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  1. Signed in on here for the first time in eight years just to respond to this, haha. I was reminiscing about this forum with a friend of mine earlier after not having thought about it in years, and I was just hit by a wave of nostalgia. A good chunk of my late teens was spent chatting on here, back when I was really into collecting Sonic and other video game merchandise, so when I read this post, I actually got pretty sentimental, haha. That's so awesome to hear. As dumb as this may sound, there's almost something poetic about that, haha. I know it's been 12 years now, but still, I gotta say: Thank you so much for everything you did during your time at Jazwares, Joe. I've loved toys my entire life and was a big Sonic fan as a kid, and I remember always being disappointed that certain key characters were neglected when it came to toy lines. Things have definitely changed since then, and I feel like Jazwares' Sonic line really blew the doors wide open when it came to character variety, setting the standard for all future license holders. As an adult now, I can look back to when I was a teenager collecting the Jazwares line and still remember just how excited I was at all the reveals that were dropped on this forum, and the countless hunts at Toys "R" Us trying to find them all. It felt like the toy line I always wanted when I was younger, and I have you and your team to thank for that; your willingness to listen to the ideas of fans and collectors was incredibly admirable. Speaking personally, this line had a big impact on me over a decade ago as a young collector, so once again, I just wanted to say thank you! Hope fatherhood and life in general is treating you well. Thanks for dropping a line!
  2. Everyone is excited for Blaze the Cat.
  3. I'm currently missing classic Super Sonic, classic Tails, and Wave. Never got around to getting the classic Tails because every single one I saw in stores had one leg that was longer than the other.
  4. Yeah, it doesn't look like that Shadow is holding any weapon, but rather adjusting his glove like Strap said. To me, it looks like it was based off of this artwork:
  5. its alright i am thinking of leaving the forum anyway i might come back on now and then once my grammers improved i don't know but every time i type something is always missing but oh well It's not like you're unwelcome on the forums just because of your typing or anything... All I was saying was that your posts were difficult to read. If you just throw everything together into one big sentence, it can be hard to understand what you're trying to say. I'm not trying to be a "Grammar Nazi", and I'm definitely not saying that you should leave the forums. All I'm saying was that it was difficult to read some of your posts, and I said it the way that I did because you seemed to ignore a previous post from another user that said the same thing. I'm sorry for being so blunt about it, though. Believe me, the last thing I want to do is be a jerk and hurt someone's feelings... I just needed to get the point across, because as I said, it went unnoticed when somebody else said it.
  6. I would say that this is unlikely, but we did get the announcement of the team Chaotix triple pack only a week or two before the re-release of Sonic Heroes, so anything's game. whats the re-realease of sonic heroes on system wise ! Just the Playstation Network Store, and only in Europe at the moment. awww cool i really hope it comes to xbox 360 just back to the future is ! ... What? Back to the Future... what? Okay, I'm not gonna be sarcastic and "subtle" anymore. Your typing stinks, man. D: I don't care how blunt that sounds, or how this makes me look. Don't remember who, but one user already said your posts are hard to understand, and obviously you didn't get the hint when I made my posts. I'm sorry, but posts like that are just flat out annoying. On a lot of forums, basic grammar and use of proper punctuation is mandatory. Sure, you're not typing an essay, but even so, posts should at least be legible in the slightest. :/
  7. I was thinking they meant the classic knuckles plush.. and now there seems to be a classic metal sonic plush in the works? I recall someone at Jazwares saying that Classic Knuckles is in the works, and that he looks "awesome!!" over Facebook. Clearly, they can't be talking about their plushes, because saying that would be a flat out lie.
  8. You mean Prince Charming, right?
  9. Again, I wouldn't mind if they offered some sort of variant, but knowing Jazwares, it'll be the same exact Sonic we've seen countless times. Different expression, hand sculpt, anything, just as long as it's not the same figure. The only way I'd be okay with it being the same basic Sonic is if it had the new swivel joints that the five inch figures and new Riders figures have.
  10. ... Blaze and Sonic? How many goddamn Sonics do we need? I'm sorry, but that's bull. Should have been Blaze and Cream with Cheese, or something. Or hell, I'd even take Silver... with corrected hands, something they failed to do with the crappy 20th anniversary line. Rouge and Shadow doesn't surprise me... standard Jazwares bullcrap. One can argue that most toy companies do this... but at least others offer some sort of variant, and not the same exact figure that was released over 100 times.
  11. Wow! Very, very cool, Strap. I wonder what's taking Jazwares so long to make an official Eggmobile...
  12. I can never seem to escape these freaking ponies. @__@ Anyways... TECHA, I had no idea Tonner made Muppets dolls! Just looked them up, and they look great! I'm definitely gonna consider picking them up in the near future. As for Vector in the Chaotix pack, I'm certain that it will be the same Vector we saw in the comic pack. If Jazwares never made any attempts to fix the scale with Tails and Silver, I doubt they will with Vector. Haha, and thank you for the compliment on those posts. I figured it wouldn't hurt to be a bit snarky, as those posts went right over heads anyway. As for Sonic 4 Episode II... what a nice surprise! I think that visually, the game looks fantastic and is a huge step up from Episode I! It doesn't even look like the same game anymore. Kind of bad as far as consistency goes... but hey, I'm not complaining. Better they address the issues than stick with the cruddy stuff Episode I established. Hope they completely revamp Episode I to be like this one, though, because the difference is so great that lock-on wouldn't be possible. Either that... or perhaps a full physical release once all the episodes are available, with Episode I revamped to fit in, of course. But yeah, this game is looking great so far. THIS is starting to look like the Sonic 4 I was hoping for! And the addition of local and online multiplayer is the cherry on top. Just hope the physics changes will be good. Can't tell you how much I missed gaining speed by rolling. It wasn't in Episode I, and it wasn't even in Generations, so I hope they fix that here. EDIT: Sonic 4 with four characters like New Super Mario Bros Wii? I'm sorry, but I'm definitely not down for that. It didn't even work well in NSMBW... it'd probably be even more chaotic and much worse with Sonic gameplay....
  13. The only thing that interests me is that Team Chaotix pack. The rest are the same half-assed "20th anniversary" figures with a new sticker. How wonderful.
  14. I actually prefer the more metallic looking figure. Shame that mine broke within five minutes of opening the Eggman pack. >_> Don't know why I never returned it... and I'm surprised my Metal Sonic from the comic pack is the one that ended up not breaking, because the quality of that one is supposed to be worse. Oh well.
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