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  1. Howdy all, Just wondering if anyone has cruised the Ride Havocs from a few years ago with the TF's on them? My main board is showing it's age, but I'm not sure I want to fudge my Grimlock. I'll probably take advantage of the off-season to catch a deal, but wanted some feedback in case the Ride is epic. Thanks Pic of the board
  2. First: I can finally sacrifice my old tired metro from childhood. Second: Well, salmon season is dead in Oregon this year. I have something to spend my money on @trek@ Glad that they waited till after law school to get this encore thing going.
  3. I love them, but I wear a 13 so I won't be able to ride them. If you haven't seen them, check out TF boards Rumor has it K2 is making some too, but I haven't seen them yet. See ya on the mountain Edit: go to the homepage and go to boards, then the "Havoc" series. THere are 5 Pat Lee/DW designs: G1 OP, G1 Megs, I think the next is Armada OP (but I don't know), Metroplex, and finally Grimlock.
  4. I should've advertised this earlier: Contact the NY consumer protection board. Assuming 3H han't declared bankruptcy, the NYCPB has the authority to pursue an amicable resolution to each and every situation (they got my $$$ back quick). NY has a great consumer protection program. You will need 3H's address. I am weary to advertise it here, if you don't have it already. 3H is/was based out of NY, so you want to go with the jurisdiction that has the authoriy to act. I understand that there is talk of a class action suit, but understand that this really only works to line the pockets of the litigator conducting the action. If the NYCPB cannot remedy the situation...you might as well give up. Otherwise, if you're determined, file a small claims action in your local court. Buy a book in your local bookstore and do it. SAVE ALL OF YOUR RECEPTS. If you go this route, everything you spend on the action can be recouped. IF (BIG IF) someone out there goes the small claims route, be sure to subpoena the license that Hasbro gave to 3H. Determine if there can be any liability for Hasbo as well. If so, include them in the complaint. Chances are that 3H and Hasbro will spend time arguing with each other over who is more at fault...leaving you on the sidelines laughing. Again, chances are that 3H will not engage in the action: either because it is out of state, or they just don't wish to; leaving you with a default judgment you can have levyed against their assets...for what it's worth. If there are any specific questions, send me a PM. I hope everyone gets what they paid for, or an appropriate remedy. NY Consumer Protection Board
  5. I got all of my money back from OTFCC months ago. Being in law school, I had options open to me that most don't have. I would contact the NEW YORK STATE CONSUMER PROTECTION BOARD. File a complaint, and hope you're near the top of the list. Good luck everyone.
  6. Man, your Walmart sounds like the Holy Grail of all wally-worlds! Alt Silver, Mirage, Shockwave, and Cliffy. Wow, mines got Ironhide
  7. You sir, are one lucky fella. I had 7 KB stores around me close, and the one left open has never even heard of TF: Universe, let alone Defensor. @grumpy@ @pow@ @rambo@ KB DIE!!!
  8. Defensor is already (sold) out. Devastator: your gueass is as good as mine.
  9. Starsaber & Victory Leo This and Insecticons!!! Great googa mooga!!! #US1# @firedevil@
  10. It sux to transform Alternators (especially the Subarus), and the WRX markings shoulda been decals instead of painted on.
  11. That's why I love ebay, I do my hunting at home. All that work was spread out over a month, too. It's just the new buys I hide from her, or rather, the boxes they come in. I have too many toys for her to remember what I got. But she does snoop thru the recycling bin for boxes (indicating new buys). Most of that stuff is easy: faucets, sink, appliances, ceiling tiles, back door, brakes, & landscaping... it's pretty much plug'n'play. Besides, we bought a fixer-upper so I didn't have a choice. @grumpy@
  12. I tell her that it's better than smoking crack. It may not be cheaper... Then I remind her that I put a new roof on, replaced the appliances, painted the house (inside and out), replaced the hardwood floors/sinks/faucets/tub/shower/ceiling tiles/paneling/back door, grounded the entire house, landscaped the yard, replaced her brakes, and that all of this could have cost MUCH more than it did because I did the work instead of hiring someone else. But at the end of the day I hide the new buys from her, and have them sent to my PO box @smilepunch@ @firedevil@
  13. Agenda is an all-star episode. I especially like the gun battle between rampage and rhinox. I can't wait for the last set. I'm tired of having to fast forward thru commercials when I watch season 3 on tape. Any word yet when season 3 comes out?
