pretty obscure for retail) would be the Crime Syndicate - 1. Ultraman (new version) 2. Superwoman 3. Power Ring 4. Owlman 5. Johnny Quick
  4. Here's what Matty posted on the Jan 14 Q&A at Rumourbuster - 4) Presumably you've had a little time to evaluate how well the DCUC 5-packs featuring the Gotham villains and Green Lanterns have done… will there be any future DCUC 5-packs? Yes. These packs have done well and will continue in 2011 with an-all new pack to be announced at NYTF at our collector night on Feb 13 from 3-6pm. This pack will have five all-new figures. One of which is a new version of a previous character and the other four have never been in the DCUC line before. So I pose the question - who do you think will be in it? My "hopeful" guess is - 1. Professor Zoom (being the new version of a previous character) 2. Capt Boomerang 3. Mirror Master 4. Trickster 5. Rainbow Raider or Pied Piper
  5. Any clue how big Robin is next to Batman? Say - is the same height as the trigon wave Superboy? Or bigger?
  6. Did I read somewhere that Vintage Wave 3 won't be out until January??? I hope I'm wrong, but that seems like a looong time since we already have wave 1 in our hands! G.Guard looks amazing and nobody wants to wait that long for him!
  7. Yes, indeed it does appear that wave 15 has been revealed. Looks like Starman gets the 50/50 (mod vs classic), Martian Manhunter is the chase figure (variant alien head) and naturally Golden Pharoah gets the stand. Interestingly, no CnC figure has been revealed yet. Honestly I hope it's someone I don't care about because this wave seems a little weak. Glad we finally get MM though...
  8. Hey anyone, need to ask a dumb question. I thought there was a topic to ask questions to "Matty" for their Q & A, but I can't seem to find it. Specifically for DC Universe. Any help would be appreciated...
  9. I have to agree w/ SuperPowers1980. Seemed like the quality was getting better for a while, now it's a crap-shoot again. My Copperhead's legs (hip joints) were very loose and Darkseid's regular glove doesn't stay on like it should. Kilowag (CnC) had stuck wrists until I gave them a good twist. Ironically the figure with the most perfect joints I've ever had (not stuck, not loose) is the Shark. Naturally that's my LEAST favorite figure. LOOSEST (not sure if that's a word) figure of all time in the DCUC - Red Tornado series 1 (legs/hips). He would do a slow-slide into a split every time I tried to pose him. I had 2 freshly opened and they were both like that. Awful.
  10. Speaking of Target... I honestly believe that Target hates collectors, at least mine does. Every time there is a sale (like last week's DCU sale for 8.99), there is next to nothing on the shelf (blue beetle, shazam, & dr. impossible). The moment the sale is over, magically a case appears. Why the %*{:content:}amp; else would any retailer have a secret, non-advertised sale?? It's not in the papers, no signs... if it wasn't for the awesome forums, I would never even have known. So again I ask you... what benefit as a retailer is there to having a secret sale? Try to clear out old stock? Oh no wait, that would mean they would actually put stock out... so that's not it. I swear, one day I'm going to put on some tan khaki's, a red shirt, and pretend like I work there for 8 hours, just to see what really goes on behind the scenes. I used to work at TRU back in the day right out of college and sure I bought the stuff I wanted, but I always put out everything I could, it keeps the stock moving and brings in new fresh product. Whoever calls the shots for product distribution at Target is a jacka$. Sorry for all the negativity, but I felt that just needed to be said. A poor collector doesn't stand a chance at affordable & fun collecting. I mean think about it, we have to deal with Mattel's bad distribution & lack of adherence to shipping schedules. Then on top of that, opportunist idiots & scalpers trying to make a quick buck off someone else's passion. (and let's not forget the rising prices if you are lucky enough to buy them at retail) Then if that's not enough, places like Target with their "secret sales" & weird stock-putting-out-3-times a day crap, so you are so confused, you never know when the he$ to even check for toys. Hobbies are supposed to be fun but as much as I love the DCU product, I have to say it's been about 10% fun and 90% suckage. Thank you target, you suck balls. Nuff said. @grumpy@
  11. Man, you have it worse than we do. Question, where is Mattel based out of? I thought they were in Canada for some reason which makes the Wal-Mart wave that more crazy. I'm so tired of going to walmart and seeing bare pegs, that I'm ready to open one of the 5 packs sitting on the shelf and stuff those figures into single-card packages just to see something new on the shelves! Nothing from wave 10 or wave 9 for that matter. Haven't seen anything new in "retail" since atom smasher. Also on an unrelated note, if I ever do find wave 10 and I see some hot wheels seller trying to buy them, I will TAZER him over them. If you don't at least love the hobby/characters, you gots no biz trying to make easy money on them. Hey remember Toy Biz last hurrah - the Walmart exclusive "Giant-man" wave? Yeah I found that wave like 10 times over and it was everywhere...even the variants. DCU may be better quality, but at least Toy Biz didn't hate us.
