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  1. I keep wondering, wouldn't these make ok custom fodder for small females for ML's?
  2. Not that its going to happen, but a Marvel Legends wave with a in-scale Transformer BAF would be awesome. *goes back to deaming*
  3. I've seen all of them, though I had a hard time finding the blue Supergirl (finally got it at TRU ages ago.) Recently my local TRU had the new Batman wave (Batgirl, Two-Face, Bane camo, Batman stealth, etc.) But all I got was Batgirl, and after going back for the others, nothing. So those will probably be hard to find.
  4. My question: Mattel, since you now have the rights to the entire DCU, and you've stated in the press release that the DC Superheroes line is aimed towards Collectors, will you stop shortpacking figures??
  5. No, I'm not a nerd. I do buy lots of toys and stuff like that, but as my wife tells me constantly, I'm a dork.
  6. I have the intro through the cartoon. My brother was more into it then than I was, I was more into GI Joe and He-Man toys. Though now I fondly snag TF figs I want along with my only other toy passion, Marvel Legends. Can't live without either.
  7. Is it bad that I look at these castles, and can only think about 2 things 1: I miss my childhood and 2: I bet my minimate Dr. Doom would love a castle. Hmm...
  8. Wow. Great. Ball-jointed elbows. More toys who can only move their arms in 90 degree angles. Great. How much longer before the 6 inch figs start resembling the crappy 5 inch ones? Maybe they'll completely do away with ball jointed hips, go back to the t-crotch, and give the toys ball-jointed knees to compensate. I guess whats been said is right. An era of great toys is ending.
  9. I think I got you guys beat, I got the first MP Prime that came out at Wal-Mart for only $12. They were what, normally $70? Thanks to Wal-Mart and its clearance...though I rarely see any stuff on their clearance now, sadly.
  10. I don't think we're going to be lucky. I scanned the novelization at the local bookstore just to see, and lets just say; We are not amused.
  11. 1: Why are you charging a higher price than Toybiz was, but giving us no comic/bases? 2: Why are you charging a higher price than Toybiz was, but giving us no decent paint apps? 3: Why are you charging a higher price than Toybiz was, but giving us less articulation? (Most notably on X3 Jean and She Hulk. Last I checked, Marvel Legends figures could actually bend their arms like actual people do, and not just at a 90 degree angle.) 4: Will we see reissues of old hard to find figures, including variants, such as Black Widow, Spider-Woman, Genis-Vell (thats right, isn't it?), Destroyer, etc...? 5: Why are you charging a higher price than Toybiz was?? (what? Like you didn't expect me to ask that?)
  12. Actually, he said "Our first thought", and I took his tone not as "Oh noes, we can't do that! Its impossibibble!" It sounded more like he was looking back on some earlier conversations about it where they were probably fretting about the sheer amount of stuff that they had to fit into a tiny movie, not only the quantity, but the bringing it to the screen without....whats the word....gutting it.
  13. *drools* What, they couldn't get ahold of the Animated Series' voice actors?? The JLU Luthor was perfect IMO. *shrugs and goes back to drooling*
  14. Yeah, but sad thing being that if this were to happen, Hasbro would be in charge of it, and the entire line would probably be 5 inch scale, with less articulation. Mind you, I'm not a Hasbro-hater. I've snagged the 1st wave of ML and a couple of the 2nd that I could find happily. But to be postive about it, heck ya, IM is perfect for his own toy line, he's got a big enough Rogues Gallery to do with, along with credible reasons for making 300 different versions of him. I'd totally waste money on it.
  15. Flying_Infant


    Am I the only one who took the "Melted Face" Abomination to be a "Got the crap beat out of my Face" Abomination, as in the comic that he came with?
  16. Not disappointing to me, what disappoints me is people trodding on others' rights and being arrogant. (Not you, refering to all the "We believe in God, and you don't, so we're going to Heaven, and you're not" people, who, promptly after saying that, go back downtown to their mistress. You say it isn't forced on anyone, but its constantly being EVERYWHERE. Street corners, at your door, on tv. (Yes yes, change the channel, I do. ) It's not so bad for you if you're Christian. What about those who arent and are subjected to it in everyday life? Whether you want to admit it or not, Christianity is always forcing itself around. Isn't that what it teaches? Spread the word and all that? Now, of course, its usually the whacko nutjobs going overboard with it, but alot of the nutjobs are in government. And people do have the right to live and bring up their families however they choose....oh wait, unless they're homosexuals, then they're not a family, right? Because "God" says they're living in "sin" and should be "put to death." Right? I mean, isn't that what the bible says? And its not so much I see as non-Christians crusading, as non-Christians voicing their opinions against a majority, and then the majority crying "we're being opressed" while the Christians are using government funding to try and convert more "believers", and buying themselves mansions and jets with church "donations." And no, its not only Christians doing it. Look at whacko Madonna, who is giving money somewhere overseas to educate kids, and help them out, but ONLY if they are taught her religion. I'm guessing that was a reference to....wtf were those kids names....Menendez? *blinks* I feel senile....
