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  1. Found it at TRU the other day for $42.99. Definitely worth it. I heard there are only 2 per case; I got the only one there, so I suppose someone else got one too. My Target also has Joes clearanced, but it's all mostly Wave 1 stuff. I ordered Wave 3.5 online; it's too bad that Wave 4 has refreshes since it means all the online retailers are jacking up prices on the new figures. Oh well, maybe luck will be on our side and they make it to retail.
  2. What a disappointment. All the photos, interviews, the social game, toys, etc leading up to this and now the rug gets pulled. It's hard to believe it could be because the movie's a stinker, but this surely doesn't help its prospects at all. All the momentum and hype is lost and now this puts GI Joe as a toy brand in a really sucky position. I'm thinking the shelves will be bare for a LONG time, or else they'll be clogged with wave 1 of the movie line.
  3. Ditto what some others have said. Screw-in hooks and fishing line work great. Here are some pics from different incarnations of my Joe room.
  4. It'll set you back $250 or $270 for the exclusive (w/ camo Zartan)
  5. Wow, this turned out a lot better than I thought it would. I'm really tempted.. though I know the price point is pretty high. The poses are great and dynamic; I didn't really care for the Snake Eyes/ Red Ninja diorama. Only critique is... did Flint ever go up against Zartan? Nevertheless, a great piece.
  6. Awesome set-up! I saw the pic of just one of your floors and thought it was pretty cool. Then I started seeing the other pictures.. then when I saw the whole dio I was blown away! Great work, I hope to be able to do something that cool one day.
  7. No one else is willing to give these guys a try? It is one of the best podcasts out there. Just listen. It is free. Listen from your pc or ipod. You are really missing out. I am just saying. I've been listening for a while now. I agree, it's a great podcast. Love their reviews of the comics and occasional interviews.
  8. They have it for sale for less than $6 on the Barnes and Noble website as well. It's the first edition. I have both. The newer version has better pictures of the vehicles, but the older one is good as well and has an index, while the new one does not.
  9. I always thought a reskinning of Advance Wars would work great for GI Joe. Named characters like Hawk, Flint, and Duke could be commanding officers on the Joe side. Destro, Baroness, and Major Bludd could be on the Cobra side. All the different vehicles would be featured and the storyline could be an epic world-wide skirmish. I know I'd be totally psyched to play a game like this.
  10. Once Upon A Joe... This one really stood out to me as a kid. Shipwreck's fairy tale w/ cartoon versions of himself, Leatherneck, and Wet Suit was hilarious.
  11. Yeah, I thought something might be wrong with mine. Maybe I'll put a dab of glue on it to keep it attached to his backpack. He has too many weapons as it is to carry them all in his hands.
  12. G.I. Joe means to me reliving my childhood. Having big battles with my brother, losing weapons, and pulling out the wildcard "Storm Shadow" (who was really a Cobra trooper figure) who was hiding after all the others had been killed in battle. G.I. Joe means to me memories of watching the cartoon on TV every day after school, whether it was its own show or segments on Bozo the Clown. G.I. Joe means to me discovering the comic book with issue #73 and eventually buying all the back issues, as well as discovering a host of other comic books like X-Men and Amazing Spider-Man, and eventually indie comics. This is what G.I. Joe means to me!
  13. I asked a rep at the NYCC about the 2nd Punisher figure and he said it was being released in part because the first one came out so badly. The abnormally large head size was apparently a mix-up somewhere.
  14. Is there a definite price point for these yet?
  15. severed

    Damn, Damn, Damn

    Wow, yeah, Baroness looks so much better. And a V2 accurate Snake Eyes is sweet, as well as sleeveless Storm Shadow. It does really really suck we have to buy these again though.. sigh
  16. At the IDW panel at NYCC, I asked them how much of the Marvel series they were planning on collecting. They said "all of it," including Special Missions. I imagine this could change depending on sales, but it seems like they're going for it.
  17. Like a lot of you, the infiltration of Cobra Island by Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow is the highlight for me (issue 46 ). When Storm Shadow told Snakes Eyes they were going after Zartan.. that was a great moment for me. The 30s were also very memorable, with Fred II, Billy, and Ripcord getting story arcs. The Dreadnoks also got some face time, and it didn't hurt that Rod Whigham started his run on the series. Earlier, the Kwinn saga in the early teens with Scarface and Dr. Venom was good; the multi-issue story arcs seemed to start here, so the stories of course got more complex and interesting. Cobra Civil War in the 70s was really cool.. issue 75 has a great cover with the Baroness strapped to the front on a Hiss commandeered by Serpentor. (This arc is where I first started reading Joe off the newsstand. I became hooked and eventually bought all the back issues.) Finally, preceding the Civil War, the introduction of Fred VII was a really bold move at the time and brought a new dynamic to the Cobra / Joe war. As I write this, I realize there were -many- good arcs I enjoyed, although once the book became gijoe featuring SNAKE EYES, the quality really went down. (Ninja Firefly, transforming Castle Destro, brainwashing, to name a few)
  18. I'm pretty excited about these, though I have a few minor gripes. We're getting the Stinger again, but I already have two and this one isn't that much different from the original. Some night camo or something would have made it stand out even more, similar to the Rattler 4wd from 98. I may still pick it up, but I just wish the paint scheme was subtly different from the original. I'm really glad the HISS is white, but I miss the turret. It's neat that they tried something different, but like it's been said, what do you do when you shoot all your missiles off? I'm really happy with the driver though. I'm glad it's not a straight repaint of the Hiss Driver or Snow Serpent. The Twin Battle Gun was released a few years ago so it's cool to get the Flak Gun now. Outback looks pretty good and the Strato Viper is also fairly spot on. I'm glad they're not chintzing out on the figures with these sets like they've done in some of the other ones. I don't have the current Claw so I don't know first-hand how the quality is, but the red is more attractive than white for sure.
  19. Thanks! I know there's not free shipping too, but HTS never has stuff in stock when the code seems to be the best. I ordered what I wanted of the current two waves. Hopefully I won't see them in the stores anytime soon and get impatient
  20. It's not so exciting for me. They released the Conquest a few years ago w/ a different paint scheme and the SHARC has never done it for me. I got the one they released a while back and it's just too hard to get the figures to stay put inside the cockpit. Now they're releasing it like crazy. I'm more excited about the new VAMP since we haven't had a 'proper' since the rereleases. And the Trouble Bubble and Armadillo are new general release vehicles. But the Conquest and SHARC are pretty boring imo.
  21. Wow, you're right. You can see the top of his legs sticking out of his waist. Looks like they went from too large a crotch to too small of one I agree, the original 82s aren't the most exciting designs. Still, I bet a lot of people are wanting to get the original 12 and this is an easy one for Hasbro. I think (hope) we'll see more 2nd versions of characters in the future (they've done multiples it for the big 3 already) Anyways, what's the rest of this wave? How come only 3 guys?
  22. i've only found wave 1 (minus the officer) and serpentor. most stores i find a single snake eyes or snakes, stormy, and cc. the serpentor is the only indication i've had that these are really out.
  23. Wow! Great job! The sculpt is spot on and the paint is very professional looking.
  24. wow, i never realized the inconsistency. the silver looks good! at first i wasn't even sure which was the 'original' coloring. i vote for the silver, despite the fact that it doesn't match the original figure. it does bring out the sculpt better and matches the other media (card art, cartoon, comic)
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