  14. HA HA HA!!! I knew they couldn't get anything right. @loll@
  15. Looking for an Energon Ultra Magnus (isn't everyone). Open or sealed, doesn't matter. Will buy or trade. Trade: WST 2--I have multiples of everything; would trade a chase(s?), or whatever, for E. Mgnus
  16. Oh yeah. I hope they come thru w/ this, and that it's NOT a KB exclusive...all the KB's (5) near me closed.
  17. Sorry, this may be a stupid question: Is wingsaber going to be a Jap-exclusive, or will us peons in the states be blessed by his presence?
  18. Just like Sprite. It's the "Obey your Bots" set
  19. THat still looks great, custom or not. I wish we could do rapid prototyping of photoshop ideas. Some people out there really have an eye for design.
  20. I'm playing with some right now. WST red alet and tap out are taking on HOC t-cracker and megs. What they don't know is Grimlock and U Magnus are hiding behing the Statue of Liberty waiting to ambush Paradrom Medic (she's the round girl) after the next round is over
  21. Synch, My agent doesn't go thru w/ them. But whatever agent the peeps are with does. The only people that can access the key would be another real estate agent with their little electronic activator doo-kickey. So in theory, whatever agent is walking the people thru the house with them. The glasses were my crappy ones luckily.
  22. Well, I gotta live there for the next 3 years so I might as well make the best of it. By the way, I just realized I'll be in the same state, at the same time as the OTFCC convention. Do they sell tix @ the door, or do I have to do the whole pre-reg thing?
  23. I'm telling ya, I was fit to be tied. I didn't let no one through the house for 2 days I was so mad. The problem about pressing charges is: whom do I press them against? There 4 people that came through, which one did it? They all deny it, so there's no way to place blame. I'm sure that's all that was taken. I was expecting something like this, so my wife and I packed up everything (even jewelry) except the basics (and those TF's I mentioned above)... clothes, dishes, TV, satellite receiver, furniture, toiletries, etc... I also spent a day making sure EVERYTHING else was there. Before this happened, I had even written my signature across the tape of the packed boxes. That way I would know if a box was opened, even if they tried to reseal it. They did take my sunglasses, but I found those in the bushes outside, all scratched up. I searched those bushes for reflector, but no luck. The $300 was more of a reimbursement for goods pilfered. The agent made over $12k commision, so I'm sure it didn't hurt her too much. I'm getting grumpy just thinking about what was taken @grumpy@ @grumpy@
  24. Rant on: OK, I'm selling my house to move to the great state of Illinois (Chambana). I tell the agent from the start: NO LOCKBOX. I just don't like the idea of strangers coming through the house when I'm not there. She assures me that there's nothing to worry about, and that agents will walk through wth their clients, etc... So I change my mind. Well, I come home one day and see my alt. smokescreen on the floor, with his doors and one arm disconnected. I check for other things. Sure enough, my minty reflector is GONE. This was the first TF I actively went out and looked to collect some 7-8 years ago. I knew were I had left it since I had dusted it and smokescreen earlier that day. These were not out in the open either, I had them stored in an old desk -- out of sight. I'm really glad in retrospect that I had boxed up every TF I own, save some smallest TF and those too big (unicron, MP prime, & fort max). The agent reads the lockbox to find out 4 agents came through that day. Of course all of them deny it. My agent then files a report with their insurance to reimburse me. I just got $300 bucks for it (I gave them a copy of an ebay auction that went for that). Not only enough to replace it, but I'm half-way to the cost of my new half-pipe I'll build in Illinois with the $$$ left over. I know it was a kid that took it, since they left all of the guns behind. If they actually knew what it was, they would've taken the accessories. I've learned my lesson: don't trust the savages. So.......anyone have reflector for sale????? @smilepunch@
  25. The only experience I've had like that was following some fool onto a floating energon island, then calling in my homies to crash it to Earth (think BW Season 1).
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