  12. Ooops I think I botched that image insert up. I'll have to put it on my free webpage and try again later, I'm having some password issues right now.
  13. I'll keep an eye out for you. Trust me, I feel your frustration. When some dude told me he was charging $60 for Joker and Powergirl at Mid Ohio Con - I wanted to go get my gas canister and some matches to burn his booth to the ground. All I can say is network. Be polite and find the Wal-Mart employees that can most help you. That's what I did, and were it not for the two guys that gave me the heads up I would not have been able to score the haul I did tonight. Toy scalpers are the reason I want to be a Toy Robin Hood, without the theft of course. If I can find a figure for you, it's yours for what I paid + shipping. Thanks for the good advice & such. I appreciate it. I wanted to post this picture my friend made. It makes the frustration a little easier with some good humor.
  14. Alright guys, this is only my 2nd post to the forums (been a while) but I need to vent. I live in a small-medium size city in VA. We have 4 walmarts within 15 min driving distance. Up until "Fall/Christmas" resets were done, only 1 walmart carried DCUC at all. Now a total of 3 out of 4 have dedicated 3 pegs each for product and so far NOTHING. For the normal non-exclusive waves, I have started pre-ordering them from online retailers, since we haven't seen anything since the Atom Smasher wave here. It sucks not finding anything on the hunt, but at least I have an option to not miss out. This brings me to the wonderful Imperiex wave. Would I buy the whole wave & build the figure if I found it? Sure, who wouldn't. But ALL I really want is the awesome Joker/Manbat. We have 2 guys in this town who are what me and my other honest-collector friend refer to as the Toy Mafia. They buy everything Marvel & DCU. When the "Nemesis" wave hit town, they bought ALL the cases that were put out. I found leftover scraps that were put out later, never found anymore. Now I have searched high & low, but these guys are relentless. One of them (the muscle) goes out every single morning and if anything is to be found he wipes it out. I would not even know our locale receive Wave 10 if not for a local collector shop owner let it slip that "Fat Tony, we'll call him" was able to "find" a case at one of the walmarts. Guys, there's no such thing as Karma. Trust me when I say these guys are the worst kind of scalper/opportunists and yet they are always the ones who get the product. It sadens/sickens me that what was once a fun hobby has come to this. I remember a time in the late 90's, early 2000 era when you might have a 50-60% success ratio when toy hunting. Now I bet it's less than 5%. In the last 50-60 trips I made to walmarts, I have found something ONCE - the Gotham 5 pack, which honestly isn't that fantastic. A-hole scalpers + Mattel's horrible distribution problems + exclusives = a grim future for the line. Mark my words, this line is headed for one of two things down the road - Matty.com distribution ONLY or the 2002 He-Man line. What did that line have? Sculpted by the Horseman, produced by Mattel, terrible distribution problems, and a large fan base. Hmmm sounds familar. Thanks for letting me vent. I hope all you honest collectors find Wave 10. Me out. @hmmm@
  15. This isn't exactly a top ten, but I have been looking for a good place to post it. I have a few good ideas for 3 DC Universe waves that I reaaally hope Mattel takes a hint from. Of the stuff that hasn't been done yet (or hasn't been done as well as it could be).... how sweet would these be BAF - Brown MAN-BAT Joker re-do (hopefully the one I have seen pics of are real) Reverse Flash Lex Luthor (Silver Age pink shirt/suspenders) The Huntress Blue Devil Robin (Dick Grayson) [Nightwing 80's costume - variant Dick Grayson] Green Lantern John Stewart modern (bald) Green Lantern variant (80's costume with afro-hair) BAF - DARKSEID (larger) DeSaad Parralax Mirror Master Star Sapphire Martian Manhunter Martian Manhunter - phasing variant Guy Gardner (Green Lantern outfit) Guy Gardner Warrior variant (yellow ring) The Atom (re-release) BAF - DOOMSDAY (larger) Captain Boomerang Mytzleplick (sorry can't spell this, too tired to look it up) Zatanna Plastic Man Plastic Man Variant - Elongated Man costume/head Green Lantern Kyle Rainer Guardian(s) of the Universe Ganthet & other (hey they are short & I'm assuming Mytzleplick would come with the biggest BAF part, the torso) Eradicator (re-release w/ clear goggles) BAF - ANTI-MONITOR Jay Garrick (Golden Age Flash) Alan Scott (Golden Age GL) Aquaman (hook hand/shirtless/bearded version) Eclipso Cheetah Black Mask Poison Ivy 2010 San Diego Exclusive - Black Vulcan/ Samurai 2 pack! Any chance of an Apache Chief Build a Figure? With voice chip - EEE NAY CHUCK! lol Okay, I was struggling with that last wave. 2 females and no variants. I tried to break it down like Mattel would - at least 1 female per wave, couple variants, mix of old/modern, a balance of heroes/villians. Feel free to add! Also, I suck at forums... so where do I get a cool avitar of the Flash? Thanx.
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