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  1. I started buying the SHS figures once I heard Marvel ones were coming out. I grabbed all the Star Wars ones I wanted, and now have quite a collection of Marvel/Star Wars/TF figures all amassed on one shelf. They're adorable and all in similar scale, thats the only explanation I can give for me. And besides, with Mojo standing behind all of them, its priceless!
  2. I'd hafta echo the Cap Brit one, cause, while not a favorite character of mine, the sculpt and the figure itself just jumped out at me, very well done. Monsters set as well, it was a must get (yay movie monsters!) The SMC Sandman as well, though it got more than enough praise I'm sure. Oh yeah..... *shakes fist at Draven* Curse you and your owning of Man-Thing!! ((I was only able to afford Iceman, Cap, and IM from that wave, so.....curse you!)
  3. Thought it'd be nice if we could start keeping a running list of the DCSH/U UPC's to make the hunting easier for those of us who have to retail it. I'd add some in, but I haven't seen any DSCH around here since I saw one case of the Two-Face wave @ TRU. Any takers on adding to what I'm hoping becomes a list?
  4. Hey guys, whats the UPCs or Item #'s on those things? Thanks.
  5. I want. Bad. Actually I could do without another Batman, but still. When the heck are these coming out?
  6. And its always intereting to me as a non-believer to see the venom that christians come at non-believers with when they state their own beliefs, it is ironic that those who claim to "love thy neighbor" and "not pass judgement on anyone" seem to be so angry and petulant towards non-believers. The "venom" you claim to see comes because when most christians "state their beliefs" they do it in such a rude, demeaning, way, that it is insulting. When stating to a believer that one does not believe, the believer will almost always state "Really??" in shock, awe, and disgust in their voice. These believers are so arrogant in their belief that they DO look down upon anyone who does NOT believe what they do. As for your faith never hurting anyone, passed judgement on them, or denied them any freedom or put down their beliefs, if put to your vote, would you allow homosexuals to marry in the eyes of the law?? Last time I checked, your fellow "believers" do so every day all over our country, placing their religion above their fellow man and their rights. Your fellow "believers" pass judgement EVERY DAY on non-believers, by saying they need to be "saved" or that they're "lost." Doing THAT puts down others beliefs. Claiming persecution when your religious articles are taken down from GOVERNMENT buildings and sometimes managing to keep your religious articles in government buildings is putting down the beliefs of others. But you dont see it that way do you? You think you're right, and those that don't believe what you do are "lost."
  7. I was taking OFFENSE at your initial posting stating that all this violence was because of the decline of religion. So your roundabout way of blaming the violence of non-believers is just as insulting. Again, you gave your opinion that we're becoming more immoral and apathetic is because, again, the decline of religion. That is insulting. As a parent you can only do so much, but trying to place ALL of the blame elsewhere is stupid. Plain and simple it starts AT HOME. Eventually, yes, your kids are going to do what they want, but if raised correctly, they'll do the right thing (we hope.) Making claims that kids are going bad and the media is all to blame is just a lame arguement. Like I said, blaming the media to take the blame off other things. If you raise your kids right, they're not going to become mass murderers from playing Grand Theft Auto, or listening to violent music, or watching violent movies. Thats like saying if your kids spend their entire childhood watching pirate movies, playing pirate games, and listening to pirate music, then they'll be pirates when they grow up. In the end, it lies with the PARENTS. Ah, again with the insults. "Your arguements are kids arguements." I'm not downing on your parenting skills, but if you're having problems, then maybe you should take a step back and look at what you've been doing. We're not all perfect. Is it so hard to say "hey, maybe I did make a mistake with this here. hmm." You don't need to be a "super parent", you need to be a smart parent and educate your kids. In my opinion, christianity will NEVER have respect and understanding for others fully, because they're taught not to. In my opinion, religion should be kept PRIVATE. You want to worship? Fine, do it privately, keep your religious stuff out of the public eye. Furthermore on that, keep religion out of government as well. And christians are a majority here, I do so tire of hearing christians and the "waaah, I'm being persecuted!" line. Christianity has downtrodded on others for countless ages, and is still doing so today, and will probably continue to do so for many years to come. Yet atheists don't travel the globe, offering aid to the downtrodden, but only give that aid if they're allowed to preach. Many in our country today would be quite happy if this were a theocracy, and that it was law to go to church. Everyone is NOT judged, sooner or later, that is a belief held by those who believe in such higher powers. And the subtext there insinuating that people blurring the idea of whats bad can seem good is also taken. Once agian you say you're not preaching, but in your writings here its obvious you think that the "non-believers" are bad, are adding to the decline of socity, and are trying to blur the lines between good and bad, and they're winning. All I hear is "waaah! I'm being persecuted!" Again I'll state. CHRISTIANITY DOES NOT HAVE THE MARKET HELD ON MORALS. The general tennents of your "religion" can be found countless other places, all saying the same things using different words, some having existed longer than your "religion." And no, you don't think you're "way off the mark either" Again, I find that insulting, as your initial post stated that decline in religion = violence. And again, I'll state for you, decline in pirates = violence.