  17. Well, as implied, I have no "God." I was speaking to the fact that there are those that have differing beliefs than that "God", and therefore when you say we are "One Nation Under God" that that is saying that "Your God isn't important. Look at ours!" Did I say any of that? No. Nowhere in my post did I call you Pat Robertson. I was referring to actual things happening. There is a such thing as a "Faith Based Initiative", and it is funneling money towards Christian Groups moreso than any non-religious group. I was referring to the fact that state after state is passing laws denying homosexuals the right to marry, with the sole basis for the arguement being RELIGION. The homosexuals want to get married in the eyes of the law, and they should be able to. As for getting married in the eyes of a "deity" well, then thats up to that religion. I was stating my POV. If I came off as mocking, then I apologize, since as far as I know, I wasn't. My comment was not meant as a put down , but was pointing out you not seeing that Christianity (or whatever it prefers to be called) is trying to force it's religious tenents on the general US population. Nowhere did I say noone can better themselves. Again, you're taking things out of context. I was pointing out that it would be nice if everyone in this country treated everyone else with respect, which doesn't happen. Theres not a thing wrong with people trying to better themselves, but when people try to keep OTHERS from bettering themselves, then I have a problem. When people try to make others believe what they do, then I have a problem. Main point I'm trying to make is that there are alot of "religious" people in this country who care NOTHING at all about their fellow Americans, and care ONLY about furthering their religion, and to hell with anyone that doesn't agree. They want their "religion" passed into law, for everyone to abide by it, and if not, well, who cares about them, they're subhuman. And again, an extreme example of what I'm referring to is Pat Robertson. And here in Georgia we had Charlie Norwood, who used his position of power to spit upon some citizens of Georgia, along with Sonny Perdue, who has been doing it as well. You want to worship something, fine, I can respect that. Have a field day doing so in your own personal home or in your church with your fellow believers. No problem whatsoever with that. Try to force everyone to worship and abide by your religion. Thats wrong. Not everyone believes in religion, or in the same religion. No one should be allowed to force anyone else to abide by it, but its happening right now. Oh yeah, you managed to phase past the "Under God" comment I made, I'm going to guess it was intentional, since, well, the whole "Under God" thing is just Christians waving their God in other peoples faces.
  18. Well, one that endorses said "God" wouldn't see a problem with it being there. But in actuality it has no basis as "tradition" in our country, as so many say. It's actively excluding all other religions, and saying "our God is better than yours", since it is common knowledge which "God" is being referred to in the pledge and on our money. Ah, but we don't live in a "God-respecting" society. The US is more and more becoming a "worship our God"-society, with laws being passed all around the country endorsing only ONE religion. Mole hills to you, but not mole hills to people that don't believe either in that God or in any God at all. Again, it is common knowledge which "god" is being referred to there. So again, exclusion reigns. So its not to protect non-believers, screw the non-believers? Its only there to be fair to all who have religion? So that one isn't enforced over there other? WTF? You watch the news like....ever? We have one religion in this country that is having a field day passing laws based on its beliefs. Faith based initiatives to fund that religion, FROM the government. That same religion banning human beings from feeling equal to eachother in regards to their own personal lives. One isn't enforced over the other. Pssht. I'd love to get a pair of those rose coloured glasses you're sportin' there dude. ((Posters Note: I am in no way trying to offend anyone with my post, just trying to state my opinion and POV as best I can. Again, I believe we should all have TRUE equality in this country, but, as we all know, it aint gonna happen.))
  19. I think what gets alot of 'non-believers' undies in a bunch about alot of religious folk (not all) is when said religious people try to get their religion put into law, and force the entire community as a whole to adhere to it, whether they believe or not. That, IMO, is why you see alot of angry anti-religious sentiments, on here, the land of supreme (no pun intended) anonymity, the internet. I'm under the mindset of live and let live. You wanna believe in something? Fine, knock yourself out, just try not to bother others with it if they don't want it. You wanna believe in nothing? Fine, knock yourself out, just try not to bother others with it if they don't want it. We all have to share this crusty old rock we're living on, we should do well to treat everyone with equal respect as human beings.
  20. Well in my area, a couple of people out there have a couple of handless Blobs, because all I've seen is some at Bobby Jones Wal-Mart, and now all thats left is like, 2 or 3 Juggernauts. I hate Augusta. I hate it.
  21. I still hope they somehow manage to get and make toys based on the City of Heroes/Villains games.
  22. Aw man, and me without a job! Stupid medical problems... Hopefully when they hit Augusta (ick. Masters is here.) I'll find some way to pick up a set. Oooo...and maybe an Icon Doom. Cause...well...Doom.
  23. So its gonna end up like the X-Men movies, right? Ensamble cast of heroes, but all the real focus on one person? Lame. I'd like to see them give each hero their own movie first, then have them all in a big movie. But I'm a dreamer. I know.
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