  8. I have to agree with DPrime, as someone who thinks religion is nothing more than belief in imaginary friends, I as well get tired of being blamed for the downfall of society, just because I don't believe in something. Stating that the decline of religion is the reason for the rise in violent crimes is about the same as stating the decline in pirates is the reason for the rise in crime. Its not true. People had morals LONG BEFORE christianty came about. There are countless other groups/tribes/religions/belief systems that have the same general ideas of morality and loving your fellow human. Christianity does not equal Morality. Get over it, go ride the waaahmbulance, christians dont have the market cornered on morality. Stating that its the fault of the media (print/tv/music/games) is a scapegoat. Whos fault is it? Parents. Plain and simple. It's not medias fault. Its not the boogeyman. Its not atheists. Its PARENTS. And, for the record, that video was sickening.
  9. Guess I'm the lone voice of sanity....hire an unknown. Hire a guy thats from the required area, since, ya know, Norse mythology.....Nordic.....
  10. I think America needs a shakeup. A lesbian black atheist should be our next president. Or heck, any atheist. Someone who could help this country take religion back out of the government. None of the current candidates would do that, because they're only worried about pandering to one specific group, and not all of America as a whole.
  11. I've as far gotten Savage Dragon (variant), Judge Dredd (who looks nifty standing next to Batman), and today I got SuperPatriot (regular.) Of course, as is my luck, poor SP had the "peg break" problem with his arm, so he's now residing in his package, ready to go back. *sniffles* I hope to snag a few more SP's though, his overall look is the closest thing I've ever seen to my City of Heroes main character. All he needs is 2 normal arms, a nice hooded cape, and a mouth covering scarf thing, and blam!
  12. Ok, wouldn't taking Cap outta the past and keeping him in the present completely undo EVERYTHING he did after that point in time?
  13. Pfft. And they say pimpin' aint easy. Let Destro set 'em straight!
  14. Isn't that Joker figure pictured just an older 90's Joker fig?
  15. I still didn't see who used magic late in life that hadn't before....wtf?
  16. I'd go check out hasbros toy shop. They have some new Superhero Squad figures up there, more F4, X-men, etc...
  17. I'm hoping that Valkyries head is the same size as Emmas, cause I'm wondering how easy it'd be to do a hair swap, then stick the new head back on Emma.
  18. Anyone else think if enough people email Hasbro enough about getting rid of the balljointed elbows/knees, they might get the message? Cause those things are horrid.
  19. They look awesome to me, except for the horribly horrid balljoint elbows/knees. I glanced at some Sigma 6 toys at WM the other day and noticed that their elbows, while ball-jointed, are still double ball jointed. So we really are getting kinda shafted.
  20. My Wish list is too large to type, so feel free to just reference the entire DC character library.
  21. Yeah, that figure has been "Hasbro'd", no bicep swivel, ball jointed elbow, and ball jointed wrist. And tarot, c'mon. That Spidey Classics Sandman figure we got not too too long ago is PERFECT.
  22. Well that sucks, especially since I'm actually posting now. Pfft.
  23. I, like everyone else agree on the "these are bad" thing. But I'm usually one of those people who still ends up buying them. Maybe I like being a completeist, maybe its OCD, I dunno. One thing is for certain though. I will only be getting the MJ figure and thats it. For the first time in ML history, I will not be buying a wave of figures.
  24. You all make me horribly jealous. I just hung mine off the wall in pairs...
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